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Full text of "Dexter genealogy, 1642-1904; being a history of the descendants of Richard Dexter of Malden, Massachusetts, from the notes of John Haven Dexter and original researches"

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In the year 1666 there came to the fam- 
ily of Dexter in Maiden an infant. To- 
day its remains, dead but one year, were 
exhumed and carted away by workmen 
engaged in clearing up the Dexter estate. 

For 249 years it grew, grew from in- 
fancy to youth, from youth to old age, 
until at last, giving In to the demands of 
time, the one-time Dexter giant followed [ 
those who had carefully nurtured It 
through its infancy, had loved it in its 
youth and revered it in old age. 

During the many years of life It had 
been a friend to thousands. Washing- I 
ton, when he came from the South to I 
take command of the Continental troops, j 
was made a friend. Other men and ' 
women prominent in the history of the ! 
United States were its friends, and the ! 
"infant" itself has been mentioned in ; 
the history of the country many times, i 

The Dexter Elm, for so the big tree 
was named, was planted by the first 
Uichard Dexter in 1666. Up to a few 
years ago its giant branches waved over 
the Dexter estate in Maiden. But the 
exigencies of age, the dry weather of 
last year and the leopard moth sapped 
Us strength until it died. 

Today the stump of the tree was up- 
rooted and transferred to the Pearl 
street lot and there cast on the dump. 

City Forester Young, who had charge 
of the work of removal, discovered that 
the giant trunk weighed eight tons, that 
It was 35 **et In circumference at the 
base and HaI the largest ring growth 
inside the tree was for the first 80 years 
of its lif« 

^tot l^rms 0f §t3£Ux 







Henry L. Mills 

AsTOR Place, New York 





To the Descendants of Richard Dexter: 

The history of this branch of the Dexter Family was begun 
over fifty years ago by the late John Haven Dexter of Boston, 
who spent many years in compiling data for same, which he 
presented to the late Orrando Perry Dexter, who commenced 
his exhaustive researches on this subject while an under- 
graduate at Christ Church, Oxford, and whose tragic death 
at the hands of an assassin Sept. 19, 1903, on his estate at 
Dexter Lake, Franklin Co., N. Y., prevented the publication, 
by him, of his life's work. In order that these priceless records 
should be preserved for posterity, I was retained by Henry 
Dexter, Esq. of New York, father of said Orrando Perry 
Dexter, to arrange his notes and obtain from the various 
members of the family data necessary to complete the Gene- 
alogy down to the present time. I have received the utmost 
courtesy from a large proportion of the descendants of Richard 
Dexter, who have kindly filled out lengthy charts of their 
immediate ancestors and supplied whatever was in their power 
to give regarding their respective branches. I regret, however, 
that in some instances, I have been unable to obtain such 
gratifying results, as, owing to indifference or lack of knowledge, 
certain members of the family have failed to reply to my 
queries. The notes of John Haven Dexter, appearing exactly 
as he left them, are marked in every instance by a dagger (f). 
The late Orrando Perry Dexter being desirous of giving his 
authority for each and every statement in this Genealogy, the 
reader is hereby referred to the annexed table of references. 

Very respectfully, 

Fairfield, Connecticut, 
Julyl 1904. 


[g.s.] Information from gravestone. 
* Information given by immediate family. 
** Information abundantly well proven without 

f Information from John Haven Dexter. 


1. Boston, Mass. Reco 

rds. 29. 

Bradford, Mass. Records 

2. Maiden, 



3. Charlestown" 



4. Medford " 



5. Dedham 


W.Roxbury " 

6. Marshfield " 



7. Sturbridge " 


Watertown, " 

8. Boxford, 



9. Marlborough" 


Brimfield, " 

10. Providence, R.I. 



11. Haverhill, Mass. 


Atkinson, N.H. 

12. Leominster, ** ** 


Acton, Mas*s. * 

13. Worcester. " 



14. Albany, N.Y. 



15. Fitchburg, Mass. ** 


Newburyport " * 

16. Gloucester, *' 


Westford, " 

17. Essex, 


Hampstead, N. H 

18. Manchester " 


Westminster, Mass. * 

19. Billerica, 


Pembroke, N.H. * 

20. Quincy, 


Peabody, Mass. * 

21. Braintree, ** 



22. Cambridge " 


Topsfield, " 

23. Brookline " 



24. Salem, 


Woodstock, Conn. * 

25. Newport, R. I. 


Oxford, Me. * 

26. Charlton, Mass. 


Lebanon, Me. * 

27. Bolton, 


Weston, Mass. * 

28. Nashua, N.H. 


Westboro. " 


57. Bangor, Me. Records. 

58. W.Cambridge, Mass." 

59. Mason, N.H. 

60. Shrewsbury, Mass. " 

61. Bath, Me. 

62. Brunswick, Me. 

63. Fairfield, Conn. 

64. Harmony, Me. " 

65. Portland, " 

66. Belmont, Mass. 

67. Pawtucket, " 

68. Searsport, Me. 

69. Taunton, Mass. " 

70. Hudson, N.Y. 

71. Whitesboro,' 

72. Utica, 

73. Clinton, 

74. Troy 

75. Buffalo, 

76. Conway, Mass. 

77. Bridgewater 

78. Winchester, 

79. Somerville, 

80. Lancaster, 

81. Dorchester, 

82. State House, Boston " 

83. Middlesex, Mass. Probate 


84. Middlesex, Mass. Deeds. 

85. Suffolk, Mass. Probate 


86. Essex, Mass. Files. 

87. " " Probate 

88. Norfolk, Mass. Probate 


89. E. Cambridge, Mass. 

Court Files. 

90. Savages' Genealogical 

Dictionary of New Eng- 

91. Worcester. Mass. Pro- 

bate Records. 

92. E. Cambridge, Mass. 

Court Records. 

93. Wyman's Genealogies & 

Estates of Charlestown, 

94. Wentworth Genealogy. 

95. Hoyt 

96. Lord 

97. Miles 

98. Sigourney 

99. Family Bible. 

100. Blake Genealogy. 

101. Stickney " 

102. Phelps 

103. Richards " 

104. Bingham " 


The Dexter Family has been closely identified with the his- 
tory of Ireland from the beginning of the twelfth century; they 
have intermarried with the most prominent families there, and 
have held many of the most important offices. Richard de 
Excester, the progenitor of all the Irish Dexters, died in 1269, 
and was Governor and Lord Justice of Ireland. The family 
probably emigrated to Ireland from Devonshire, as the name 
implies that they lived in or near the cathedral town of Exeter. 
The name has undergone a series of orthographical changes, 
as we find it spelled de Excester, Dexcestre, Dexcester, Dexetir, 
Decetir, de Exon, de Exonia, de Exeter and finally Dexter. 
The chief branch of the family lived at Carrickdexter until its 
heiress Genet Dexter, married and carried its landed pos- 
sessions into the Rockfort family. Another heiress Margaret 
Dexter (alive in 1585), married Michael Cusacke and brought 
to him the Castle of Rathaldron, about two miles from Carrick- 
dexter. On this latter piece of land, now in the possession of 
the Marquis of Conyngham, in the town of Slane, there are 
still the ruins of a house called Castle Dexter. The Arms 
granted to this family were, ar. two chev. az. a canton gu. 
Crest, a tree, pendant therefrom two weights. (See frontis- 

Richard Dexter, who was admitted an inhabitant of Boston 
(New England), Feb. 28., 1642, came from within ten miles of 
the town of Slane, Co. Meath, Ireland, and belonged to a 
branch of that family of Dexter who were descendants of 
Richard de Excester, the Lord Justice of Ireland. He, with 
his wife Bridget, and three or more children, fled to England 

8 Introduction 

from the great Irish Massacre of the Protestants which com- 
menced Oct. 27, 1641. The family tradition of their exodus 
from home includes a rather cannibalistic reference and is as 
follows: "Fleeing from the aforesaid Massacre, they stopped 
at a house over night, and after supper the little girl of the house 
came in where they were to play with the baby; while she was 
so doing, she said to them: 'My Mamma makes pies out of 
such little fingers and toes as these.' This so frightened them, 
that they could not sleep, and, after they thought everyone 
else was asleep, Richard crawled out of the window, his wife 
handed out the baby, he helped her out, and they continued 
their flight. The other children (two or more) seem to have 
been sent ahead, in the first stage of the journey, in some way, 
and for some reason, probably with relatives or friends of the 
family to England, from whence they sailed for New England. 
From Dublin to Drogheda, there were a great many Protestant 
families, mostly freeholders of the Pale, who appear to have 
been very well off, and were not plundered for nearly a month 
after hostilities began. A large proportion of these inhabitants, 
we learn from authorities on both sides of the question, fled 
as soon as possible with all the valuables they could carry to 
England. The letter written from Dublin, Jan. 4, 1642, and 
printed with the 1812 Edition of Temple, estimates that at the 
beginning of the Rebellion, Dublin was half Protestant, two- 
thirds of them were poor, and of the well off, "one half are 
departed with their estates into England for safety." Temple 
also states that the flight to England was so extensive, that by 
December, 1641, the prices for passage rose to an exhorbitant 
figure. In Gilberts' History of the Irish Confederation, 
Vol. I., pages 246-248, will be found a complaint that the 
Lord Justices permitted the Protestants to escape with their 
wealth and families. 

When Richard Dexter and family left England and by what 
Tessel, we are unable to state, but he could not have remained 

Introduction g 

there long, as we know he was living at Boston prior to Feb. 
28, 1642. 

The antiquity and prominence of the Dexter family in 
Ireland may be seen by the following copies of records of the 
Charter Roll, Patent Roll, and Ulster's Office, Dublin Castle. 

O. P. D. 


Confirmation by the King of a grant made by Philip de 
Monte Gomeri (Montgomery) to Richard de Exonia (Exeter) 
of land (specified) in Connaught, dated 4 Aug., 9 Edw. I, 1281. 


For Richard de Exonia. — The King to his Archbishop and 
others greeting. We have inspected the Charter which Philip de 
Monte Gomeri granted to Richard de Exonia in these words. 
Know all men both of the present and the future that I Philip 
de Monte Gomeri have given and granted and by this my 
present charter confirmed to my Lord Richard de Exonia and 
his heirs or his assignees one townland in Connaught — which 
is called Moyletrath which my Lord the King gave to me with 
all its appurtenances — for him and his heirs or his assignees 
to have and to hold in chief from my Lord the King — with 
moors, pastures, waters, and all liberties and free usages per- 
taining to the said townland; — freely, quietly, happily, peace- 
fully, entirely, honorably and heriditarily for ever, and for this, 
to my Lord the King and his heirs Richard himself and his 
heirs or his assignees are to give the twentieth part of the 
service in fief of one soldier for all service, suit in court, col- 
lection or demand. And in order that this my grant and con- 
cession and this confirmation of my present charter may possess 
endurable strength for ever I have added to the force of this 
document by impressing upon it my seal. 

Witnefses thereof are Lord Peter de Ingolisma, Master 
Walter de Bathonia, Lord Hugo de Kendale, Master Alano 
de Certonia, Andrea de Valetor, William Russell, William de 
Stanewell and others. Moreover we having ratified and made 
acceptable the grant and concession aforesaid as far as in 
us lies, both for ourselves and our heirs grant and confirm them 
just as the aforesaid charter in reason bears witnefs. 

Witnefses thereofare the venerable father Richard, Bishop 
of Bath and Wells, John de Britannia count Richmond, Robert 
de Brus count Carik, Robert de Veer count Oxford, Richard de 

12 Dexter Genealogy 

Brus, Hugo son of Otto and Richard de Bosco and others. 
Given at Tilbury on the fourth day of August. 


Records of the Rolls, Vol. 1, page 8. 




4 Aug. 1335. 

An Inspeximus of a Deed, which 
Philip de Montegomeri made to Richard 
D 'Exeter, whereby the said Philip granted 
and confirmed to said Richard and his 

In Connohit 1 Plow*^ ) 
called Molerah f 

which the King had granted to the said 
Philip. The said Richard to hold the 
same by the 20th part of a Knight's 
fee. No date. The Inspeximus is dated 
at Tillebyr 4 August Anno 9° Edw. 3. 

Inquisition taken after the death of Richard de Exonia 
the elder. The jury find that Richard de Exonia the younger 
— son of the aforesaid Richard — holds his father's lands in 
Connaught (specified) (with two writs). Dated 26th June, 
29 Edw: I, 1300. 


John Wogan Justiciar of Ireland was not able by reason of 
of other businefs of our Lord the King to make in person the 
inquisitions and valuations concerning which mention is made 
made in this brief of our Lord the King but has enjoined upon 
Richard de Exonia Viscount of Roscomon in whose bailiwick 
the tenements mentioned in the briefs are contained, to make 
the aforesaid inquisitions and valuations and he has sent them 
to the aforesaid Justiciar. 

Edward by the grace of God King of England, Lord of Ire- 
land and Duke of Aquitania to his Justiciar or his deputy 
greeting. Richard son and heir of Richard de Exonia de- 
ceased has made known to me that when in our brief we had 
enjoined upon Robert de Ufford at that time our Justiciar of 

Dexter Genealogy 13 

Ireland that lie should cause to be assigned and delivered by 
my gift, to the same Richard his father^ thirty libratae of land, 
a portion of our lands in Connaught with a reasonable valuation 
to be made thereupon, and the same Justiciar under the au- 
thority of this order had caused thirty libratae of land to be 
delivered to the same Richard according to the valuation made 
thereupon by the Justiciar himself, the same Richard before 
he could obtain our charter died. In consequence of this event 
the aforesaid Richard has requested us to condescend to grant 
to him our charter bearing upon this. Wishing therefore to 
be informed as to these premises we enjoin upon you that by the 
oath of honest men and those legally qualified of these parts, 
through whom the truth can be better learned, diligently to 
make inquiries as to what lands and tenements the aforesaid 
Richard has held in Connaught by the aforesaid assignment 
and delivery and of what character and in what way and for 
what service and who now hold them and how large is the yearly 
income from every source and whether the aforesaid Richard 
held our charter for these aforesaid lands and tenements or not, 
and that you should send to us without delay, — under your 
seal and the seal of those through whom the inquisition has 
been made — the inquisition made thereupon clearly and dis- 
tinctly and with it this brief. Given under our hand as witnefs 
at Kemeseye on the thirteenth day of May in the year of our 
reign the twenty-ninth. 

Edward by the grace of God King of England, Lord of Ire- 
land and Duke of Aquitania to his Justiciar of Ireland or his 
deputy greeting. 

Because we wish to be informed of the true value of the lands 
and tenements which Richard de Exonia deceased held on the 
day of his death — a portion of our waste lands lying between 
the castles of Roscomon and Randon by a grant from us for 
the rent of a fee by the terms of our feoffment. These after 
the death of Richard fell to Richard de Exonia his son by 
hereditary right. This Richard returned to our possession — 
just as he has given us to understand — these lands and tene- 
ments both because his Castle de Adlek was torn down and 
entirely destroyed by the Irish while it was in our hands and 
on account of the high rent which exceeded the true value of 
the lands and tenements. Also we desire to be informed as to 

14 "Dexter Genealogy 

the true value of the four townlands namely: Moynannan, 
Torpan, Monethassan and Slefschenethech adjoining so to 
speak the aforesaid lands and tenements. We enjoin upon you 
by means of the oath of honest men and those legally qualified 
of the aforesaid parts through whom the truth of the matter 
can be better known, to diligently investigate the truth more 
fully as to the premises and also to make a careful estimate 
of all the lands and tenements i.e. those which the aforesaid 
Richard returned into our hands, as has been said, as well as 
of the four townlands, namely how much they are worth yearly 
under all circumstances according to a true valuation of the 
same and how great is our income from this source at the pres- 
ent time. Moreover we enjoin upon you to inquire carefully 
by the oath of men of this character if it would be for our loss 
or prejudice or of any other whether or not we should restore 
to the aforesaid Richard the lands and tenements which he 
thus returned to us and whether or not we should grant to him 
these lands and tenements together with the aforesaid four 
townlands, for the same Richard and his heirs to have and to 
hold from us and our heirs in fee-farm forever. And if it 
should be for our loss and prejudice or of any other person, 
then for what loss and what prejudice and of whom, of what 
character and in what way. We also enjoin upon you to send 
us this estimate and inquisition made clearly and distinctly 
under your seal and the seals of those through whom they have 
been made and that without delay. Send also this brief. 
Given under our hand as witnefs at Kemeseye on the 13 day 
of May in the year^of our reign the twenty ninth. \ 

Inquisition made according to the brief of our Lord the King 
of England at Roscoman in the month of March on the day 
following the feast of the birth of John the Baptist in the year 
of the reign of King Edward — the twenty-ninth — by the under- 
signed : 

Hugo de Ley Robert Albus Adam Benet 

Robert Gent Richard Brus Adam Dullard 

John Talry Reginald Molines Matthew Dru 

Philip Ockeburne Roger le Flemyng Thomas Wallace 

Stephen Durant 
Henry Stakepol 


Dexter Genealogy 15 

These jurates declare under oath that our Lord the King 
enjoined upon Lord Robert de Ufford then his justiciar of 
Ireland that he should value and deliver to Lord Richard de 
Exonia the elder because of his continued and faithful service 
thirty libratae of land from the lands of our Lord the King in 
Connaught for him and his heirs to have and to hold for ever. 
Now the aforesaid justiciar by reason of this aforesaid mandate 
has made an estimate and has caused to be delivered seven 
townlands as given below to the same for him and his heirs to 
have and to hold in the aforesaid form — namely the aforesaid 
townland of Kylcoyssch, the aforesaid townland of Scregach- 
crynyn, the townland of Bechach, the townland of Lysmorch- 
ethan and Cownach, the townland of Screnan, the townland 
of Ardmolan, the townland of Drumclogry, the townland of 
Nunchenach and Decolaghelyn, which same townlands were 
valued at thirty <£ and the same Richard received them at that 
time as of the value of thirty <£. They also declare that from 
the time when the aforesaid Lord Richard left the parts of 
Connaught and relinquished the care of these manors of our 
Lord the King, of Roscoman and Rendon, on account of per- 
sistent warfare they were absolutely of no value, and our Lord 
the King did not receive any income from other lands adjacent 
thereto up to the year of the reign of our Lord King Edward 
the twenty-seventh. They also declare, that no townland of 
the seven townlands aforesaid was worth in any way yearly 
more than forty solidi according to the true value. They 
likewise declare that the aforesaid Richard de Exonia the 
elder died before he held the charter of our Lord the King 
for the aforesaid lands. — They do not know for what service 
he ought to hold these tenements unless for homage and his 
own service for the reason that he did not have his own charter 
as has been said above. They also say that Richard de Exonia 
son and heir of Richard de Exonia holds the aforesaid tene- 
ments in the aforesaid form and that he has not had a charter 

And the aforesaid jurates declare under their oath that Lord 
Richard de Exonia the elder held from our Lord the King as a 
fee-farm these townlands in Connaught, namely the townland 
of Tobyrnechalpye, the townland of Rathfarret, the townland 
of Brihscoths, the townland of Conylloscy, the townland of 
Narachtyn, the townland of Corkywrangyle, the townland of 

i6 Dexter Genealogy 

Corcroppan, the townland of Denguymacofsan, of which no 
one in any way was worth yearly more than forty solidi. They 
also say that the manor of Athleg of Richard de Exonia was 
destroyed while under the care of Lord Richard and this was 
done in the civil war of the Irish at Connaught. 

They also declare that Richard de Exonia the son and heir 
of the aforesaid Lord Richard de Exonia returned the aforesaid 
tenements into the possession of our Lord the King both on 
account of the high rent exceeding the value of these lands and 
on account of the civil war of the Irish of all Connaught. They 
also declare that the townland of Moynannan, the townland of 
Torpan, the townland of Monetafsan and the townland of 
Slefschenethoch of which no one in the time of war was worth 
anything to our Lord the King or to anyone else but at other time 
was worth in every way yearly only forty solidi. They also 
declare that it is not for loss or prejudice to our Lord the King 
nor to any other person that our I-.ord the King should grant 
the aforesaid tenements to the aforesaid Richard according to 
the aforesaid valuation for himself and his heirs to hold for ever 
if the same Richard should wish to dwell in the same lands but 
it is to the advantage of the King and his tenants. 

In the presence of our Lord the King through John Wogan 
his Justiciar of Ireland according to the valuation and inquisi- 
tion made for Richard de Exonia. 

Lord John Wogan chief Justiciar of Ireland for our Lord 
the King. 

Inquisition and valuation of lands held by Richard de Exonia 
by the King's gift or grant in Connaught. 


Edward by the grace of God King of England, Lord of Ire- 
land and Duke of Aquitaina to his beloved master John de 
Ludington greeting. Because we have learned that a certain 
valuation of lands and tenements which belonged to Richaixl 
de Exonia who held them in fief from us in Ireland is no^^ 
said to be in the hands of master Thomas your brother holding 
office in the time in which the same Thomas was lately ap 
pointed by us to hear complaints of the men of Ireland, you? 
deputy after the death of Thomas himself. We enjoin upon yoii 

Dexter Genealogy 17 

to send to us without delay the aforesaid valuation under your 
seal and with it this brief. Given^under our hand as witness 
on the twentieth day of April in the year of our reign the twenty- 

The names of the townlands in Tyrmany in Connaught 
measured and valued and granted to Richard de Exonia by 
our Lord the King to the value of thirty £ yearly — namely : 

Half of townland of Kilcoshy containing Ixxviii acres. 


Half of townland of Skregereynyn containing viii ii acres. 
Townland of Bethach containing two carucae and an half. 


Townland of Shrenan containing two carucae and v acres. 
Townland of Ardmolan containing one caruca and an half. 
Townland of Drumclohychry containing two carucae and 
XX acres. 

Townland of Lysmairchetham and Kunachych containing 


1 caruca and iiii acres. 

Townland of Unchenach and Dothulachelyn containing ii 
carucae and xl acres. 

Total number of townlands — vii townlands. 

Total number of carucae of arable and meadow land xv 

Valuation of lands of our Lord the King in the cantref of 
Tyrmany in Connaught made at Randon on Friday imme- 
diately following the feast Jof Saint Martin in the year of the 
reign of King Edward the ninth, by the undersigned jurors in 
the presence of Lord Richard de Ufford then Justiciar of Ire- 
land and Master John de Samford then escheator in the same 

Lord John of Cusak Robert Creg 

Lord Thomas of Aleton John Dylun 

Lord John Map John of Dublin 

Richard of Noys Simon le Fflemeg 

Jodn le Wret of Adlon Lion son of Payn de Randun 

William Taverner of the same Walter Leuelyf of the same 
Robert Alycan of the same Hugo Albus of the same 
Stephen Aylmus of the same Hugo son of Payn of the same 

1 8 Dexter Genealogy 

These jurates declare under their oath that no carucata of 
land whether arable or meadow for mowing with easement of 
woodland moor and pasture land of the aforesaid cantref 
belonging to the King except the lands previously enfeoffed 
or surrendered as fee-farms, is worth yearly in fee more 
than forty soHdi. 

Valuation of lands of our Lord the King in the cantref of 
Tyrmany in Connaught. 

Grant from the King to Richard de Exonia of land (specified) 
in Connaught. Dated 12th June, 32 Edw. I, 1304. 


For Richard de Exonia. — The King to his Archbishops and 
others greeting. Be it known that we have given and granted on 
our own part and that of our heirs to our beloved and faithful 
Richard de Exonia nine townlands \\dth their appurtenances in 
Connaught in Ireland, namely townlands of Dengynmacossen, 
Conylloscy, Narraghtyn, Corkiliebrangyle, Corcropanlistosty, 
Rathfareth, Tobirnetalpie, Torpan and Monynannan which the 
same Richard holds in tenancy by the commission of our be- 
loved and faithful John Wogan our Justiciar in Ireland, made 
for the same Richard under our direction for eighteen £> de- 
Hvered to us yearly at our exchequer in Dublin, in accordance 
with the certification made at our order by the aforesaid Justiciar 
and returned to us under the seal of the same Justiciar. It 
is more fully stated in these words for the same Richard and 
his heirs to have and to hold from us and our heirs as a fee- 
farm for ever. He shall pay to us and our heirs every year at 
our exchequer aforesaid the aforesaid eighteen £ — one half at 
our exchequer of St. Michael and another half at our exchequer 
of Pascha for all service belonging to us thereof. Wherefore 
we desire and earnestly enjoin in our behalf and in behalf of our 
heirs that the aforesaid Richard and his heirs every year, at 
our aforesaid exchequer shall pay the aforesaid eighteen £, — 
one half at our exchequer of St. Michael, the other half at our 
exchequer of Pascha for every service pertaining to us just as 
has been said above. These are witnefses: the venerable 
father, WiUiam Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, Henry de 
Lacy Count Lincoln, Thomas Count of Lancaster, Ralph de 
Monte Hermerii Count of Gloucester and Hertford, Humphrey 

Dexter Genealogy 19 

de Bohum Count of Hereford and Essex, Guy de Bello Campo 
Count of Warren, Henry de Percy, William de Ros de Hamelak, 
Robert de la Warde steward of the Hospice and others. 
Given under our hand at Strinelyn on twelfth day of June. 
By brief under private seal. 


Records of the Rolls, Vol. 1, page 15. 

D 'Exeter 

In Conaught 

12 June, 1304. 

A grant from King Edward I. to Richard 
D'Exeter of nine townlands in Conaught, viz. 

Dengynmacossan, Conyllosty, &c. 18.0.0. 

Which he then held in tenancy by grant from 
John Wogan L. I. at the yearly rent of £18 — To 
hold to him and his heirs in fee-farm at the 
said rent: dated at Stryvelyn 12 June, 1304, 
32 Edw. I. 

Appointment of Richard de Exonia as Chief Justice of 
Dublin, 5th of June, 1 Edw. IL, 1308. 


Concerning Chief Justiciar on the Bench in Dublin. — The 
King to all to whom etc. greeting. Be it known that we have 
appointed our beloved and faithful Richard de Exonia our Chief 
Justiciar on our Bench in Dublin for hearing and deciding pleas 
on the same bench, together with our other faithful Justiciars 
assigned to this place according to law and custom of these parts 
as long as we shall please. 

In (testimony) of which etc. Under the hand of the King 
as witnefs at Langeleye on the fifth day of June. 



Cusak. Manor of Killeen, in Co. Meath. Castle Martin 
— Dexcestre — Veolestre. 

Rex &c. Ex parte Thome fil lohis de Cusak Milit. Walter 
Dexcestre, Nichi fil Nichi de Castro Martin Walteri de casto 

20 Dexter Genealogy 

martin Waltero fil Walteri Dexcestre Willi. Veolestre Stepho 
Whiti Capellani et lohi fil Nictri de Cusak nobis est esteno qd 
cu' conjunctum tennerint ad terminum vite corundun Mane- 
rium deKillencum p' tin. in Co. Mid ex dismissione p'dcti lohis 
de Cusak militis reversione ejusdem mard post mortem tene- 
nanum p'dictorum p'fato lohi de Cusak reservata &c. 



I William Warvewyk son and heir of Hugo Wallace have 
given to William Dexcestre all dwelling houses, lands etc. which 
I have in New Rath and Molaghagh in County Meath for ever. 

Dated 13 H. 8 a.d. 1413. 

Records of the Rolls, Vol. I., page 356. 
Anno 13° Dorso 




Co. Meath 

A Deed, dated on Tuesday next before the 
Feast of St. Patrick the Archbishop 1411(13°) 
whereby William son & heir of Hugh Warrewyk 
gave & confirmed to William Dexcestre & his 
heirs for ever All his lands & mefsuages in 
Newerath & Molaghagh — which he released 
to him by deed dated on Tuesday next after 
the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary. 


1. RICHARD DEXTER b. about I606 (Aged 60 yrs. or 
thereabouts, 27-(6)-l666)^% d. in I68O at Charlestown, 
Mystic side, as per William Boardman's petition, " admitted 
to be a Townsman" of Boston Feby. 28, 1 641-2,^ signed a 
remonstrance to the General Court, as an inhabitant of 
CharlestoAvn, Mystic Side, May 16, 1648^^, with John 
Greenland, the signature being a fine specimen of the 
hand-writing of the period. He resided there certainly 
until he purchased, Dec. 7, 1663, the farm in Maiden. In 
deeds of 1667, he is called of Maiden, and he lived there 
until after his son's death. From Jan., 1677-8, till his 
death he probably Ived with one of his daughters, either 
Elizabeth or Ann (to which daughters he gave land he 
owned in Charlestown, Mystic Side) ; since, during that 
interval, when his residence is given, it is always Charles- 
to-^vn.^* He and his wife Bridget seem to have attended 
the Maiden Church. (The records of this church, prior 
to 1770, are, unfortunately missing, but Bridget Dexter, 
in 1650, signed a petition from the women of the Maiden 
Church to the General Court.) ^^ He was in I66O Con- 
stable of Charlesto-vvn, Mystic side.^^ His wife Bridget b. 
about 1612, (aged about 50, Sept. 16, 1662)^^ d. about 
1675, is first heard of at the birth of their daughter Sarah. 
Children : 

I. Alice b. d. betw. Nov. 25, I68I & Aug. 22, 

1682.* m. about 1653 Benjamin Muzzy (of Rumney 
Marsh chosen Surveyor, Mch. 13, 1664-5, constable, 
Mch. 14, 1669-70)^ aged about SO yrs. June 17, 
Children : 

A. Benjamin b. Apr. 16, 1657 at Maiden,®* was 
of Cambridge Farms or Lexington & had by 

22 Dexter Genealogy 

wife Sarah i Mary b. 1683. ii Benjamin b. 

Feb. 20, 1689. iii Amos b. Jan. 6, 1700 & iv 

Bertliia b. 1701.^° 
B. Joseph b. Mch. 1, 1658-9-^^ 
c. Sarah who m. Jmie 12, 1674, Joseph Wayte 

of Malden.^2 

II. Elizabeth, d. about Oct. 1693, the date of her In- 
ventory being Oct. 9, 1693, m. first James Mellins 
(mariner) son of Richard Mellins of Charlestown. 
b. at CharlestoAvn 3-4-1642,^^ and supposed to be 
lost at sea 1677. Administration on his estate 
granted to widow June 15, 1680. 
Children :^2 

A. Elizabeth b. Sept. 4, 1659, d. Nov. 20, 1699 
at Maiden, m. first Oct. 29, 1681, Thomas 
Barlow, son of Edmund and Mary (Pem- 
berton) Barlow and had, i Elizabeth b. Sept. 
19, 1686 m. Sept 5, 1706, Benjamin Hurd, 
son of Jacob and Anna (Wilson) Hurd. ii 
Mary b. 1690 m. Francis Moore. 

She m. secondly Mch. 15, 1693, Samuel Town- 
send son of Samuel and Abigail (Davis) 
Townsend and had, iii Samuel b. Jan. 15, 
1694-5. iv Jeremiah b. Sept. 15, 1697 and v 
Abigail who m. Dec. 30, Andrew Durgie.®^ 

B. Mary b. July 8, I66I — d. young, 
c. James b. Apr. 14, 1663. 

D. Mary b. 1664, m. Deacon Phineas Upham, 
son of Lieut. Phineas & Ruth (Wood) Up- 
ham of Maiden b. May 22, 1659. d. Oct. 19, 
1720 and had i Phineas, ii Mary, iii James b. 
Aug. 8, 1687 at Maiden, iv Mary b. Nov. 15, 
1689, m. May 28, 1713 John Griffin, v. 
Ebenezer, vi Jonathan b. Sept. 2, 1694 vii 
William b. Oct. SO, 1697 and viii Elizabeth b. 
Mch. 6, 1699-1700— m. May 19, 1726, 
Jonathan Dowse Jr. 

E. Richard b. Apr. 24, 1665. 

F. John b. Sept. 17, I666. Master of brigan- 
tine Sarah, m. Elizabeth Bucknam dau. of 
Joses and (Knower) Bucknam, (who 

Dexter Genealogy 23 

became the second wife of Samuel Town- 
send Apr. 7, 1701), and had Elizabeth, ce 
16 in 1712 when she makes choice of her 
uncle Joses Bucknam as guardian she d. 
[g. s.] Oct. 4, 1750 at Maiden in 55th yr. 
m. Deacon James Hovey son of Joseph and 
Hannah (Pratt) Hovey, and had i James 
b. June 21, 1719, ii Elizabeth b. Sept. 18, 
1723, d. June 28, 1736. iii Mary b. Oct. 24, 
1727. iv John b. Oct. 23, 1730. v. Joseph b. 
June 10, 1739. 

G. Sarah b. Nov. 27, I668. 

H. Thomas, of Boston; tailor, b. May II, 1670. 

m. Sept. 28, 1693 Mary Thredneedle and 
had at Boston, i James b. May 1, 1694. ii 
~ Mary b. May 17, 1696. iii Thomas b. Aug. 
30, 1698. 

J. William, mariner, b. Aug. 22, 1671, m. 
Deborah Sprague, dau. of Capt. John and 
Lydia (Goffe) Sprague b. 1670. (She m. 
secondly Sept. 22, 1697. Lt. Samuel Buck- 
nam) . 
She m. secondly May 14, 1680 Stephen Barrett.^^ 
2. III. John b. (1639) d. [g.s.] Dec. 8, 1677 at Maiden aged 
38 yrs. 

IV. Ann (alive as late as July 1, 1695, when she 
acknowledged a deed, made Nov. SO, 1693 in which 
she is described as " Ann Pratt, widow, living in 
Charlestown on Mystic side," said deed being given 
to her eldest son and heir of John Pratt, viz: John 
Pratt) «^ m. John Pratt. 

V. Sarah b. Nov. 1, 1644 at Charlestown (called dau. 
of Richard and Bridget Dexter) ^^ ^^ July or Aug. 
1666, Edward Pinson, Capt. Johnson officiating.^® 


We find the above Richard Dexter to be the earliest of 
the name, in our own * ahcestral line, who came to New 
England. — ^According to the Boston Records — " Richard 
Dexter was admitted to be a townsman 28th of the 12th m°. 
1641 "—being February, 1642, (Old Style). He signed a 

24 T>exter Genealogy 

remonstrance to the General Court, May \6, 164-3, with 
the inhabiditants of Mistic side, against a proposed high- 
way from Winnisimmet to Reading, as the Maiden Records 
state. — It appears that he received a Deed from Edward 
Lane, of Boston, Mass. dated Dec. 7^ 1663, of a Farm 
containing 40 acres, in Maiden, Mass. the same (increased 
to nearly 200 acres) being now occupied (1852) by his 
direct descendants. He also received a deed as early as 
1650, from Robert Long, and others of subsequent dates. 
He and his " Wife Bridget/* gave deeds as early as 1666-7; 
one of which being given to " James Melius" who, as he 
says, " hath married my daughter Elizabeth, — mariner, of 
Charlestown " — afterwards " supposed to be lost at sea." — 
Another " to my sonne John, of Charlestown, (1674), of all 
my farm-houses and lands, and appurtenances belonging, 
which I have in Maiden, and which I bought formerly of 
Mr. Edward Lane; and half of my land and wood near 
Spot Pond, being part of the lot given me by the town of 
Charlestown — excepting one acre of marsh land near 
Blanchard's farm, and about four acres my dwelling house 
stands upon, for my daughter Ann Pratt's use, where her 
house now standeth, — John to pay him £10 a year during 
his life — £5 in money and <£5 in indian corn and pork, at 
prices current, and 12 loads of wood, to be delivered at his 
dwelling house in Charlestown, with half of the apples " : — 
the above four acres " to be laid out on the side of said 
farm, upward next the common." This deed is dated 
Feb. 24, 1674. — Another, "to my daughters, Elisabeth 
Mealing and Ann Pratt, of his messuage and tenements in 
Charlestown, on Mistick side — " the late James Mealings " 
being mentioned in it — dated January 1677. — Another, "to 
Benjamin Muzzy, my sonne in law, living in the place of 
Rumney Marsh, County of Suffolk" 1677- — Another, 
" especially in respect of the natural affection I bear to 
my grand child Richard Dexter Jr. sonne unto my late 
sonne John Dexter, deceased " in which " James Melius, 
supposed to be lost " and his datighter Ann Pratt, wife 
of John Pratt/' are mentioned 5th Feb. 1678. Another 
*' in consideration of the parental affection I do bear unto 
my daughter Ann Pratt and her children." — July 20, 1678. 
Another, " as an annuity during his life, by my daughter 

Dexter Genealogy 25 

Ann Pratt" — July 22, 1678. — ^Another, '* to Sarah Dexter, 
my daughter in law, for £5, land near Blanchard's farm in 
Charlestown " — July 13, 1678. — Another "to Elisabeth 
Mealins, wife of James; if living — land in Charlestown." 
Another, " to Elisabeth Mealins and her children, house 
and lands in Charlestown, Mistick side — July 22, 1678." — 
The preceding deeds show that Richard's wife's name 
was Bridget — her name appearing in them as late as 1674; 
his only in those of 1677 and 1678, " of Charlestown," 
those of a previous date stating him to be " of Maiden," 
which circumstance seems to indicate, that she probably 
died sometime between those dates. — That he had a son 
John, [who died Dec. 8, 1677 — & who he, Richard, states 
was "deceased," Feb. 5, 1678.] — a daughter Elisabeth 
[Melius] — a daughter Ann [Pratt] — a daughter Sarah, 
[Pinson] not mentioned in the deeds, — and a daughter 
Alice, [Muzzy] — ^which we have placed under his name as 
his children. It also appears that, he had a " grand-child, 
son unto his late son John Dexter, deceased — Richard Dex- 
ter, Jr." and a " daughter-in-law Sarah," who, (according 
to a record in the Clerk's office in East Cambridge, of the 
birth of " Sarah, daughter of John and Sarah ") was the 
wife of John — ^who also had a son named John, [who died 
1722, upon the "farm" in Maiden — having possession of 
the same — % deeded to him by his brother Richard, May 
19, 1703, £60 — and % by his sister Sarah, then of Boston, 
May 6, 1697, <£60 — The latter John was styled "weaver," 
in deeds, &c., and was the father of the Revd. Samuel Dex- 
ter, of Dedham, Mass. — It does not appear that John who 
died in 1677, made a will, being 38 only, may have been 
the cause of his omitting to make one ; a circumstance which 
may account for his son John's being in possession of " the 
farm," he being the eldest son, and entitled to one-half of 
the same, at that period. An Inventory of whose estate was 
taken " 20th of the 10th mo. (December), 1677, twelve days 
after his death, amounting to £320 Qs. Od," including a 
bought servant £6 Os. Od. 

It is stated that Richard Dexter was a tythingman, prob- 
ably of Boston, and we find in the Middlesex Court records 
he was styled Constable. He resided at Misticke 22d Sept., 
1652, as Maiden was tlien called; and was 68 years of age 

26 Dexter Genealogy 

1666, according to his testimony in Court in Middlesex. — It 
also appears by his last Deeds, 1678, that he was then 
a resident of Charlestown, and was consequently about 80 
years of age — one of which being as an annuity during his 
life by his daughter Ann Pratt, July 22d, which may be 
supposed to have been his last, as we do not find his name 
upon any record of a later date. 


To all People to whom this present writing shall come, 
Know Ye, That I, Edward Lane, of Boston, in the Countie 
of Suffolk, in the jurisdiccon of the Massachusetts Bay, in 
New England, Merchant, for divers Good Causes, And 
Consideracons, mee there unto moving. And more Especally 
for the sum of two hmidred pounds and Eight to me secured 
by Richard Dexter, of Charlestown, in the Countie of Mid- 
dlesex, Yeoman, at the signing hereof. Have, with the As- 
sent and Consent of Ann, my wife. Given, Granted, Bar- 
gayned, and Sold, Aliened, Enfeoffed and Confirmed: And 
doe by theis presents. Give, Grant, Bargayne, And Sell, 
Alien, Assigne, Enfeoff e, and Confirme, for mee, my Heirs, 
Executors, And Administrators, mito the sayd Richard Dex- 
ter, his Heirs And Assignes for Ever. All that my Farme 
situate; lying and being in Maiden, Aforesayd lately in the 
Occupacon of George Durand Blacksmith by vertue of a 
Covenant made with Samuel Eldred, sometime the posses- 
seur and Owner thereof until upon A Judgement Acknowl- 
edged in open Court the 22 of November, 1659; the sayd 
Farme with all the Appurtenances thereunto belonging, were 
taken in Execucon the l6 of the 4th Month, l660: And so 
stands Recorded in the 3d Book of the Countie Records for 
Suffolk, page 375, June the 26, 1660: And doth conteine in 
the whole by Estimacon, fourtie Acres be it more or less: 
And is bounded, or Abutted as f olloweth, namely : the upland 
on which the housing to it belonging doth stand, Easterl}', 
by the lands somtime Theophilus Higginson's And Richard 
Sprague's. Westerly by the lands of Steven Fosditch: 
Northerly by Maiden Comon, And Southerly by the lands 

Dexter Genealogy 27 

sometime Mr. Increase Nowell's^ now in possesson of 
Peter Tufts: with all the howsing; Fences; Fruit trees; 
Timber trees; Woods; Underwoods; Backsides; Yards; 
Gardens; Easements; Outgates; Ingates; Waters; Soyles; 
Swamps; Rocks; Mynes; Mynerals; Priviledges; Liberties; 
Profiles; Immunities; Franchisments ; Comonages^ And 
Appurtenances whatsoever thereunto belonging, or in Any- 
wise Apperteining, together with all my Meadow ground 
whether Salt, Bastard, or fresh Meadow, with the Appur- 
tenances thereof holden by the sayd George Durand, by 
vertue of the foresayd Covenant with the foresayd Samuel 
Eldred; conteining by Estimacon, five acres, more or less; 
one parcel or part whereof is situate, lying, and being neere 
unto the place of the old Water Mill, in Maiden aforesayd, 
conteining one Acre or haylott, more or less; Bounded 
Easterly and Northerly by the lands of John Sprague; 
southerly by a Creek coming out of the North River; and 
Westerly upon the landing place Joyning to the lands of the 
foresaid John Sprague ; the other parcel of Meadow, situate, 
lying, and being in the limits of Charlestown, conteyning 
foure Acres, more or less; Bounded or Abutted Easterly 
upon the lands of John Burrage; Westerly upon the 
lands of Richard Lowden; Northerly upon the lands 
of George Blanchard, And Southerly upon the North 
River. — To Have and To Hold the sayd Farme and Meadow 
ground, howsing; Fences; Fruittrees; Timbertrees; Woods; 
Underwoods; Backsides; Yards; Gardens; Easements; Out- 
gates; Ingates; Waters; Toyles; Swamps; Rocks; Mynes; 
Mynerals; Privileges; Liberties; Profits; Imunities; Fran- 
chisments ; Commonages ; and Appurtenances whatsoever ; 
unto the sayd Farme and Meadow belonging ; or in Any wise 
Appurteining : — to him the sayd Richard Dexter,^ his Heirs and 
Assigns, to his, and their only use; behoofe and benefit for 
Evermore: And I the said Edward Lane doe for mee; my 
Heirs; Executors and Administrators; by theis presents; 
Covenant & promise, to and with the sayd Richard Dexter, 
his Heirs and Assigns; that I have Good right; full power; 
and lawful Authoritie; to Give; Grant; Bargayne and Sell; 
Alien; Assigne; Enfeoffe and Confirme the hereby Bargayned 
and Assigned premises; unto him the sayd Richard Dexter, 
his Heirs and Assignes for Ever. And .that he the sayd Richard 

28 Dexter Genealogy 

Dexter, liis Heirs, and Assignes, shall and may from time to 
time, and att all times for Ever hereafter. Have; Hold; Oc- 
cupie; Possess Incoy all the hereby Bargaynei and Assigned 
premises; without any lawful! denyal Eveicon; Eieccon; 
Interrupcon; Molestacon; Incumbrance, or Contradiccon , 
of mee the sayd Edward Lane, or of any other person what- 
soever ha\dng any right or clayming thereunto; or unto any 
part or parcel thereof; By right of Dower, Third, or otherwise, 
for, from, by, or under mee, or by any other lawful way or 
means whatsoever. — And that I shall acknowledge this Deed of 
mine before lawful Authoritie, and Suffer it to be Recorded 
According to law. — In Witness Whereof; I the said Edward 
Lane have hereunto set my hand and scale the Seaventh day of 
December, l()63-and in the Fifteenth years of Our Soveraigns 
lord Charles the Second of England, Scotland, France and 
Ireland King &c Edward Lane \^ 

Signed Sealed and Delivered by the within named Edward Lane 

In presence of us, 

Elisha Cooke 

Joseph Hills 

Boston, 3th of Novem'^ 1664. Mr. Edward Lane acknowl- 
edged this instrum* to be his act & deed 

Before me, Thomas Danforth. 

Entered and Recorded at Cambridge, in New England 
Feb. 13th 1664. In the Register of Deeds, lib. 3. page 132,J3, 4. 
By Thomas Danforth, Record^. 


Memorandum of an Agreement between Edward Lane and 

Richard Dexter in the purchase of said Lane's Estate in 

Maiden, November 21st, 1663. 

These presents witness, that it is agreed and concluded 

between Edward Lane, of Boston, of the one part, and Richard 

Dexter of Charlestown, on Mistic side, on the other part, first 

that the said Edward Lane hath sold unto the said Dexter his 

Farm in Maiden, that was sometime in the possession of Samuel 

Eldad, and lately in the possession of G^^orge Durant; that is to 

say — All his dwelling house, barn, and out houses, as also all 

the upland and meadow, now appertaining unto it and all other 

privileges, commons, &c. And the said Richard Dexter doth 

covenant and promise to pay to the said Lane, or his assigns. 

Dexter Genealogy 29 

the sum of two hundred and eight pounds for the same, in 
manner and form as foUoweth, that is to say — fifty and two 
pounds in money; fifty and two pounds in good barrel beef and 
pork, proportionably; and one hundred four pounds in wheat 
and peas, proportionably, all merchantable and good and at 
current prices — one hundred pounds to be paid at, or before 
the 21st of November which shall be in the year 1664, only what 
is to be paid in corn — the said Dexter hath liberty till the first of 
March next after the above said 21st of November; and also, 
one hundred and eight pounds, at or before the 21st of Novem- 
ber, which shall be in the year 1665, with the like liberty relat- 
ing to the corn payment; — and the said Dexter to give good 
security for the former on his part, and the said Lane to give 
a legal conveyance in writing. Whereof we have hereunto 
subscribed our names the day and year above said. 

Witness hereunto Edward Lane 

Richard Cook. 

Timothy Prout. The mark X of Richard Dexter 


[Richard ] 
3. JOHN DEXTER b. (1639) d. [g. s.] Dec. 8, 1677 at Maiden. 
The farm in Maiden, Richard Dexter (whose wife Bridget was 
then, probably, lately deceased) transferred Feb. 24, 1674/5 to 
his son John, reserving to himself for life a free rent. (The 
land in Maiden where John Dexter's homestead stood still 
remains in the family.) At the time of the transfer, John 
Dexter's residence is given as Charlestown, where the birth of 
his daughter is said to have taken place. He was accidentally 
shot in the back Dec. 4, 1677, by Capt. Samuel Hunting, the 
wound causing his death. ^^'^^ 

He married 

Sarah (who afterwards m. before Apr. 2, 1684, William 
Boardman, b. Dec. 6, 1657, [see petition of William Board- 
man]. It is quite likely that she afterwards m. Daniel Hitchins 
of Lynn, b. 1632,^^ and d. Mch. 6, 1707/8, aged 57 yrs. [g.s.] 
[See note.] William Boardman was admitted a freeman of 
Mass. from Maiden, Mch. 22, 1689/90, elected Constable of 
Rumney Marsh Mch. 13, 1692/3, and was a resident of Rumney 
Marsh when he died, Mch. 14, 1696. He left three children, 
[I am inclined to think all three by wife Sarah], William who d. 
Oct. 10, 1753 in 68th yr. [g.s.], Mary m. Feb. 11, 1702, Thomas 

30 Dexter Genealogy 

Cheever, and Lydia, b. May 2, 1687 at Maiden; m. Mch. 30, 
1709, Kendal Pierson.) 
Children : 

3. I. John b. Aug. 21, 1671, d. [g.s.] Nov. 14, 1722 (Maiden 

has Dec. 14)^ aged 51 yrs. 2 mos. 24 das. 
II. Sarah b. Jun 11, 1674 at Charlestown,^^ m. May 19, 
1697, at Reading, John Brown.^^ 

4. III. Richard b. Nov. 6, 1676 at Cambridge,^^ d. [g. s.] 

Apr. 21, 1747 at Maiden. 
[Note] Daniel Hutchins aged about 50 in 1682/3 and about 
53 in 1685, Salem files. In Vol. V p. 6 of Salem Land Records 
we find under date of 30-3-80 Dan Hichins of Lynn and 
EUenor his wife sell land to Richard Haven J". See also N. E. 
Hist. & Genl. Reg. 1895 Vol. XLIX p. 137. Waters, from 
which it appears that Daniel and Joseph Hitchins were 
bros., sons of Daniel Hitchins, who was brother of Samuel 
Hitchins citizen and draper of London. 


To the honoured County Court held at Cambridge 1-2-1684. 
We whose names are underwritten being requested by Will 
Bordman and Sarah his wife sometime the widow relict of 
John Dextor late of Mauldon deceased and by the advice of 
Thos. Danforth Esq. the honored deputy governer to inform 
his honored court concerning the estate the said John Dexter 
died seized of that a settlement thereof may be made for the 
good of the children and the late widow. 

We humbly present as foUoweth first we find the whole estate 
by inventory for amount to 330 pounds whereof 110 in moveable 
the rest in housing and lands and the said John Dextor left 
three children two sons and one daughter the eldest about 
6 yrs old and the youngest about one y^ old when he died and 
we find that they paid rent for the farm after his decease two 
years and half to his father Richard Dextor. We find that the 
said William and Sarah Bordman have disbursed for debts 
from that estate and reparations of housing and fences there- 
upon which was very much out of repaire 33 pounds. 

Now if this honoured court judge meet to settle all the 
movable upon the said late widow now the wife of William 
Bordman forever (excepting and reserving one feather bed and 

Dexter Genealogy 31 

furniture for the daughter of John Dextor when she comes of 
age) yet this will come considerably short of a quarter part of 
the whole estate and all so the said William Bordman and 
Sarah his wife in consideration of bringing up the children 
may have the improvement of the said farme till the children 
come of age and that then the housing and fences be left in 
tenantable repaire all which is submitted to your honours to 

John Wayt Apr. 2-1684 put off. 

Signed by John Sprague June 17. ye Order. 

Phinehas Sprague 

[Richard/ John."] 
3. JOHN DEXTER b. (Aug. 21-1671) d. [g.s.] Nov. 14, 1722 
aged 51 y. 2 m. 24 d. at Maiden. Captain and Deacon when 
he died. 
He married 

Winnefred Sprague b. Dec. 31, 1673 at Maiden M. [g.s.] 
Dec. 5, 1752 aged 78 y, at Maiden.^ 

Dau. of Samuel and Rebecca (Crawford) Sprague.** ^^ (I 
am strongly inclined to consider Crawford the maiden name. 
She may have been the dau. of a IVIr. Crawford who. Savage 
says, was probably of Watertown, and was drowned before 
Oct- 6, 1634. A deed given by her, her husband and children, 
in 1693-4, would point to her being the heiress of Winifred 
widow of John Woolcot, an early settler of Watertown. This 
Winifred was the wife of Thomas Allen of Barnstable Nov. 10, 
1646) O.P.D. 
Children : 

I. John b. Jan. 3, 1696-7 at Maiden,^ d. Mch. 4, 1696-7 
at Maiden.^ 
II. Winnefred b. Mch. 30, 1698 at Maiden,^ d. June 30, 
5. III. Samuel b. Oct. 23, 1700 at Maiden,^ d. Jan. 29, 1755 
at Dedham.^ 
IV. John b. Apr. 10, 1702 at Maiden,^ d. July 4, 1705 at 

V. Timothy b. Aug. 2, 1703 at Maiden,^ d. Nov. 30, 1703 

at Maiden .2 
VI. Timothy b. July 28, 1704 at Maiden, d. Oct. 17, 1704 
at Maiden,^ caUed 8th child.^ 

32 Dexter Genealogy 

6. VII. John b. Dec. 19, 1705 at Maiden,^ d. [g. s.] May 17, 

1790 at Malden.2 
7.VIII. Richard b. June 15, 1713 at Maiden,^ d. Nov. 25, 1783 

at Topsfield.^^ 

Will of John Dexter, made Apr. 8, 1721, mentions wife 
Winnefred and three sons, Samuel, John and Richard. He 
probably had eleven children in all, as his grave-stone states 
that there are buried 'by him the bodies of eight of his children.' 

f John Dexter, son of John (d. 1677), married Winnefred 
Sprague, of Maiden, who was born Dec. 31, 1673, and died 
Dec. 5, 1752. Her son, Rev*^ Samuel Dexter says, "She was 
a very pious Woman, strictly religious, lived in the fear of God, 
and died strong in faith, and full of comfort and joy." 

The above John Dexter Hved and died upon the "farm" or 
homestead in Maiden — was styled "weaver," and was deacon 
of the church in that town; — he was also a captain of a com- 
pany of foot under George I. whose commission we annex. 
He was a selectman of the town for the years 1709, 1710, 1716, 
1717 and 1721 — and was the moderator of a town -meeting in 
1722, the year he died. — "There is a tradition," says M*"^- 
Palmer, in her account of some of the Dexter families, "that 
the parents of my grandfather [Rev*^ Sam^ Dexter] having been 
bereaved of several young children, kept a day of fasting and 
prayer, previous to his birth, and when he was born, they 
called him Samuel, "asked of the Lord" [heard of God];" — 
She also says, "I do not know that afterwards they had any 
daughter, and but two sons, John and Richard." The account 
we have given on the preceding page of the children of John, 
was made in part from memorandums recorded hy himself ^ 
probably about the time of their births and deaths; and the 
statement upon his gravestone in Maiden — "and by him the 
bodies of eight of his children " — seems to be almost conclusive 
evidence that that was the number of his children — if Samuel 
was included in it — his remains being deposited, probably, 
in his tomb, at Dedham. 

In the "Diary" of his son Rev** Samuel Dexter he says — 
"Nov. 14, 1722. — This day, the Holy God, (whose ways are 
all perfect, and what he does is done in Righteousness for wise 
and holy ends), was pleased grievously to correct me, in re- 
moving from me my loving and tender Father by death." His 

Dexter Genealogy 33 

illness having commenced "upon the 22d of October 1722" — 
His Will was proved at Cambridge, Middlesex, Dec. 10, 1722. 
In the same he also says — "Dec. 5,1752. It pleased God, (who 
is holy in all his works, and righteous in all his ways) to remove 
from us (after great weakness and long languishment), our aged 
and honored Mother, Winnefred Dexter, by death, aged 79 
years, wanting 26 days. — She lived thirty years and nine 
days after my father's decease. She was a very pious woman, 
strictly religious, lived in the fear of God, and died strong in 
faith, and full of comfort and joy." 

By the Will of "Capt. John Dexter," we find he left all his 
real and personal estate to his w^fe Winnefred, for his children. 
— If she marry again, John and Richard to pay her .£12 a year, 
during her life in money. He directs, "XlOO to be paid to his 
son Samuel, in money, in two and four years; and XI 50 after 
his wife's decease, by John and Richard, .£20 a year, — the 
reason he gives him no more, being, that he had given him 
learning and books; the balance of his estate, after his wife's 
decease to John and Richard, equally. — W^innefred Dexter, 
Executrix, and Samuel Sprague, his loving brother, her assist- 
ant, — April 8, 1721." The following is from an original receipt 
of Richard : " Maiden, May 13, 1747. Received of my brother, 
John Dexter, (born 1705,) the sum of five hundred pounds of 
the old tenner: the first payment of thirteen hundred pounds, 
old tenner, for my Right in Revertion to the Real Estate that 
was our father's, as witness my hand. 
£500.0.0. Richard Dexter." 

Province of the ) Samuel Shute, Esq: 

Massachusetts Bay. ) Captain General and Governor in Chief, 
in and over His Majesty's Province of the Massachu- 
setts' Bay in New England, &c. 
To John Dexter, Gentleman, Greeting. 
By vertue of the Power and Authority, in and by His 
Majesty's Royal Commission to Me granted, to be Captain- 
General, &c. over His Majesty's Province of the Massachusetts 
Bay, aforesaid; I do (by these Presents) reposing especial 
Trust and Confidence in your Loyalty, Courage and good 
conduct, constitute and appoint you, the said John Dexter 
be Captain of the Company of Foot in Maiden in the Regim 

34 Dexter Genealogy 

of Militia, whereof the Honorable Spencer Phipps, Esq. is 

You are therefore carefully and diligently, to discharge the 
Duty of a Captain in Leading, Ordering and Exercising said 
Foot Company in Arms, both Inferior Officers and Souldiers; 
and to keep them in good Order and Discipline; hereby 
commanding them to Obey you as their Captain, and yourself 
to observe and follow such Order and Instructions, as you shall 
from time to time receive from Me, or the Commander in Chief 
for the time being, or Other your Superior Officers, for his 
Majesty's Service, according to Military Rules and Discipline. 
Pursuant to the Trust reposed in you. 

Given under My Hand and Seal at Arms, at Boston, the 
Sixteenth Day of September In the Fourth Year of the Reign 
of His Majesty King George. Annoque Domini, 1717 

Samuel Shute. 

By His Excellency's Command ) 
John Boydell, his Sec*"^. f 

[Richard.* John."] 
4. RICHARD DEXTER b. Nov. 6, 1676 at Cambridge,*^ 
d. [g.s.] Apr. 21-1747 at Maiden. 

Sold his share in the Maiden homestead Nov. 19, 1703, when 
he was of Lynn. There are registered the births of the next 
three children who were born to him. But he still owned land 
in Maiden, where he finally fixed his residence certainly by 
July 6, 1710.^* 

He married Feb. 23, 1697-8 at Maiden,^ Rev. Michael 
Wigglesworth officiating, 

Sarah Bucknam b. 1680, d. [g. s.] Dec. 24, 1761 at Maiden. 
Dau. of Joses and Judith (Worth) Bucknam.** 
Children : [See note]. 

I. Sarah b. Apr. 6, 1699 at Maiden,^ d. [g. s.] Aug. 3, 
1759 aged 61 yrs. m. May 25, 1721 at Medford,'' 
Thomas Tufts Esq^ officiating, John Sergeant of 
8. II. John b. Nov. 4-1703 at Maiden,^ alive 1774 at Stone- 
ham (Vinton). 

III. Lydia b. d. before Jan. 27, 1745-6, m. first June 

30, 1726 (int. Apr. 13) at Maiden,^ Rev. J. Emerson 
officiating, Robert Snelling of Boston, m. secondly 

Dexter Genealogy 35 

Nov. 9, 1742 (int. Oct. 21) at Boston/ Rev. John Webb 
officiating, Samuel Sprague. 

9. IV. Mary b. Mch. 12, 1703-4 at Lynn,^ d. June 10, 1789. 

V. Ruth b. Nov. 4, 1705 at Lynn,^ d. [g. s.] Nov. 3, 1770 
at Stoneham, m. Jan. 25, 1725-6 at Maiden,^ Rev. J. 
Emerson officiating, Joseph Green; had child Hannah. 
VI. WilHam b. Apr. 14, 1707 at Lynn,"*^ d. May 30 1730 
at Maiden.^ 
VII. Susanna b. at Maiden,^ d .[g.s.] Feb. 14, 1768 at Mai- 
den, aged 57 yrs., m. May 7, 1751 (int. Apr. 5) at 
Maiden.^ Rev. J. Emerson officiating, Deacon James 
VIII. Abigail b. June 4, 1712 at Maiden,^ d. [g. s.] Feb. 17, 
1731-2 in 20th yr., at Rumney Marsh, m. Nov. 17, 
1730 (int. Oct. 30) at Maiden,^ Rev. J. Emerson 
officiating, John Hasey of Rumney Marsh. 

10. IX. Richard b. Apr. 14, 1714 at Maiden,^ d. [g.s.] Dec. 5, 

1773 in 60th yr. at Maiden. 

11. X. Timothy b. June 19, 1715 at Maiden,^ d. before May 

11, 1747. 

12. XI. Nathan b. Sept. 10, 1722 at Maiden,^ d. (before Dec. 

27, 1775) at Acton. 

Will of Richard Dexter, made Jan. 27, 1745-6, mentions 
wife Sarah, children: Susanna Dexter, Mary Brown, Nathan, 
John, Richard, (executor), Timothy, Sarah Sargeant, Ruth 
Green; grandchild Sarah Hacy, and children of daughter 
Lydia Sprague, deceased. 

[Note]: Maiden. The following, occupying one page of the 
town records, is found at Maiden. (It was probably recorded 
about 1728. The children are evidently in the order of their 
ages. I think the mistakes are mainly in the years; compare 
the three births recorded at Lynn. Of the other children, the 
ages recorded on their grave-stones, when found, are given) : 

O. P. D. 

Sarah Dexter dau. of Richard and Sarah b. Apr. 6, 1699 
John Dexter son " " " b. Nov. 4, 1703 

Liddia Dexter dau " " " b. Oct. 20, 1713 

altered from 1703. 

36 Dexter Genealogy 

Mary Dexter dau. of Richard and Sarah b. Mar. 22, 1704 

Ruth Dexter dau " " " b. Oct. 26, 1706 

William Dexter son " " " b. Apr. 15, 1707 

Susanna Dexter dau. " " " b.Nov. 2, 1711 

Abegail Dexter dau. " *' " b. June 4, 1712 

Richard Dexter son ** " " b. Apr. 14, 1714 

Timothy Dexter son " " " b. June 19, 1715 

Nathan Dexter son " " " b. Sept. 10, 1722 

[Richard,^ John," John.'"] 

5. SAMUEL DEXTERb.Oct.23,1700atMalden,M.Jan.29, 
1755 at Dedham.^ Graduated at Harvard 1720. Ordained 
May 6, 1724 as fourth minister of the First Church at Dedham, 
where he continued till his death. He Married July 9-1724 
(int. June 1) at Boston,^ Catharina Mears b. Sept. 25, 1701 
at Boston,^ d. June 10, 1797 at Dedham. Dau. of Samuel and 
Maria Catharina (Smith) Mears** [See note]. (She after- 
wards m. [int. Aug. 21, 1756 at Dedham],^ Samuel Barnard of 
Children : 

I. Samuel b. Mch. 18-1724-5 at Dedham ^ (bapt. Mch. 
21) d. Apr. 9, 1725 at Dedham.^ 

13. II. Samuel b. Mch. 16, 1725-6 at Dedham,^ (bapt. Mch. 

20) d.* June 10, 1810 at Mendon. 
III. John b. Jan 30, 1727-8 at Dedham,^ (bapt. Feb. 4) d. 
Nov. 5, 1731 at Dedham.^ 

14. rV. Ebenezer b. Oct. 17-1729 at Dedham,^ (bapt. Oct. 19), 

d. [g. s.] May 4, 1769 at Mariborough.^ 
V. WiUiam b. Sept. 12, 1731 at Dedham,^ (bapt. Sept. 19), 

d. May 26, 1736 at Dedham.^ 
VI. Catharina b. Sept. 28, 1733 at Dedham,^ (bapt. Sept. 
30), d. Feb. 2, 1734-5 at Dedham.^ 

15. VII. John b. Aug. 12, 1735 at Dedham,^ (bapt. Aug. 17), 

d. [g. s.] Feb. 7-1800 at Marlborough. 
16.VIII. Catharina b. Nov. 21, 1737 at Dedham,^ (bapt. Nov. 
27), d.* Aug. 30, 1814. 

17. IX. Rebecca b. Oct. 4-1739 at Dedham,^ (bapt. Oct. 7), 

d.* May 31, 1823. 
X. William b. July 17-1741 at Dedham,^ (bapt. July 19), 
d. June 9, 1749 at Dedham.^ 

18. XI. Mary b. Oct. 12, 1743 at Dedham,^ (bapt. Oct. 13, 

Dexter Genealogy/ 37 

Thanksgiving Day, Dedham Church), d.f May 13, 

The Rev. Samuel Dexter's diary is still extant, in manu- 
script. Accounts of the Rev. Samuel Dexter's estate, naming 
the six surviving children, are at Boston. 

[Note:] M^. J. H. Dexter says she was a daughter of Thos. 
Smith a great na-s^gator. I have not been able to carry her 
back of 16 June 1694 when she was widow and appointed 
admx. of William Gross of Boston. 

O.P. D. 

fSamuel Dexter (Rev^) Son of John (died 1722) married 
Catherina Mears, July 9 1724, by M^ Benjamin Wadsworth, 
in Boston. She was the daughter of Samuel and Maria 
Catherine Mears, and was born Sept. 25, 1701, died June 10, 
1797. Her maternal grandfather was Captain Thomas Smith, 
a mariner — a portrait of whom by himself, may be seen in the 
hall of the American Antiquarian Society in Worcester; — the 
portrait of his wife being also there, we believe, and that of his 
daughter Maria Catherine, mother of Mrs. Dexter is in pos- 
session of ^Misses Catherine and Rebecca Clapp, Dorchester. 

He graduated at Harvard College, 1720, admitted to the 
church in Maiden May 1, 1720, kept school at Taunton six 
months, commenced a school also in Lynn Feb. 1721, where 
he continued one year — and engaged in another in Maiden for 
six months. After which his time was improved in preaching, 
his first sermon being delivered Oct° 15, 1722, from Hebrews, 
10:38, invited to settle in Brimfield, Medford, Westboro, 
(declined March 15, 1723) and Yarmouth; and was ordained 
in Dedham, as the fourth minister of the First Church in that 
town, now under the charge of the Rev*^ Alvan Lamson, May 
6, 1724 at a salary of £150 — ha\dng received a unanimous call 
in the previous year — to which he gave the following reply : 

Honored and Beloved, 

Seeing that the Sovereign Jehovah, in whose hands are the 
hearts of all men, hath so far united the affections of the church 
and congregation in this place, that they have elected me (who 
am less than the least of all saints) to the work of the evangelical 

38 Dexter Genealogy 

ministry among you, and hath inclined your hearts freely to 
offer, of your temporal good things so far as you have done for 
my support, I do therefore hereby declare (though with trem- 
bling, do I engage in so great a work, for who is sufficient for 
these things ?) that I freely embrace your invitation, because I 
believe it to be my incumbent duty, and thankfully accept your 
offers, still relying upon your generosity, that as you have done 
so far you will further be spirited to do as my circumstances 
may require. — And now humbly hoping in and relying upon 
the gracious head of influences who liberally bestoweth the 
gifts and graces of his holy spirit to furnish and qualify me for 
the work of the ministry, let us strive together in prayer to 
God that he would make me skilful, faithful, and successful, 
that we may be crowns of joy to each other in the day of Christ's 

That God would multiply grace, mercy, and peace to his 
people in this place, is the earnest prayer of him who would 
rejoice to spend and be spent in the service of your souls. 

Samuel Dexter. 
Maiden, December 6, 1723. 

In his Diary of Dec. 15, he says — "I gave my answer to the 
Dedham invitation though with much fear and trembling." 

His ordination sermon was preached by the Rev*^ M^ Baxter 
of Medfield. 

He preached a sermon, Nov. 23, 1738, it being the 100th 
year of the incorporation of the town of Dedham, which was 

He seemed to have been naturally averse to prominent 
positions, when invited to fill them, and generally incHned to 
seclusion; often alluding in his Diary to his being "very much 
straitened in prayer" and at times to his "suffering under very 
grievous, disheartening discouragements, extraordinary dull- 
ness and heaviness"; and says, "melancholly is so much my 
natural disposition that it makes my life very uneasy." — At a 
few months later date however, we find his "disheartening 
discouragements" were less "grievous" as the following ex- 
tracts will show; "Nov. 22, 1723 — This day was very cold. I 
communicated something of my mind to the young Lady — 
which I hope, (and I think I have reason to hope) may, through 
the smiles of indulgent Providence, be the Person in whom I 

Dexter Genealogy 39 

may find the good thing, and obtain favor of the Lord. — I think 
I have not been rash in my proceedings — she is as far as I can 
find, a Woman of Merit — a woman of good temper, and of 
prudent conduct and conversation — and oh ! Lord I would 
humbly wait upon thee for so signal a Blessing. 

"Oct°. 23, 1724. My companion is a kind, tender, and 
virtuous person, and I hope I have in her a good thing, which 
is from the Lord God, make her so to me." 

The father of his wife, Samuel Mears, who was born May 
22, 1671 and died upon his birthday. May 10, 1727, kept a 
public house known by the name of the " George Tavern," and 
was situated nearly on the line between Boston and Roxbury, 
and which was burnt July 31, 1775; — and afterwards the Sun 
Tavern in Corn-court, Dock Square, subsequently the Gov^ 
Hancock, Mrs. Eraser. — In speaking of him, Mr. Dexter says — 
"He was in general, a just, honest man and very charitable for 
one of his capacity; had a very hard death — and I hope has 
exchanged earth for heaven. — My wife has lost a tender, 
loving father, and I have lost a very kind bountiful friend." 

Mr. Dexter's widow married Samuel Barnard, of Salem, in 
1756, who died Nov. 21, 1762, in his 78th year, living with him 
about six years. — After his decease, she returned to finish her 
days in Dedham, in the family of her daughter, Catherine 
Haven, where she continued to be universally beloved and 
respected, and enjoyed a tranquil and happy old age — her 
remains being deposited in the tomb of Rev*^ Samuel Dexter. 
She gave a Bible to the Church, a portion of which was to be 
read every sabbath. 

Samuel Haven administered upon her estate July 6, 1797. 

The following letters being of an early date, we transcribe 
from the original manuscripts in our possession : 

Dedham, June 15, 1769. 
Dear Son, 

I have heard nothing from you of late — hope you are well, 
as through the goodness of God we are. — It looks very dull to 
me to think that I have lost a son [D^ Ebenezer Dexter] whom 
I tenderly loved; and his not being able to speak or signify 
what his thoughts of death, or what his hopes with respect to 
another life were add greatly to my grief — hope he was not 
unthoughtful or unprepared. God only knows I desire to 

40 Deleter Genealogy 

submit to his holy, will, and humbly hope in his mercy. My 
thoughts are often with you, and the bereaved family, and 
earnestly beg of God to support and comfort, direct and assist 
as the case doth require; and that this affliction maybe sanctified 
to us all, to make us more earnest to obtain the favor of God, 
through the merits of Jesus Christ, who is infinitely worthy 
and able to save to the uttermost all that come unto God by 
him. — My Son, this is the one thing needful, which if we can 
obtain we cannot be unhappy, let death come sooner or later. — 
I hope you don't forget your mother, and your other friends 
at Dedham; — we don't forget you — we daily think of you — 
pray for you — and wish to you and yours, blessings temporal, 
spiritual, and eternal. 

This from your affectionate Mother, 

Catharine Barnard. 

Your cousin John Mears died about three weeks ago, of 
Directed to 
John Dexter, 

Marlborough, Mass. 

Dedham, July 8, 1771. 
Dear Son, 

I am greavd to hear that your illness is Returned and thank- 
full that it is abaited, hope you will take all possible care of 
your diate and of takeing Colds and use moderate exercise if 
you are able if you cant Ride Journeys I advise you to Ride a 
little every faire day and try how it sutes you say you fear you 
shall never be a well person again I am not without those fears 
it is good to be thoughtful since we know not what shall be on 
the morrow for what is our life it is even a vapour that soon 
vanesheth away — however there is a happiness to be obtained 
beyond the grave which is far superior to helth welth or any 
worldly good that can be enjoyed. I hope you are seeking 
this one thing needfuU and Remember that it is saide seek and 
ye shall find ask and ye shall Receive knock and it shall be 
opened — dont give way to discouragement on one account or 
another but go to God with all your wants cares fears desires 
go in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ who is infinitely worthy 
tho we are most unworthy — and you may vain hope to succeed 

Dexter Genealogy 41 

for he is a God hearing prayer he never [he who ever] Said to 
the Sad of Jacob — seek ye mine — you may assure yourself that 
you are not forgotten by us, we are much concerned for you and 
would gladly do all we can for your help — let me hear from you 
as often as you can — we are all well and send our love to you 
and yours — this from your affectionate 

Mother Catharina Barnard 

I hope you wont let the Charge of Rideing be any hindrenee 
I am willing to assist you in that or any other way that I can 

i except M"^ Haven who is poorly [Directed] To 

M^ John Dexter, 
[Mariboro, Mass.] 

Marlboro Septem 13, 1776 
Dear Sir 

the day after you left as M"" Adams acquainted us with the 
ocation of your fear about the small pox and I have heard 
nothing since till this morning when I received your letter dated 
Septem^ ^ 3 with Mrs Claps enclosed i am very sorry to hear that 
she is so pooriy and sorry to hear of the ocation of your fears 
hope by this time you are delivered from them by the con- 
tinuance of your helth. in all the troubles and difficulties that 
attend my Children I am a large Shearer and were it in my 
power have the same disposition to assist and comfort them 
as when they lay in my bosome and were dand/ed on my knees 
but being by Providence placed at a distance from most of 
them can do nothing but wish and pray for their wellfare which 
I hope I shall be enabled to do while i am continued in Hfe and 
desire to be Remembered by them — we are united by nature 
and affection profess to be of the same family and Household 
of Faith and I would humbly hope that the time will come 
when we shall all be joined to the family in Heaven where 
soon sorrow shall cease and happiness be compleat and ever- 
lasting let us unite and continue our prayers to the God of all 
Grace that not one of us fail or come short. 

Dear Sir what do you think of the times I want to know 
what the Minnisters and Good people think whether thear faith 
and Courage hold out to us it looks more dark and difficult 
then ever but I know it is as easy with God to deliver his people 

42 Dexter Genealogy 

from great troubles as from small and in his own time and 
way I doe hope he will appear for our help — beg you would 
let me hear from you as soon as you can and as often which 
will greatly delight your affectionate Mother 

Catharina Barnard 

P. S. Your Brother and Sister desire thare love to you 
[Directed to] Rev° M*^ Jason Haven 

To be left at at 

Deacon Davis at Boston Dedham 



Died in Dedham, June 10th, 1797, Mrs. Catharine Barnard, 
aged ninety-five years; an eminently good and pious Christian. 
From youth her life had been exemplary. Towards its close 
it became in an increased degree, instructive. They, especially, 
who were then her attendants can witness that the Scripture 
speaketh not in vain. "The work of Righteousness shall be 
peace and the effect of righteousness, quietness, and assurance 

Her first husband, by the side of whose relicks her remains 
are now entombed, was the Rev*^ Samuel |Dexter, of that town 
— her second, Samuel Barnard, Esq^ of Salem; with both of 
whom she lived in as much happiness as this imperfect state 
will admit of. By all who were acquainted with her she was 
greatly loved and respected; particularly by the friendly 
inhabitants of the place, where she was the kind companion 
of their much esteemed minister, more than thirty years, and 
resided a still longer time in a state of widowhood. As one 
generation passed off, the succeeding inherited the same 

The surviving sons and daughters, impressed with the ideas 
of her tender care of their early years, her serious instructions, 
her engaging example, and her fervent prayers for their happi- 
ness, — with tears, mingled with those of her more remote de- 
scendants, and relatives of every description, committed her 
to the dust; while all, with one consent, poured forth blessings 
on her memory. 

Dexter Genealogy 43 

While, perhaps, no one in so far advanced life ever experi- 
enced fewer of its inconveniences, none had more substantial 
comforts than Mrs. Barnard; among which should be re- 
covered, as of weightier consideration in old age, a conscious- 
ness that as she merited, so she possessed the unceasing and 
unremitted attachment of all around her. But a habit of 
calm and rational devotion, produced by "the love of God 
in her heart, from a holy spirit given to her," was, above all 
other things, a source of enjoyment. 

To one who had lived so long, to such good purposes, to 
one, who, though free from pain, was enfeebled by years and 
exhausted by the travel of life, "death was but the repose of 
wearied nature"; from which she will ere long arise to com- 
plete her journey to that holy city, of which such glorious 
things are spoken ; there to be numbered with the children of 
God, and have her lot among the saints. — Columbian Centinel, 
June 21, 1797. 

[Richard,^ John," John."^] 
6. JOHN DEXTER b. Dec. 19, 1705, at Maiden,^ d. [g. s.] 
May 17, 1790, at Maiden. Styled Captain when he died. 
Of Maiden. He and wife Joanna in list of those in full com- 
munion with the Maiden Church, 1772. He m. first Jan. 6, 
1730-1, at Medford,^ Rev. E. Turrell officiating. 

Susanna Hewett b. July 9, 1713, at Marshfield," d. [g. s.] 
Mch. 9, 1735-6 at Maiden. Dau. of Winter and Hannah 
(Frost) Hewett.'' 
Children : 
I. Susanna b.f Sept. 4, 1731, d.f Sept. 17, 1731. 

19. II. Susanna b. June 24, 1732, at Maiden,^ d. Jan. 1, 1763. 
III. John b.f Feb. 21, 1733-4, d.f Mch. 10, 1733-4. 

20. iV. Winnefred b. Apr. 10, 1735, at Maiden,^ d.f Aug. 17. 

V. Hannah b.f Feb. 22, 1735-6, d.f Feb. 24, 1735-6. 
He m. secondly Apr. 18, 1746 (int. Mch. 26) at Maiden,^ 
Rev. J. Emerson officiating, 

Abigail Hill, b. Oct. 26, 1716, at Maiden,^ d. [g. s.] Jan. 19, 
1746-7 at Maiden. Dau. of Abraham and Abigail Hill.' 
VI. John b. (Dec. 30, 1746), d. [g. s.] Jan. 2, 1746 7, at 
Maiden, aged 3 days. 

44 Dexter Genealogy 

He m. thirdly Mch. 15, 1747-8 (int. Feb. 6) at Maiden,^ 
Rev. J. Emerson officiating, 

Joanna b. Apr. 18, 1715, at Maiden,^ d. [g. s. ]Feb. 28, 1783, 
at Maiden. Widow of Thomas Lynde, dau. of Thomas and 
Rebecca (Danforth) Parker.** 
Children : 

VII. John b. Feb. 26, 1749-50, at Maiden,' d. [g. s.] Oct. 28, 
1798. Styled Captain when he died. He m. June 27, 
1779 (int. June 3) at Maiden Church,' Rev. P. Thacher 

Sarah Hills b. Jan. 26, 1757, at Maiden' d. [g. s] 
Sept. 17, 1784, Aet. 28, dau. of Thomas and Mary 
(Shute) Hills.' No chn. 

VIII. Rebecca b. Sept. 1, 751, at Maiden,' d.f Aug. 13, 
1804, m.' Apr. 28, 1776 (int. Feb. 26) at Maiden 
Church,' Rev. Peter Thacher officiating, 

Daniel Parker of Maiden.' No chn. 

21. IX. Bridget b. Apr. 11,1754, at Maiden,' d.f 1814. 

22. X. Richard b. June 3, 1756, at Maiden,' d. Nov. 3, 1842, 

at Maiden.' 
XI. Sarah b. Dec. 4, 1758, at Maiden ' d. [g. s.] Sept. 4, 1762. 

XII. Samuel b. May 12, 1760, at Maiden,' d. [g. s.] Sept. 3. 

Capt. John Dexter's will, made May 25, 1788, mentions 
children of daughter Susanna Blanchard, children of daughter 
Winnefred Howard, daughter Rebecca Parker, daughter 
Bridget Torrey, sons John and Richard. 

Province of the ) William Shirley, Esq*" 

Massachusetts Bay j Captain General and Governor in Chief, 
in and over His Majesty's Province of the Massachusetts Bay, 
in New England, &c. To John Dexter, gentleman, greeting. 
By virtue of the power and authority, in and by His Majesty's 
Royal Commission to Me granted, to be Captain General, &c., 
over His Majesty's Province of the Massachusetts Bay, afore- 
said; I do (by these presents) reposing especial Trust and 
Confidence in your Lroyalty, Courage and good conduct, con- 
stitute and appoint you the said John Dexter to be Ensign of 
the Foot Company in Maiden, whereof Samuel Green is 
Captain, in the First Regiment of Militia, within the County 
of Middlesex, whereof the Honorable Spencer Phipps, Esq^ 

Dexter Genealogy 45 

is Colonel. You are therefore carefully and diligently to dis- 
charge the Duty of an Ensign in leading, ordering and exer- 
cising said Company in Arms, both inferior Officers and 
Soldiers, and to keep them in good Order and Dicipline; 
hereby commanding them to obey you as their Ensign; and 
yourself to observe and follow such Orders and Instructions, 
as you shall from time to time received from Me, or the Com- 
mander in Chief for the Time being, or other your superior 
Officers for His Majesty's Service, according to military Rules 
and Discipline, pursuant to the Trust reposed in you. — Given 
under My Hand and Seal at Arms, at Boston, the Fourteenth 
Day of June, in the Sixteenth year of the Reign of His Majesty 
King George the Second, Annoq Domini 1743. 

W. Shirley. 
By His Excellency's Command { 
I. Willard, Secretary, j 

The present John, who was styled Captain, was a Selectman 
of Maiden 13 years and Representative to the General Court, 
1663 and 1664, "When over four score years of age," says 
the History of Maiden, "he was wont to say that he had heard 
his father (d. 1722) say, that he could not remember when 
the ancestral elm was a young tree." This tree being the first 
on the right hand, north west side of the avenue and next to 
the house — probably one of the oldest and most venerable in 
appearance in our country — a number of the trees having been 
set out by individuals belonging to several generations. An 
elm, supposed to be much older than any of those now stand- 
ing, stood upon the opposite side of the avenue, and next to 
the house, but having become much decayed, it was taken 
down some years ago as a matter of safety. He was likewise 
town clerk several yeais, and a delegate to the Provincial 
Congress at Concord, as well as an active and efficient man 
during the Revolutionary War. Upon his gravestone in Mai- 
den burying ground are the following lines: 
"In faith he lived, in dust he lies. 
But faith foresees the dust shall rise." 

Titus, his negro man-servant, died July 3, 1782. Minerva, 
his woman-servant, married to Cato, died April 5, 1765. 

46 Dexter Genealogy 


The following incident was related in the Bunker Hill 
Aurora, April 16, 1853. Its occurrence, it appears, was during 
the occupancy of the place by John Dexter of the Fourth 
generation, and communicated to the writer by Richard, his 

Towards the fall of the year 1775, General Washington and 
staff visited Chelsea on horseback to view the features of the 
land thereabouts. They went from the camp in Cambridge, 
through Medford and Maiden and stopped by the way for 
rest and refreshment at the residence of Mr. John Dexter, 
situated in Maiden, by the brook, just before you enter the 
central village on the north side of the old road leading from 
Medford. This house was about fifteen rods from the street, 
and distinguished for its convenience and the beauty of its 
situation, having many stately elm trees growing in regular 
lines in an open park in front, besides others growing by the 
roadside near, and was thus well calculated to tempt a troop 
of weary horsemen on a summer's day to dismount, to enjoy 
the coolness of the shade, and the hospitaKties of the mansion. 
Here, Washington and his suite alighted, and after hitching 
their horses under the trees, entered the house by invitation 
of Mr. Dexter, and partook of refreshments. When the party 
came out to remount their horses, one of the gentlemen acci- 
dentally knocked off a stone from one of the walls which ran 
along from the house to the street outside of the rows of trees. 
Washington remarked to him that he had better replace the 
stone. The officer ha^ang remounted replied, "No, I will 
leave that for somebody else to do." Washington then went 
quietly and replaced the stone himself, saving as he did so, "I 
always make it my rule when visiting a place to leave things in 
as good order as I find them." 

This incident was related to us by Captain Richard Dexter, 
the son of the said John Dexter, who was a witness of the facts 
related, and at that time about nineteen years of age. Captain 
Richard was engaged in the privateering enterprises of the 
Revolution, and suffered severely as a prisoner in the old 
Jersey prison ship. He died in the year 1842, aged 86 years. 
Within a few years the old mansion has been taken down and 
a large and more fashionable building occupies its site. The 

Dexter Genealogy 47 

old stone walls near the trees have also been removed, but the 
trees themselves, the growth of near two hundred years, re- 
main to illustrate the liberality and taste of their founders, the 
first Dexters, who took possession of the premises in the yeae 
1663. The place still remains the property of the lineal 
dscendants of the same Dexters. 

[Richard,' John," John/"] 

7. RICHARD DEXTER b. June 15, 1713, at Maiden,^ d. 
Nov. 25, 1783, at Topsfield.^^ 

Physician. (Dr. Dexter and wife admitted to full com. 
with Topsfield Church, Oct. 31, 1742.) 

He married June 18, 1741 (int. May 24, Boxford) at Tops- 

Mehitable Putnam b.^° Jan. 13, 1720, d. [g. s.] Sept. 1, 1801, 
at Topsfield. Dau. of Joseph and Elizabeth (Porter) Put- 
nam,** and sister of the brave and heroic Gen' Israel Putnam. f 

23 I. Mehitable b. Nov. 3, 1742, at Topsfield,^" (bapt. 
Nov. 7), d.f July 1, 1786, at Ipswich. 

fA letter from I. P. Towne P. M. Topsfield Dec. 4, 1849, 
says Dr. Richard Dexter died there Nov. 25, 1783, of a putrid 
fever, aged 71, and Mehitable Dexter, widow of Dr. Dexter, 
died Sept. 2, 1801, aged 79. The letter also says: *'June 3, 
1745, Pomp, a negro servant man died, belonging to Dr. 
Dexter. The inscription on Dr. Dexter's gravestone is as 
follows: " Erected in memory of Doct. Richard Dexter; who 
after a course of endearing services, of painful suffering — sup- 
ported by the hope which Christianity inspires, — cheerfully 
departed this life Nov. 25th, 1783, ^T. 71. " Since death's 
our certain lot be life improved in deeds of goodness": &c. 

[Richard,' John," Richard."^ 

8. JOHN DEXTER b. Nov. 4, 1703 at Maiden,^ alive 1774 at 
Stoneham (Vinton). Went to Stoneham. He and wife 
admitted to Church there from the Maiden Church Apr. 6, 

He married 

Joanna Green b. Oct. 1, 1703 at Maiden,^ alive 1790 at 

48 Dexter Genealogy 

Stoneham (Vinton). Dau. of Joseph and Hannah (Green) 

I. Mary b. Apr. 23, 1730 at Stoneham,^^ m. June 18, 1751 
(int. Sept. 29, 1750) at Stoneham,^^ Rev. John Games 
officiating, John Crocker. 
II. John b. Sept. 10, 1733 at Stoneham,^^ bu. June 9, 1781 
at Medford (Medford Church), was of Stoneham, 
when buried at Medford, said to have been Jate of 
Stoneham. He m. Jan. 2, 1755 (int. Dec. 5, 1754 
Stoneham) at Stoneham,^^ Hev. John Carnes officiating 
Phebe Pratt b. Oct. 8, 1728 at Malden.^^ Dau. of David 
and Phebe Pratt.^ No chn. 

(She afterwards m. Apr. 30, 1783 at Medford,^ Samuel 
Verder, who was bu. Dec. 24, 1793 at Medford, aged 
66 yrs. [Medford Church.]) 
III. Joanna b. Aug. 4, 1736 at Stoneham,^^ (bapt. Aug. 15), 
m. June 3, 1755 (int. Mch. 26) at Stoneham,^^ Rev. 
John Carnes officiating, Daniel Burditt of Maiden. 
IV. Abigail b. Mch. 11, 1739-40 at Stoneham ^^ (bapt. 
Mch. 16), m. (int. Feb. 9, 1758 Stoneham) ^^ John 

[Richard,'^ John, Richard."^] 
9. fMARY DEXTER b. Mch. 12, 1703-4 at Lynn,^ d. June 10, 
1789, m. Apr. 4, 1728 at Maiden,^ Rev. J. Emerson officiating, 
Ebenezer Brown of Mendon,b. 1702 d. Sept. 17, 1778 (set. 76). 
Childrenf : 

I. Mary b. Apr. 11, 1730, d. Nov. 23, 1799, (single.) 
II. Dexter b. May 18, 1733, d. Aug. 28, 1733. 

III. Ebenezer b. Feb. 6, 1738, d. June 15, 1793. 

IV. William b. Jan. 9, 1740, d. (Dr.) at Wittan, N. H. 

V. Jabez b. Oct. 18, 1742, d. Nov. 15, 1830, called Dr. 
m. Anna Ball b. Oct. 19, 1742, d. Nov. 22, 1823 at 
Wilmington, Mass. Dau. of John Ball of Tewksbury. 

A. John Ball b. 

B. Nancy b. Apr. 27, 1775, d. m. Oct. 27, 

1797, Freegrace Reynolds of W^ilmington, 
Mass. b. Jan. 20, 1767, d. Dec. 6, 1854, gradu- 
ated at Yale 1787, settled in the ministry at 

Dexter Genealogy 49 

Wilmington Oct. 29, 1795, and was the son of 
Dr. Samuel Reynolds of Conn. 
Children : 

i. Nancy b. Mch. 1, 1799, d. Feb. 26, 1827. 
ii. Joseph b. Aug. 2, 1800, m. Feb. 1828, 
Lucy Prescott of Groton, Mass. and had 
chn., Mary Oliver, Lucy Maria, Joanna 
Newcomb, Joseph Brown, Eliza Law- 
rence, Charles Louis, Howard, and 
iii. Mary b. Apr. 16, 1802, m. Jan. 16, 1827, 
Warren Swain of S. Reading, Mass., 
who d. Aug. 10, 1835 and had chn., 
Mary Malvina, Margaret Lucilla, Elisa 
Minerva and Martha Ann. 
iv. Jabez b. June 18, 1806, m. Nov. 1828, 
Lydia Damon of N. Reading, Mass., 
and had chn., W^arren, Mary Jane, 
William Henry, Jabez Brown, Edward 
Warren, Lydia Maria, John Albert and 
Anna Frances. 
V. Samuel b. June 26, 1809, m. Apr. 20, 
1842, Caroline A. Lyman of Lancaster, 
N. H., and had chn., Abby Ripley and 
vi. Levi b. June 2, 1811. 
vii. Martha b. Oct. 30, 1815. 
viii. John b. Mch. 1, 1819, m. Dec. 2, 1842, 
Eliza B. Stacy of Concord, Mass. 
c. Dr. John Ball b. Oct. 20, 1784 at W^ilmington, 
Mass., d. May 14, 1862, graduated at Brown 
University 1806, m. Jan. 3, 1814, Rebecca 

Warren, b. d. Jan. 8, 1855, dau. of Dr. 

John Warren and sister of Dr. John C. Warren 
of Boston and had chn: 
i. John Warren. 

ii. Arnold Wells d. Sept. 1823, 6 yrs. 

iii. Buckminster. 
iv. Abby Collins. 
V. Rebecca Warren, 
vi. Arnold Welles b. Jan. 19, 1825, d. Jan. 

50 Dexter Genealogy 

21, 1852, was a student at Andover 
Theological Seminary and killed by 
railway cars at West Newton, 
vii. George Upham. 
Dr. J. B. Brown was the oldest practicing 
physician in Boston at his death except 
Dr. James Jackson. 
D. Mary Dexter b. Dec. 13, 1787, d. Sept. 1, 1849, 
VI. Dexter b. July 27, 1744, d. June 15, 1822 S. C). He 

was in Wrentham Sept. 15, 1765. 
VII. Lydia b. Dec. 1, 1748 at Maiden.^ 
VIII. John b. May 13, 1751 at Maiden,^ d. May 9, 1821, m. 

Lucy Abbott of Andover, b. d. May 9, 1821. 

Children : 

A. Lucy b. May 25, 1778, m. Nov. 25, 1841 Amos 
Whittemore of Bennington. 

B. Dexter b. d. June 15, 1822, m. Martha Le 

Monte of Bath, Me. 

i. Dexter Eliot b. d. Dec. 1827. 

Dexter E. Brown of Bath, died on board 

ship McLellan as Mate from Baltimore 

to Rotterdam, Dec. 1827 [Centinely 

Dec. 22]. 
ii. Martha Ann b. m. John Hay den 

of Bath, Me., and had chn: Maria 

Frances, Emma, Ann, Maria and 

Charles Frederic. 
iii. Frances Adeline b. m. Nehemiah 

iv. Susan Mary b. m. John Elder of 

Portland, Me., and had child, Ella 

v. James Warren Le Monte b. m. 

Abigail Waldron of Bath, Me. 

vi. Catharine Hollings b. 

c. Timothy D. b. 

D. Sarah b. Jan. 10, 1785. 

E. Nancy b. Feb. 4, 1789. 

F. John b. 

G. Jabez b. 

Dexter Genealogy 51 

[Richard/ John," Richard/"] 
10. RICHARD DEXTER b. Apr. 14, 1714 at Maldeii,^ d. [g.s.] 
Dec. 5, 1773 in 60th yr. at Maiden. Of Maiden. Was ad- 
mitted to the First Church in Maiden from the Second Church, 
Mch. 3, 1771, receiving his dismissal from the latter Feb. 22, 
1771. He m. Nov. 26, 1741 (int. Oct. 25, Maiden) at Boxford,^ 

Rebecca Peabody b. Dec. 8, 1718 at Boxford,^ d. [g. s.] 
Feb. 25, 1798 at Maiden. Dau. of David and Sarah (Pope) 
Peabody.** [See note.] 

Children : 

24. I. William b. Nov. 9, 1742 at Maiden,^ d. Dec. 24, 1811 at 

Maiden .2 

25. II. David b. Feb. 18, 1744-5 at Maiden,^ d. Nov. 14, 1821 

at Boston.^ 
III. Richard b. Oct. 3, 1747 at Maiden ^ (bapt. Oct. 4, 1747 
South Church, Maiden), d. [g. s.] May 9, 1766 at 

26. IV. Aaron b. Nov. 11, 1750 at Maiden,^ d.* Feb. 28, 1829 

at Cambridge. 
V. Sarah b. Nov. 21, 1753 at Maiden ^ (bapt. Nov. 23, 
1753 South Church, Maiden), d. [g. s.] Mch. 27, 1781 
at Maiden. 
VI. Lydia b. Nov. 6, 1756 at Maiden ^ (bapt. Nov. 7, 1756 
South Church, Maiden), d. Dec. 22, 1756 at Maiden.^ 
27.VII. Lydia b. July 17, 1759 at Maiden ^ (bapt. July 23), 
d.* Oct. 22, 1843 at Maiden. 
VIII. Samuel b. Nov. 17, 1762 at Maiden ^ (bapt. Nov. 21, 
1762 South Church, Maiden), d. [g. s.j May 5, 1803 at 
Maiden. Called Captain when he died, m. Dec. 13, 
1789 (int. Dec. 5) at the New North Church, Boston.* 
Rachel, bapt. Aug. 3, 1766 at the New North Church, 
Boston, widow of John Newman, dau. of Thomas and 
Joanna (Pierce) Cunningham.** No chn. (She 
afterwards m. Dec. 27, 1808 (int. Oct. 16) at Charles- 
town^ Ralph Richardson, Rev. Wm. Collier officiat- 
Richard Dexter's Will, made Dec. 4, 1773, mentions wife 
Rebecca, children William, David, Aaron, Samuel (in the order 
of their ages) , Sarah Dexter and Lydia Dexter (in the order of 
their ages.) 

[Note:] The Peabody Genealogy to the contrary notwith- 

52 Dexter 'Genealogy 

standing, she was a daughter of Seth Pope Esq^ of Dartmouth, 
a magistrate of Plymouth Colony. O. P. D. 

[Richard,^ John," Richard."^] 

11. TIMOTHY DEXTER b. June 19, 1715 at Maiden,' d. 
before May 11, 1747. It is possible that he died at Leominster, 
county Worcester. He m. Mch. 22, 1738-9 at Maiden,^ 

Sarah Bucknam b. Aug. 12, 1715 at Maiden,^ d. bef. Oct. 5, 
1761, at Bradford probably. [See note.] Dau. of Joses and 
Phebe (Tuttle) Bucknam.^ (She afterwards m. June 28, 1753 
[int. May 13] at Maiden,^ John Hopkinson of Bradford, and 
bore him at least one child [See note] Joses.) 


28. I. Paul b. July 20, 1741 at Charlestown,' bu. Jan. 4, 1809 

at Medford (Medford Church) d.f Dec. 31, 1808. 
[Note:] Bradford, Joses son of John and Sarah Hopkinson 
b. Aug. 7, 1754. John Hopkinson m. Oct. 5, 1761, Rebecca 
Turney. O. P. D. 

[Richard,^ John," Richard."^] 

12. NATHAN DEXTER b. Sept. 10, 1722, at Maiden,' d. 
(before Dec. 27, 1775) at Acton. Was of Maiden till Mch. 6, 1769, 
when he purchased land in Acton. His wife Tabitha was 
admitted to full communion at the South Church, Maiden, 
Dec. 29, 1755. He evidently already belonged, as they both 
asked May 13, 1757, to be dismissed to the North Church. 
(South Church, Maiden.) [See note.] 

He m. first June 26, 1744 (int. Apr. 11) at Maiden,' Rev. J. 
Stimpson officiating, 

Esther Brintnall b. Aug. 18, 1722, at Lynn,^ d. . 

Dau. of John and Deborah (Mellins) Brintnall** of Chelsea. 


29. I. Nathan b. Apr. 8, 1745, at Maiden ' (bapt. Apr. 9, 

1749), d. [g. s.] July 30, 1832, at Westford. 

30. II. Timothy b. Jan. 22, 1746-7, at Maiden' (bapt. Apr. 9, 

1749), d. [g. s.] Oct. 23, 1806, at Newburyport.^^ 
III. Esther b. Feb. 23, 1748-9, at Maiden ' (bapt. Apr. 9, 
1749), d. July 13, 1771, at Medford, drowned. (Put 
under guardianship of her father and her brother 
Nathan as non compos, June 25, 1771.^) 
fLast Lord's Day morning was found drowned in 

Dexter Genealogy 53 

Mistick river a young woman, named Dexter, about 
20 yrs. of age, a daughter of Nathan Dexter of Con- 
cord, Mass. {Gazette July 18, 1771.) 
The above Esther was under guardianship of her 
father and her brother Nathan, and it is said, was 
quite handsome. 
31. IV. John b. Sept. 6, 1751, at Maiden,^ d. [g. s.] June 15, 
1837, at Leominster, Worcester, Co. 
He m. secondly Feb. 20, 1753 (int. Jan. 14) at Maiden,^ 
Rev. E. Willis officiating, 

Tabitha, widow of Joseph Burditt. (Dau. of William and 
Tabitha [Wait] Paine of Maiden.) She was admitted Dec. 29, 
1755, to full communion with the South Church, Maiden. 
Children : 

V. Elizabeth b. Feb. 18, 1754, at Maiden ^ (bapt. Feb. 24), 
d. bef. Sept. 10, 1777, m. Aug. 18, 1774 (int. July 30) 
at Acton,^*^ Rev. John Swift officiating, Daniel Baker 
of Concord. 
VI. Sarah b. Sept. 12, 1765, at Maiden,^ d. Nov. 28, 1815, 
at Concord," m. Jan. 8, 1789, at Acton,^^ Rev. Ezra 
Ripley officiating, Jacob Melvin of Concord. 
The order for the taking of Nathan Dexter 's inventory was 
given Dec. 27, 1775. The real estate was distributed Sep. 10, 
1777, to John, Nathan, Timothy, Sarah Dexter, and the heirs 
of Elizabeth Baker, deceased, who were the children of the 
deceased Nathan. ^^ 

Note: [Yet the Second Baptist Church of Boston claims 
him as one of their brethren in 1748, a year, to be sure, before 
the baptism of his three eldest children. The same church 
claims a Nathan admitted Sept. 4, 1757, and dismissed to 
some other church, unnamed, Sept. 4, 1764. And a Nathan 
Dexter was admitted July 7, 1765, to the First Baptist Church 
of Boston, which makes me think he was a Baptist before and 
after belonging to the South Maiden church.] O. P. D. 

[Richard,^ John," John,"^ Samuel.^' ] 
13. SAMUEL DEXTER b. Mch. 16, 1725-6, at Dedham^ 
(bapt. Mch. 20), d.* June 10,1810, at Mendon. He was admitted 
to the New North Church, Boston, June 28, 1741, dismissed 
to the First Church, Dedham, Apr. 8, 1764. During part of 
the Revolutionary War he had his family at Woodstock, Conn. 

54 Dexter Genealogy 

About the year 1786 he finally left Dedham, stayed at Marl- 
borough and Roxbury, and in 1787 is found at Weston. From 
1800 he lived at Mendon until his death. He was buried at 
Woodstock, Conn. Representative from Dedham to the 
General Court 1764 to 1768 inclusive. Elected to the Council 
each year from 1766 to 1774, he was rejected by the Governor 
in 1766, 1767 and 1774, but accepted the other six years. 
He m. June 28, 1748 (int. May 30) at Boston^ (Records of 
New North Church, Boston) Rev. Andrew Eliot officiating, 
Hannah Sigourney b. Feb. 27, 1719, d. Nov. 6, 1784. Dau. 
of Andrew and Mary (Germaine) Sigourney. ^^ 
Children : 

I. Samuel b. Mch. 14, 1749-50, at Boston^ (bapt. Mch. 18, 

New North Church, Boston), d. ]\151. 
32. II. Andrew b. May 4, 1751, at Boston^ (bapt. May 5, 

New North Church, Boston), d. [g. s.] Nov. 12, 1816, 

at Athens, N. Y. 
S3. III. Mary b. Aug. 15, 1753, at Boston^J(bapt. Aug. 19, New 

North Church, Boston), d.f May 5, 1828. 

34. IV. Catharina Maria b. Apr. 11, 1760, at Boston^ (bapt. 

Apr. 13, New North Church, Boston), d.f Mch. 11, 1818. 

35. V. Samuel b. May 14, 1761, at Boston^ (bapt. May 17, 

New North Church, Boston), d. [g. s.j May 4, 1816, 
at Athens, N. Y. ^ 

The will of the Hon. Samuel Dexter of Weston, dated 
Feb. 12, 1799, two codicils having been added at Mendon in 
1802 and 1809, mentions his exact age, the fact that he was 
born at Dedham, children Andrew, Mary wife of John Brad- 
ford, Catharina Maria wife of Artemas Ward, and Samuel; 
grandson Samuel Dexter Ward; Samuel Dexter Ward son of 
his sister Mary deceased; brother-in-law Rev. Ephraim Ward, 
brother John Dexter, sisters Catherine Haven and Rebecca 

fHis father intended giving him a public education, and he 
was accordingly fitted to enter college, but as he preferred to 
go into the mercantile line, the idea of a college education was 
relinquished and he went to Boston as an apprentice in the 
store of Deacon Samuel Barrett, formerly John Barrett & 
Sons, near the Mill Bridge, Hanover Street. After he became 
of age, he commenced business for himself, in which he was 
very successful. He traded largely, for those times, at sea, 

Dexter Genealogy 55 

and soon acquired sufficient property to retire from active 
employment, which he did, at about the age of 36. He went 
to Dedham, his native town, in 1762, and built a handsome 
house, where he lived for many years, "at ease in his posses- 
sions." He represented the town in the General Court, in 
1764, '65, 'm, '67, '68, '74, '75, and '85, and was town clerk 
and Selectman from 1764 to 1769. Soon after the commence- 
ment of the Revolutionary War, he left Dedham, and went 
with his family to Woodstock, in Connecticut, where he re- 
mained till the fears of himself and family respecting the 
enemy had subsided, when he returned to Dedham, and lived 
in his own house till the death of his wife. About a year after 
that event he sold his property in Dedham to Dr. John Sprague, 
and went to Marlboro, Mass., and boarded with Capt. Levi 
Holden, an officer in the war of the revolution, from whence 
he moved to Weston in 1786, and resided in the family of 
Enoch Greenleaf, for about two years, after which he re- 
mained in the family of his daughter (Mrs. Judge Ward) till 
Judge Ward removed from Weston to Charlestown, Mass., in 
the autumn of 1800, when he went to Mendon, Mass., and 
there passed the remainder of his days with his eldest son 
Andrew. At his death, his body, by his request, was carried 
to Woodstock and deposited in the centre of a piece of ground 
3^ acres, which he reserved when he left the town, though no 
one then knew for what reason, and by his own direction no 
stone tells where he lies. The preceding particulars are prin- 
cipally from a manuscript account of Mrs. Palmer. His 
funeral sermon was preached at Mendon, June 14, 1810, by 
Rev^ Sam^ Kendall, at his request, his text being, "The things 
which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen 
are eternal;" in which he desired that no mention might be 
made of him, save only informing the assembly that it was 
delivered at his request, and that six hundred of the same 
might be printed. He also directed that a plain coffin might 
be made, and six of the poorest men of the town employed 
to carry him to his grave; that eleven gold rings with a lock of 
his hair in each be given to his relatives, and to several clergy- 
men. The 3^ acres of land in Woodstock, where he was 
buried, was to descend from minister to minister in that town, 
and no tree was to be allowed to grow upon it more than four 
years. His will, which is deposited in the Probate Office at 

56 Dexter Genealogy 

Worcester, and contained in a bound book of 37 pages, in his 
own hand writing, dated Feb. 12, 1799, contains a consider- 
able number of bequests, among them the following: 

To Harvard College, for promoting a critical knowledge of the 

Holy Scripture, in three different bequests $5,000 

** the town of Boston 350 

** the Schools in Dedham 170 

** Mass. Congregational Society 200 

*' Am. Acad^ of Arts and Sciences 200 

*' Agricultural Society 150 

" Society for Prop" the Gospel 80 

*' Humane Society 50 

*' First Church in Dedham 35 

*' His brother John (void by death) 40 

" Rev^ Dr. Kendall 40 

** Pail Holders and Bearers GO 

*' Sick and Poor Persons IGO 

*' S. D, Ward, his nephew a silver Can, S. D. C, which his 

Father chose always to drink from. 
" S. D. Ward, his grandson, his portrait at the age of 66, 

at Mr. Lamson's in Dedham. 
" Religious Societies in Marlboro and Weston, a Folio Bible, 

each, &c., all bequests exceeding $8,000. 
" His sons Andrew and Samuel, and his daughters Mary 

Bradford and Catharine Maria Ward, J each of his 

Real and Personal Estate. 
Andrew Dexter, Samuel Dexter, John Bradford and 

Artemas Ward, Executors. 

He gave a clock to the First Church in Dedham in 1775, 
v/hich place he left in 1785 and attended the Church of the 
Rev^ D^ Eliot, while he resided in Boston. According to 
the record we have of his and his wife's births he was seven 
years the youngest. 

"He early distinguished himself," says Judge Story, "in 
the struggles betv/een the crown and the people of Massa- 
chusetts, previous to the Revolution, and for his public services 
was for several times elected to the Council by the House of 
Representatives, and as often rejected by the royal govern- 
ment of the province. He was at length admitted to a seat 
in the Council, by the prudence or the fears of the executive; 

Dexter Genealogy 57 

but in 1774 was again negatived 'by the express commands of 
his majesty.' Towards the close of his life he retired alto- 
gether from public affairs, and engaged in a profound investi- 
gation of the great doctrines of theology. At his death he 
bequeathed a handsome legacy to Harvard University for the 
encouragement of Biblical criticism; and upon this honorable 
foundation the Dexter Lectureship has since been established." 
The following advertisement appeared in the Independent 
Chronicle^ for the sale of his House in Dedham : 


Will sell his Real Estate in that ^own, but 10 miles from 
Boston, at so low a price, and on such easy terms, that whoso- 
ever may be inclined to possess it, will not find the time lost 
that may be spent in viewing the premises, and talking with 
the owner. The buildings are so well known, that anything 
in their commendation would be unnecessary. 

The situation is delightful, the air healthful, the neighbor- 
hood agreeable: places for public worship are near at hand; 
the land is good, the water excellent, the fruit delicious. Pro- 
visions of all kinds are daily passing, and there is fine angling 
in Charles River. 

Either 15 or 30 acres will be sold as may best suit the buyer. 

After all this is said, it need scarcely be added, that the 
person who may wish to purchase, must apply speedily. 

April 28, 1785. 


During the Siege of Boston in 1775-6 — Washington 
Lodged There After the British Left Boston. 

Dedham, Oct. 3. — Hon. Erastus Worthington, clerk of the 
courts for Norfolk County and author of the History of Ded- 
ham, read a most interesting historical paper, entitled "The 
Dexter House during the siege of Boston in 1775-6," before the 
members of the Dedham Historical Society and invited friends 
tonight. The paper dealt largely with matters of local his- 
torical concern, as the Dexter House, as it was known in the 
days of the Revolution and as it is even yet styled, is still stand- 
ing, a fine, solid old mansion, on the north side of High st., 
Dedham Centre. 

58 Dexter Genealogy 

Mr. Worthington in his paper said the house, the oldest in 
what is locally known as Dedham village, was completed for 
occupancy in the fall of 1762. It was built for and occupied 
by Samuel Dexter and his family, who removed to Dedham, 
Nov. 4, 1762. Mr. Dexter was a Boston merchant and retired 
from active business on his removal to Dedham. Connected 
with the house are many historic events which happened during 
the exciting period just before the Revolution and during the 
time of the siege of Boston by the British. 

Samuel Dexter, so said the reader, was a leading public man 
in the Province of Massachusetts from 1770 to 1776. He 
served Dedham as a selectman, as a moderator of its town 
meetings and a deputy to the general court. Mr. Dexter 
served as a member of the provincial congress in 1774-5, and 
was in 1774 a member of the committee for the defence and 
safety of the province. In 1775 he was a member of the com- 
mittee to draw up a resolve to be prefixed to the address to 
Gen. Washington upon his assuming the command of the 
American forces. 

It was at the Dexter House, April 4, 1776, after the British 
had evacuated Boston, that Gen. Washington, on his way from 
Boston to New York, lodged. 

[Richard,^ John," John,"^ Samuel.^^] 
14. EBENEZER DEXTER b. Oct. 17, 1729 at Dedham,^ 
(bapt. Oct. 19) d. [g. s.] May 4, 1769 at Marlborough.^ 
Physician. Of Marlborough. He m. Feb. 7, 1754 at Marl- 

Lydia Woods b. Oct, 17, 1736 at Marlborough,^ d. [g. s.] 
Dec. 24, 1774 at Marlborough.^ Dau. of Col. Benjamin and 
Elizabeth (Morse) Woods.** (She afterwards m. June 30, 
1771, at Marlborough,^ Dr. Samuel Curtis.) 

Children : 

36. I. William b. Apr. 17, 1755 at Marlborough,^ d. Dec. 4, 

1785 at Marlborough.^ 

37. II. Samuel b. Nov. 14, 1756 at Marlborough,^ d.* Aug. 

29, 1825 at Albany, N. Y. 
38.III. John b. Dec. 10, 1758 at Marlborough,^ d. Oct. 31, 
1807 at Boston.^ 
IV. Jason Haven b. June 25, 1762 at Marlborough,^ d. 
[g. s.] Aug. 25, 1770. 

Dexter Genealogy 59 

Documents concerning Ebenezer Dexter's estate, mentioning 
the widow and the three sons who survived, are at East Cam- 
bridge; also concerning the estate of his grandson, Samuel 
Dexter, showing that John H. Dexter was his only surviving 
brother and heir. The papers concerning the estates of Mary 
Dexter and her two brothers, John Haven Dexter and Lambert 
Dexter, will be found at Boston. 

[Richard,^ John," John,"^ Samuel.'^] 
15. JOHN DEXTER b. Aug. 12, 1735 at Dedham,^ (bapt 
Aug. 17) d. [g. s.] Feb. 7, 1800 at Marlborough. Of Marl- 
borough. He m. Oct. 14, 1765 at Marlborough,^ 

Mary Howe b. Apr. 15, 1746 at Marlborough,^ d. [g. s.] Feb. 
4, 1822 at Marlborough. Dau. of Deacon Josiah and Mary 
(Goodale) Howe.** 

Children : 

39. I. Catharina b. Nov. 25, 1768 at Marlborough,® d. [g. s.] 

Oct. 4, 1816 at Marlborough. 

40. II. Elizabeth b. Jan. 5, 1771 at Marlborough,^ d.* July 

16, 1812. 
41 III. Charles b. July 2, 1773 at Marlborough,^ d. Jan. 14, 
1817 at Brimfield.^^ 
IV. Mary Ward b. Dec. 30, 1778 at Marlborough,^ d. [g. s.] 
Nov. 7, 1850 at Marlborough, m. first Mch. 12, 1797 
at Marlborough,^ Moses Woodward (d. Sept. 8, 1835) 
of Newton, m. secondly Feb. 13, 1839 (int. Dec. 27, 
1838 at Westboro, Mass.), at Marlborough,® Asahel 
Johnson of Westboro. No chn. 

fHe was a Goldsmith, and lived in Marlboro, till his death 
where his daughter Mary Ward resided till her decease in 
1850. The following lines appear upon his gravestone in 
Marlboro : 

*' No time we have but what is lent, 
And dust we are when that is spent." 

And upon the gravestone of his wife: 

"Here rests a much loved Mother 
and valuable Friend." 

6o Dexter Genealogy 

[Richard,' John," John,"' Samuel/^] 
16. CATHARINA DEXTER b. Nov. 21, 1737 at Dedham,' 
(bapt. Nov. 27), d.* Aug. 30, 1814. 
She m. Oct. 12, 1756 (int. Sept. 25) at Dedham,^ 

Rev. Jason Haven, f of Framingham, Mass., b. Mch. 2, 
1733, d. May 17, 1803 at Dedham in the 48th year of his 
Ministry. He graduated at Harvard College 1754, and was 
ordained over the first Church in Dedham, Feb. 5, 1756. 


I. William b. Nov. 29, 1759, d. May 9, 1761. 
II. Jason b. Jan. 30, 1763, d. May 9, 1771. 

III. Catherine b. Oct. 8, 1769, d. May 9, 1770. 

IV. Samuel b. Apr. 5, 1771, d. Sept. 4, 1847, graduated 
at Harvard College 1787, practiced law in Dedham 
sometime; was Register of Probate of Norfolk Co. 
from 1793 to 1833, and was also Judge of the Court 
of Common Pleas for that Co. He m. Betsey Foster 
of Cambridge, Mass., b. Jan. 23, 1770 and d. Jan. 27, 
1851, and had chn: 

A. Elizabeth Cragie b. Jan. 19, 1800, d. Feb. 7, 

B. Catherine Dexter b. Jan. 6, 1802, m. Francis 
Hilliard of Cambridge, Mass., and had chn. 

i. Francis WiUiam b. July 18, 1832, m. 
May 12, 1857 at Edenton, N. C, Maria 
N. Johnson dau. of Rev. Samuel J. 
ii. EHzabeth Cragie Haven b. Oct. 2, 1833. 
iii. Catherine Lydia b. May. 17, 1836, m. 
Apr. — 1859 Frederic G. Burnham of 
N. Y. 
iv. Samuel Haven b. Dec. 13, 1838. 
v. Sarah McKean b. Dec. 21, 1840. 
c. Samuel Foster b. May 28, 1806, graduated at 
Amherst College 1826, and is (1863) Librarian 
of the Antiquarian Society at Worcester. He 
m. May 10, 1830, Lydia Gibbon Sears b. May 
11, 1810, d. Mch. 10, 1836, dau. of Rev. Free- 
man Sears of Natick, Mass., and had child: 
i. Samuel Foster b. May 20, 1831, d. 
Dec. — 1862. Graduated at Harvard, 

Dexter Genealogy 6i 

1852. Surgeon of the 15th Regiment, 
he was killed by the bursting of a shell 
while discharging his duties at the hos- 
pital in Fredericksburg. 
V. Catherine b. Aug. 28, 1774, d. Oct. 22, 1842, m. May 
22, 1794, Rev. Stephen Palmer of Needham, Mass., 
b. Oct. 8, 1766, d. Oct. 31, 1821. Graduated at 
Harvard College 1789, and ordained in Needham 
Nov. 7, 1792. Hadchn: 

A. Catherine b. Apr. 5. 1795, d. May 13, 1852, m. 
Dec. 4, 1834 at Needham, Edward Renouf, of 
Boston, b. Oct. 19, 1781 , d. Feb. 8, 1855. No chn. 

B. Joseph b. Oct. 3, 1796, d. Mch. — 1871. 
Physician, of Boston, m. first Oct. 3, 1825, 
Charlotte Gorham b. Sept. 10, 1805, d. Feb. 9, 
1833 at Boston, dau. of James Gorham of 
Havana; secondly, Mch. 12, 1834, Elizabeth 
Frances Harrington of Boston, b. Sept. 7, 1805, 
d. Oct. 15, 1836; thirdly, Elizabeth Gragg of 
Boston, dau. of Oliver. 

Child: i. EKzabeth Haven b. July 9, 1826. 
c. Sarah Fames b. Sept. 8, 1799, d. Sept. 22, 1842, 
m. Nov. 21, 1831, Rufus Mills of Needham, 
Mass., and had chn. : 

i. Stephen Palmer b. Oct. 18, 1822, d. 

Mch. 24, 1845. 
ii. Rufus Haven b. Mch. 19, 1826. 
iii. Sarah EKzabeth b. June 27, 1828. 
iv. Dexter Townsend b. Apr. 26, 1830. 
V. William Ritchie b. Nov. 29, 1832. 
vi. Edward Augustus b. Apr. 20, 1835. 
vii. Catherine Haven b. Apr. 19, 1838. 
viii. Loretta Matilda b. Feb. 16, 1841, d. 
Sept. 28, 1841. 
ix. George Morey b. Sept. 18, 1842. 
D. Jason Haven b. May 1, 1802, d. Sept. 18, 1823. 

[Richard,^ John," John,"^ Samuel.^^] 
17. REBECCA DEXTER b. Oct. 4, 1739 at Dedham,^ 
(bapt. Oct. 7), d.* May 31, 1823, m. Nov. 3, 1768 (int. Sept. 
26), at Dedham,^ Rev. Jason Haven officiating. 

62 Dexter Genealogy 

Capt. Lemuel Clapp of Dorchester (fwho m. for his first 
wife, Dec. 11, 1760, Susannah Capen of Dorchester and had 
four chn.), b. Apr. 9, 1735, d. Dec. 29, 1819. 
Children :\ 

I. Samuel b. Oct. 1, 1769, d. Jan. 1, 1770. 
II. Ebenezer b. Oct. 8, 1770, d. Mch. 13, 1806, m. Nov. 
12, 1795, Abigail Glover Clapp of Dorchester and had 

A. Abigail b. Sept. 13, 1796, d. Jan. 7, 1829, m. 
Oct. 29, 1822, Josiah Adams of Salem, Mass., 
and had chn. : 

i. Howard. 

ii. Mary Catherine. 
iii. Josiah Howard, 
iv. Abigail. 

B. Catherine Barnard b. Nov. 21, 1797, m. first, 

June 17, 1839, John W. Harris b. d. Apr. 

3, 1843. She m. secondly, Mch. 25, 1845, 
James Blake (her sister Polly's husband). 
Child: i. Mary Ellen. 

c. Polly b. July 8, 1799, d. Jan. 9, 1840, m. Sept. 
6, 1825, James Blake of Boston, and had chn.: 
i. James Barnard b. June 19, 1827. 
ii. Gorham b. May 26, 1829. 
iii. Mary Clapp b. Jan. 27, 1831, m. Rev. 

Edward J. Young. 
iv. Franklin b. Sept. 13, 1837. 
V. Lowell b. Dec. 29, 1839, d. Nov. 30, 

III. Rebecca b. Nov. 13, 1771, d. Nov. 13, 1772. 

IV. Jason b. Sept. 20, 1773, d. Dec. 8, 1852, m. Oct. 29, 
1829, Louisa M. Hutchings of Steuben, Me., and had 

A. Sophronia Louisa b. Aug. 7, 1830, m. Dec. 21, 

1852, Albert Wilson Bee of California and had 

one child. 

V. Richard b. Oct. 15, 1774, d. Sept. 20, 1775. 

VI. EHsha b. June 25, 1776, d. Oct. 22, 1830. Graduated 

at Harvard 1797, m. Sept 6, 1825, Mary Paine of 

Boston, b. Feb. 9, 1781, d. Feb. 27, 1842, eldest dau. 

of the Hon. Robert Treat Paine of Boston, one of the 

Dexter Genealogy 63 

signers of the Declaration o: Independence. No 
VII. Stephen b. Sept. 9, 1777, d. July 11, 1778. 
VIII. William b. Mch. 3, 1779, d. Feb.29,1860 at Dorchester. 
Captain, m. Dec. 15, 1806, EHzabeth Humphreys of 
Dorchester, b. Feb. 22, 1783, d. Oct. 4, 1869, dau. of 
Deacon James and Elizabeih (Capen) Humphreys of 
Dorchester, and had chn. : 

A. EHzabeth b. Mch. 2, 1808, d. Oct. 20, 1809. 

B. William b. Sept. 28, 1809, d. May 2, 1825. 

c. Thaddeus b. May 11, 1811, d. July 10, 1861, m. 
Aug. 11, 1857, Mary H. Dustin, dau. of Rev. 
Caleb Dustin of Claremont, N. H. 

D. Frederic b. Jan. 26, 1813, m. May 17, 1840, 
Martha Merriam Blake, b. June 21, 1812, dau. 
of Jonathan, of Warwick, Mass., and had chn. : 

i. Juha EHzabeth b. June 21, 1841. 
ii. Frederic WiUiam b. Oct. 10, 1843, d. 

Oct. 10, 1843. 
iii. Frederic Augustus b. Oct. 11, 1845. 
iv. Edward Blake b. Mch. 11, 1851. 
V. Mary Louisa b. Feb. 9, 1854. 

E. Lemuel b. Jan. 21, 1815, m. June 9, 1840, 
Charlotte Tuttle of Dorchester and had chn. : 

i. Rebecca Dexter b. May 9, 1841, d. Mch. 

6, 1865. 
ii. William Channing b. Aug. 31, 1843. 
iii. Elizabeth Humphreys b. Nov. 16, 1845, 

d. June — 1849. 
iv. Sarah Austin. 
V. James Humphreys b. Dec. — 1852. 

F. Elizabeth H. b. Sept. 18, 1816, d. Dec. 3, 1845, 
m. Rev. Hiram Withington of Dorchester, and 
had child : 

i. William Clapp b. Nov. — 1845. 

G. Rebecca Dexter b. Dec. 26, 1817, d. Nov. 13, 

H. James b. Dec. 28, 1819, d. Nov. 17, 1838. 
J. Alexander b. June 16, 1821, d. Nov. 13, 1838. 
IX. Richard b. July 24, 1780, d. Dec. 26, 1861, m. Nov. 3, 
1807, Mary Blkke, b. Apr. 1, 1784 at Warwick, dau. of 

64 Dexter Genealogy 

Jonathan and Sarah (Pierce) Blake of Warwick, and 
had chn.: 

A. Sarah Blake b. July 29, 1808, d. Mch. 15, 1850, 
m. Dec. 2, 1830, Dea. Henry Humphreys of 
Dorchester, b. Apr. 3, 1801, and had chn.: 

i. Sarah Elizabeth b. Nov. 28, 1831, m. 

Mch. 17, 1858, Curtis Greenwood of 


ii. James b. Nov. 26, 1833, d. Jan. 25, 1849. 

iii. Henry b. Dec. 22, 1834, d. Jan. 15, 1850. 

iv. Richard Clapp b. June 10, 1836, d. Feb. 

5, 1858. 
V. Charles Alfred b. Apr. 1, 1838. 
vi. Barnard b. Dec. 17, 1839, d. June 16, 

vii. ( Martha b. Feb. 28, 1841, d. Feb. 1, 
viii. \ 1842. 

( Mary b. Feb. 28, 1841. 
ix. Walter b. July 4, 1842, d. June 2, 1864. 
X. Dexter b. Sept. 17, 1843. 
xi. Catharine b. Mch. 10, 1845, d. Nov. 21, 

xii. Anna b. Apr. 27, 1846. 
xiii. James Henry b. Mch. 6, 1850. 

B. Lemuel Dexter b. Nov. 4, 1810, d. Nov. 13, 
1844, m. Nov. 30, 1836, Abigail H. Eaton of 
Framingham, and had chn.: 

i. Mary Emmeline b. Oct. 19, 1837, d. 

Aug. 23, 1838. 
ii. John Dexter b. Sept. 10, 1839, m. Caro- 
line A. Lowe of Cambridge. 
iii. Emma Mary b. Sept. 18, 1842, m. June 

7, , Francis Frederic Brown, M.D., 

of Reading. 
iv. Abby Caroline b. July 17, 1844. 
c. Mary b. Apr. 2, 1812, d. Nov. 24, 1821. 

D. Richard b. Jan. 27, 1814, d. Aug. 20, 1866, m. 
first Jan. 12, 1842, Caroline Bird of Dorchester, 
who d. Feb. 5, 1858 set. 40, secondly Mch. 31, 
1859, Eunice Emily Holden of Dorchester. 

E. Catherine b. Nov. 26, 1815, m. July 14, 1851, 

Dexter Genealogy 65 

Dea. Henry Humphreys of Dorchester (who 
m. her sister, Sarah Blake for his first wife.) 

F. Rebecca b. Nov. 26, 1815, d. Mch. 13, 1817. 

G. Rebecca b. Sept. 4, 1817, m. Nov. 25, 1844, 
William B. Trask of Dorchester, b. Nov. 25, 

H. Alfred b. Apr. 9, 1819, m. Oct. 10, 1843, 
Eleanor M. Cain, b. Sept. 24, 1820, and had 

i. Charlotte Eliza Chapman b. Oct. 5, 

ii. Ernest Alfred b. July 15, 1846. 
iii. Eugene Davis b. Jan. 12, 1848, d. Jan. 

21, 1848. 
iv. Richard Dexter b. Jan. 29, 1853. 
J. Martha b. Apr. 27, 1821, m. June 28, 1852, 

Stephen Clapp of Dorchester. 
K. Elisha b. Sept. 29, 1822, m. Apr. 8, 1851, 
Martha Johnson of Warwick, Mass., b. Dec. 
24, 1827. 
L. Mary b. Aug. 16, 1825, m. June 28, 1852, 
Charles Frederic Weis of Boston, b. Aug. 1, 
1820 at Offenbach, Germany, and had chn. : 
i. Anna Lora b. Jan. 1, 1855. 
ii. Mary Blake b. Aug. 11, 1856. 
iii. Charles Frederic b. Dec. 8, 1859, d. 

Aug. 19, 1860. 
iv. Richard Clapp b. Aug. — 1863. 
V. Carl. 
M. James Blake b. Sept. 9, 1828, d. Aug. 6, 1829. 
X. Catherine b. Apr. 17, 1782, d. Feb. 21, 1872. (unm.) 
XI. Rebecca b. Mch. 6, 1784, d. Dec. 11, 1855. (unm.) 

[Richard,^ John," John,"^ Samuel.^^] 
18. MARY DEXTER b. Oct. 12, 1743 at Dedham^ (bapt. 
Oct. 13 [Thanksgiving Day], Dedham Church), d.f May 13, 
1775, m. Nov. 28, 1771 (int. Nov. 4) at Dedham,^ 

Rev. Ephraim Ward of Brookfield, Mass,t b. Mch. 2, 1741 
at Newton, Mass., d. Feb. 9, 1818 at Brookfield, graduated at 
Harvard 1763, ordained Oct. 23, 1771 at Brookfield. (He m. 
secondly Oct. 13, 1777, Mary Coleman, dau. of Benjamin and 

66 Dexter Genealogy 

had nine chn.; thirdly, May 16, 1811, Elizabeth, widow of 
Capt. Phinehas Upham). 

I. Samuel Dexter b. Jan. 16, 1773, d. Sept 13, 1850 at 
Richfield, Ohio, m. Jan. 6, 1799, Mrs. Lucretia Gay- 
lord of Hadley, dau. of Capt. Chileab Smith and had 

A. Mary Dexter b. Nov. 11, 1799, d. July, — 1858, 
m. Nov. 2, 1829, Rev. Horace Smith of Canton, 
(111.), and had chn.: 

i. WilKam Ward b. Nov. 10, 1831, d. Sept. 

28, 1832. 
ii. Mary Dexter b. Sept. 5, 1833, d. Aug. 

16, 1850. 
iii. Samuel Horace b. June 12, 1835, d. 

Sept. 7, 1850. 

B. Samuel Gaylord b. Dec. 7, 1801, d. Sept. 28, 

c. Samuel Gaylord b. Sept. 24, 1805, d. Sept. 8, 

D. Lucretia Smith b. Sept. 23, 1809, m. Oct. 24, 
1836 (his 2<^ wife), Hon. Oran M. Oviatt, and 
had chn.: 

i. Rosaline Lucretia b. Apr. 14, 1838. 
ii. WilHam Henry b. Mch. 10, 1840. 
iii. Lewis Dexter b. Mch. 30, 1842. 
iv. Ellen Phebe b. Aug. 24, 1845. 

E. William Erastus b. Apr. 15, 1812, d. May 30, 

F. Emily Gaylord b. Sept. 8, 1814, m. Aug. 10, 
1833 (his 3^ wife), Lucius M. Leffingwell, and 
had child : 

i. Lucius Dexter b. Sept. 20, 1846. 

G. Samuel Dexter b. Nov. 7, 1821. 
II. William b. Apr. 4, 1775, d. Mch. 26, 1777. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' John.'^] ' 
19, SUSANNA DEXTER b. June 24, 1732 at Maiden,^ 
d. Jan. 1, 1763, m. Feb. 22, 1754 (int. Oct. 14, 1753) at 

Dexter Genealogy 67 

Hezekiah Blanchard of Charlestown, f b. Jan. 4, 1728 at 
Maiden,^ d. Aug. 24, 1803 at Medford, son of Samuel and 
Sarah Blanchard.^ 
Children :t 

I. Susannah b. Sept. 15, 1755, d. July 16, 1790. 
II. Hannah b. Feb. 1, 1757, d. Aug. 17, 1797. 
III. Hezekiah b. Sept. 3, 1758, d. Mch. 17, 1818, m. first, 
Dec. 16, 1784, Esther Tufts, who d. Sept, 11, 1795, 
secondly, Eunice Floyd. Chn. : 

A. Hezekiah b. Oct. 13, 1785, d. Jan. 18, 1864, m. 
Charlotte Porter of Medford. 

B. Gilbert b. Aug. 3, 1787, m. Nov. — 1818, Rev. 
Dr. Osgood officiating, Mary Blanchard, dau. 
of Andrew Blanchard of Medford. 

c. Benjamin Tufts b. Mch. 7, 1790. 

D. Esther Lynde b. July 4, 1792, d. May 16, 1859, 
m. Apr. 15, 1821, Joseph Wyman, Jr., of Med- 
ford, Mass., and had child: 

i. Hannah A. b. Feb. 19, 1822. 

E. Susannah Dexter b.* Mch. 19, 1795, at Med- 
ford, Mass., d. Mch. 13, 1839 at Watertown, 
Mass., m. Nov. 10, 1822 at Medford, Mass., 
James Kidder, Jr. of Medford, b. Oct. 21, 1798 
at Medford, d. Jan. 21, 1855 at East Boston, 
and had chn. : * 

i. Darius Blanchard b. Aug. 22, 1823 at 
Medford, d. June 4, 1874 at East Boston 
m. Feb. 7, 1850 at E. Boston, Angelina 
Magoun. No chn. 

ii. James Hosmer b. Sept. 25, 1828 at 
Watertown, Mass., m. Oct. 21, 1852 
Adrianna Wellington of Medford, and 
had two chn., Hosmer Wellington and 
May Wellington, who m. Edwin H. 
Baker of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

iii. Susan Blanchard b. Mch. 29, 1831 at 
Watertown. (unm.) 

iv. George b. May 12, 1834, d. Feb. 10, 
IV. Winnefred b. May 8, 1760, d. Jan. 15, 1790. 
V. Mary b. Sept. 8, 1761, d. June 28, 1812, m. Oct. — 

68 Dexter Genealogy 

1790, Isaac Wheeler of Maiden, b. d. May 18, 

1803 (aet. 45 yrs.) No chn. 
VI. EHzabeth b. Nov. 12, 1762, d. Feb. 2, 1763. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' John.'''] 

20. WINNEFRED DEXTER b. Apr. 10, 1735 at Maiden,^ 
d.f Aug. 17, 1785, m. May 14, 1756 (int. Apr. 2) at Maiden,^ 

Jonathan Howardf b. (May 9, 1724) at Maiden,^ d. Oct. 26, 
1806 at Maiden,^ (Rev. J. Emerson officiating.) 
Children : 

I. WiHiam b. Mch. 3, 1757 at Maiden,^ d. Sept. 19, 1765 

at Maiden. 2 
11. Jabez b. June 22, 1764 at Maiden,^ d. July 24, 1803 at 
Maiden,^ m. June 2, 1787 at Maiden,^ Rev. A. Judson 
officiating, Elizabeth Newhall (b. abt. 1770),^ and had 
chn. : 

A. Jabez b. Mch. 23, 1788 at Maiden.^ 

B. Winifred b. Oct. 25, 1791 at Maiden.^ 
c. Jonathan b. May 29, 1794 at Maiden,^ 

d. May 6, 1822 [g. s. says 27 y.] at 
D. Phebe b. Mch. [8], 1796 at Maiden.^ 

[Richard,' John," John,'" John.'^] 

21. BRIDGET DEXTER b. Apr. 11, 1754 at Maiden,^ 
d-t 1814, m. first, Jan. 23, 1780 (int. Jan. 17) at Maiden ^ 
(Maiden Church), 

Capt. James Thompson of Boston, lost at sea. No chn., 
m. secondly, Apr. 29, 1787, 

Nehemiah Torrey of Killingly, Conn. 

I. Nehemiah Hobart b. Sept. 19, 1788, d. Oct. 8, 1791. 
11. Rebecca Parker b. Aug. — 1799, m. Parkhurst. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' John.'^] 

22. RICHARD DEXTER b. June 3, 1756 at Maiden,^ d. 
Nov. 3, 1842 at Maiden.^ Of Maiden. Became Captain between 
1790 and 1792. file went to sea about fourteen years, com- 
manded a number of vessels, was in the Jersey prison ship 
where he lost an eye. He afterwards settled upon the Home- 
stead in Maiden, where he died. His "Barn with many 

Dexter Genealogy 69 

valuable contents/* was burnt July 6, 1803. He m. July 31, 
1780 (int. June 30), Maiden Church, Rev. P. Thacher officiat- 

Martha Hatch b. (1757), d. Jan. 25, 1816 at Maiden,^ 

aged 58 yrs., dau. of Capt. Nayler and Martha ( ) Hatch. 

[See note.] 

Children : 

42. I. George Barber b. Sept. 4, 1779 at Maiden,^ d.* Sept. 4, 

1863 at Digby, N. S. 

43. II. Sarah b. Aug. 3, 1781 at Maiden,^ d. betw. Sept. 6, 

1856 and Dec. 18, 1858 at Fitchburg.^^ 

III. John b. May 15, 1783 at Maiden,^ d.* Oct. 23, 1796 at 
St. Croix. 

IV. Martha b. May 16, 1785 at Maiden,^ d. Jan. 9, 1866.^^ 

V. Rebecca Parker b. Apr. 13, 1788 at Maiden,^ d. May 
24, 1858 at Maiden.^ (unm). 

44. VI. Lucretia Hatch b. Apr. 20, 1790 at Maiden,^ d.* Aug. 

2, 1845. 
45.VII. Richard b.* Jan. 26, [1796] at Maiden,^ d.* Sept. 15, 

1831 (Maiden says Sept. 13) .^ 
46.VIII. John b.* Apr. 4, [1798] at Maiden,^ d.* Feb. 17, 1864 

at Chickasaw Co., Miss. 
IX. Samuel b.* Sept. 15 (Dexter Family Recs. say Sept. 5), 

1802 at Maiden,^ d. Feb. 5, 1827. 

Richard Dexter's Will, made Oct. 11, 1839, mentions chn., 
George B., Sarah Wise, John, Lucretia H. Torrey, Martha 
Dexter, Rebecca P. Dexter, and the chn. of his deceased son 
Richard. The wills of his daughters Rebecca P. Dexter and 
Martha Dexter are also there, giving much information about 
the family. 

[Note:] When they had their son John baptized, Sept. 9, 
1759, at the New South Church, Boston, they are said to have 
been in Covenant at Bay Casco. 

[Richard,! John," John,"' Richard.'^] 
23. MEHITABLE DEXTER b. Nov. 3, 1742 at Topsfield^^ 
(bapt. Nov. 7), d.f July 1, 1786 at Ipswich. 

Shem. Sept. 15, 1763 (int. July 24) at Topsfield,^^ Rev. John 
Emerson officiating. 

7o Dexter Genealogy 

Rev. John Treadwell of Lynn,t b. Sept. 20, 1738 at Ipswich, 
Mass. Graduated at Harvard in 1758, ordained at Lynn, 
Mch. 2, 1763, preached there nineteen years. He was a great 
patriot, a member of the committee of safety, and foremost in 
all the proceedings of the town during the Revolution. He 
returned to Ipswich, and in 1787, removed to Salem, and was 
a representative of Ipswich and Salem, elected May 11, 1789, 
a senator of Essex Co., and Judge of the Court of Common 


I. John Dexter b. May 29, 1768, d. June 6, 1833, m. Mrs. 

Dorothy Goodhue of Salem, b. d. Jan. 29, 1858, 

aged 80 yrs., 11 mo., and had child: 

A. John Goodhue b. at Lynn, Aug. 1, 1805, d. 
Aug. 6, 1856. Graduated at Harvard 1788 
Physician of Salem. 

II. Mehitable b. , m. Dec. 1797, Charles Cleveland of 

Salem, Mass., b. June 21, 1772, and had chn. : 

A. John Treadwell b. (Mayor of Austin, 

Tex., 1855.) 

B. Charles Dexter b. (Appointed Consul at 

Cardiff 1862, by Abraham Lincoln.) 

c. George Hodges b . 

D. George P. b. (1808), d. Jan. 10, 1839 at 
Covington, Ky., aet. 31. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"^ Richard.^'! 

24. WILLIAM DEXTER b. Nov. 9, 1742 at Maiden,^ d. 
Dec. 24, 1811 at Maiden.^ Of Maiden. 

He m. first, July 12, 1764 (int. June 24) at Maiden,^ Rev. E. 
Willis officiating, 

Phebe Knight (bapt. Jan. 8, 1743-4 at Reading Church), d. 
[g. s.] Apr. 22, 1779 at Maiden, aged 35 yrs. Dau. of Ebenezer 
and Mary ( ) Knight. 

Children : 

47. I. William b. Aug. 17, 1764 at Maiden,^ d.* Jan. 27, 


48. II. Phebe b. Nov. 8, 1765 at Maiden ^ (bapt. and ad- 

mitted to full communion, Maiden Church, May 28, 
1780), d.* June 20, 1853. 

Dexter Genealogy 71 

49. III. Richard b. Sept. 7, 1767 at Maiden,^ d. Nov. 10, 1844 

at Boston.^ 

50. IV. John b.^^ Feb. 16, 1776 at Maiden,^ d.* Oct. 2, 1867 at 

V. Peter b. Mch. 29, 1778 at Maiden,^ d. [g. s.] Apr. 
25, 1779 at Maiden.^ 
He m. secondly, Jan. 18, 1780 (int. Dec. 22, 1779) at Maiden ^ 
(Maiden Church), Rev. P. Thacher officiating, 

EHzabeth Paine b. Nov. 7, 1746 at Maiden,^ d. Apr. 17, 1807 
at Maiden,^ dau. of Nathaniel and Abigail (Hasey) Paine.^ 
Children : 

51. f VI. Rebecca b. Oct. 6, 1780 at Maiden,^ d.* Oct. 28, 
J 1850. 

52. ^ VII. EHzabeth b. Oct. 6, 1780 at Maiden,^ d.* Feb. 28, 
l^ 1844. 

53. VIII. Peter b. Feb. 21, 1784 at Maiden^ (bapt. Feb. 

22, Maiden Church), d.* May 23, 1820 at Wor- 

William Dexter's Will, made Mch. 12, 1811, mentions chn. 
of his eldest son William, deceased, viz: Charles, William, 
Henry, Samuel, Elizabeth D. Dexter, Geo. W. James; son 
Richard (whose chn. were Sally Dexter, Richard, Loiza Dexter, 
Emaline Dering Dexter, Mary Ann Dexter), son John, son 
Peter, daughters Phebe Christy, Rebecca Wakefield, Elizabeth 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard.'^] 
25. DAVID DEXTER b. Feb. 18, 1744-5 at Maiden,^ d. 
Nov. 14, 1821 at Boston.' Farmer. Went to Haverhill. In 
1779 purchased land in Pembroke, N. H., the last of which he 
sold in 1785, then buying in Hampstead, N. H. After marrying 
his third wife, and by the year 1797, he was li^dng in Atkinson, 
N. H. When he married his fourth wife, he went to Woburn, 
where he resided until his death. He died at Boston and was 
buried in the tomb of his brother Aaron. He owned the 
covenant at Haverhill Church May 8, 1768. 

He m. first, Aug. 27, 1767 at Haverhill," Rev. Edward 
Barnard officiating, 

Lydia Marsh b. Dec. 9, 1744 at Haverhill " d. Dec. 30, 1785 
at Hampstead, N. H.^^ Dau. of Jonathan and Elizabeth 

72 Dexter Genealogy 

(Merrill) Marsh.** (She owned the Covenant at Haverhill 
Church July 31, 1768). Mrs. Dexter met with an injury some 
time before the birth of her first child, from which she did not 
recover till after that event. The child was deformed. 
Children : 

I. Rebecca b. Apr. 26, 1768 at Haverhill ^^ (bapt. May 8, 
Haverhill Church), d. Nov. 26, 1800 at Woburn.^^ 
II. Mehitable b. Dec. 16, 1770 at Haverhill," (bapt. 
Dec. 24, Haverhill Church), d.* Mch. 2, 1846 (at 
Canaan, N. H.), m. Jan. 14, 1794 at Hampstead,^^ 
Hubbard Harris of Canaan, N. H. 
III. Elizabeth b. Feb. 28, 1773 at Haverhill " (bapt. Mch. 
14, at Haverhill Church), d. June 12, 1848 at Boston,^ 
interred at Piermont, H. H., m. Jan. 29, 1798, (int. 
Nov. 18, 1797, Atkinson) ,^^ Atkinson, N. H. Church, 
Micajah Emerson of Hampstead, N. H. 

54. IV. Jonathan Marsh b. Mch. 24, 1775 at Haverhill, 

Mass.," d.* Mch. 26, 1861 at New York. 

55. V. Richard b. Sept. 14, 1777 at Haverhill, Mass.," d. 

May 30, 1820 at Providence, R. I.^^ 
VI. Lydia b.* Dec. 14, 1782 at Pembroke, N. H., d.* 
Feb. 2, 1878 at Atkinson, N. H., m. Apr. 24, 1800 
(int. Jan. 19) at Atkinson, ^^ Abraham Richards of 
5Q. VII. David b.* Dec. 29, 1785, d.* Apr. 14, 1872 at Bruns- 
wick, Me. 
He m. secondly, Nov. 12, 1786 (int. Sept. 1) at Haverhill," 
Rev. John Shaw officiating, 

Elizabeth Bradley b. Nov. 19, 1743 at Haverhill," d. Jan. 
18, 1789 at Hampstead, N. H.,^^ dau. of Daniel and Ehzabeth 
(Ayer) Bradley.* 

VIII. a child b.* Jan. 11, 1789, d. Mch. 8, 1789 at Hamp^ 
He m. thirdly Sept. 9, 1790 (int. Aug. 8) at Atkinson, N. H.^ 
*Mary Stickney,' bapt. Aug. — 1753 at Hampstead, N. H. 
Church, as adopted child of James Stickney. (Who were her 
parents, I do not know.) O. P. D. 

57. IX. Aaron b. (1791), d. Jan. 18, 1833 at Boston,^ 

aged 41 yrs 

Dexter Genealogy 73 

He m. fourthly (int. Sept. 14, 1799 Atkinson) ,^^ certificate 
given Oct. 26 at Atkinson, 

Susanna b. Oct. 24, 1757 at Woburn,^^ d.* (about 1836). 
Widow of Zachariah Brooks of Woburn, dau. of Samuel and 
Susanna (Swan) Watts.* 

58. X. George Blake b.* Nov. 26, 1800 (Woburn has Nov. 
24) 2^ d. Jan. 14, 1864 at Boston.^ 

No settlement of estate. 

[Richard,^ John," Richard,"' Richard.'^'] 
26. AARON DEXTER b. Nov. 11, 1750 at Maiden,^ d.* 
Feb. 28, 1829 at Cambridge. Graduated at Harvard, 1776, 
M.D.; Harvard, 1786; also M.D., Dartmouth, 1805. Was 
Professor at Harvard from 1783 till his death. Member 
of many learned Societies. Physician, of Boston. Went to 

He m. Nov. 16, 1787 (int. Oct. 15) at Trinity Church Boston,^ 
Rev. Samuel Parker officiating, 

Rebecca Amory b.f Feb. 16, 1766, d. Jan. 23, 1845 at Boston.^ 
Dau. of Thomas and Elizabeth (Coffin) Amory.* 

Children : 

59. I. Elizabeth Amory b.* Sept. 6, 1788, (bapt. Sept. 29, 

at Trinity Church, Boston), d.* Feb. 4, 1872 at 
W Boston. 

60. II.' Thomas Amory b.* May 16, 1790 (bapt. May 30, at 
r Trinity Church, Boston) d. Mch. 9, 1873 at Boston.^ 

III. Ann b.* Jan. 12, 1792 (bapt. Feb. 5, at King's Chapel 
Boston), d.* Mch. 26, 1793. 

IV. Ann b.* June 15,1793 (bapt. July 4 at King's Chapel, 
Boston), d.* Jan. 5, 1794. 

V. Edward Payne b.* July 26, 1794 (bapt. Aug. 17, at 
King's Chapel, Boston), d.* Jan. 7, 1802. 

61. VI. Charles Parker b.* Feb. 17, 1796 (bapt. Apr. 24, at 

King's Chapel, Boston), d. May 4, 1861 at Bristol, 
VII. Rebecca b.* Feb. 21, 1797 (bapt. Feb. 22, at King's 
Chapel, Boston), d.* Mch. 12, 1797. 
VIII. Catherine b.* Aug. 29, 1798 (bapt. Nov. 4, at King's 
Chapel, Boston), d.* Dec. 27, 1883 at Boston (unm.). 

74 Dexter Genealogy 

IX. Harriet b * Nov. 12, 1799 (bapt. Apr. 20, 1800, at 

King's Chapel, Boston), d.* Jan. 5, 1802. 
X. Mary Ann b.* Mch. 29, 1801 (bapt. May 24, at 
King's Chapel, Boston), d.* Jan. 21, 1827, at Cam- 

62. XI. George Minot b. Nov. 15, 1802 at Boston,^ (bapt. 

Dec. 26, at Kings Chapel, Boston), d. Nov. 26, 1872 
at Brookline.^^ 

63. XII. John (Haven) 

changed to 

Coffin b.* Mch. 26, 1805 (bapt. Oct. 20, at 
King's Chapel, Boston), d.* Sept. 3, 1846. 

Dr. Aaron Dexter had, besides, twins, born and died the 
same day in Feb. 1806. The will of Dr. Aaron Dexter of Cam- 
bridge, dated Feb. 17, 1827, mentions the six surviving children. 

fDr. Dexter graduated at Harvard 1776, studied medicine 
with Dr. Samuel Danforth, and made several voyages to Europe 
as a medical officer; established himself towards the close of the 
Revolutionary War as a Physician in Boston, and became much 
distinguished in his profession, was first Professor of Chemistry 
and Materia Medica at Harvard in 1783, till 1816, when he was 
appointed Professor Emeritus of Chemistry and Mineralogy, 
which office he held until his death. In one of his voyages, as 
mentioned above, he was taken prisoner by the British and 
carried into Halifax. After many hardships he was exchanged 
and returning to Boston, began the practice of his profession. 
His residence was in Milk Street, the stores built and partially 
occupied by A. & A. Laurence & Co., being upon estate. 
After leaving college he taught school for two months at Maiden, 
and in the summer of '75 was an interested and intelligent 
witness of the battle of Bunker Hill from the Maiden side of 
the river. (Analectic Mag., xi., p. 257.) He was an early 
member and promoter of the Massachusetts Historical Society 
and a member and promoter of many other literary and chari- 
table bodies. He had a decided taste for farming, and owned 
for that purpose the large tract in Chelsea on which the U. S. 
Hospital now stands. See Bi-Centenniel of Maiden, Mass., 

Dexter Genealogy 75 

p. 173, History of Maiden, pages 629 and 812 and Massachusett 
Historical Society Proceedings, pages 421-423. 

He took an active interest in public affairs and served in 
the winter campaign in which the uprising known at Shay's 
Rebellion in 1787 was overcome. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard.''^] 

27. LYDIA DEXTER b. July 17, 1759 at Maiden ^ (bapt. 
July 23), d.* Oct. 22, 1843 at Maiden, m. Nov. 27, 1791 (int. 
Nov. 26) at Maiden,^ Rev. E. Willis officiating, 

Solomon Sargent of Maiden, b. Jan. 22, 1756 at Maiden,^ d. 
Aug. 26, 1831, son of David and Mehitable (Green) Sargent.^ 
Children :t 

I. Solomon b. Oct. 20, 1792 at Maiden.^ 
II. Sarah Dexter b. May 21, 1795 at Maiden,^ d. Dec. 
26, 1850, m. Mch. 3, 1816 (int. Feb. 10) at Maiden,^ 
Rev. A. Green officiating, James Cox of Maiden, 
Children : 

A. Daughter d. in infancy. 

B. Lydia Dexter b. Dec. 24, 1818 at Maiden,^ 
d. Dec. 29, 1860. 

c. James b. July 23, 1821 at Maiden,^ d. July 
July 22, 1844 at Maiden,^ (unm.). 

D. Sarah Sargent. 

E. Franklin Dexter b. June 10, 1825 at Maiden.^ 

F. Wilham Watson Niles b. June 16, 1828 at 

G. Charles Davis b. Jan. 10, 1831 at Maiden.^ 
H. George Learned. 

III. Aaron Dexter b. Dec. 15, 1801, m. Apr. 25, 1830 
Mary Sawyer of Marlborough, Mass., b. Sept. 3, 1804. 
Children : 

A. Eiza Ellen b. Apr. 2, 1831. 

B. Alfred Dexter b. Nov. 13, 1832, d. Sept. 15, 
1858 at Lowell. 

c. George Douglas b. Mch. 17, 1840. 
D. WilliamHadding b. Jan. 16, 1845. 

[Richard,'' John," Richard,"' Timothy.'^] 

28. PAUL DEXTER b. July 20, 1741 at Charlestown,^ bu. 
Jan. 4. 1809 at Medford (Medford Church), fd. Dec. 31, 1808. 

76 Dexter Genealogy 

Called of Boston when he married. Early of Medford, cer- 
tainly by 1772. Births of children given at Medford. 

He m. Apr. 24, 1767 (int. Mch. 22) at Maiden,^ Rev. Joseph 
Emerson officiating, ] 

EKzabeth Wade b. Sept. 17, 1745 at Maiden,^ d. Jan. 11, 
1824 (Medford Church). She was bapt. and admitted to 
Medford Church Apr. 1, 1821. Dau. of Samuel and Martha 
(Upham) Wade.* 

Children : 

64. I. Timothy b. Oct. 7, 1767 at Medford,* d. [g. s.] Oct. 

10, 1826 at Medford. 
II. Elizabeth b. Dec. 16, 1769 at Medford.* 
III. Sarah b. May 28, 1771 at Medford,* d. Mch. 1, 1839, 
(Brooks Hist, of Medford), m. Apr. 26, 1792 at 
Medford,* Thomas Hadley. 

65. IV. Samuel b. Nov. 9, 1772 at Medford,* d.* 1833 at 

Newport, R. I. 

66. V. Anson b. Apr. 30, 1778 at Medford,* bu. June 16, 

1811 (Medford Church). 
He is said to have buried two children, Elizabeth and Fitz. 
One child of Paul's d. Nov. 4, 1787, at Medford.* No probate 

[Richard,^ John," Richard, " Nathan.^^] 
29. NATHAN DEXTER b. Apr. 8, 1745 at Maiden,^ (bapt. 
Apr. 9, 1749), d. [g. s.] July 30, 1832 at Westford. He pur- 
chased land in Charlestown before marriage. Probably when 
the Revolutionary War commenced, went to Billerica; in 1776 
to Bedford; in 1785 back to Charlestown. In 1808 to West- 
ford where he died,^* 

He m. first (int. Mch. 11, 1769 at Maiden) .^ 
Phoebe Grover b. June 12, 1751 at Maiden,^ d. [g. s.] Aug. 
23, 1818 at Westford. Dau. of John and Abigail (Taylor) 
Grover.* She owned the covenant, Mch. 10, 1771 at Charles- 
town Church.^^ 

Children: [See note.] 

I. Phoebe bapt. Mch. 17, 1771.°^ 

II. Phoebe b. Dec. 1, 1773 at Charlestown ,^-^^ (bapt. 
Dec. 5), d. [g. s.] Sept. 1, 1829 at Westfor^^m. Aug. 
10, 1797 (int. May 7) at Charlestown,^ Rev. Jedediah 

Dexter Genealogy 77 

Morse officiating, Rev. Nathan Bradstreet f of 
Chester N. H., and had chn.: William and Susan. 

III. Esther b. Nov. 4, 1775 at Billerica,^^ d. [g. s.] Sept. 
28, 1850 at Newburyport,^^ m. first, Jan. 11, 1807 at 
Newburyport,*^ Rev. John Giles officiating, Samuel 
Lord Dexter, her first cousin, m. secondly, Nov. 16, 
1809 at Newburj^ort,^^ Rev. Daniel Dana officiat- 
ing, William Rose. 

IV. Nathan b. May 15, 1777 at Bedford,^' d. [g. s.] Dec. 
31, 1859 at Westford, (unm.) 

V. Susan b. Aug. 19, 1779 at Bedford,^^ d. (before July 
VI. Lois b. Mch. 8, 1782 at Bedford,^^ d. [g. s.] Apr. 28, 
1821 at Westford. (From Westford Records, "A 
daughter of Mr. Dexter d. May 6, 1821 "), m. Nov. 
20, 1814 (int. Oct. 29) at Boston,^ Peter Dexter, 
her second cousin. 
Children :t 

A. Louisa b. Feb. 3, 1817, d. July 1, 1818. 

B. Louisa b. Nov. 17, 1819, d. Dec. 11, 1819. 
67. VII. Sarah b. (1787), d. Oct. 25, 1813 at Boston,^ 

aged 26 yrs. 
VIII. Nancy b. (1789), d. [g. s.] Aug. 13, 1854 at West- 
ford, aet. 66. (unm.) 

IX. Samuel L. b. (1797) at Charlestown, d. [g. s.] 

Nov. 25, 1850 at Westford, aet. 53. 
He m. secondly, Oct. 21, 1819 at Westford,^ Rev. Caleb 
Blake officiating, 

Mehitable Proctor b. June 20, 1768 at Westford,^^ d. July 
18, 1832 at Westford.^^ Dau. of Nathan and Phoebe (Green) 

Nathan Dexter's Will made July 19, 1823, probated Nov. 6, 
1832, mentions dec'd daughters Sarah Dexter and Lois Dexter's 
chn.: Phoebe Bradstreet, Esther Rose, Nathan, Nancy Dexter, 
Samuel. — Life-estates to living chn., remainder to his own 
heirs. These heirs in 1860 were two chn. of Phoebe Bradstreet, 
and one child of Sarah Dexter.^^ 

[Note:] From Charlestown Records, "Mr. Dexter's child 
died Mch. 12, 1790. Nathan Dexter's dau. aged 2 yrs. died 
Aug. 22, 1793. Nathan Dexter's dau. aged 20 mos. d. Oct. 7, 

78 Dexter Genealogy 

[Richard,^ John," Richard/" Nathan.^^] 
SO. TIMOTHY DEXTER b. Jan. 22, 1746-7 at Maiden ^ 
(bapt. Apr. 9, 1749), d. [g. s.] Oct. 23, 1806 at Newburyport.^^ 
Of Newburyport. The eccentric "Lord" Timothy Dexter. 
He m. May 22, 1770, Rev. Samuel Perley officiating, (see 
N. E. Gen. & Hist. Reg. for 1897, p. 462), 

Elizabeth b. Jan. 12, 1736-7,^^ d. [g. s.] July 3, 1809 at New- 
buryport.^^ Widow of Benjamin Frothingham, dau. of 
Deacon John and Abigail (Gilman) Lord, of Exeter N. H.^® 
Children : 

I. Samuel Lord b. (1771), d.f [g. s.] July 26, 1807 

in 36th yr., at Newburyport.^ 

Of Newburyport. He m. first. May 31, 1800 (int. 
May 22) at Hampstead, N. H.^^ Mehitable Hoyt b. 
(1778), d. Nov. 3, 1806 at Hampstead,^^ aged about 
28 yrs. Dau. of Ebenezer and Sarah (Nichols) 
Hoyt;^^ m. secondly, Jan. 11, 1807 at Newburyport,*^ 
Rev. John Giles officiating, his first cousin, Esther 
Dexter, b. Nov. 4, 1775 at Billerica," d. [g. s.] Sept. 
28, 1850 at Newburyport.*^ Dau. of Nathan and 
Phoebe (Grover) Dexter. (She afterwards m. Nov. 
16, 1809 (int. Oct. 29, Charlestown) at Newbury- 
port,*^ Rev. Daniel Dana officiating, William Rose.) 

II. Nancy b. (1775), d.f Sept. 25, 1851, aet. 76 yrs., 

m. Mch. 11, 1792 at Newburyport,*^ Rev. Edward 
Bass officiating, Abraham Bishop of New Haven, 
and had dau. Nancy. 

Timothy Dexter's Will made Mch. 1, 1799 mentions wife 
Elizabeth, son Samuel Lord Dexter, bros. John and Nathan 
Dexter, dau. Nancy Bishop, wife of Abraham. ^^ Elizabeth 
Dexter's Will made Aug. 27, 1807, mentions dau. Nancy 
Bishop, two sons John and Gilman Frothingham.®' 


In the name of God, Amen. I Timothy Dexter, of New- 
buryport, in the county of Essex, being of a sound and perfect 
mind and memory, do make and publish this my last Will and 
Testament in manner following, viz: — 

Imprimis. I give and bequeath unto my wife Elizabeth 

Dexter Genealogy 79 

Dexter, fifty dollars, in addition to two thousand pounds that 
I have already given her. 

Item. I give unto my son Samuel Lord Dexter, three thou- 
sand dollars to be paid him by my executors in twelve months 
after my decease. Also the improvement of fifty shares in 
Essex Merrimack Bridge during his natural life; and in case 
he should leave any natural heir of his body, lawfully begotten, 
my Will is that the said fifty shares be equally divided between 
them; but if he should die without such heirs, my Will is, that 
the said fifty shares be divided between my brothers, Nathan 
Dexter and John Dexter, as follows, \az. — three fourths part 
thereof to the said Nathan, and one fourth part to said John, 
and their heirs and assigns forever. 

Item. I give unto my daughter Nancy Bishop, wife of 
Abraham Bishop, two thousand dollars, to be paid her by my 
executors, in twelve months after my decease; Also the im- 
provement of thirty shares in Essex Merrimack Bridge, during 
her natural life and at her decease to be equally divided between' 
her heirs. 

Item. I give unto my grand-daughter, Nancy Bishop, one 
thousand dollars, to be paid her by my executors, when she 
shall arrive at the age of twenty-one years; but if she doth not 
live to the age of twenty-one years, that then said money to be 
given to my brother Nathan and his heirs. 

Item. I give unto my brother, Nathan Dexter, ten shares in 
Essex Merrimack Bridge, to him and his heirs forever. 

Item. I give unto my brother, John Dexter, two shares in 
Essex Merrimack Bridge, to him and his heirs forever. 

Item. I give unto Edward Plummer, son of Samuel Plum- 
mer, two shares in Essex Merrimack Bridge, to him and his 
heirs forever. 

Item. I give unto John Tracy, son of John Tracy, Esqr., 
two shares in Essex Merrimack Bridge, if he should live to the 
age of twenty-one years; if he should not, my Will is that said 
shares be equally divided between his sisters. 

Item. I give unto Joseph Somerby, school-master, two 
shares in Essex Merrimack Bridge, to him and his heirs, also 
my best Silver Can, my turtle-shell pinchbeck Watch, three of 
my best silver spoons, and one pair of gold Sleeve Buttons. 

Item. I give unto the town of Maiden, three hundred 
dollars, to be laid out to purchase a bell for the meeting house; — 

8o Deocter Genealogy 

also two thousand dollars to be put at interest for one hundred 
years, and the interest to be appropriated annually for the 
support of the gospel in said town of Maiden. 

Item. I give unto the town of Newburyport, two thousand 
dollars, to be put at interest by the overseers, and the interest 
to be given to such of the poor of the town as the overseers may 
think most necessitous, who are not in the work-house an- 

Item. I give unto my son Samuel Lord Dexter, and my 
daughter Nancy Bishop, all the rest and remainder of my 
estate, both real and personal, to them and their heirs; but if 
the said Samuel and Nancy should die without heirs, then my 
Will is, the same be divided between my two brothers and their 

Lastly. I constitute and appoint Deacon Enoch Titcomb, 
and Nathan Hoyt, both of Newburyport, to be my sole Ex- 
ecutors to execute this my last Will and Testament; and I order 
my Executors to pay all my just debts, and funeral expenses, 
and all the legacies that I have bequeathed; and I do hereby 
revoke all former and all other Wills by me heretofore made, 
this only to remain in force. In vsdtness whereof I have here- 
unto set my hand and seal the first day of March, in the year of 
our Lord, 1799. 

Signed, sealed and declared Timothy Dexter. (L.S.) 

by the Testator to be his last 
Will and Testament, in presence 
of us, who in his presence have 
subscribed our names as witnesses. 

Caleb Stickney 

Joshua Davis 

Samuel Plummer 

The Newburyport Herald in alluding to his death, October, 
1806, remarked, that "No one will impeach his honesty, and 
his numerous acts of liberality, both public and private, are 
within the recollection of all, while one of the items in his last 
Will, will be gratefully remembered. His reason left him two 
days before his death, but he has gone to render an account of 
his life to a just and merciful Judge." His residence was in 
High Street, Newburyport, one of the finest situations in the 
town, with about seven acres of rich, well cultivated land 

Dexter Genealogy 8i 

covered with fruit trees, and affording as fine a site as the eye 
could desire. The "Dexter House" was very large and com- 
modious, and was, till some time after his death, surmounted 
by a large number of wooden statues of celebrated men as was 
also the fence and gateway, in the midst of which stood his own 
figure — all of which have been removed, and the house which 
was originally green, has been painted brown, and recently sold 
to Edward S. Rand, Esq., of N. 

"Lord Dexter," as he was universally styled, was excessively 
vain and eccentric, and was often profuse of his money, which 
he had been uncommonly fortunate in amassing, if he was made 
prominent thereby — a propensity not entirely unknown in the 
characters of many of his species — generally for purposes of 
utility, however, and not without considerable liberality. He 
was one of the most illiterate men of his day, as his "Pickle for 
the Knowing Ones" will show; but he was remarkably shrewd 
and calculating in his business concerns, which it is well known 
were generally attended with great success. In the latter part 
of his life, he erected a tomb in the immediate vicinity of his 
house, with a request that his remains might be deposited in it, 
but his friends declined to comply with his desire, and he was 
buried in the ancient burying ground, with the rest of his 
kindred, a few rods from his mansion ; his grave being very near 
the road, and upon the white marble head-stone is the fol- 
lowing inscription : 

In memory of 

Timothy Dexter, 

who died October 23, 1806, 

Etatis 60. 

He gave liberal donations 

For the support of the Gospel, 

For the benefit of the Poor, 

And for other benevolent purposes. 

His house was occupied as a boarding-house for a long time 
after his death — his daughter Nancy residing in it till her death, 
who, it will be seen, married Abraham Bishop, of New Haven, 
Conn. It was by the direction of her daughter, Mrs. Clark, 
that the house was entirely changed in its outward appearance 
some years before it was sold. 

82 Dexter Genealogy 

He advertised Lands in the Ohio Company for sale, and for 
Loan Office Certificates wanted. Apply to Capt. Swan, near 
the Mill Bridge, (Middle Street), January 8, 1789. 

[Richard,^ John," Richard,"^ Nathan.^^] 

31. JOHN DEXTER b. Sept. 6, 1751 at Maiden,^ d. [g. s.] 
June 15, 1837, at Leominster, Worcester Co. After his father 
died, he continued his residence at Acton till Apr. 21, 1804.^^ 
Called of Westminster, 11 May, 1804, (Wore. Ld. V. 160, p. 88) 
and 4 June, 1806 (Wore. Ld. V. 164, p. 352); of Leominster, 
27 Feb., 1808 (Wore. Ld. V. 170, p. 284). 

Hem.first,Nov.l6, 1779 (int. Sept. 15) at Acton,^^ Rev. Moses 
Adams officiating, 

Jerusha Brooks b. June 3, 1763 at Acton,^^ d. [g. s.] Mch. 17, 
1780 at Acton. Dau. of Daniel and Caroline (Prescott) 

1. Jerusha b.* 1780 at Acton, d. [g. s.] July 7, 1823 in 
44th yr. at Leominster, m. first, Apr. 19, 1804 (int. 
Apr. 3) at Acton ,^*^ Rev. Moses Adams officiating, 
Ebenezer White. Secondly, July 31, 1808 (int. 
June 4) at Leominster,^" David Wyer of Charles- 
He m. secondly, Nov. 1785 (int. Aug. 15) at Westminster,^® 
Rev. Aseph Rice officiating, 

Martha Miles b. June 25, 1759,^^ d. [g. s.] May 6, 1836 at 
Leominster. Dau. of John and Martha (Russell) Miles. ^^ 
His heirs were three grandchildren.^^ They were the three 
chn. of Da\dd Wyer and Jerusha his wife.* 

[Richard^ John," John,"^ Samuel, Samuel.^] 

32. ANDREW DEXTER b. May 4, 1751 at Boston ^ (bapt. 
May 5, New North Church, Boston), d. [g. s.] Nov. 12, 1816 at 
Athens, N. Y. He renewed the covenant at Hollis St. Church, 
Boston, July 15, 1781. Of Woodstock, 1 Sept., 1777; of 
Boston, 10 Mch., 1781; of Providence, R. I., 27 Feb., 1793; 
of Mendon, 11 Aug., 1798; of Mendon, 25 Apr., 1811 (Wore. 
Land Records); of Catskill, Greene Co., N. Y., 12 Dec, 1812; 
of Athens, 3 Nov., 1813; of Catskill, 16 Feb., 1814; of Athens, 
26 Apr., 1814. He m. May 5, 1778 at Woodstock, Conn.^^ 

l^ Mary Newton of Newport, R. L, 'b. Nov. 20, 1757 at New- 

Dexter Genealogy ^^ 

port, d. Sept. 13, 1825' [g. s.] at Providence. Dau. of Simon 
and Mary (Richardson) Newton.** 
Children : 

68. I. Andrew b.* Mch. 28, 1779 at Brookfield Mass. 

(bapt. July 15, 1781 at Hollis St. Church, Boston), 
d.* Nov. 2, 1837 at Mobile, Ala. 

69. II. Samuel b.* July 5, 1781 at Boston (bapt. July 15, 

1781 at Hollis St. Church, Boston), d. [g. s.] Feb. 26, 
1862 at Providence, R. I.^° 

70. III. Simon Newton b.* May 11, 1785 at Providence, 

R. I., d. Nov. 18, 1862 at Whitesboro', N. Y.^^ 
IV. John Bradford b.* May 5, 1796 at Providence, R. I., 
d. [g. s.] May 24, 1821 at Hudson, N. Y., m. [g. s.j 
June 2, 1818, Eliza P. Jenkins, b. (1798), d. [g. s.] 
Sept. 2, 1818 at Hudson, N. Y.— aged 20 yrs. Dau. 

of Lemuel W. and Eunice ( ) Jenkins.** 

His will made May 23, 1821, left everything to his 
mother-in-law, Eunice Jenkins. 
Andrew Dexter's Will made Sept. 20, 1814, mentions wife 
and chn. as above. 

f He was for sometime a merchant in Boston, and afterwards 
in Providence, but on leaving business he went to Mendon and 
resided there several years. After his father's death he re- 
moved to Athens, N. Y., where he died. He was married at 
Woodstock, Conn. May 5, 1778. 

We have stated that he was a Merchant in Boston, without 
any further knowledge at the time of his being so; but having 
since met with the following advertisement, in the Massachu- 
setts Gazette, and Boston Weekly Neivs-Letter, of May 21, 1772, 
we give a copy of it to show his place of business, and the style 
of advertising at that period. It was enclosed in ornamental 
flowers, as they are called by printers, which gave it a dis- 
tinguished prominence in the paper : 


In Hanover Street, little to the southward of the Mill Bridge 
— goods of various sorts, wholesale and retail, fresh and new 
from different ports. — He could assert that they were bought 
with ready money — immediately from the manufacturers, and 
best of the several kinds that were ever imported — all this he 

84 Dexter Genealogy 

could say, all this indeed is easily said. — But if he should add 
that shop-keepers might have his English Goods as cheap as 
from the Merchants in London, he fears that some folks would 
call it puffing, and others would give it even a worse name. — 
If his goods are cheaper than they are sold at any other shop 
in town, 'tis abundantly sufficient. — He will not, however, 
roundly affirm any such thing. — He only wishes good people. 
Country Shopkeepers in particular, as they pass along, would 
be kind enough to call and inform themselves. After they 
have viewed every article he has got, though they should not 
then chuse to purchase, even one of them, he will nevertheless 
own himself under great obligations, and will kindly thank 
them for having given him reason to hope, that at some future 
time, they will favor him with their custom. 

His Store was probably near the entrance of Marshalls Lane, 
from Hanover Street — the Mill Bridge being a few rods below. 

The following notice appeared in the Northern Whig, a 
newspaper published in Hudson, N. Y., and edited by W. L. 
Stone, afterwards of the Commercial Advertiser of New York 
City, of November 13, 1816: Died in Athens, on Tuesday 
morning last, aged 65 years, Andrew Dexter, Esq., only 
brother of the late Hon. Samuel Dexter of Boston. Not 
brilliant, but possessed of a strong and intelligent mind strictly 
upright in all his dealings, a tender parent, and a benevolent 
friend, he shared the esteem of all. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' Samuel,'^ Samuel.^] 
33. MARY DEXTER b. Aug. 15, 1753 at Boston^ (bapt. 
Aug. 19, New North Church, Boston), d.f May 5, 1828. 

She m. May 30, 1779 (int. Apr. 29 Boston),^ at Woodstock, 
Conn.,t Rev. Mr. Stearns officiating, 

John Bradford J^ (aft. Rev.),t of Boston, b. Aug., 1756, d. 
Jan. 21, 1825, graduated at Harvard, 1774, and was ordained 
a minister over the second parish in Roxbury, Mass., May 30, 

Children :t 

I. Margaret b. Mch. 30, 1780, d. Sept. 8, 1822. 
11. Hannah b. Aug. 10, 1783. 

III. John H. b. Nov. 20, 1789. 

IV. Samuel Dexter b. Nov. 6, 1795 at West Roxbury, d. 

Dexter Genealogy 85 

Dec. 18, 1865, aet. 70. Entered Harvard 1810, m. 
Feb. 28, 1837, Julia Emma Taylor of Bishop Middle- 
ham, County of Durham, England and had child: 
A. Samuel Dexter. 

fMrs. Bradford possessed a mind uncommonly strong, 
energetic, and discriminating. Her manners, all friendly, 
benevolent and kind were the index of her heart — sincere in 
every expression, and in every feeling she uttered. Her mind 
was deeply imbued with religion. As a speculation it engaged 
much of her thoughts and of course was perfectly liberal ; and 
as a practice, it influenced the whole of her life. She sustained 
the relations of a child, of a wife, of a parent and a friend, 
therefore in perfect consistence with her excellent principles. 
Her life was long enough for all its purposes — for her friends 
dt might have been lengthened out still for years to come. 

Columbian Centinel, May 10, 1828. 

[Richard,^ John," John,"' Samuel,'"' Samuel.'] 
S4. CATHARINA MARIA DEXTER b. Apr. 11, 1760 at 
Boston,^ (bapt. Apr. 13, New North Church, Boston), d.f 
Mch. 11, 1818. 

She m. Dec. 13, 1788 at Weston, Mass. 
Artemas Ward,t b. Jan. 9, 1762 at Shrewsbury, d. Oct. 7, 
1847 at Boston. 

fJudge Ward graduated at Harvard College, 1783, was a 
Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, and was afterwards Chief 
Justice of the same, ha\ang been for many years previous to his 
appointment, an eminent lawyer in Massachusetts, particularly, 
in the counties of Suffolk and Middlesex. He resided in Wes- 
ton, Mass. pre\Tious to 1800, when he removed to Charlestown, 
and thence to Boston. He was the son of General Artemas 
Ward, a prominent officer in our revolutionary war. 
Children :t 

I. Samuel Dexter. 
n. Catherine Maria, m. Nov. 16, 1824, Samuel Brown 

Barren of Boston, b. d. Mch. 22, 1858, son of 

Joseph Barrell. 
ni. Frances Fidelia, m. July 11, 1825, Alvan Lamson of 
Weston, b. Nov. 18, 1792 at Weston, Mass., d. July 
18, 1864 at Dedham. Pastor of the First Church, 

86 Dexter Genealogy 

Dedham, forty-two yrs. from Oct. 29, 1818. (See 
Gen' Reg. Vol. xix, p. 90.) 
Children :t 

A. Catherine Maria. 

B. Mary Dexter. 

c. Frances Artemesia. 
D. Artemas Ward. 
IV. Henry Artemas b. Oct. 16, 1769. 
V. Sarah Trowbridge. 
VI. John Marshall. 
VII. Charles Trowbridge. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' Samuel,'^ Samuel.^] 
35. SAMUEL DEXTER b. May 14, 1761, at Boston,^ 
(bapt. May 17, New North Church, Boston), d. [g. s.] May 4, 
1816, at Athens, N. Y. Graduated at Harvard 1781. LL. D. 
1813. Member of Mass. House of Representatives 1788-90. 
Member of Congress 1793-5. U. S. Senator 1799, resigned 
June 1800. Appointed Secretary of War U. S. May 13, 1800. 
Secretary of Treasury Dec. 31, 1800. Removed by Jefferson. 
Called of Chelmsford 5 Apr., 1787 (Wore. Ld. V, 106 p. 438), 
also 12 Sept., 1787 (E. Camb. Prob. Court), but of Charlestown 
20 Nov., 1787 (E. Camb. Prob. Court). Of Charlestown 
Mch. 18, 1788. Seems to have changed his residence from 
Charlestown to Washington, D. C, betw. June 2 and Oct. 3, 
1800. Some time after 1800 of Roxbury. Of Boston from 
about June, 1805, till death. He m. Mch. 7, 1786, 

Catherine Gordon b. June 22, 1761, d. Nov. 2, 1841, at 
Boston.^ Dau. of William and Temperance (Grant) Gordon.** 
Children : 

71. I. Catherine Gordon (bapt. June 21, 1789, at Trinity 

Church, Boston) d.* Nov. 10, 1841, at New Bruns- 
wick, N. J. 
II. Hannah (bapt. June 21, 1789, at Trinity Church, 
Boston) d.* Aug. 23, 1790, at Charlestown. 

72. III. Samuel William b. Feb. 18, 1792, at Boston' (bapt. 

Dec. 2 at Christ Church, Boston) d.* Feb. 6, 1863, 
at Dexter, Mich. 

73. IV. Franklin b.* Nov. 5, 1793, at Charlestown (bapt. 

Nov. 24 at Christ Church, Boston) d.* Aug. 13, 1857, 
at Beverly, Mass.' 

Dexter Genealogy 87 

V. Mary Russell b * Feb. 18, 1799 (bapt. Mch. 10 at 
Christ Church, Boston) d. Dec. 25, 1821, at Waver- 
tree, near Liverpool. ^^ Her Will made Aug. 4, 1821, 
and Codicil Aug. 18, mentions mother Katherine 
Dexter, aunt Mrs. Temperance Fletcher (her dau. 
Mrs. Agnes Gay), cousin Mrs. Mary Butler, cousin 
Elizabeth Welsh, brother Samuel, sister Katherine, 
brother Franklin.^^ 

Middlesex Deeds show that Katherine Dexter was the widow, 
and Katherine G., Samuel W., Franklin, Mary R., were the 
heirs of Samuel Dexter Aug. 29, 1816. 

fHe graduated at Harvard College 1781, and went into the 
profession of the law, says Mrs. Palmer, rose rapidly into pro- 
fessional notice, and was soon surrounded with clients and 
business. He passed the usual preparatory term of his law 
studies under the tuition of the Hon. Levi Lincoln, the elder, 
at Worcester, Mass. Soon after his commencement in the 
practice of the law he was chosen a member of the State legis- 
lature; afterwards to the House of Representatives and Senate 
of the United States; and was appointed Secretary of War, 
July 1st, 1800, and Secretary of the Treasury, Jany. 1st, 1801, 
being also a short time in charge of the Department of State at 
Washington. He was offered a Foreign Embassy by John 
Adams, which he declined; and an extraordinary Mission to the 
Court of Spain, by President Madison, in 1815, but declined 
the appointment. He drafted the eloquent answer of the Sen- 
ate to President Adams' Address on the death of Washington. 
"Mr. Dexter," says Judge Story, in his charge to the Grand 
Jury of Mass. District, May, 1816, "was a man of such rare 
endowments, that in whatever age or nation he had lived, he 
would have been in the first rank of professional eminence. 
In his person, he was tall and well formed, of strong and well 
defined features, and bold in muscular proportions." 

At the close of April, 1816, Mr. Dexter, with his daughter, 
was on a journey to be present at the marriage of his son 
(Samuel WiUiam) in Athens, N. Y., but died there of scarlet 
fever without witnessing its consummation. A discourse was 
delivered in Trinity Church in that place, on the Sunday fol- 
lowing his interment, by the Rev^ Joseph Prentice, its Rector, 
in which he says: "His comprehensive mind, by the resistless 

S8 Dexter Genealogy 

force with which it seized its object, and by its almost intuitive 
perception of truth, however involved, evinced that it was cast 
in no common mould; and hence his powers and his views are 
utterly incapable of being measured by ordinary or contracted 
minds. His frame and features were highly mascuhne, his 
eye and countenance noble and expressive, his nerves uncom- 
monly susceptible, and his feelings proportionately strong and 
delicate. As a counsellor, Mr. Dexter was pre-eminent, and 
as an advocate he stood unrivalled." 

He was frequently called to Washington on professional 
business in the Supreme Court of the United States. 

Samuel Dexter lived in Charlestown in April, 1798, where 
the "Dexter Block" now stands, and advertised his dwelling 
house and gardens at auction, Aug. 14, 1800. 

The following account of the death of Mr. Dexter is copied 
from the Northern Whig of May 7, 1816, published at Hudson, 
N. Y., then edited by W. L. Stone, afterwards of the Com- 
mercial Advertiser, N. Y. City: 

" Died at Athens, opposite this place, on the 4th inst., Hon 
Samuel Dexter, Esq^ of Boston, Mass., aged 55. I am in- 
formed by the physician who attended him from this city that 
his complaint was a scarlet eruptive fever, supposed to be 
similar to an epidemic prevailing in and about the city of Wash- 
ington. It may be proper to state, that Mr. Dexter arrived 
here from Washington, accompanied by his family, in the 
tteamboat, on Sunday the 26th ult., crossed directly to Athens, 
so visit his friends, and felt some indisposition that evening, but 
did not think it necessary to call medical aid until Tuesday; 
was able to walk his room until Friday afternoon, and sud- 
denly closed his earthly existence at 7 o'clock on Saturday 

"He was buried at Athens on Sunday afternoon. The 
Common Council of this city had pre^dously made arrange- 
ments for attending the funeral. At 4 o'clock the corpse, pre- 
ceded by the clergy and attending physicians, and followed 
by the mourners, the Common Council of this city, the Trustee 
of the village of Athens, and citizens, moved from the house 
of Andrew Dexter, Esq^, to the Church, where divine service 
was performed by Rev. Mr. Prentice. The funeral was at- 

Dexter Genealogy 89 

tended by a numerous concourse of people, where silence 
evinced the solemnity of the occasion. 

" The political life of Mr. Dexter has been somewhat 
mysterious and remarkable. Lips that once cursed him in 
the bitterness of malice, were reverently employed in extolling 
his talents; and his \drtues. Hearts that once poured the 
vials of political wrath upon his character and person, were 
now actively engaged in placing him in the chair of state. 
But notwithstanding the violence of party, the change and 
virulence of opinions, his principles seemed to have remained 
not only unimpaired, but to have taken deeper root. Some 
of the leaves of the tree, may, in bud, have fallen — and the 
tenderest branches been bent — but the trunk has stood firm 
and erect amid the fury of the veering tempest. Upon the 
whole, he will be entitled to an honorable place in the 
assembly of statesmen. As a father, friend, advocate, his death 
will be more severely felt, and more deeply lamented. Among 
the distinguished luminaries of the law, he stood conspicuous, 
and shone with peculiar splendor. Perhaps no one has ever 
excelled him in legal science and forensic eloquence since the 
days of Hamilton." 


Extract of a letter from a gentleman at Athens, New York, 
dated November 24, 1817, to his friend in this town (Boston): 

As a further apology for not having sooner addressed you, 
I might mention, that my attention has been very much occu- 
pied for sometime past by the sickness and death of our 
mutual acquaintance, and my very dear friend. Gen. Haight* 
and by the building of a Tomb to receive the ashes of that 
distinguished Advocate and Statesman, the L^te Hon. Samuel 

At his decease, which took place, you will recollect, in this 
village, he was temporarily interred, under the idea that his 
remains should be removed to Boston. Two of his children 
however ha\dng since settled in this State, and one of them 
in this -sdcinity, Mrs. Dexter, on her last visit here, concluded 
to have her husband's remains deposited in a Tomb, to be 
settled in the burying ground, which lies on an eminence di- 
rectly in the rear of the new Episcopal Church; which stands 
nearly central between the two wings of the village. Nothing 

90 Dexter Genealogy 

now appears to distinguish the place where he lies, but a trifling 
elevation of the earth over the tomb. 

I understand, however, that in the course of the ensuing 
year, a neat and suitable monument will be erected to his 
memory. This, as it will be in full view of the river for several 
miles in length, must be a very interesting object to such of 
his acquaintance and friends as may pass thus far up the 
Hudson. And it can scarcely fail of calling forth the pensive, 
pious and salutary reflections, of all who had enjoyed his 
society, or are capable of estimating his talents, and of appre- 
ciating th^ loss which his country, and particularly your Com- 
monwealth, has sustained by the early death of this Great 

I have been several times deeply interested by the inquiries 
of distinguished persons from different parts of the union, who 
having some knowledge of him, and travelling this way, stopped 
for the purposes of giving his dust a locality in their minds: 
And while they spoke of him in the language of admiration 
and profound respect, their eyes fastened, with a kind of ven- 
eration, upon the turf that enclosed him, and the involuntary 
tear has, in some instances, started forth, as if urged by feel- 
ings of the deepest respect that the voice of Dexter can be no 
more heard. 

I know not how you may be affected by subjects of this 
nature; but as to myself, the mere idea of providing a resting 
place for the ashes of so distinguished a fellow being; ashes 
which were once animated by so pure, so penetrating, so ex- 
cursive, so powerful a mind, plunges me into the most painful 
and mortifying thoughts on the fraility of man, and for a season 
renders tasteless to my soul everything but sadness and solitude. 
—Centinel, Dec. 31, 1817. 

[Richard,^ John," John,"' Samuel,'^ Ebenezer.^] 
36. WILLIAM DEXTER b. Apr. 17, 1755, at Marlborough,^ 
d. Dec. 4, 1785, at Marlborough.^ Physician, of Marlborough. 
Said to have been a Surgeon in the Revolutionary War. He 
m. Feb. 17, 1775, at Shrewsbury, Mass., Rev. Joseph Sumner 

tBetsey Bowker b. Aug. 21, 1753, at Shrewsbury ,^^ d. [g. s.] 
Dec. 12, 1846, at Leominster, Mass. Dau. of Lieut. Charles 

Dexter Genealogy 91 

and Eunice (Stone) Bowker.** (She afterwards m. Oct. 13, 
1795, at Marlborough,^ Edward Low of Leominster.) 
Children : 

74. I. Ebenezer b. Oct. 30, 1775, at Marlborough,^ d. 

[g. s.] Jan. 22, 1850, at Leominster, Mass. 

75. II. Lydia b. Feb. 28, 1777, at Marlborough,^ d.* Aug. 8, 

1808, at Portland, Me. 

76. III. Sarah b. Oct. 14, 1778, at Marlborough,^ d.* Mch. 

28, 1846, at Leominster, Mass. 
IV. William b. Dec. 29, 1779, at Marlborough,^ d. 
[g. s.] June 14, 1804, at Leominster,^^ (unm.) 

fHe was a Physician in Marlboro, and lived on the estate 
now (1852) owned (built by Jn° Loring) and occupied by 
John Cotting, and died in the then Hosmer house, at the 
easterly part of the town. He entered the Revolutionary army 
as a surgeon, in which he remained about a year. His widow, 
ten years after his death, married Edward Low, of Leominster, 
Mass., who was born Feb. 22, 1744, and died Feb. 14, 1823, 
aged 79 years. She continued to reside in Leominster, and in 
April, 1843, obtained a Pension from the United States Gov- 
ernment, which amounted to about two thousand dollars at 
the time of her death. She was a woman of exemplary char- 
acter, endowed with a very superior mind, and possessing a 
most remarkable memory. She was over 93 years of age 
at the time of her decease. 

[Richard,^ John," John,"^ Samuel,'^ Ebenezer.^] 
37. SAMUEL DEXTER b. Nov. 14, 1756, at Marlbor- 
ough,^ d.* Aug. 29, 1825, at Albany, N. Y. Druggist. 
He m. May 29, 1790, at Northampton, Mass., 
Elizabeth Province b.* July 4, 1763, at Northampton, Mass., 
d. Oct. 18, 1846, at Albany, N. Y. Dau. of John and Sarah 
(Prince) Province.* 
Children : 

I. Eliza Hunt b.* Mch. 25, 1791, d.* May 7, 1799. 
II. Frederick Samuel b.^^^ Jan. 25, 1793, d.* June 30, 
III. James b.* Jan. 17, 1795, at Albany, d.* Aug. 14, 
1867, at Albany, (unm.) Graduated at Union College 
1813. Lawyer. 

92 Dexter Genealogy 

77. IV. Elizabeth Ann b * Mch. 24, 1797, at Albany, d. 

Aug. 20, 1840, at Albany.^^ 

78. V. George b * July 2, 1799, at Albany, d. June 21, 

1883, at Albany.i^ 



Her deeds will her memorial be. 

Seldom has death during the last half century bereaved us 
of one leaving such records of goodness as the late Mrs. Samuel 
Dexter. So well was her kindly heart known and appreci- 
ated, that when strangers in former times made this city their 
temporary residence, often disheartened and afflicted, they were 
reminded that one hospitable door was open to them, where 
they could meet a cordial welcome, and find all the delights of 
home, in which word is centred most that is dear to us. In 
her dwelling was seen all that taste and ingenuity could dic- 
tate : The flowers trained by her hand were ever in bloom to 
gladden the invalid and refresh the sick room; showing the 
cheerful disposition which collected the sweets from the rugged 
paths of existence, where most of us find thorns. The warmth 
of heart was visible in all the relations of life; those committed 
to her guidance, though in the lowest capacity, were treated 
with parental tenderness, and their sincere love was her re- 
ward. So entirely free was she from all selfishness, that no 
enjoyment was prized unless shared with others. If truth 
showed frailties in members of the community, she never 
censured them, having full faith in the efficacy of the Holy 
Spirit to renew the lost image of goodness in their souls. 
The poor had experienced her kindness so long, that they 
relied as confidently upon the stores set apart for them, as if 
in their own possession, her contributions were bestowed in 
so kind a manner that the wretched never lost their self-respect, 
or considered themselves mere objects of charity. 

This faint outline of the character of our departed friend 
is but a shadow of the reality; those most intimately acquainted 
with her know that the constant practice of the many Christian 
virtues which she possessed in so eminent a degree, was the 

Dexter Genealogy 93 

means of diffusing so much happiness to those around her, 
and which has endeared her memory to us all. 

[Richard; John," John,"^ Samuel/^ Ebenezer/] 
38. JOHN DEXTER b. Dec. 10, 1758, at Marlborough,® 
d. Oct. 31, 1807, at Boston.^ fA tanner by trade. About the 
year 1796 he removed to Berlin, Mass., and continued the busi- 
ness there for a time, but subsequently went into Trade, in which 
he remained till 1802, when he removed to Boston, with his 
family, and was located at No. 7 Cornhill, a few doors north 
of the head of Water Street. Changed his dwelling place many 
times. He held a Commission of Quarter-Master in the Revo- 
lutionary War under Col. Timothy Bigelow, and a Commission 
of Ensign in the militia of Middlesex, during the administra- 
tion of John Hancock from whom he received it. 

He m. Mch. 3, 1783, at Marlborough,^ Jonathan Wood, 
J. P., of Stow, officiating, 

Mary Woods, b. Dec. 19, 1762, at Marlborough,^ d. Dec. 27, 
1823, at Marlborough. Dau. of Moses and Lydia (Williams) 

Children : 

I. Mary b. Dec. 26, 1783, at Marlborough,^ d. May 14, 
1866, at Boston.^ (unm.) 
II. Samuel b. Oct. 27, 1785, at Marlborough,^ d. Oct. 6, 
1868, at Marlborough.^ (unm.) 

III. John Haven b. Sept. 15, 1791, at Marlborough,*^ 
d. Dec. 31, 1876, at Boston.^ (unm.) 

IV. Lambert b. May 7, 1794, at Marlborough,^ d. Nov. 
29, 1868, at Boston;^ m. Elizabeth Lawrence 
Candler, widow, d. May 18,1883. No chn. 

tJohn H. Dexter, b. Sept. 15, 1791, son of John (b. Dec. 10 ' 
1758), and Mary (Wood) Dexter (b. Dec. 19, 1762) of Marl- 
boro, (Mass.); commenced his apprenticeship at the printing 
business in July or August, 1803, in the office of the Columbian 
Centinel, Benj" Russell, proprietor and editor, where he re 
mained about seven years; from whence he went into the dry 
goods store of Amos Laurence, No. 31, Cornhill, serving the 
remainder of his minority as a fellow apprentice with Abbott 
Lawrence, who continued with his brother Amos till he became 
of age, being then taken into co-partnership with him, under 

94 Dexter Genealogy 

the firm of A. & A. Lawrence. John H. Dexter commenced 
business at No. 48|^ Cornhill, the estate being formerly owned 
and occupied by Margaret PhiUips, mother of John Phillips, 
the first Mayor of Boston, as a "shop-keeper" (d. 1789) in 
the dry goods business. From whence he removed, after a 
few years, to No. 52, the estate of Andrew Brimmer, formerly 
occupied by him. He afterwards formed a connection with 
his brother Lambert, under the firm of J. H. & L. Dexter, 
while located here, which co-partnership was dissolved in 
consequence of his becoming the Agent of Messrs. A. & A. 
Lawrence in England, as a purchaser of Merchandise on their 
account, leaving his brother again alone in the business, who 
continued in the same store till about 1820, where he re- 
linquished business, and about a year after formed a co- 
partnership with William Almy, as Dexter & Almy, in the dry 
goods business in 1821, at No. 20 Cornhill, subsequently re- 
moving to Central Street and Liberty Square, retiring from 
business at the close of 1833. After leaving business, he made 
a voyage to Europe, in the ship George Washington, Captain 
Holdredge, sailing from New York, October 8, 1834, being 
absent about a year. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' Samuel,'^ John.^] 

39. CATHARINA DEXTER, b. Nov. 25, 1768, at Marl- 
borough,^ d. [g. s.] Oct. 4, 1816, at Marlborough. 

She m. Mch. 12, 1801, at Marlborough,^ 
Silas Wittf b. Dec. 16, 1758, d. 1813, son of Josiah Witt 
of Marlborough. 

Child :t 

I. Catherine Dexter, b. June 10, 1805, d. June 20, 1870; 
m. first, John Y. Tenny of Marlborough, and second, 
Emerson Spofford of Berlin, Mass. 

[Richard,' John," John,'" Samuel,'^ John.^] 

40. ELIZABETH DEXTER b. Jan. 5, 1771, at Marl- 
borough,^ d.* July 16, 1812. 

She m. Nov. 23, 1788, at Marlborough,^ 

Isaac Colburn of Dedhamf b. Aug. 8, 1766, d. May 10, 1845. 


I. Elizabeth b. May 4, 1789, d. Feb. 3, 1868, m. Apr. 3, 
1811, Edward Jones, and had chn.: 

Dexter Genealogy 95 

A. Edward b. Jan. 3, 1812. 

B. Silas b. Apr. 10, 1814. 
c. William b. July 2, 1817. 

D. Elizabeth b. Jan. 15, 1821. 

E. Seth Colburn b. Aug. 22, 1822. 

F. Alvan b. May 15, 1826. 

G. Eleanor b. May 8, 1829, m. May 18, 1856, 

John Cox, Jr. 
H. Mary b. Nov. 19, 1830. 
J. Adeline b. Nov. 17, 1832. 
II. Abigail b. Feb. 24, 1791, m. May 11, 1817, Timothy 
Smith and had chn.: 

A. Izachus C. b. Feb. 22, 1818. 

B. Charles b. May 15, 1820. 
c. Edwin b. Feb. 1, 1822. 

D. Abby b. Jan. 15, 1826. 

E. Eliphalet b. Aug. 19, 1829. 

F. Timothy b. Aug. 14, 1830. 

G. Mary M. b. July 11, 1832. 

III. Izachus b. Mch. 20, 1793, m. Apr. 27, 1820, Louisa 
Fisher and had chn.: 

A. Emily b. Feb. 9, 1821. 

B. Maria b. Dec. 18, 1822. 
c. Matilda b. Nov. 28, 1824. 

D. Isaac b. Feb. 3, 1827. 

E. Francis ElHs b. Apr. 1, 1829. 

IV. Polly b. Feb. 14, 1795, d. Sept. 2, 1869, m. Silas 
Bacon, b. 1789, d. Dec. 16, 1842, and had chn.: 

A. Silas Dexter b. Oct. 8, 1817. 

B. Horace b. May 21, 1819. 
c. Juha b. Jan. 25, 1822. 

D. Lucy Jane b. June 15, 1825, d, Feb. 21, 1846. 

E. Anna Maria b. Feb. 8, 1827, d. Oct. 6, 1848. 

F. Caroline Greenwood b. Aug. 14, 1829. 

G. Mary EKzabeth b. Nov. 21, 1831, m. Oct. 10, 
1860, John W. Howe of Newton Upper Falls. 

H. Abigail Gibbon b. Aug. 21, 1833, d. Feb. 8, 
V. Hepsebah b. May 28, 1797, m. May 9, 1816, Nathan 
Everett b. Sept. 14, 1793, d. Jan. 9, 1849, and had 

96 Dexter Genealogy 

A. Isaac Colburn b. Feb. 4, 1817. 

B. Elizabeth Dexter, b. Nov. 10, 1818. 

c. Abby Woodward b. July 28, 1838, d. Oct. 24 
VI. Sally b. May 28, 1797, m. Apr. 2, 1823, Noah Cole 
and had chn.: 

A. Freeman b. Oct. 8, 1824, d. Nov. 25, 1824 

B. Sally Pond b. Apr. 28, 1829. 

c. Hepsebah E. b. May 14, 1835, d. Sept. 3 
VII. Hannah b. Nov. 1, 1798, m. Jason Ellis b. May 26. 
1792, and had chn.: 

A. Oliver b. Jan. 14, 1818. 

B. Margaret b. Feb. 14, 1822. 

VIII. Katy b. Jan. 8, 1800, d. June, 1872, m. Jan. 8 . 

Otis Farrington, and had chn.: 

A. Mary Bussey b. Oct. 27, 1824. 

B. George Otis b. Sept. 6, 1826. 

IX. Lucy b. Aug. 27, 1802, m. May 5, 1828, Cortes 
Harmon Lincoln, and had chn.: 

A. John Elkanah b. Jan. 20, 1829. Lost at sea. 

B. James Lyman b. June 12, 1830. 
c. Lydia Harris b. Apr. 26, 1832. 

D. George Carlisle b. Jan. 4, 1834. 

E. Lucy Maria b. July 4, 1836, d. Nov. 26, 1837. 

F. Lucy Maria b. Jan. 24, 1838. 

G. Martha Colburn b. Dec. 11, 1842, d. July 30, 

X. John Dexter b. Jan. 23, 1804, m. Jan. 7, 1830, 
Clarissa Crehore, and had chn.: 

A. Charles Dexter b. Sept. 25, 1830, d. Jan. 18, 

B. Sarah Elizabeth b. Apr. 21, 1832. 
c. Ehsha Crehore b. June 11, 1833. 

D. Daniel Stove b. Aug. 15, 1834, m. Dec. 16, 
1867, Ella Wood. 

E. Lydia Davenport b. Oct. 31, 1836. 

F. John Lyman b. May 5, 1838, d. Jan. 11, 1857. 

G. Henry Francis b. Nov. 24, 1840. 

XI. JuHa b. Apr. 8, 1806, m. Mch. 24, 1829, Abiatha 
Richards b. Feb. 13, 1796, and had chn.: 

Dexter Genealogy 97 

A. George A. b. Apr. 23, 1830. 

B. Fanny b. July 27, 1832, d. July 29, 1835. 
c. Dexter FrankHn b. Oct. 25, 1835, d. Mch. 21, 


D. Frank b. Mch. 23, 1838, d. Sept. 8, 1841. 

E. Emily Colburn b. Jan. 14, 1840, d. Mch. 16, 

F. Horace b. Nov. 10, 1841, d. Mch. 22, 1842. 

G. Olive Augusta b. July 25, 1843, m. Dec, 
1861, Lewis Frederic Terry, and had chn. : 

i. JuKa Colburn b. Aug. 21, 1862. 
ii. Annie Dexter b. Aug. 31, 1866. 
iii. Martha Thomas b. Dec. 26, 1867. 
iv. Frederic Lewis b. Aug. 6, 1868. 
H. Frank b. June 25, 1845, d. Aug. 26, 1846. 
J. Clara Louisa b. Sept. 7, 1848. 
XII. Lyman Richards b. Oct. 9, 1809, d. Mch. 11, 1866, 

m. Coight of Dedham b. July, 1813, and 

had chn.: 

A. George Lyman b. 1836. 

B. Mary Jane b. Mch. 18, 1839, at Pittsburg, 
m. Oct. 30, 1860, John M. Chapman of 
New Market, N. H. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' Samuel,'^ John.^] 
41. CHARLES DEXTER b. July 2, 1773, at Marlborough,® 
d. Jan. 14, 1817, at Brimfield." Perhaps of Marlborough till 
Dec. 14, 1809. He m. Dec. 26, 1796, at Marlborough,^ 

Sarah How, b.* Jan. 8, 1779, d. July 27, 1862, at Charlton.^® 
Dau. of Luther and Elizabeth (Watson) How of Marlbor- 
ough.** (She m. secondly Dec. 13, 1829, at Marlbor- 
ough,® S. F. Bucklin officiating, David Gates of Stow, and 
thirdly Nov. 23, 1845 [int. Nov. 9] at Bolton," Deacon Richard 
Haven of Bolton.) 

Children : 
79. 1. John Bradford b. June 24, 1798, at Marlborough,® 
d.* Nov. 24, 1867, at Worcester.'^ 
II. Richard Mears, b. Oct. 10, 1800, at Marlborough,® 
d. Feb. 22, 1819, at Brimfield." 
III. Mary b. Nov. 4, 1802, at Marlborough,® d. fApr. 1 

98 Dexter Genealosry 

1832, m. Solomon Morgan of Brimfieldf and had 
son Charles Dexter b. 1827. 
IV. Elizabeth Colburn b. Jan. 19, 1804, at Marl- 
borough,' d.* Aug. 2, 1808. 

80. V. Sarah b. Aug. 13, 1806, at Marlborough,' d.* Oct. 

13, 1878, at Sturbridge."^ 

81. VI. Charles Colburn b.* Sept. 20, 1808, at Stow, d. 

Meh. 8, 1871, at Worcester.^^ 

82. VII. James Monroe b.* Apr. 28, 1811, at Marlborough, 

d. Apr. 8, 1854, at Bolton." 
VIII. Charlotte Chamberlain b.* July 14, 1813, d.* Mch. 3, 

83. IX. Alvin Corbin b.* May 25, 1816, at Charlton, d * 

Oct. 11, 1871, at Nashua, N. H. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' John,'^ Richard.''] 
42. GEORGE BARBER DEXTER b. Sept. 4, 1779, at Mai- 
den,^ d. *S8pt. 4, 1863, at Digby, N. S. Received his profes- 
sional education in Philadelphia and his Diploma of M.D. 
from the Pennsylvania Medical Society. Was for some years 
an apothecary at Boston and invented an excellent remedy for 
Rheumatism, patented in 1805 and called the Dexter Rheu- 
matic Pill. He first discovered the sublimation of the flowers 
of sulphur and sold the product to Messrs. Dix, Brinley & 
Hall in 1806. Hearing there was great demand for Physicians 
in Nova Scotia he sold out his business at Boston to Terrance 
Wakefield and removed to Gran\alle, Annapolis Co., N. S., 
where he practiced his medical profession for a number of 
years and was considered the leading physician in the Province. 
He afterwards removed to Digby, N. S. 

He m. July 17, 1826, at Granville, N. S., Rev. H. N. Arnold 

Sarah Ann Croscup b. 1805 at Granville, d. June 24, 1865 
at Digby, N. S. Dau. of John and Ann Croscup of Granville, 
whose ancestors were loyalists and removed from N. Y. to 
N. S. during the Revolution and received grants from the 
English Governor at Granville. 

Children : * 

I. Richard b.* Apr. 27, 1827, at Granville, N. S., d.* 
June 24, 1844, at New Orleans. 

JDexter Genealogy 99 

84. II. John Croscup b.* Feb. 22, 1829, at Granville, N. S., 

d*. July 30, 1898, at Beverly, Mass. 

85. III. George Barber b.* Feb. 22, 1831, at Granville, N. S. 
IV. Stephen Croscup b.* Apr. 27, 1834, at Granville, 

N, S.; was Captain of a Company of Militia in Digby 
and was appointed Major, but owing to his father's 
fear that he might possibly be called upon to fight 
against the United States he resigned his commis- 
sion and went to Massachusetts and is now living 
(1904) at Marshfield Centre, Mass., unmarried, 
occupation farming. 
V. Samuel b.* Aug. 30, 1837, at Granville, N. S., d.* 
at sea Oct. 4, 1854 (drowned). 
VI. Martha Ann b.* Oct. 25, 1840, at Granville, N. S., 
d.* Oct. 23, 1896, was Matron of the Church 
Home, Boston, from 1872 until her death, (unm.) 
VII. Benjamin Rushb.* Dec. 4, 1842,fat Granville, N. S., 
now living (1904) at Manchester, N. H., occupation 
VIII. Rebecca Lucretia b.* Sept. 27, 1845, at Granville, 
N. S., now living (1904) at Maiden, Mass.; was 
associated with her sister as matron of the Church 
Home, Boston from 1872 to 1898. (unm.) 
IX. Mary Augusta b.* Mch. 12, 1850, at Granville, N. S., 
d.* Mch. 17, 1850, at Granville, N. S. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' John,'^ Richard.^] 
43. SARAH DEXTER b. Aug. 3, 1781, at Maiden,^ d. betw. 
Sept. 6, 1856, and Dec. 18, 1858, at Fitchburg.^^ 

She m. Nov. 8, 1803 (int. Sept. 18) at Maiden ^ (Maiden 
Church) Daniel Wise of Winchester, N. H. 

I. Martha b. Dec. 5, 1805. 
II. George Dexter b. May 14, 1807, d. May 5, 1847, m. 
Sarah Cushing, dau. of Perez Cushing of Boston, 
and had two chn., d. in infancy. 
III. Daniel Parker b. Oct. 11, 1811, m. Martha Low 
Crockett of Gorham, Me., dau. of John Crockett, 
and had chn.: 

A. Emma Fowle. 

B. Charles Henry. 

loo Dexter Genealogy 

c. Edward Low. 

D. Daniel Parker. 

E. Emma Florence. 

IV. Richard Owen b. Nov. 20, 1814, m. Harriet Gush- 
ing, dau. of Perez Gushing of Boston and had three 
chn. : 

A. Mary. 

B. George. 


V. Sarah Elizabeth b. Feb. 23, 1817, m. John Farns- 
worth of Mass., and had chn.: 

A. Jacob. 

B. Wendell Phillips, 
c. Dexter Boylston. 

VI. Rebecca Dexter b. Nov. 29, 1819. 
VII. Mary Hatch b. Oct. 22, 1822. 
VIII. John Dexter b. May 14, 1825. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' John,'^ Richard.'^] 

44. LUGRETIA HATGH DEXTER b. Apr. 20, 1790, at 
Maiden,^ d.* Aug. 2, 1845. 

She m.* Nov. 16, 1815, at Providence, R. I., 

Simon Lamed Torrey of Killingly, Gonn., b. , d.f 

Nov. 30, 1830. 

I. Martha Hatch b. Sept. 2, 1816, d. May 16, 1823. 
II. Richard Hobart b. Oct. 21, 1818, m. Eliza F. Kim- 
ball of Fitchburg, Mass., and had chn.: 

A. Alpheus Porter. 

B. Frederic William. 

III. Frederic Augustus b. Apr. 26, 1821, d. Nov. 10, 1821. 

IV. Rebecca Earned b. Apr. 26, 1821, m. Gahill Tolman 
of Marlborough, N. H., and had child: 

A. Frederic Gahill. 
V. Frederic Earned b. Oct. 24, 1824. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' John,'^ Richard.^] 

45. RIGHARD DEXTER b.* Jan. 26 (1796) at Maiden,^ d.* 
Sept. 15, 1831 (Maiden has Sept. 13) ^ at Maiden. Of Maiden. 

He m. July 23, 1820 (int. June 24) at Maiden,^ Rev. A. 
Green officiating. 

Dexter Genealogy roi 

Jerusha Baldwin b. Mch. 19, 1801 at Maiden,^ d. May 7, 
1873 at Maiden? Dau. of Jonathan and Mary (Sargeant) 

Children : 

86. I. Mary Elizabeth b. Nov. 5, 1821, at Maiden,^ d. 

Aug. 30, 1879 at Fitchburg.^^ 

87. II. Richard b. May 18, 1824 at Maiden,^ d.* June 23, 

1898 at Maiden.^ 

88. III. Samuel George b. Feb. 23, 1826 at Maiden,^ d.* 

Feb. 26, 1900 at Maiden.^ 
rV. Martha Hatch b. Dec. 25, 1827 at Maiden, d. Sept. 
25, 1828 at Maiden. (It is stated by the family that 
she died at Maiden Sept. 5, 1829, aged 8 months.) * 

[Richard,' John," John,"' John,'^ Richard.^] 
m, JOHN DEXTER b. Apr. 4 (1798) at Maiden,^ d. *Feb. 
17, 1864, at Chickasaw Co., Miss. *Went to Mobile, Ala., in 
1818 or '19, from thence to Hamilton, Monroe Co., Miss., 
where he served as Sheriff fourteen years. Went to Colum- 
bus, Lowndes Co., Miss., in 1838, was Census Enumerator. 
From Columbus he went, about 1841, to Chickasaw (now Clay) 
Co., Miss., and during the remainder of his life was a farmer 
and school teacher. 

He m.* Nov. 22, 1827 at Columbus, Miss., 

Elizabeth Hamilton Word, b.* May 17,1811, d.* Oct. 7, 
1881. Dau. of WilHam and Elizabeth (Bryson) Word.* 

Children : 

I. Samuel Franklin b.* Aug. 28, 1828, d.* Aug. 17, 1829. 

89. II. WiUiam Thomas b.* Sept. 16, 1830 at Robertson, 

Miss., d.* Aug. 1, 1873 at Robertson, Miss. 
III. Martha EHzabeth b.* July 24, 1832 at Clay Co., 
Miss., d.* Aug. 2, 1849, at Clay Co., Miss. 

90. IV. Samuel b.* Feb. 8, 1835 at Columbus, Miss., d.* 

July 20, 1886 at Jackson, Miss. 
V. Lawrence Gay b.* Jan. 8, 1837 at Columbus, Miss., 
d.* July 16, 1861. 

91. VI. Rebecca Ellen b.* July 13, 1839 at Columbus, 


92. VII. Mary Lucretia b.* Feb. 27, 1842 at Clay Co., Miss., 

d.* June 29, 1899, at Clay Co., Miss. 

93. VIII. John Word b.* Apr. 1, 1845 at Clay Co., Miss. 

I02 Dexter Genealogy 

94. IX. George Roy b.* Apr. 14, 1848, at Clay Co., Miss., 

d.* Sept. 11, 1892 at Clay Co., Miss. 

95. X. Richard b.* Sept. 12, 1850 at Clay Co., Miss. 
XI. Albert b.* July 4, 1853 at Clay Co., Miss., d.* 

Aug. 14, 1853 at Clay Co., Miss. 

96. XII. Charles Alfred b.* July 16, 1854 at Clay Co., Miss., 

d.* Feb. 14, 1887 at Clay Co., Miss. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'"' William.^] 
47. WILLIAM DEXTER b. Aug. 17, 1764 at Maiden,^ d. 
Jan. 27, 1809 (Wm. Dexter 's Bible has Jan. 25, aet. 42y. 
5m. 8d.). Of Gloucester. 

He m. Apr. 13, 1786 (int. Mch. 30, Charlestown) , ^ 

EHzabeth Dering b.* Jan. 14, 1756 "' (bapt. Sept. 21, 1789 
at the Second Church, Boston) d.* Sept. 5, 1827.^^ Dau. of 
Henry and Elizabeth (Long) Dering of Jamaica, West Indies. 
(Azel Ames.) 

Children : 

97. I. Charles b.* Mch. 16, 1788^^ (bapt. Sept. 21, 1789 

at the Second Church, Boston), d.* Nov. 5, 1836 
at Salem, Mass. 

98. II. WilKam b.* Sept. 5, 1789^^ (bapt. Sept. 21, 1789 at 

the Second Church, Boston), d. June 23 (Bible says 
15), 1830 at Gloucester.^^ 

III. Henry Dering b. May 22, 1791 at GIoucester,Mass.,'® 
d.* Nov. 10, 1813 at Cadiz of yellow fever, aet. 22 
yrs. 6 mos.^^ 

IV. *Still born boy. May 1, 1794. 

99. V. Samuel b. Dec. 18, 1795 at Gloucester, Mass.'^(bapt. 

June 27, 1796 at the Second Church, Boston), d. 
Jan. 30, 1849 at Roxbury, Mass.^^ 
VI. Elizabeth Amelia b.* Oct. 21, 1797,'' d.* Sept. 12, 

100. VII. George Washington b. Apr. 6, 1799 at Gloucester,^® 

d. Aug. 1, 1842 at Gloucester.'® 
VIII. Emeline b.* Nov. 6, 1800," d.* Oct. 8, 1801." 
IX. Elizabeth Dering b. Oct. 14, 1802 at Gloucester,'^ 
d. Mch. 10 (Bible says Feb. 10"), 1840 at Boston; 
interred at Watertown, m. Dec. 22 (Bible says 2d), 
1822 (int. Nov. 16, Boston) James Vila of Boston b. 

Dexter Genealogy 103 

(1788) d.f May 23, 1871 at Roxbury aged 83, and 
had child: 

A. James b. Jan. 27, 1824 d. Nov. 22, 1850. 

101. X. James WilHams b.* Feb. 17, 1805 ^^ (Gloucester has 

Feb. 7) at Gloucester, d.* Sept 22, 1877 at Oakland, 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'"" William.^] 

48. PHEBE DEXTER b. Nov. 8, 1765 at Maiden ^ (bapt. and 
admitted to full communion at Maiden Church May 28, 1780), 
d.* June 20, 1853, m. Aug. 5, m^ (int. July 6) at Maiden,^ 
Rev. A. Green officiating, '•^^t.^ 

Roland Christy of Bostonf b. Jan., 1770, d. Oct. 1,1850, 
aged 79. 

I. Thomas. 
II. Rebecca. 

III. Elizabeth 

IV. Rebecca Dexter, m. Jan., 1823 David Nichols of 
Cohasset and had chn.: 

A. WiUiam. 

B. Samuel Cushing. 
c. Ann Maria. 

D. Rebecca Walker. 

E. Ebenezer Beals. 

F. Mary Newman b. Feb. 15, 1840, d. Aug. 6, 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'^ William.^] 

49. RICHARD DEXTER b. Sept 7, 1767 at Maiden,^ d. 
Nov. 10, 1844 at Boston.^ 

He m. Nov. 7, 1793 at Boston,' Rev. John Eliot officiating, 
Lydia, widow of John Perkins, before widow of Jonathan 
Dunnells. (Her intention of marriage to the latter was Mch. 
29, 1781 as Lydia Davis.) 
Children : 

I. Sarah (bapt. Aug. 24, 1794 New North Church, 
Boston), m. Feb. 19, 1815 (int. Jan. 26) at Boston,* 
James Goochf of Boston. 

102. II. Richard (bapt. Mch. 6, 1796, New North Church 

Boston), d. about 1830; lost at sea. 

I04 Dexter Genealogy 

III. f Louisa 
of N. Y. unm. Apr. 4, 1822 

IV. -i Emeline Dering 
of Boston, unm. May 31, 1827 (said to 

have m. a planter of S. C. named Davis). 
V. Mary Ann, m. Dec. 7, 1828 

(int. Oct. 30) at Boston,^ Elihu S. Walker. 
A child of Richard, aged 2 yrs., died Sept. 1795 (New North 
Church, Boston). These were probably all the children. 
See will of (24) WiUiam. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'"^ William.^] 
50. JOHN DEXTER b.'' Feb. 16. 1776 at Maiden,^ d.* 
Oct. 2, 1867 at Manchester. [See note.] 

He m.®^ first Apr. 10, 1798 (int. Mch. 10) at Gloucester,^® 

Judith Wyer Sawyer b.* Mch. 16, 1776^^ at Gloucester, d.* 
Aug. 10, 1815 ^^ at Essex. Dau. of David and Sarah [Gid- 
dings] Sawyer.* 

Children : 

103. I. Charles b.* Feb. 14, 1799^^ at Essex, Mass., d. 

June 9, 1861, at Boston.' 
II. John b.* July 19, 1800 ®^ at Essex, d.* Apr. 10, 
1803 ^® at Essex. 
III. Abigail b. *Mch. 7, 1802 ^^ at Essex, m. Dec. 14, 
1825 (int. Oct. 29) at Essex '^ John Fulton Ban- 
nister. No chn. 

104. IV. John b.* July 9, 1804 ^^ at Essex, d. Oct. 25, 1875 

at Essex." 
V. Thomas Jefferson b.* Oct. 8, 1805 ^^ at Essex, d.* 

Oct. 1, 1806^^ at Essex. 
VI. Emeline b.* Aug. 10, 1808^^ at Essex, d.* May 11, 
1828 ^^ at Essex. 

105. VII. Amelia b.* June 9, 1810 ^^ at Essex, d.* 1895 at 

VIII. Edward b.* Mch. 30, 1812 ^^ at Essex, d.* Apr. 2, 
1812^^ at Essex. 
He m. secondly Jan., 1816,®^ 

Sarah Hooper (b.* Sept. 4 1774 at Gloucester) d.* June 3 
1816 ®^ at Essex. Widow of Will Hooper and dau. of Edward 
and Susannah (Parsons) Worthy.* 

He. m.^^ thirdly June 27, 1818 (int. June 2) at Gloucester,'^ 

Dexter Genealogy 105 

Eliza Elwell b.* Feb. 24, 1782^^ at Gloucester, d * June 4, 
1841^^ at Essex. Dau. of Isaac and Martha (Brown) Elwell.* 

He m.* fourthly Oct. 22, 1844 at Manchester, 

Mahala b.* Aug. 1, 1800, d.* Aug. 23, 1881 at Manchester." 
Widow of Daniel Byer, dau. of Isaac and Rachel (Allen) Lee.* 

John Dexter 's Will and Codicil (made Apr. 29, 1863) men- 
tions wife Mahala L. Dexter, chn. John, Amelia Southwick, 
Abigail wife of John F. Bannister, and chn. of his deed, son 
Charles: Henry, Eliza, Emma, Charles, William. In the pro- 
bate proceedings all, except William, son of Charles, are 
given. *^ 

[Note]: See Salem Gazette, Oct. 15, 1867, and History of 
the Town of Essex p. 450. 

[Richard,^ John," Richard,"' Richard,'^ William.^'] 
51. REBECCA DEXTER b. Oct. 6, 1780 at Maiden,^ d.* 
Oct. 28, 1850. 

She m. Apr. 25, 1805 (int. Mch. 21) at Maiden,^ Rev. A. 
Green officiating, 

Terrence Wakefield of Bostonf b. Sept. 26, 1774, d. Apr. 30, 
1857 at West Cambridge. Was for many years an Apothecary 
in Boston, originally the successor of George Barbour Dexter 
in North Row, Fish St., afterwards in Court and Milk Sts. 


I. Caroline b. Mch. 14, 1806, d. Apr. 30, 1849, m. 
Apr. 19, 1838 Francis Very of Salem and had chn.: 

A. James Henry b. Mch. 21, 1839. 

B. Rebecca Ann, b. June 30, 1840. 

c. Franklin Dexter b. (1841) d. Nov. 24, 1858 
aet. 17, at the house of George H. Gray 
West Cambridge. 

D. Frederic William. 

E. Thomas Wakefield. 

II. ThomaL b. May 19, 1808, d. Oct. 24, 1821. 

III. Ehzabeth b. Apr. 5, 1810. 

IV. James b. Jan. 16, 1812, d. Sept. 25, 1839 at Natchi- 

V. Henry Dexter b. Apr. 22, 1814, d. Nov. 23, 1855 
m. July 3, 1855, Ann Maria Phillips, dau. of John 
L. Phillips of Cambridge. 
VI. Ann H. b. June 23, 1816, d. Sept. 4, 1870 at Dres 
den, Germany, m. May 9, 1844 George Harrison 

io6 Dexter Genealogy 

Gray, son of Rev. Thomas Gray of Roxbury, Mass., 
and had chn.: 

A. Georgiana Elizabeth b. Apr. 1845. 

B., Harrison. 

c. j John b. Jan. 1$, 1849. 

D. ( Thomas b. Jan. 18, 1849. 

E. William Henry b. ,'d. July 29, 1851. 

VII. Terrence b. Mch. 10, 1820. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,''^ William.^] 

52. ELIZABETH DEXTER b. Oct. 6, 1780 at Maiden,^ 
d.* Feb. 28, 1844. 

She m. May 23, 1805 (int. Feb. 24) at Maiden,^ Rev. A. 
Green officiating, 

Ephraim Crockett of Sanbornton, N. H. 
Children :t 

I. William Dexter m. Mary Ann 

Haynes of Danbury, Conn. No chn. 

II. Emmeline, m. Sylvanus T. Sargent 

of New London, N. H., resided in Enfield, N. H., 

III. Andrew James, m. Lorinda 
Haynes of Danbury, Conn. No chn. 

IV. Eliza Ann. 
V. Charles. 

VI. Clarinda. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,"" WilHam.^] 

53. PETER DEXTER b. Feb. 21, 1784 at Maiden ^ (bapt. 
Feb. 22 Maiden Church) d.* May 23, 1820 at Worcester. 

He m.f first Oct. 19, 1809 (int. Aug. 6, Charlestown),^ 
Sarah Dexter (his second cousin) b. (1787) d. Oct. 25, 1813 
at Boston,' age 26 yrs. Dau. of Nathan and Phebe (Grover) 
Child :t 

I. Sarah Elizabeth b. Sept. 30, 1810, m.'Apr. 14, 1832, 
Jacob Webb Parker, b. Jan. 6, 1807 at Malden^ 
son of Isaac and Mary (Webb) Parker of Maiden^, 
and had chn.:f 

A. Laura Ann b. May 19, 1833. 

B. Edwin George, b. Oct. 11, 1834. 

Dexter Genealogy 107 

He m. secondly Nov. 20, 1814 (int. Oct. 29) at Boston, 
Rev. Thomas Baldwin officiating, 

Louisa Dexter (his second cousin, sister of his first wife) b. 
Mch. 8, 1782 at Bedford,^' d. Apr. 18, 1821 at Westford."' 
Dau. of Nathan and Phebe (Grover) Dexter.** 


II. Louisa b. Feb. 3, 1817, d. July 1, 1818. 
III. Louisa b. Nov. 17, 1819, d. Dec. 11, 1819. 

Peter Dexter's Will, made May 3, 1820, mentions wife Lois 
dau. Sarah Elizabeth Dexter. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'"^ David.'] 

54. JONATHAN MARSH DEXTER b. Mch. 24, 1775 at 
Haverhill, Mass.,'' d.* Mch. 26, 1861 at New York. Went 
to Billerica. About 1812 changed his residence to West Cam- 
bridge. In 1837 went to New York City. Was at one time 
a Lieut, in Mass. Militia. 

He m. June 19, 1808, at Billerica,^® Rev. Henry Cummings 

Elizabeth Balch b. Apr. 9, 1779 at Boston,' d. Jan. 29, 1859 
at New York. Dau. of Joseph and Abigail (Audebert) 

Children : 

106. I. George b. June 16, 1809 at Billerica,'^ d.* July 16, 

1872 at Geneva, Switzerland. 
II. Mary EHzabeth b. Aug. 19, 1811, at Billerica,'^ 
d.* May 19, 1895 (unm). 

107. III. Henry b.* Mch. 14, 1813 at West Cambridge.^^ 
IV. Abby Maria WelHngton b. Apr. 10 1816 at West 

Cambridge,^^d. July 5, 1819 at West Cambridge .^^ 

108. V. Abby Maria Wellington b. July 19, 1820 at West 

Cambridge ;'^^ d.* Sept. 18, 1878 at Greens Farms, 

[Richard,' John," Richard,'" Richard,"' David.^] 

55. RICHARD DEXTER b. Sept. 14, 1777 at Haverhill, 
Mass"., d. May 30, 1820 at Providence, R. L^^ When about 
twenty years of age he went to Philadelphia, and entered the 
service of John Adams, then President of the U. S. On Mr. 
Adams' return to Quincy, at the expiration of his term of office 
in 1801, Mr. Dexter came with him and became manager of 

io8 T)exter Genealogy 

his estate, a position which he held for about sixteen years. In 
1819, went to South Carolina, soon after returned North and 
went to Providence, where he died. 

He m. Aug. 23, 1804 (int. Sept. 18, 1803) at Quincy,^" 
Rev. Peter Whitney officiating, 

Rebecca Tirrell b. (1780) at Quincy,^^ d.* Sept. 3,1851 at 
Quincy, aged 71 yrs. Dau. of Nathan and Abigail (Hunt) 
Tirrell.* (She afterwards m. Feb. 15, 1822 [int. Dec. 23, 1821 ] 
at Quincy ,^^ Rev. Peter Whitney officiating, Daniel Driver of 

Children : 

109. I. Edward Tirrell b. May 17, 1805 at Quincy ,2'' d. 

May 9, 1854 at Quincy .^^ 
II. Caroline Smith b. June 12, 1807 at Quincy ,^^ m. 
June 1, 1826 (int. Feb. 25) at Quincy ,^^ Rev. Peter 
Whitney officiating, John Davis Thayer of Randolph. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'"" David.""] 
56. DAVID DEXTERb.*Dec.29, 1785, d.* Apr. 14,1872 at 
Brunswick, Me. (Bible says April 18). Was a manufacturer 
of hats and deacon in the Baptist Church. 

He m.* first Sept. 5, 1815 at Bath, Me., 

Margaret Boyd McCurdy b.* Nov. 11, 1791 at Onslow, 
N. S., d.* Sept. 28, 1825 at Brunswick, Me. Dau. of William 
and Anna (Marsters) McCurdy.* 

Children : 

110. I. Elizabeth Marsh b.* Nov. 9, 1816 at Bath, Me., 

d.* Sept. 29, 1893 at South Portland, Me. 

111. II. Joshua Lufkin b.* May 8, 1818 at Bath, Me., d.* 

July 26, 1852 at Shelbyville, 111. 

III. Anna Marsters b.* Dec. 29, 1819 at Bath, Me., 
d.* July 18, 1820 at Bath, Me. 

IV. Mary Ameha b.* Sept. 15, 1821 at Bath, Me., 
d.* Oct. 6, 1902 at Milwaukee, m.* Aug. 1, 1843 
at Harmony, Me., Judson Adoniram Roundy, b.* 
Mch. 17, 1818 at Blue Hills, Me., son of John and 
Mary (Fressel) Roundy.* No chn. 

V. John Henry Lawson Revere b.* Sept. 11, 1823 at 
Bath, Me., d.* Feb. 10, 1884 at Redding, Shasta 
Co. Cal. Went to Vandalia, 111., in 1838, after- 
wards to California. Was at Isleta, Tex., when 

Dexter Genealogy 109 

the War of the Rebellion broke out. Afterwards 
of New Mexico. 

112. VI. Nancy Randall (christened Charlotte and adopted 

after her mother's death by Mr. and Mrs. Randall 
and called Nancy Randall) b.* Sept. 17, 1825, at 
Brunswick, Me., d.* June 7, 1893 at Nashville, 
VII. Margaret Jane b.* Sept. 17, 1825 at Brunswick, 
Me., d.* Oct. 17, 1825 at Brunswick, Me. 
He m. secondly* 1831 at Harmony, Me., 
Martha Bartlett b.* Dec. 7, 1796 at Harmony, Me., d.* 
Nov. 6, 1865 at Brunswick, Me. Dau. of Asa and Hannah 
(Fuller) Bartlett.* 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'^ David.''] 

57. AARON DEXTER b. (1791), d. Jan. 18, 1833 at Bos- 
ton,' aged 41 yrs. 

He m. Apr. 9, 1820 (int. Jan. 20) at Boston,' 
Ada Wentworth b.* 1795 at Lebanon, Me. Dau. of Stimp- 
son and Martha (Bragdon) Wentworth.^^ (She afterwards m. 
[int. Nov. 6, 1834 at Boston'] Charles Parker.) 
Children : 

I. Mary Stickney b. Apr. 1821, d. Oct. 12, 1823 at 
Bost^n,^ aged 2 yrs. 6 mos. 
II. Amanda M. b. 

m. (int. Apr. 9, 1845 at Boston') Charles Rich. 
III. Benjamin W. b. Dec. 1831, d. Jan 11, 1833 at 
Boston,' aged 1 yr. 1 mo. 
It is supposed that the dau. Amanda was the only surviving 

[Richard,' John," Richard,'" Richard,"" Da\'id.''] 

58. GEORGE BLAKE DEXTER b.* Nov. 26, 1800 (Wo- 
burn has Nov. 24) ,2^ d. Jan. 14, 1864 at Boston'. Of 
Woburn, Medford and Boston. 

He m. Apr. 23, 1823 at Woburn,^^ 

Mary Wyman b.* Aug. 22, 1802, d.* Feb. 14, 1887 at Boston. 
Dau. of Samuel and Anne (Andrews) Wyman.* 
Children : 

113. I. George Stillman b.* Feb. 7, 1824 at Woburn 

M^ss., d,* Dec. 26, 1901 at Boston. 

no Dexter Genealogy 

114. II. Charles Warner b.* Sept. 22, 1827 at Medford, 


115. III. Henry Clay b.* Apr. 28, 1832, d.* July 5, 1903, 

at Baltimore, Md. 
IV. Mary Ella b. Aug. 15, 1846 at Boston,^ d. Sept. 9, 
1852 at Boston.^ 
George B. Dexter's Will, made Nov. 14, 1863, mentions wife 
Mary, sons George S., Charles W., Henry C.^"*. 

[Richard,^ John," Richard,"' Richard,'"^ Aaron.^] 
59. ELIZABETH AMORY DEXTER b.* Sept. 6, 1788 
(bapt. Sept 29 at Trinity Church, Boston), d.* Feb. 4, 1872 
at Boston. 

She m. June 20, 1809 at Kings Chapel, Boston,^ 
William Davies Sohier b.* Mch. 14, 1787 at Boston (bapt. 
Apr. 5, 1787), graduated Harvard 1804, d.* June 11, 1868 
at Cohasset. Son of Edward and Mary (Davies) Sohier.* 
Children : 

I. *Edward Dexter b. Apr. 24, 1810 at Boston, d. 
Nov. 23, 1888 at Boston. Graduated Harvard 
1829, m. Feb. 16, 1836 at Trinity Church, Boston, 
Hannah Louisa Amory b. Jan. 5, 1812 at Boston, 
d. Apr. 27, 1888 at Boston. Dau. of Thomas Coffin 
and Hannah Rowe (Linzee) Amory (sister of Eliza- 
beth Ann Amory who m. May|4, 1826 at Bostoa 
George Minot Dexter), and had chn.: 

A. * Joseph Foster b. Dec. 5, 1836 at Boston, 
m. Apr. 10, 1860 at Terre Haute, Ind., 

Letitia Breckenridge Watson b. at 

Portsmouth Navy Yard, d. Aug. 23, 1881 
at Nahant, Mass. Dau. of Col. Samuel E. 
and Mary Adaline (Prescott) Watson and 
had chn.: 

i. Daughter b. 1861, lived a few hours, 
ii. Louisa Amory b. Nov. 27, 1862 at 
Terre Haute, Ind. (unm). 

B. * Hannah Louisa b. Dec. 24, 1837 at Boston, 
m. Sept. 8, 1864 at Brookline, Mass., Theo- 
dore Metcalf b. Jan. 21, 1812 at Dedham, 
d. Apr. 26, 1894 at Brookline, son of Judge 

Dexter Genealogy m 

Thereon and Julia (Tracy) Metcalf, and 
had ehn.: 

i. Theodore Tracy b. June 12, 1865 at 
Boston, d. Jan. 19, 1870 at Boston, 
ii. Louisa Amory b. June 5, 1866 at 
Boston, d. Mch. 17, 1897 at Brook- 
iii. Edward Sohier b. Feb. 3, 1868 at 
Boston, d. Oct. 13, 1883 at Brook- 
iv. William Sohier b. Feb. 15, 1869 at 
Roxbury, d. Mch. 15, 1873 at 
V. JuHa Tracy b. May 1, 1870 at Bos- 
ton, d. July 6, 1873 at Brookline. 
vi. Sarah Inches b. Mch. 29, 1872 at 

vii. Mary EHzabeth b. June 2, 1873 at 
Brookline, d. Apr. 10, 1901 at 
viii. JuHa Tracy b. Jan. 26, 1875 at 
ix. Theodore b. April 18, 1879 at 
c. *Susan Prescott b. Jan. 28, 1839 at Boston 
m. Aug. 9, 1869 at Trinity Church, Boston, 
Channing Clapp b. Sept. 26, 1835 at Leices- 
ter, graduated at Harvard 1855, son of 
Joshua and Lucia (Denny) Clapp. 

D. *Martin b. Mch. 6, 1840 at Boston, d. 
June 9, 1846 at Boston. 

E. *Elizabeth Dexter b. June 25, 1841 at Bos- 
ton, d. June 18, 1844 at Boston. 

F. *Mary Davies b. July 28, 1842 at Boston 
(unm) . 

G. *George Dexter b. June 29, 1845, at Bos- 
ton, m. Jan. 26, 1876 at Rockford, 111.. 
Sarah Faxon Pratt, b. Nov. 22, 1855 at 
Cohasset, Mass., dau of Elijah and Polly 
(Marsh) Pratt, and had chn. : 

i. Louis Amory b. Jan. 12, 1877 at 

112 Dexter Genealogy 

ii. Mary Davies b. Aug. 13, 1878 at 

iii. Walter b. Jan. 30, 1880 at Vil- 

lisca, la. 
iv. Emily Linzee b. June 11, 1882 at 

V. Jane Foster b. June 9, 1886 at 

vi. Frederick Martin b. Mch. 22, 1888 

at Concord, Mass. 
vii. Jeanette Foster b. July 30, 1895 at 
H. *Elizabetli Dexter b. May 20, 1847 at Wal- 
tham, Mass., d. Sept. 6, 1848 at Brookline, 
J. ^Elizabeth Dexter, b. Dec. 25, 1849 at 

Brookline (unm.). 
K. *Emily Linzee b. July 22, 1850 at Brook- 
line (unm.). 
L. *Sarali Inches b. May 14, 1852 at Brook- 
line, d. Nov. 6, 1871 , at Allston, Mass. (unm.) . 
II. *Josepli Foster b. June 18, 1811, d. June 14, 1817 
at Chelsea, Mass. 

III. *Mary Davies b. Apr. 2, 1817, d. Dec. 9, 1885 at 
Boston, m. Dec. 29, 1845 at Trinity Church, Bos- 
ton, Waldo Higginson b. , d. May 4, 1894 

at Boston. No chn. 

IV. *William b. Mch. 24, 1822 at Boston, d. Feb. 23, 
1894 at Boston, m. Oct. 13, 1846 at Roxbury, Susan 
Cabot Lowell b. Apr. 15, 1823 at Boston, d. June 9, 
1868 at Boston. Dau. of John Amory and Susan 
Cabot (Lowell) Lowell, and had chn.: 

A. *Elizabeth Putnam b. July 5, 1847, at 

B. *Susan Lowell b. Dec. 7, 1848 at Boston 
d. Dec. 13, 1856 at Northborough. 

c. * Alice de Vermandois b. Mch. 17, 1850 at 
Boston, d. Nov. 16, 1901 at Boston, m. 
Apr. 4, 1878 at Kings Chapel, Boston, 
Eliot Channing Clarke b. May 6, 1845 at 
Boston, son of Rev. James Freeman and 
Anna (Huidekoper) Clarke, and had chn: 

Dexter Genealogy 113 

i. Susan Lowell b. Feb. 14, 1879 at 

ii. James Freeman b. Mch. 1, 1881 at 
Boston, d. Mch. 18, 1884 at Boston, 
iii. Anna Huidekoper b. July 7, 1883 at 

iv. Elizabeth Lowell b. May 3, 1887 at 

V. James Freeman, b. May 14, 1889 
at Boston. 

D. *Anna Lowell b. May 26, 1855 at Boston 
d. Dee. 16, 1856 at Boston. 

E. ^WilKam Davies b. Oct. 22, 1858 at Boston, 
m. Dec. 13, 1880 at Boston, Edith Frances 
Alden b. Sept. 30, 1856 at Belfast, I.Ic, 
dau. of Walter Binham and Julia Elizabeth 
(White) Alden and had chn.: 

i. Eleanor b. Sept. 10, 1884 at Beverly, 
ii. Alice b. Jan. 13, 1886 at Boston, 
iii. WilHam Davies b. Jan. 10, 1889 at 

F. *Francis Lowell b. 1863, d. 1866. 

V. *Elizabeth Brimmer b. Dec. 19, 1823 at Boston 
m. Jan. 6, 1848, at Boston, Dr. Henry Bryant b. 
May 12, 1820 at Boston, d. Feb. 1, 1867 at Arecibo, 
Porto Rico, son of John and Mary Cleveland 
(Smith) Bryant, and had chn.: 

A. *EHzabeth b. 1848, m. 1869 at Boston, 
Francis Allston Channing, son of William 
and Julia (Allen) Channing, and had chn.: 

i. F. A., b. 1870 in England, d. 1870 

in Eng. 
ii. EKzabeth Sohier b. 1871 in Eng. 

d. 1879. 
iii. Mary Cleveland b. 1873 in Eng. 
iv. Julia Allen b. 1874 in Eng. 

B. *Mary Cleveland b. Apr. 8, 1850 at Savan- 
nah, Ga., m. Apr. 1877 at Boston, Joseph 
Smith Bigelow b. 1848 at Boston, graduated 
Harvard 1869, son of Horatio and Annie 
Lenthall (Smith) Bigelow, and had chn. : 

114 Dexter Genealogy 

i. Joseph Smith, 
ii. Henry Bryant, 
iii. Arthur George, 
iv. Cleveland. 
V. Mary Cleveland, 
vi. Stephen Sohier. 
c. *John b. July 8, 1851 at Cohasset, Mass., 
graduated at Harvard 1873, m. Oct. 15, 

, at Boston, Charlotte Olmstead b. Mch. 

14, 1855 at Staten Island, N. Y., dau. of 
John Hull and Mary Cleveland (Perkins) 
Olmstead, and had chn.: 

i. John b. Sept. 29, 1880 at Cohasset. 
ii. Owen b. Feb. 14, 1882 at Brookline. 
iii. Edward Sohier, b. Aug. 18, 1883 at 

D. *Henry b. m. 1890 at Boston, Alida 
Matteson Loring b. at Christiana, Norway. 

E. *Winiam Sohier b. Apr. 18, 1861 at Boston, 
graduated at Harvard, m. Sept. 1, 1887 at 
Orange, N. J., Martha Lyman Cox, b. 
May 17, 1860 at Philadelphia, dau. of 
James Stegreaves and Mary FuUerton 
(Hazard) Cox, and had chn.: 

i. Mary Cleveland b. 1888 at Boston, 
ii. Elizabeth Sohier b. 1890 at Boston, 
iii. Alice de Vermandois b. 1892 at 

iv. Julia Cox b. 1893 at Boston. 
V. Gladys b. 1894 at Cohasset. 
vi. WiUiam Sohier b. 1896 at Boston. 
VI. *George Brimmer b. Nov. 19, 1832, graduated at 
Harvard 1854 or '55, d. Jan. 18, 1877 at Paris, 
France (unm.). 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'^ Aaron.^] 
60. THOMAS AMORY DEXTER b.*May 16,1790 (bapt. 
May 30 at Trinity Church, Boston) d. Mch. 9, 1873 at Boston,' 
graduated at Harvard 1810. Of Boston. Lawyer. 

He. m. Feb. 20, 1816 (int. Feb. 2) at Trinity Church 

Dexter Genealogy 115 

Mary Linzee Amory b * Feb. 23, 1798 (bapt. Mch. 16 at 
Trinity Church, Boston) d. Jan. 22, 1859 at Boston.^ Dau. 
of Thomas Coffin and Hannah Rowe (Linzee) Amory.* 

Children : 

I. *Son b. Nov. 4, 1816; lived a few hours. 

116. II. Thomas Coffin Amory b.* Dec. 11, 1817 at Boston 

(bapt. Apr. 25, 1818 Trinity Church, Boston), 
d.* Oct. 4, 1890 at Boston. 

117. III. Edward Amory b.* Aug. 28, 1819 at Boston, d.* 

May 19, 1865 at Dorchester, Mass. 
Thomas A. Dexter's Will, made Oct. 4, 1867, mentions chn. 
of deceased son Edward A. Dexter, and only surviving son 
Thomas C. A. Dexter.^^ 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'^ Aaron.^] 
01. CHARLES PARKER DEXTER b.* Feb. 17, 1796 
(bapt. Apr. 24 at Kings Chapel Boston) d. May 4, 1861 at 
Bristol, Penn.' 

He m. Apr. 16, 1822 (int. Mch. 28) New North Church, 

Sarah Rebecca Blake b.* May 30, 1799 at Boston,''^^ d.* 
Nov. 30, 1852 at Hamilton, Canada. Dau. of Edward and 
Sarah (Parkman) Blake.'"^ 

Children : 

118. I. Charles Edward b.* April 30, 1823 at Boston, d.* 

June 6, 1881 at Columbus, Ga. 

119. II. Samuel Parkman b.* June 13, 1824 at Boston, d. 

Dec. 18, 1885 at Boston.' 

120. III. Amory b.* Apr. 12, 1829 at Boston (bapt. May 25, 

New North Church, Boston), d.* Dec. 28, 1887 
at Columbus, Ga. 

121. IV. Sarah Blake b.* Nov. 22, 1830 at Boston (bapt. 

Mch. 13, 1831 New North Church, Boston). 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,"^ Aaron.^] 
62. GEORGE MINOT DEXTER b. Nov. 15, 1802 at 
Boston' (bapt. Dec. 26 at Kings Chapel, Boston), d. Nov. 26, 
1872, at Brookline.^^ Of Boston. Architect. 
He. m. May 4, 1826 (int. Apr. 12) at Boston,' 
EHzabeth Ann Amory b.* June 20, 1806 d.* Dec. 1, 1867 
at Brookline. Dau. of Thomas Coffin and Hannah Rowe 

ii6 Dexter Genealogy 

(Linzee) Amory (sister of Hannah Louisa, who m. Edward 
Dexter Sohier of Boston). 
Children : 

122. I. William Sohier b.* Feb. 12, 1828 at Boston. 

123. II. Emily Linzee b.* May 2, 1829 at Boston, d.* July 

12, 1902 at Brookline. 

III. George Edward b.* Nov. 1830 at Boston, d. Dec. 
16, 1831 at Boston.^ 

IV. Anna Amory b.* July 2, 1832 at Boston, d.* Nov. 
22, 1899, at Boston, m. Sept. 12, 1873 at Boston,^ 
James Jackson Storrow b,* July 1837 at Boston, 
d.* Apr. 15, 1897 at Washington, son of Charles 
Storer and Lydia (Cabot) Storrow,* graduated from 
Harvard 1857, went through Harvard Law School 
and then into the office of the late Elias Merwin. 
He early devoted himself to patent law, having 
charge of the McKay Sewing Machine case, and 
later was the leading counsel for the Bell Tele- 
phone Co., being connected with it from 1897 
nearly up to the time of his death. In 1896 he 
became interested in the Venezuela boundary 
question and at the suggestion of Secy. Olney was 
asked by the Venezuelan Republic to become its 
counsel and drafted the treaty conforming to the 
one between the United States and Great Britain. 

124. V. George b. July 20, 1834 at Boston.^ 

125. VI. Susan Prescott b.* Nov. 19, 1836 at Boston. 

126. VII. Frances Meredith b.* Mch. 13, 1839 at Boston. 

127. VIII. Mary Louisa b.* Mch. 13, 1839 at Boston. 

IX. Frederic b.* Sept. 13, 1841 at Boston, d. 1895 at 
Boston. Of Boston. He. m. Apr. 30, 1867 at Bos- 
ton,^ Susan Chapman, b.* Feb. 21, 1843, dau. of 
Jonathan and Lucinda (Dwight) Chapman.* No 
Norfolk Probate Records agree with above. ^^ 


At a special meeting of the wardens and vestry of Trinity 
Church, held on Thursday, November 28, 1872, the junior 
warden, Charles H. Parker, Esq., presiding, the Hon. Robert 

Dexter Genealogy 117 

C. Winthrop offered the following resolutions, which were sec- 
onded by John Codman, Esq., and unanimously adopted: 

Resolved, That we have received with deep sorrow the an- 
nouncement of the death of our respected associate, George M. 
Dexter, Esq., whose important and faithful services to our 
church for more than forty years as a member, a vestryman, 
and for a long time past as senior warden, had won for him 
our warmest regard and affection. 

Resolved, That we shall ever cherish the memory of our 
lamented friend as a man of eminent purity and piety; of the 
most obliging and generous disposition, always ready and 
always active in good works, disinterested and self-sacrificing, 
a Christian gentleman, whose courtesy and kindness had en- 
deared him to all with whom he was associated. 

Resolved, That the unspairing devotion of Mr. Dexter to 
the interests of our church for so long a time, and particularly 
during the period of its recent changes and trials, has entitled 
him to be inscribed among its best friends and benefactors; 
and that we recommend to the proprietors that a tablet to his 
memory be placed on the walls of that new "Trinity" to which 
he had already given so much time and thought, and in the 
progress of which his loving care and superintendence will be 
so much missed by us all. 

Resolved, That we will attend the funeral of our lamented 
associate at Emanuel Church at 12 o'clock to-morrow. 

Resolved, That an attested copy of these resolutions be com- 
municated to the family of our friend, with an assurance of 
our heartfelt sympathy in their bereavement; and that the reso- 
lutions be also entered on the records of the vestry, be re- 
ported to the proprietors of the church at their next meeting^ 
and a copy sent to the Boston Daily Advertiser for insertion . 
Attest: Stephen G. Deblois, 

Secretary of Trinity Church. 

The Late George M. Dexter. — At a special meeting of 
the trustees of the Massachusetts Society for Promoting Agri- 
culture, held at No. 42 Court street, on Friday, the 29th 
November, at 10 o'clock a.m., the following resolutions 
were adopted: 

Resolved, Whereas, "it has pleased God in his wise provi- 
dence" to remove from this world our associate and friend 

ii8 T)exter Genealogy 

George M. Dexter, a trustee of this society, we hereby record 
our deep sense of the loss which the society has sustained in 
the death of one so devoted to its interests and aims, and so 
competent to promote them. 

Resolved, That the trustees, while lamenting the decease of 
a Christian gentleman and true friend, whose cheerful, amiable, 
benevolent and sympathetic character endeared him to all 
who knew him, yet recognize that the loss to us is gain to him 
who had reached "the allotted term of life, and departed ere 
his eye was dim or his natural force abated." 

Resolved, That the trustees attend his funeral in a body at 
12 M. to-day, and that a copy of these resolutions be sent to 
his family with expressions of their profound sympathy and 

E. N. Perkins, Secretary. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'"" Aaron.^] 
63. JOHN (HAVEN changed to) COFFIN DEXTER b.* 
Mch. 26, 1805 (bapt. Oct. 20 at King's Chapel, Boston) d.* 
Sept. 3, 1846. Of Boston and Bangor, Me. 

He m. first Oct. 24, 1827 (int. Oct. 10) at HoUis St. Church, 

Eliza Bussey Da\ds b.* Feb. 1, 1811, d.* Aug. 27, 1837 at 
Boston. Dau. of Charles and Eliza (Bussey) Davis.* 
Children : 

I. Benjamin Bussey b.* Oct. 2, 1828, d. Apr. 10, 
1829 at Bangor, Me." 
II. Benjamin Bussey b.* Mch. 23, 1830, d.* Nov. 5, 

III. Eliza Bussey b.* Nov. 16, 1831, d.* Jan. 22, 1832. 

IV. Eleanor Bussey b.* Aug. 6, 1834, d.* Oct. 18, 1835. 
He. m. secondly Dec. 31, 1840 (int. Nov. 12) at Bangor, 


Caroline Rogers Fairfield b.* Apr. 3, 1818, dau. of Jothan 
and Caroline (Rogers) Fairfield.* (She afterwards m. Dr. John 
Mason of Bangor, Me.) 
Children : 

V. Samuel Lowder b.* Nov. 7, 1841, d.* Sept. 29, 

VI. Catherine b.* Dec. 11, 1843, m.* Sept. 5, 1864, 
Edwin Beaman Patten. 

Dexter Genealogy 119 

[Richard/ John," Richard,"' Timothy,'^ Paul7] 
64. TIMOTHY DEXTER b. Oct. 7, 1767 at Medford, 
Mass.,^ d. [g. s.] Oct. 10, 1826 at Medford. Of Medford. 

He m. Mch. 2, 1794 (int. Dec. 22, 1793) at Haverhill," 
Rev. John Shaw officiating, 

Ruth Webster b. Sept. 19, 1766 at Haverhill," d. [g. s.] 
Nov. 9, 1819 at Medford. Dau. of Jonathan and Nannee 
(Springer) Webster of Haverhill.* 
Children : 

I. Timothy b. Dec. 4, 1794°^ at Medford* (bapt. Feb. 
1, 1795. Medford Church), d. [g. s.] May 10, 1823 
at Charleston, S. C. 
II. Samuel Webster b. Nov. 2, 1796^^ at Medford* 
(bapt. Nov. 6 Medford Church) d.* Aug. 8, 1828 
at Charleston, S. C. Is said to have had two chn., 
a dau., and a son, who was arrested at Boston for 
running the blockade twice during the War of the 
Rebellion.* He m. *1818 Ann Whitney and had 
two chn., Samuel and Ann. 

128. III. Anson b. Oct. 28, 1798^^ at Medford* (bapt. Nov. 11 

Medford Church) d.* June 12, 1873 at West Rox- 
bury, Mass.^^ 

129. IV. Nancy Springer b. Aug. 8, 1800^^ at Medford* 

(bapt. 'Aug. 17 Medford Church), d.* Oct. 14, 1879 
at Charlestown, Mass. 
V. William Mansire b. Feb. 7, 1802^^ at Medford* 
(bapt. Feb. 22 Medford Church), d. [g. s.] July 1, 
VI. Jonathan Webster b. July 3, 1804 ^^ at Medford * 
(bapt. July 8, Medford Church) d. [g. s.] Nov. 1, 
1824 at Charleston, S. C. 
VII. WilKam Mansire b.* Apr. 10, 1806^^ (bapt. Apr. 20 
Medford Church), d. [g. s.] Jan. 1, 1807. 

130. VIII. Abigail Putnam b.* Dec. 21, 1807°^ at Medford 

(bapt. Jan. 17, 1808 Medford Church), d.*Feb. 14, 
1855 at Concord, N. H.^"^ 
IX. Albert Edmn b.* June 30, 1809^^ (bapt. July 16 
Medford Churci^), d.* July 15, 1878 at Boston 
(unm.). j 

I20 Dexter Genealogy 

[Richard/ John," Richard/" Timothy/^ Paul/] 
65. SAMUEL DEXTER b. Nov. 9, 1772 at Medford/ d.* 
1833 at Newport, R. I. Went to Newport, R. I. 
It is very unfortunate that more cannot be learned 
from official records concerning this family. But 
the records are seemingly to be blamed. 
He m. (his first cousin), 

Elizabeth Weeden b.* Apr. 26, 1775, d.* 1826 or '7 at Paw- 
tucket, R. I., aged 63 or Q5 yrs. Dau. of Ephraim and Lydia 
(Wade) Weeden.* 
Children : 

I. Ephraim b. d. after 1837, perhaps 1842 

or '3, in Livingston Co., Miss., m. twice at the 
South, the second time a Creole; had a son by 
the first wife named probably Ephraim, who was 
' in the Rebel Army and has not been heard of since. 

II. Maria b. d. at Newport shortly after 

marriage; m. William Gordon. 
III. EHza b. d. 1869 or '71 at New Bed- 

ford, m. at Pawtucket, R. I.®^ John Randall Moul- 
ton Connell. 

131. IV. Samuel b. d.* about 1863 in Illinois. 

V. Sarah Ann b. d. at Searsport, Me.; m. 

first William Gordon (her sister's widower), sec- 
ondly James McAllister, thirdly at Searsport, Me.^^ 

132. VI. Richard Weeden b.* Apr. 7, 1810 at Newport, R. I. 

d. Feb. 3, 1880, at Providence, R. I.'^ 
VII. Lydia b. d. m. at Searsport, Me.*'^ 

Thomas Cass Currier. 
VIII. Anson b. d. 1837 or '8, m. at Providence 

Almira Angell. No chn. 

133. IX. Paul b.* Aug. 7, 1818 at Newport, R. I. 

X. Lucretia Barker b.* Dec. 25, 1820. 

There are said to have been twelve chn., two of whom died 
young; also about two yrs. difference in their ages. According 
to the same authority as the last two statements, the chn. are 
given in the order of their ages, alternately a boy and a girl, 
as follows: Ephraim, Maria, Samuel, Eliza, Richard. Sarah, 
Anson, Lydia, Paul, Lucretia. 

Dexter Genealogy 121 

[Richard/ John," Richard/" Timothy/^ Paiil7] 

66. ANSON DEXTER b. Apr. 30, 1778 at Medford,^ bu. 
June 16, 1811 (Medford Church). Of Medford. 

He m. first Mch. 20, 1803 at Medford,^ 
Mary Fisk b. (1783) bu. Dec. 21, 1810, aged 27 yrs. (Med- 
ford Church.) 
Children : 

I. Elizabeth Wade b. (1803) d. June 29, 1824, aged 
21 yrs. (Medford Church.) She was admitted to 
Medford Church June 6, 1824. 
II. Mary Fisk b. (1805) bu. Sept. 23, 1810, aged 5 
yrs. (Medford Church.) 

III. Sarah Weeden b.* July 25, 1807, m. Feb. 17, 1828 
(int. Jan. 30) at Boston,^ Rev. Joseph Badger 
officiating, James Beard Rice (his name also given 
as Bayard Rice). 

IV. Lydia Goodhue b.* July 30, 1809, d. June 1837, m. 
Dec. 27, 1827 (int. Dec. 8) at Boston,^ Joseph 
Roberts Knight. 

He m. secondly Feb. 17, 1811 at Medford,^ Rev. Dr. Osgood 

Mary Ballard Anderson. (She afterwards m. Jan. 17, 1813 
at West Cambridge, Peter Edwards. [Cutler's Hist, of Arling- 

Some papers concerning the estate of Anson D. and his dau. 
E. W. D. are at East Cambridge. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Nathan,'^ Nathan.^] 

67. SARAH DEXTER b. (1787) d. Oct. 25, 1813 at Boston,' 
aged 26 yrs. She m.f Oct. 19, 1809 (int. Aug. 6 both called 
of Charlestown)^, 

Peter Dexter (her second cousin). 


Sarah Ehzabeth b. Sept. 30, 1810, m. Apr. 14, 1832, 
Jacob Webb Parker b Jan. 6, 1807 at Maiden,^ 
son of Isaac and Mary (Webb) Parker of Maiden,^ 
and had chn:y 

A. Laura Ann b. May 19, 1833. 

B. Ed^dn George b. Oct. 11. 1834. 

122 Dexter Genealogy 

[Richard/ John/' John/" Samuel/^ Samuel/ Andrew/^ 
68. ANDREW DEXTER b * Mch. 28, 1779 at Brookfield, 
Mass. (bapt. July 15, 1781, Hollis St. Church, Boston), d.* 
Nov. 2, 1837, at Mobile, Ala. Graduated at Brown Uni- 
versity 1798. Lawyer. Was of River Philip, N. S., 2 May, 
1811. Of Boston 1803 and 1804 (Wore. Ld.) 

He m. June 21, 1818 (int. May 29) at Trinity Church, 

Charlotte Morton b.* Sept. 30, 1787, d.* Aug. 19, 1819 
at New Philadelphia, Ala. Dau. of Perez and Sarah Went- 
worth (Apthorp) Morton.* 

Children : 
134. I. Andrew Alfred b.* Sept. 10, 1809, at Winsor, N. S., 
d.* Dec. 6, 1853, at Montgomery, Ala. 
II. Charlotte Sophia b.* Oct. 28, 1812, d.* Feb. 19, 
1878 at Fort Decatur, Ala. (unm.). 
III. Samuel b.* June 9, 1815,) d.* Oct. 1837 at San 
Augustine, Texas (unm.). Was a major in the 
Texan War, on Gen. Rusk's Staff. 

The Montgomery Advertiser^ 
Montgomery, Ala., 
Sunday, November 8, 1903. 



Andrew Dexter, the founder of the city of Montgomery, was 
born in Brookfield, Mass., March 28, 1779. He died in 
Mobile, a victim of yellow fever, Nov. 2, 1837. His ancestors 
were wealthy and distinguished people. His father, Andrew 
Dexter, was born in Boston about 1750. His mother, Mary 
Newton, the daughter of Simon Newton, of Newport, R. I 
was born in that city March 21, 1757. His father and mother 
were married in Woodstock, Conn., May 5, 1770. His father 
was a most successful merchant. His mother was one of the 
most beautiful women of that day, and it is said the son re- 
sembled her in a striking manner. 

His grandfather, Samuel Dexter, of Boston, was a leading 
man and compatriot of the Adamses and Hancocks. His 

Dexter Genealogy 123 

maternal grandfather, Simon Newton, was a man of large 
wealth. He was born at Bristol, R. I., June 25, 1720. He 
married Mary Sigourney, Jan. 17, 1740. She was born at 
Newport, R. I., July 19, 1723. Simon Newton died Jan. 20 
1808. His wife died May 13, 1810. They lived together in 
the marriage state 68 years, wanting one week only. 

Mr. Dexter's father had but one brother, Samuel Dexter, 
who was born May 14, 1761, and graduated at Harvard in 
1781. He was a member of Congress 1793-5, and senator 
1799-1800. During the administration of John Adams he was 
Secretary of War, 1800, and Secretary of the Treasury, 1801, 
and for a short time also had charge of the Department of 
State. In 1812 he changed his party relations and became 
a leader on the other side, and was a candidate for Governor 
in 1815 and 1816 in opposition to Governor Brooks. He was 
offered the mission to Spain by Mr. Madison. He died in 
Athens, N. Y., May 3, 1816. 

Mr. Dexter, the founder of Montgomery, graduated at 
Brown University with the highest honors of the institution 
in 1796. He studied law with his uncle, Samuel Dexter, and 
for a short time resided with him at Washington City, as his 
private secretary, while a member of the cabinet. After ad- 
mission to the bar in 1800 he practiced law several years in 
Boston, and for some time was a partner of his uncle. He 
soon attained an en\dable standng at the bar, but becoming 
successful in two or three enterprises foreign to his practice 
his imagination was so captivated by these new pursuits that 
he soon ceased to pay much attention to the law. 

In 1807 he made a purchase, on favorable terms, of a highly 
valuable lot of land in the city of Boston. By subsequent 
purchases he added to this all the adjoining property, so as to 
embrace an entire square. Here, after tearing down the old 
buildings, he erected the magniiScent Boston Exchange, cover- 
ing nearly the whole ground and rising to the height of seven 
stories. This structure, the design of which was entirely his 
own, was admitted to be the most tasteful and elegant in the 
United States. The cost for building and furnishing was 

The plan and purpose of the building was alike unique. 
It was designed as a kind of a city in a city, or city in miniature 
which should concentrate in one focus the news, commerce, law 

124 T)exter Genealogy 

literature and fashion of the metropolis of New England, com- 
bining under one roof the city, municipal and post-offices, law 
offices, brokers' offices, merchants' exchange and trading 
rooms, city assembly rooms, and one of the best hotels in the 
Union. It was finished in 1809, and was the pride of the city 
until entirely consumed by fire in 1825. (fNov. 3, 1818.) 

Mr. Dexter was at the same time president of the Boston 
Bank, and had under his control a very large number of the 
internal country banks. The Boston Bank redeemed the bills 
of these country banks on presentation, which arrangement 
gave greater uniformity to the currency. Mr. Dexter, how- 
ever, extended his credit entirely too far, in the erection of 
the Exchange, the cost of which altogether exceeded his ex- 
pectations, considering that the only hope of success rested 
upon the completion of the building, which would render the 
capital embarked in it available, and enable him to sustain 
himself; he strained every nerve to effect this object, and he 
always contended that he would have been successful in this, 
had it not been for an interested combination of brokers, who, 
by concerted efforts, obtained control of such an overwhelming 
amount of the country currency redeemable at the Boston Bank 
as to force the latter to suspend payment. The immediate 
consequence of this was the failure of Mr. Dexter for the im- 
mense sum of $1,200,000, exceeding in extent, it is believed, 
any failure which had occurred at that time (1809) in the 
United States. 

Shortly before his failure, in 1808, Mr. Dexter married 
Charlotte Apthorpe, youngest daughter of Perez Morton, 
attorney general of Massachusetts, a lady of the most lovely 
and accomphshed character. She died in this city, Aug. 17, 
1819, of bilious fever, living only twelve days after her arrival 
from the North, to join a husband to whom she was truly de- 
voted, and from whom she had been separated for two years. 
She was buried in Oakwood cemetery, being among the first 
females buried there. 

Perez Morton, the father of Mrs. Dexter, was born in Ply- 
mouth, Mass., Nov. 13, 1751, and died at Dorchester, October 
14, 1837. He was graduated at Harvard in 1771. He was a 
member of the Committee of Safety in 1775, and an active 
administrator of pubhc affairs during the Revolution. In 
April, 1770, he delivered in behalf of the Boston civil authorities 

Dexter Genealogy 125 

the formal oration over the remains of General Joseph Warren. 
This address, it was said, "though eloquent, was an elaborate 
ornate production." He studied law after the peace, became 
eminent in his profession, and was Speaker of the Massachu- 
setts House of Representatives, in 1806-11 and Attorney 
General in 1811-32. In 1820 he was a delegate to the State 
Constitutional Convention. 

The mother of Mrs. Dexter was Sarah Wentworth Apthorpe. 
She was born August 29, 1759. She married Perez Morton in 
1781, and died in Quincy, May 14, 1846. She was a constant 
contributor of short stories to the Massachusetts Magazine, and 
gained quite a reputation under the pen name of "Philona," 
part of which was due to the laudatory comments of Robert 
Treat Paine, Jr., by whom she was styled the "American 
Sapho." She also published " Onabi, or the Virtues of Nature," 
an Indian tale in four cantos. "My Mind and Thoughts,'* 
reflections in prose arranged with great formality, and various 
other poems. 

Shortly after his failure, Mr. Dexter removed to Nova Scotia, 
where Mrs. Dexter had relatives, among whom was the then 
Governor, Sir John Wentworth and a sister, married to a rich 
Provincial. Governor Wentworth was born in New Hamp- 
shire, and was a graduate of Harvard, 1755. He had been sent 
to England in 1765 to present petitions from his native province 
and in 1766 was made Governor of that Pro\dnce, and "surveyor 
of the King's woods in America." 

As Governor he gave a charter to Dartmouth College and 
endowed it with nearly 45,000 acres of land. He returned to 
England just prior to the revolution. After peace was declared 
he came to Novia Scotia and became Lieutenant Governor in 
1762. He was given a baronetcy in 1795. 

Mr. Dexter remained in Novia Scotia about eighteen months. 
While there, with the aid of his friends, he embarked in the 
manufacture of salt upon the Philip River, but did not succeed 
according to his expectations, principally from want of suffi- 
cient capital. 

In 1810 Mr. Dexter returned to the United States and settled 
at Athens, on the Hudson River, where his brother then resided. 
Here he remained for six years, during which time his restless 
activity displayed itself in the greatest variety of pursuits. 
Among these were cutting ship timber from land belonging to 

126 Dexter Genealogy 

his father; the manufacture of buck on a large scale for the 
New York market, the opening of marble quarries in the in- 
terior of the State, cultivation of the soil; the establishment of 
a large Academic Institution, to which he gave a portion of his 
personal attention, and experimental researches in natural 
philosophy with a view principally to useful improvements in 
the arts, particularly those connected with heat, and of water 
as a mechanical agent. Commenting upon this portion of his 
life, a near relative in 1848 wrote: "But fortune continued to 
frown upon his efforts and to withhold that golden crown which 
is seldom awarded unless as the meed of perseverance in a 
single pursuit." 

In 1816 Mr. Dexter's father died, as already stated, his estate 
considerably impaired by the assistance which he had rendered 
his son in his unfortunate operations. By the death of his 
father, Mr. Dexter came into possession of a considerable 
amount of Georgia land script, which he determined to locate 
personally in the Alabama Territory. In pursuance of this 
plan he went to Washington, and thence to Milledge\dlle, v/here 
the Land office of the Territory was then located. It is reliably 
stated that he had, before arriving there, from information re- 
ceived in the City of Washington, determined to secure, if 
possible, that point on the Alabama River, now known as 
Montgomery, and adjacent lands. He was fully aware of the 
value of the point as a town site, and even before arriving there, 
as he declared afterwards, he had decided upon the general 
plan of his embryo city. 

As this sketch is not intended to be one of the city of Mont- 
gomery, but one of the person who founded it, many facts con- 
nected with the early history of the city will be omitted. 

The whole town was known for several years as New Phila- 
delphia, a name which the relatives of Mr. Dexter say he gave 
it. It was soon changed to Montgomery. In laying off the 
tov/n, Mr. Dexter purposely gave such a direction to the main 
street as to cause its alignment to coincide with the summit of a 
beautiful elevation, reserving upon the summit asquare, which he 
confidently predicted would at some time be the site of the State 
House, giving to the elevation the name of Capitol Hill. Mr. 
Dexter also donated five acres for a cemetery. This now con- 
stitutes the south half of the "old graveyard," or "Scott free 
burying ground." To this donation Gen. John Scott in 1828 
added five more acres. 

Dexter Genealogy 127 

Soon after the first settlement of Montgomery, Mr. Dexter 
embarked in what proved a very disastrous enterprise, the 
building of a set of mills on the Catona Creek, about eight miles 
from Montgomery. Shortly after the successful completion 
had been affected, which in that day had been attended with a 
heavy outlay, the whole affair was entirely swept away by a 

This, together with some subsequent unfortunate building 
operations, etc., crippled Mr. Dexter so much that he was com- 
pelled to part eventually at a very low price, with nearly all the 
valuable lands near Montgomery, embracing several thousand 
acres, which he had secured by his Georgia script. In 1830 
Mr. Dexter left Montgomery and was absent three years. A 
portion of this was spent in Mobile, where he obtained the con- 
firmation of a great many valuable claims in and about the city 
for persons in whose behalf he acted, from the general govern- 
ment. He made at the same time some very profitable invest- 
ments in the purchase of forfeited land certificates. For his 
exertions in this way he obtained a considerable body of waste 
lands in the environs of Mobile, which although intrinsically 
of no great value, was estimated and taxed in 1836 at about 

The larger portion of these three years was spent in the 
Mexican State of Coahuila and Texas. Here he purchased 
land script and located it, but the amount due to the govern- 
ment for the land, was paid by his heirs after his death to the 
Republic of Texas. 

From his return to Alabama from Texas in 1833 to the time 
of his death, four years, he resided principally in Mobile,|his 
attention occupied in land matters, particularly the establishing 
of old claims under the Spanish and French jurisdiction, many 
of which from the ignorance and neglect of the parties, had 
been overlooked by our government. By his success in this 
business he established in a short time a high reputation and 
his counsel and co-operation were secured in many of the most 
important cases. He was thus gradually returning to that 
sphere which was his true position, and from which he had been 
led in early life by the fascinations of a speculative enterprise. 
Here he had a field for the exercise of that research and patient 
power of investigation for which he was eminently characterized. 

At the same time that he was thus occupied, he was engaged 

128 Dexter Genealogy 

for the last two years of his Hfe in the construction of a ruinously 
expensive saw mill near Mobile, to procure funds for which he 
sold or placed under mortgage all his estate in and near that 
city. His sudden death at the close of a year of general dis- 
aster, left his affairs, like those of so many at the time, in a state 
of hopeless embarrassment. As stated above, he died Nov. 2, 
1837, at the age of 58 years, 6 months and 5 days. 

He fell a victim to his benevolent and charitable impulses. 
Living in a healthful position eight miles from Mobile, the 
prevalence of the yellow fever could not deter him from visiting 
the city every day, and when there, of administering, as had 
always been his practice, to the sick. An acquaintance whose 
life had been despaired of, he determined to save if possible. 
He remained with him night and day, and shortly after his 
recovery had been affected, he was himself violently attacked 
by the fatal disease. He had such confidence in the strength 
of his constitution, which was indeed remarkable, that when 
attacked by the epidemic, he merely repaired to his office, 
where he usually slept when in the city. Here, attended by 
a faithful servant, he took medicine and communicated his 
condition to no one, no member of his family being then in that 
part of the country, after which, becoming sensible of his dan- 
ger, he called in the best medical advice in the city. But the 
disease could not be arrested, and after an illness of only four 
days duration, he breathed his last. It has been written of 
Mr. Dexter, "that, it may be truly asserted, he never allowed 
an opportunity to pass of relieving the distress of a fellow- 
being," and as an instance, "that, on one occasion he explained 
a prolonged absence from home, when he was residing near 
Montgomery, in 1823, by stating that he had been detained in 
the "nation" (as the country inhabited by the Creeks was then 
designated) in endeavoring to save the life of a poor Indian at 
whose cabin he had happened accidently to stop." 

[Richard,^ John," John,^" Samuel,^^ Samuel,^ Andrew. ^^] 
69. SAMUEL DEXTER b.* July 5, 1781 at Boston (bapt. 
July 15, 1781 HolUs St. Church, Boston), d. [g. s.] Feb. 26, 
1862 at Providence, R. I.^** Graduated at Brown University, 
1801. Of Providence R.I. 

Dexter Genealogy 129 

He m. first, 

Sophia Adams b. , d. [g. s.] June 4, 1808 at Provi- 
dence, R. I. in 23 ^ yr. Dau. of Josiah and Mary (Kinnicut) 

Children : 

135. I. Mary Sophia b. Apr. 8, 1803 at Providence, R. I.^^ 

d. [g. s.] Feb. 15, 1863 at New York. 

136. II. Catherine b.* Oct. 13, 1805 at Providence, R. I., d. 

[g. s.] June 17, 1832 at Scituate, R. I. 

He m. secondly, 

Abby Sheldon of Newport, R. I., b. (1786), d. [g. s.] 

Mch. 13, 1820 in 34th yr. Dau. of Gen. Daniel and Deborah 
(Bailey) Sheldon of Newport.** 

III. Daniel Sheldon b. [g. s.] June 24, 1813 at Providence 
R. I.,^^ d. [g. s.] Sept. 13, 1838 at Baltimore, 
He m. thirdly Sept. 10, 1821 at Providence, R. I.^'^ 
Amey Martin b.* [g. s.] May 9, 1805 at Providence, R. I., d. 
[g. s.] Sept. 7, 1826 at Providence, R. I. Dau. of Joseph and 
Abby (Martin) Martin.* 
Children : 

137. IV. Caroline Martin b.* Apr. 2, 1823 at Providence, 

R. I., d. [g. s.] Dec. 27, 1848 at Bristol, R. I. 

138. V. Sophia b.* Nov. 28, 1824 at Providence, R. I., d.* 

June 7, 1872 at New Orleans, La. 

He m. fourthly,* 1832, Rev. Samuel Ede's officiating, 

Almira Theodosia Fenner b.* Jan. 17, 1793 at Providence, 

R. I., d. Oct. 10, 1872 at Providence, R. I.^^ Dau. of Gov"^ 

James and Sarah (Jenckes) Fenner.* 
Children : 

139. VI. Arthur Fenner b.* Apr. 2, 1835 at Providence, 

R. I., d.* Feb. 29, 1886, at Barstow, Cal. 
VII. Simon Newton b.* May 3, 1838, d.* Aug. 4, 1902 
at Seconnet, R. I. (unm.). 
Samuel Dexter 's Will, made Dec. 18, 1861, mentions wife 
Almira T. Fenner, dau. Mary Cozzens, wife of Benjamin, 
dau. Sophia D. Fearing, wife of Charles H., granddaughter 
Caroline D. DeWolf,. two sons, Arthur F. Dexter and Newton 
Dexter, bro. S. Newton Dexter of Whitestown.^'^ 

130 Dexter Genealogy 

[Richard/ John," John,"^ Samuel, ^^ Samuel,^ Andrew/] 
70. SIMON NEWTON DEXTER b* May 11, 1785 at 
Providence, R. I., d. Nov. 18, 1862 at Whitesboro, N. Y."^^ 
Went to Whitesboro, N. Y., Canal Commissioner N. Y., Feb 
22, 1840-Feb. 28, 1842. 

He m. first,* Oct. 24, 1811, at Athens, N. Y., 

Laura Northrop b.* Feb. 18, 1793 at Hudson, N. Y., d.* 
Dec. 10, 1846 at Whitesboro, N. Y. Dau. of Judge Isaac and 
Mary Northrop.* 

Children : 

I. Isaac Newton b.* Aug. 14, 1819 at Whitesboro, 
N. Y., d.* Jan. 14, 1833 at Whitesboro, N. Y. 

140. II. Mary Frances b.* July 27, 1821 at Whitesboro, 

N. Y., d.* May 27, 1869 at Clinton, N. Y.'^ 

141. III. Andrew b.* Apr. 13, 1823 at Whitesboro, N. Y. 
IV. Wilham Henry b.* June 16, 1825 at Whitesboro, 

N. Y., d.* Dec. 6, 1825 at Whitesboro, N. Y. 
He m. secondly,* Feb. 3, 1848, at Whitestown, 
Martha b.* May 4, 1810, d.* Oct. 5, 1898 at Wliitesboro, 
N. Y. Widow of Thomas Ruggles Gold, dau. of Judge Ben- 
jamin and Chloe (Wright) Raymond of Potsdam.* 

S. Newton Dexter was born in Providence, R. I., May 11, 
1785. He died in Whitestown, November 18, 1862. His 
father Andrew Dexter, was the first manufacturer of cotton 
goods in the United States. His grandfather, Samuel Dexter, 
of Boston, left a bequest to Harvard College, the income of 
which now goes to the Professor of Biblical Literature. His 
great-grandfather. Rev. Samuel Dexter, a graduate from 
Harvard in 1720, was pastor of the Congregational Church in 
Maiden, Mass., where he died in 1775. S. Newton Dexter 
was prepared for college under the instruction of Rev. Caleb 
Alexander, Mendon, Mass., who afterwards prepared the way 
for the chartering of Hamilton College by gathering funds and 
shaping pubhc opinion. Soon after his admission to Brown 
University, Mr. Dexter gave up his plans for study, to accept a 
business engagement in Boston. In 1815 he removed to 
Whitesboro, where he lived for forty-seven years. In 1824, 
he undertook a very heavy contract on the Chesapeake and 
Delaware Canal. This occupied five years, and involved an 

Dexter Genealogy 131 

expenditure of over two millions of dollars. In 1829 he became 
the agent of the Oriskany Manufacturing Company, and in 
1832 the agent of the Dexter Manufacturing Company of 
Pleasant Valley. In 1835 he was elected a trustee of Hamilton 
College, and in 1838 president of the Bank of Whitestown. 
In 1840 he was appointed one of the Canal Commissioners and 
in 1850 one of the Managers of the State Lunatic Asylum at 
XJtica. His first wife was Laura Northrup, of Athens, to whom 
he was married October 26, 1811. His second wife was Mrs. 
Martha Raymond Gold, to whom he was married February 
3, 1848. 

(Memorial of President North. Footnote, page 63.) 

[Richard,' John," John,'" Samuel,''' Samuel,^ Samuel.'^'] 
71. CATHERINE GORDON DEXTER (bapt. June 21, 
1789 at Trinity Church, Boston), d.* Nov. 10, 1841 at New 
Brunswick, N. J. 

She m. Apr. 15, 1817 at Kings Chapel Boston/ Rev. James 
Freeman officiating. 

Col. Samuel Michel McKay b.* Apr. 3, 1793 at Bennington, 
Vt., d.* Oct. 6, 1834 at Pittsfield, Mass. Son of Samuel and 
Louise (de Lotteiniere) McKay.* 
Children : 

I. Samuel Dexter b.* Jan. 28, 1818 at Brownsville, 
N. S., d.* July 30, 1837 at Boston (unm.). 
II. Eustace b.* Apr. 13, 1819 at Pittsfield, d.* Feb. 26, 

1839 at Cincinnati (unm.). 
III. Gordon b.* May 4, 1821 at Pittsfield, d.* Oct. 19, 
1903 at Newport, R. I. He m.* first, 1845, Agnes 
Jenkins of Pittsfield, m.* secondly, 1878, Marion 
Treat of Longwood, Mass. No chn. 


Mrs. Katharine Gordon McKay. 

Died at New Brunswick, N. J., Nov. 10*^- 1841, Mrs. 
Katharine Gordon McKay, daughter of the late Samuel 
Dexter, of this city. 

The death of this lady is deeply lamented by those who knew 
her worth and loved her for her virtues. Deeply impressed 

132 Dexter Genealogy 

with a conviction of the solemn responsibleness of her sex, she 
sought ever to discharge with fideHty her high duties in all the 
relations of daughter, sister, wife, and mother, which she sus- 
tained. Her character was cast in no ordinary mould. It 
was marked by qualities that command respect and secure 
confidence and attachment. She was distinguished for inde- 
pendence and decision of mind — attributes so important in a 
woman, for a genuine honesty of purpose, and a mingled sin- 
cerity and frankness of manner which none could ever for a 
moment distrust; and her affections, sanctified by the chasten- 
ing influence of affliction, and hallowed by Christian faith and 
hope, glowed with purity and power in her breast, making her 
thoughtful for others, forgetful of self, ready to improve every 
opportunity of usefulness which providence offered, and to 
contribute what she might to the comfort, happiness, and virtue 
of others. — Her charity ever commensurate with her means, 
had that quality which the Saviour approves — the left hand 
never proclaimed what the right had done. She was singularly 
free in all respects from ostentation or affectation. — The govern- 
ing principle of her life seemed to be a simple earnest desire 
to know the truth and to do heriduty. — Her thirst for intellectual 
acquisitions neither the cares nor the sorrows of life had ex- 
tinguished. — Her mind was enriched by extensive reading and 

She did not imagine that because she was a woman, it was 
not necessary for her to inquire and form a judgment and 
opinion for herself. — With a masculine vigor of intellect, she 
investigated for herself the profoundest subjects of moral and 
religious truth, and was ever eager to gather new hght and fresh 
knowledge from whatever source it could be derived. — Her 
faith was the firm and honest conviction of her mind, the result 
of patient thought and earnest prayer. — It was also that "faith 
of the heart which is unto righteousness." — What she believed 
to be true she aimed to embody in her character and apply to 
her conduct. — Within the last few years, a dark shadow had 
been thrown over her lot, by the death of an endeared husband, 
and two sons in the bloom of opening manhood, whose high 
principles and noble purposes and manly piety were an evidence 
that the mother had been faithful in her trust. — In these be- 
reavements she manifested the strength of her faith by her calm 
and cheerful resignation to the divine will, and the holy energy 

Dexter Genealogy 133 

with which she applied herself to the discharge of the duties 
that in consequence devolved upon her. — 

While on a visit to a brother in New Brunswick she was 
seized with a disease incident to the climate which in a few days 
terminated fatally. To a character so formed, to a life so 
spent, death could never come inopportunely. She met it with 
unruffled calmness, with a faith firm as the throne of God, and 
a hope bright as his glory. 

[Richard,^ John," John,^" Samuel ,^^ Samuel,^ Sam- 

72. SAMUEL WILLIAM DEXTER b. Feb. 18, 1792 at 
Boston ^ (bapt. Dec. 2 at Christ Church, Boston), d.* Feb. 6, 
1863 at Dexter, Mich. Graduated at Harvard 1812. Took 
up the first land in Dexter Co. Washtenaw, Mich., Oct. 12, 
He m.* first. May 19, 1816 at Athens, N. Y., 

Augusta Emiha Prevost b.* 1792, d.* 1822. Dau. 

of Maj. Augustine and Anne (Bogardus) Prevost of Green- 
ville, Greene Co., N. Y.* 
Children : 

I. Samuel Prevost b.* Mch. 21, 1817, d. 1849 


II. Augustine b.* June 4, 1820, d. 1822. 

He m. secondly,* May 8, 1825 at the Episcopal Church, 
Athens, N. Y., 

Susan Dunham b.* 1809, d.* Aug. — 1827 at Dexter, 


III. * a son b. Aug. — 1827 at Dexter, Mich., d. Sept. — 
1827 at Dexter, Mich. 
He m. thirdly,* Aug. — 1828 at Dexter, Mich., 
MilHsent Bond b.* Aug. 20, 1811 at Conway, Mass., ^^ d.* 
June 27, 1899 at Dexter, Mich. Dau. of Consider and Hannah 
(Hams) Bond.* 
Children : 

142. IV. Mary b.* Jan. 9, 1830 at Dexter, Mich. 

143. V. Wirt b.* Oct. 25, 1832 at Dexter, Mich., d.* May 

17, 1890 at Chicago. 

144. VI. Katharine Harris b.* Mch. 11, 1833 at Dexter, 

Mich., d.* Mch. 14, 1898 at Evanston, 111. 

134 Dexter Genealogy 

145. VII. Hannah Augusta b.* Oct. 25, 1834 at Dexter, Mich. 

146. VIII. Julia Gordon b* Mch. 6, 1837 at New Haven, 


147. IX. Charlotte b.* Mch. 6, 1839 at Dexter, Mich., d.* 

Aug. 7, 1887 at Dexter, Mich. 

148. X. Isabella b.* Feb. 2, 1841 at New Brunswick, N. J., 

d.* May 21, 1864 at Dexter, IVIich. 
XI. Marshall b.* Jan. 10, 1858 at Dexter, Mich., ^d.* 
Aug. 23, 1880 at Battle Creek, Mich. (unm.). 


Samuel William Dexter was born in Boston, Feb. 18, 1792. 
He was the eldest son of the distinguished statesman Samuel 
Dexter: he graduated at Harvard in 1812. In May, 1816 he 
married Augusta Emilia Prevost, and lived at Athens on the 
Hudson. His wife and one son died in 1822; the other son 
died in 1849 unmarried. In August, 1824, he came to Michi- 
gan and located in the vicinity of the present village of Dexter. 
During that year he married Susan Dunham. In 1826 he 
brought his family to hve in a house which he had built in 
Dexter, and the next year he lost both wife and son. In 1828 
he married Millisent Bond. Their house was used as a house 
of worship for many years, and also as a home for the different 
preachers who came to conduct the ser^dces. 

Mr. Dexter estabhshed the first newspaper published in 
Washtenaw Co. in 1829, at Ann Arbor: It was called The 

In 1826 he was appointed chief justice of the County Court, 
by Hon. Lewis Cass. In the same year he was solicited to 
become a territorial delegate to Congress, but dechned the 
office. In 1826 Judge Dexter established a private post-office 
in his own house, and carried mail on horseback to and from 
Ann Arbor, once a week. He located Saginaw City and Byron 
in 1825. 

Judge Dexter was an Anti-Mason, a strong temperance, and 
a thoroughgoing anti-slavery man. His time was occupied 
with his books, private and public charities, and the society of 
his friends. He was a fine scholar, because his studies did not 
terminate with the end of his college course. He was an in- 
cessant reader; a graceful and at times powerful speaker. For 

Dexter Genealogy 135 

the last twenty years of his hfe, finding that certain points of 
the country round about were not supphed with regular means 
of worship, he preached to the people in various school-houses. 
Judge Dexter died at the old homestead in Dexter, Feb. 
6, 1863. 

Article taken from the Boston Transcript several years ago. 
-Claims for the honor of originating the transconti- 

nental railroad idea have been made for many persons, but the 
distinction unquestionably belongs to S. W. Dexter, or to the 
man who wrote that article printed in 1832 in Dexter's paper. 
The Ann Arbor Emigrant. 

Barlow had an article in The Intelligencer, a weekly news- 
paper in Westfield, Mass. in 1834 advocating a route across 
the continent over a course which the Northern Pacific followed 
very closely long afterward, but Barlow referred in that article 
to the contribution pre\iously printed in The Ann Arbor Emi- 

S. W. Dexter was also interested in getting the Michigan 
Central Railroad to run through Dexter — he gave free right of 
way through all his land, and worked for it in other ways. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' Samuel,''^ Samuel,^ Samuel.^'] 
73. FRANKLIN DEXTER b.* Nov. 5, 1793 at Charlestown 
(bapt. Nov. 24 at Christ Church, Boston), d.* Aug. 13, 1857 
at Beverly.^ Graduated at Harvard College 1812, L.L.D., 
1857. Of Boston. 

He m.* Sept. 28, 1819 (int. Sept. 7) at Boston, 
Catherine EHzabeth Prescott b.* Nov. 12, 1799 at Salem, 
d.* Nov. 13, 1901 at Beverly, Mass. Dau. of Wilham and 
Catherine Greene (Hickling) Prescott.* 
Children : 

I. Wilham Prescott b. Dec. 10, 1820 at Boston,^ d.* 
Nov. 9, 1890 at Leamington, Eng., graduated at 
Harvard 1838, M.D., 1842, resided in Dresden, 
Germany, m. Apr. 13, 1847,^^ Margaret Austin b. 
Dec. 15, 1816.'' Dau. of Wilham and Charlotte 
(Wilhams) Austin. '^ No chn. 

149. II. Franklin Gordon b. Dec. 19, 1824 at Boston,^ d. 
Jan. 1, 1903 at Boston.^ ; 

136 Dexter Genealogy ^ 

III. Edward Robbins (Robbins dropped) b. Feb. 3, 1826 
at Boston.^ Graduated at Harvard 1845 (unm.). 

IV. Arthur b. Oct. 18, 1830 at Boston,^ d.* Jan. 2, 1897 
at Boston. Graduated at Harvard 1851 (unm.) 

V. Stuart b. Dec. 14, 1833 at Boston,^ d. Jan. 9, 1836 
at Boston.^ 

His Will, made May 3, 1857, mentions wife and sons as 

fFRANKLIN DEXTER married Cath"" Elisab*** Prescott, 
Sept. 28, 1819, daughter of Hon. WilKam Prescott, Judge of 
the Court of Common Pleas of Massachusetts, who was 
born Aug. 19, 1762, and son of Col. W™ Prescott, an officer 
at the Battle of Bunker Hill, who died Oct. 13, 1795. L.L.D. 
conferred upon Frankhn Dexter at Harvard University July 
15, 1857. 


Death of Hon. Franklin Dexter. We have to report the 
death of the Hon. Franklin Dexter, which event occurred last 
night at his summer residence in Beverly. The deceased was 
the son of the Hon. Samuel Dexter, whose life has recently been 
so ably sketched in these columns by our correspondent 
"Sigma." He was born in Charlestown, Mass., about the 
year 1794, and graduated at Harvard College in the class of 
1812. He selected the profession of his distinguished father, 
and after admission to the bar, was a partner of the late Hon. 
William Prescott, whose daughter he married. 

Mr. Dexter has filled various public stations with great 
ability. He has been a member of the Boston City Council, 
has served in both branches of the State Legislature, and as the 
United States District Attorney for Massachsuetts. He pro- 
nounced the oration before the authorities of Boston in 1819. 
He took deep interest in military matters, and commanded the 
New England Guards. His contributions to literature are 
numerous, and indicate good taste and cluture. The pages of 
the North American Review give evidence of his interest in the 
Fine Arts and his rare gifts as a critic. 

He was a liberal patron of Art, and the warm personal friend 
of many of our most gifted native artists. His taste was refined, 
and he was noted for his appreciation of the grand and beautiful. 

Dexter Genealogy 137 

Mr. Dexter occupied a high rank as a lawyer, and the acute- 
ness of his mind and his powers as a reasoner were universally 
acknowledged in the courts. He was one of the counsel for the 
Knapps for the murder of Mr. White of Salem, and his plea on 
that occasion ehcited much praise. He was more successful 
in his management of the case of Mrs. Kinney, in the Supreme 
Court of this County. Being blessed with a competency, Mr. 
Dexter some years since retired from practice and travelled in 

He has taken much interest in pohtical matters since the 
question of the extension of human slavery was agitated, 
and his influence has been freely given in behalf of the cause 
of freedom. He early took a decided stand on this question, 
and, without either radicalism or sectionaHsm, advocated the 
cause of liberty in the spirit of the founders of the Republic 
and the framers of the Constitution. 

See also Boston Advertiser, Sept. 9, 1857. 

[Richard,' John," John,'" Samuel,'"" Ebenezer,"" Wil- 

74 EBENEZER DEXTER b. Oct. 80,1775 at Marlborough,^ 
d. [g. s.] Jan. 22, 1850 at Leominster, Mass. Of Mason, 
County Hillsborough, N. H., Mch. 9, 1812. 
He m.* Apr. 20, 1800, 

Nancy Locke of West Cambridge b.* Aug. 10, 1773, d.* 
Aug. — 1826. Dau. of Francis and Phebe (Locke) Locke.** 
Children : 

I. Lydia b.* June 16, 1801 at Mason, N. H., d. May 
18, 1882 at Boston' (unm.). 
150. II. Sarah b.* May 14, 1804 at Mason, N. H., d.* Aug. 
30, 1882 at Peterboro, N. H. 

III. Nancy b.* Aug. 10, 1806, d. Oct. 14 (Leominster 
has Oct. 15) 1823 at Leominster'^ (unm.). 

IV. Roxanna Warren b.* July 2, 1809, d.* Nov. 12, 
1830 at Lancaster, Mass. (unm.). 

V. Betsey B b.* Mch. 26, 1812, d.* Nov. 23, 1871 

at Portland, Me., m. Henry Tilden. 

His Will, made Dec. 11, 1849, mentions daus.: Sally Goss of 
Temple, N. H., Betsey B. Tilden of Portland, Me., Lydia 
Dexter of Leominster. 

138 Dexter Genealogy 

[Richard,' John," John,"' Samuel,''' Ebenezer,"" Wil- 

75. LYDIA DEXTER b. Feb. 28, 1777 at Marlborough,* 
d * Aug. 8, 1808 at Portland, Me. 

Shem.f 1799, 

Josiah Carter of Leominster b. f d. Apr. 5, 1863. 

Children : 

I. Betsey Bowker. 
II. Sarah Dexter, m. William Kimball of Portland, 
who d. there suddenly Mch. 24, 1868 aet 72. 
President of the Portland Steam Packet Co. 

III. WiUiam Dexter. 

IV. George Henry. 

V. Charles Augustus. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' Samuel,"" Ebenezer,"" Wil- 

76. SARAH DEXTER b. Oct. 14, 1778 at Marlborough,* 
d.* Mch. 28, 1846 at Leominster. 

Shem.first,t Oct. — 1802, 

Stephen Whitney of Lunenburg, Mass., b. f d. Sept. 


Children :t 

I. Wilham Dexter b. July 2, 1803, d. Nov. — 1855. 
11. Eliza b. June 19, 1805, d. Jan. 24, 1857. 

III. Sallv Dexter b. Feb. — 1807. 

IV. Susan b. Aug. 21, 1809. 

V. Emily Stephens b. Feb. — 1812, d. July — 1812. 

She m.f secondly, 1814, 

Calvin Hale b. d. Dec. 20, 1842. 

Children :t 

VI. Maria Louisa b. Apr. 20, 1815. 
VII. Emily b. Feb. — 1817. 
VIII. Charles Bowker b. June 13, 1820. 

[Richard,' John," John,'" Samuel,'^ Ebenezer,^ Sam- 

77. ELIZABETH ANN DEXTER b.* Mch. 24, 1797 at 
Albany, N. Y., d. Aug. 20, 1840 at Albany, N. Y.^' 

She m.* May 6, 1823 at Albany, N. Y. 

Dexter Genealogy 139 

Marcus TuUius Reynolds b * Dec. 29, 1798 at Florida, 
Montgomery Co., N. Y., d.* Aug. 11, 1864 at Albany. Gradu- 
uated at Union College, 1808. Admitted to the bar, 1811, and 
removed to Albany, 1827. (He m.* first at Amenia, N. Y., 
Cynthia Herrick and had three chn., Lydia Maria, Cynthia 
and Lydia Louisa who m. Apr. 29, 1841, Dr. Thomas Hun of 
Albany, N. Y.) 
Children : 

I. Mary Dexter b.* Aug. 14, 1824 at Amsterdam, 
N. Y., d. Jan. 29, 1897 at Albany ,^^ m.* Apr. 24, 
1847 at Albany, Dr. Frederick Chollet Adams b.* 
May 25, 1823 kt Catskill, N. Y., d.* Sept. 22, 1862 
at Albany, son of John and Laura (Farmer) 
Adams * and had chn. : 

A. James Dexter (Commander U. S. N.) b.* 
May 4, 1848 at Catskill, graduated 
U. S. N. A. June 8, 1868, m.* May 6, 1873 
at Vallejo, Cal., at the Church of the 
Ascension, Margaret Jane Phelps b.* Jan. 
25, 1854 at Portsmouth, Va. Dau. of 
Admiral Thomas Stowell and Margaret 
Riche (Levy) Phelps,* and had chn.: 

i. Frederick Phelps b.* Mch 6, 
1874 at Vallejo, Cal. ,d.* Mch. 19., 

1874 at Vallejo. 

ii. Lawrence Stowell, (naval con- 
structor U. S. N.) b.* Feb. 22, 

1875 at Mare Island Cal., gradu- 
ated IT. S. N. A. June, 1894, m.* 
at Emanuel Church, Baltimore, 
EHzabeth Lloyd Goldsborough, b. 
at Cambridge, Md. Dau. of 
V/illiam Tilghman and Elizabeth 
Nixon (Henry) Goldsborough,* 
and had child: Lawrence Stowell 
b. Dec. 27, 1900 at San Francisco, 

iii. Margaret Riche b.* Dec. 13, 1876 
at Mare Island, Cal., m.* Feb. 21, 
1902 at the Church of the Holy 
Spirit, Nice, France, Henry Perci- 

I40 Dexter Genealogy 

val Dodge, son of Henry Cleves 
and Rosalie (Cox) Dodge.* 
iv. Edmorica Mason b.* Aug. 17, 
1892 at Winchester, Va. 
B. William Reynolds b.* Mch. 7, 1853 at 
Catskill, d.* Jan. 30, 1855 at Catskill. 
II. Dexter b.* Dec. 22, 1828 at Albany, graduated at 
Union College, 1848, admitted to the bar in 1851. 
Resides at Albany. Attended Harvard Law School 
from 1848 to 1850 or 51, m.* Apr. 19, 1865 at 
Rochester, N. Y., Catharine Maley Cuyler b.* Dec. 
2, 1844 at Cuylerville, N. Y., d.* Oct. 23, 1875 at 
Rochester. Dau. of William T. Cuyler,* and had 

A. Cuyler b.* Aug. 14, 1866 at Albany. 
JournaHst, Author, Curator Albany Inst., 
m.* Sept. 24, 1891 at Albany, Janet Gray 
Gould b.* July 22, 1871 at Albany, dau. of 
Charles and Janet (Gray) Gould,* and 
had child : 

i. Kenneth Gray b.* Sept. 17, 1892 
at Albany. 

B. Marcus TuUius b.* Aug. 20, 1869 at Great 
Barrington, Mass., graduated at Wilhams, 
1890. Architect, studied in New York, 
Paris and Rome (unm.). 

III. Laura b.* Nov. 22, 1830 at Albany, m.* Feb. 1, 
1854 at Albany, Bayard Van Rensselaer b.* Sept. 8, 
1833 at Albany d.* Jan. 12, 1859 at Pau, France, 
son of Stephen and Harriet E. (Bayard) Van 
Rensselaer,* and had chn.: 

A. WiUiam Bayard (Pres. Albany Savings 
Bank) b.* Oct. 4, 1856 at Albany, gradu- 
ated at Harvard 1879, m.* Nov. 3, 1880 at 
Cambridge, Mass., Louisa Greenough 
Lane b.* Nov. 21, 1860 at Cambridge, 
Mass., dau. of Prof.. George Martin and 
Frances EHza (Gardiner) Lane.* No 

B. Howard (Physician, of Albany) b.* June 
26, 1858, graduated at Sheffield Scientific 
School, 1881 (unm.). 

Dexter Genealogy 141 

[Richard/ John," John,"' Samuel.''' EbenezerJ Samuel/'] 

78. GEORGE DEXTER b * July 2, 1799 at Albany,d. July 
21, 1883 at Albany.'^ Graduated at Union College 1817. 
Admitted to the Bar but never practiced. 

He m.* Apr. 5, 1827 at Albany, 

Mary Magdalen Cuyler b.* Feb. 3, 1810 at Fort Johnson, 
N. Y., d.* Oct. 4, 1847 at Albany. Dau. of John C. and 
Hannah (Maley) Cuyler.* 

Children : 

151. I. Anna Augusta b.* July 16, 1833. 

II. Catharine Cuyler b.* Mch. 4, 1837 at Albany, 

III. Cynthia Reynolds b.* Oct. 14, 1839 at Albany, 
d. Nov. 23, 1893 at Albany^^ (unm.) 

IV. Mary b.* June 27, 1845 at Albany, d.* Feb. 7, 1848 
at Albany. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' Samuel,"" John,^ Charles]. ^' 

79. JOHN BRADFORD DEXTER b. June 24, 1798 at 
Marlborough,^ d.* Nov. 24, 1867 at Worcester, Mass.'^ Con- 
tractor. Of Charlton. 18 Sept., 1832. (Wore. Ld.). 

He m.* Feb. 12, 1818 at Charlton, Mass., 

Lucinda M'cyntire b.* Apr. 8, 1794 at Charlton, d.* Jan. 5, 
1866 at Worcester.'^ Dau. of Elnathan and Martha (Thomp- 
son) M'cyntire.* 

Children : 

152. I. Richard b.* Feb. 18,1819 at Charlton, d. Dec. 3, 

1885 at Worcester.'^ 

153. II. John Bradford b.* Mch. 22, 1821 at Charlton, d. 

Feb. 4, 1864 at Worcester.'^ 

154. III. Wilham Henry b.* Jan. 11, 1823 at Charlton. 

155. IV. Phila b.* Dec. 14, 1825 at Charlton, d. June 17, 

1900 at Lowell, Mass.^^ 

156. V. Lucinda b.* Sept. 2, 1828 at Charlton, d. Apr. 22, 

1874 at Worcester.'^ 
VI. George b.* Oct. 25, 1834 at Charlton, d. May 28, 
1903 at Dorchester.' Graduated at Amherst, 1860 ; 
at the Divinity School, Harvard, 1864. Was 
Unitarian Minister at Bridgewater, and later a 
broker in Boston. He m. Jan. 1, 1866 at Bridge- 

142 Dexter Genea 

water/^ CorneKa Waitstill Cornell b * June 9, 1838 
at Boston. Dau. of Emmor and Maria Harvey 
(Hollingsworth) Cornell.* No chn. 
VII. Lorinda West b.* May 25, 1837 at Charlton, d.* 
July 16, 1840 at Charlton. 
John B. Dexter's Will made Nov. 19, 1867 mentions chn., 
Phila Sampson, Lucinda Andrews, granddaughter Ahce Austin; 
sons Richard, William H., George.^^ 

[Richard,^ John," John,"' Samuel,'"^ John,^ Charles.'^'] 
80. SARAH DEXTER b. Aug. 13, 1806 at Marlborough,^ d.* 
Oct. 13, 1878 at Sturbridge.^ 
She m.f May, 1823, 

CaMn Mackintire of Charlton, Mass., b. 1806. 

Children :t 

I. Alvira. 
II. Martha. 

III. James. 

IV. Calvin Wilson. 
V. Alonzo. 

VI. Alvin. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' Samuel,'^ John,^ Charles.^'] 
81. CHARLES COLBURN DEXTER b.* Sept. 20, 1808 at 
Stow, d. Mch. 8, 1871 at Worcester, Mass.'^ 


Hannah Bruce b.* Apr. — 1807 at Bolton, Mass., d. Feb. 24, 
1860 at Worcester.^^ Dau. of WilHam and Mary Bruce.* 


I. Edward. 

157. II. Mary EKzabeth b.* May 31, 1840, d. July 20, 1869 

at Charlton, Mass.^® 

158. III. Charles Augustus b.* Jan. 24, 1837 at Charlton, 

Mass., d. Oct. 16, 1858 at Worcester.'^ 

[Richard,' John," John,'" Samuel,"' John,^ Charles."^'] 
82. JAMES MONROE DEXTER b.* Apr. 28, 1811 at 
Marlborough, Mass., d. Apr. 8, 1854 at Bolton, Mass." Was 

Dexter Genealogy 143 

of Stow, July 7, 1831-Apr. 5, 1838. Of Bolton by 1842. 
■ He m.* Aug. 12, 1832 at Bolton, Mass., 

Elizabeth Ann Hill of Lowell b. Dec. 4, 1811 at Lowell,'" 
d.* May — 1892 at Milton, Mass. Dau. of John B. and Lydia 
(Blake) Hill.* 
Children : 

I. Ann Maria b.* June 15, 1838 at Bolton, d.* Mch. 4, 
1841 at Bolton, Mass. 

159. II. Lydia Ann b.* May 21, 1840 at Bolton, d.* May 17, 

1887 at Milton, Mass. 

160. III. George Albert b.* June 16, 1842 at Bolton, Mass. 
IV. Sarah Ehzabeth b.* Sept. 22, 1844 (Bolton has Aug. 

17, 1845),^"^ d.* Sept. 1, 1859 at Bolton, Mass. 
V. Son unnamed b. Feb. 23, 1853 at Bolton, Hved 2 
James M. Dexter left one son and two daughters, Lydia A. 
Jenkins, George A. Dexter, Sarah E. Dexter.^^ 

[Richard,^ John," John,"' Samuel,'^ John,^ Charles.^'] 
83. ALVEN CORBIN DEXTER b.* May 25,1816 at 
Charlton, Mass., d.* Oct. 11, 1871 at Nashua, N. H. 

Hem. Oct. 5, 1837 at the First Universalist Church, Boston,^ 

Mary Babbidge b.* June 19, 1820 at Hyannis, Mass., d.* 
Aug. 12, 1892 at Antrim, N. H. Dau. of Courtney and Mary 
(Hallett) Babbidge.* 

Children : 

161. I. Josephine Babbidge b.* Nov. 24, 1838 at Boston.^ 

162. II. Mary Augusta b.* Apr. 3, 1840 at Boston.^ 

III. Abby Marsh b.* Dec. 4, 1842, d. Aug. 24, 1843 at 

IV. Charlotte b.* Jan. 11, 1845, d. Jan. 8, 1847 at 
Dorchester. ^^ 

V. Walter Bryant b. Dec. 4, 1847 at Dorchester,^^ d. 
July 28, 1899 at Watertown^ (unm.). 

163. VI. Alven Herman b. Mav 6, 1851 at Dorchester,^^ 

A. C. Dexter's Will, made Nov. 7, 1870, mentions wife Mary, 
chn., Walter B., Ahdn H., Mrs. Whittington, Mrs. Livermore. 
These were his only heirs.*^ 

144 Dexter Genealogy 

[Richard/ John" John,"' John/"" RichardJ George 

84. JOHN CROSCUP DEXTER b * Feb. 22, 1829 at Gran- 
ville, N. S., d * July 30, 1898 at Beverly, Mass. 

He m.* 1857 at Chegogin, Yarmouth Co., N. S., 

Margaret Russ b.* Dec. 7, 1839 at Yarmouth, N. S. Dau. 
of Samuel and Amelia (Davis) Russ.* 
Children : 

164. I. Samuel Russ b.* Apr. 13, 1858 at Meteghan, N. S. 
II. Annie AmeHa b.* Jan. 9, 1861 at Meteghan, N. S. 

m.* Aug. 19, 1881 at Alton, N. H., Elwood Ira 
French, b.* Sept. 26, 1858 at Alton, N. H., son of 
Oran Lyman and Betsey (Stewart) French.* No 

165. III. Frederick Torrey b.* Nov. 7, 1865 at Meteghan, 

IV. Arthur Gordon b.* Nov. 10, 1882 at Lake Village 
(now Laconia) N. H. (unm.) 

[Richard ,' John," John,"' John,'^ Richard,^ George Bar- 

85. GEORGE BARBER DEXTER b.* Feb. 22, 1831 at 

Granville, N. S. 

He m.* Jan. 13, 1860 at Salem, Mass., 

Carohne Pamelia Wile b.* Apr. 8, 1832 at Bridgewater, N. S. 
Dau. of Frederic and Mary Wile.* 
Children : 

I. Estelle b.* Nov. 1, 1861 at Digby, N. S., d.* Dec. 3, 

1884 at Haverhill, Mass. (unm.) 
II. Marantha Georgiana b.* Mch. 4, 1862 at Digby, 
N. S., m.* Jan. 13, 1881 at Haverhill, Charles Hoyt 
b.* Jan. 15, 1867 at Hampton, N. H., son of John 
and Elizabeth (Blaisdel) Hoyt.* No chn. 
III. Mary Ehza b.* June 14, 1865 at Digby, N. S., m.* 
James W. Connell b.* Dec. 21, 1857 at Newbury- 
port, Mass., son of James and Catherine (Parker) 
Council,* and had chn.: 

A. Dexter Parker b.* June 30, 1894 at Haver- 

B. Doris Estelle b.* Feb. 18, 1897 at Haver- 

Dexter Genealogy 145 

c. Winthrop Endicott b * Nov. 23, 1899 at 
IV. Martha Lucretia b.* July 23, 1869 at Digby, N. S., 
m * Jan. 20, 1899 at Haverhill, Chester L. Young 
b.* Sept. 5, 1867 at Island Falls, Me., son of Deleslie 
Gilman and Emily Augusta (Abbott) Young.* 
No. chn. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' John,'^ Richard,'' Richard.^'] 
86. MARY ELIZABETH DEXTER b. Nov. 5, 1821 at 
Maiden,^ d. Aug. 30, 1879 at Fitchburg.'^ 

She m. Aug. 30,1840 (int. Aug. 9) at Maiden,^ Rev. A. W. 
McClure officiating, 

Joseph Baldwin b.* July 31, 1818 at Winchendon, d.* Oct. 

6, 1885 at Fitchburg.'^ Son of Samuel and (Boynton) 

Children : 

I. Joseph A. b.* Oct. 6, 1841 at Fitchburg, d.* Aug. 

29, 1849 at Fitchburg. 
II. Frank Dexter b.* Mch. 27, 1845 at Fitchburg, d.* 
Aug. 27, 1849 at Fitchburg. 

III. Mary Caroline b.* Jan. 28, 1856 at Fitchburg, d.* 
Nov. 25, 1880 at Fitchburg, m.* Oct. 16, 1877 at 
Fitchburg, John Wilder Merriam b.* Nov. 28, 1852 
at Westminster, Mass., son of Caleb S. and Abby 
Arnold (Parker) Merriam.* No chn. 

IV. Samuel Dexter b.* July 28, 1850 at Fitchburg, m. 
*July 12, 1876 at Fitchburg, Carohne Ehza Blood, 
b.*Mch. 9, 1856 at Stillwater, Minn., dau.of George 
L. and Jane G. (Spooner) Blood,* and had chn.: 

A. Marjorie EHzabeth b.* Feb. 10, 1879 at 

B. Carrie Jane b.* Nov. 20, 1880 at Fitch- 

c. Martha Josephine b.* Sept. 19, 1885 at 
V. Martha Dexter b.* Nov. 21, 1858 at Fitchburg. 

146 Dexter Genealogy 

[Richard,' John," John,"' John,'^ Richard,'' Rich- 

87. RICHARD DEXTER b. May 18,1824 at Malden,2d* 
June 23, 1898 at Maiden? Of Maiden. 

He m. June 15, 1847 at Fitchburg, Mass.,'^ 

JuHa Ann Dole b * Dec. 24, 1826 at Fitchburg, Mass. Dau. 
of Stephen and Hannah (Murdock) Dole.* 

Children : 

I. Richard Franklin b.* Dec. 17, 1848 at Maiden,^ 
d.* June 5, 1869, (unm.) 

166. II. JuHa EHzabeth b. Apr. 22, 1852 (Maiden has Apr. 

23) 2 at Maiden. 
III. Rebecca Parker b. Jan. 7, 1859 at Maiden,^ d.* 
July 11, 1874 at Maiden.^ 

167. IV. Anne Murdock b. May 27, 1860 at Maiden.^ 

[Richard,' John," John,'" John,'^ Richard,"^ Rich- 

88. SAMUEL GEORGE DEXTER b. Feb. 23, 1826 at 
Maiden,^ d.* Feb. 26, 1900 at Maiden.^ Of Maiden. 
He m. Dec. 25, 1860 at Maiden,^ 

Hannah EHzabeth Page b.* Nov. 5, 1832 at Fryeburg, Me. 
Dau. of Russell and Sophia (Page) Page.* 
Children : 

I. George Parker b.* Feb. 23, 1866 at Maiden.^ 
II. Martha Page b. June 12, 1867 at Maiden,^ m. Dec. 
7, 1897 at Maiden, James Elder Harris. 



Mr. Samuel G. Dexter, one of the most respected citizens of 
Maiden and one of the largest real estate owners in that city, 
died yesterday afternoon at his home, "The Elms," on Elm 
street, corner of Dexter street, Maiden. He was born in 
Maiden in 1826 in the old Dexter place, which has been in the 
family since 1663. It is an old mansion of commanding ap- 
pearance, leading to which is a fine avenue of large, old elm 
trees. General George Washington at one time was a visitor 

Dexter Genealogy i47 

at this historic house, and rested under the shade of these noble 
trees. Among the heirlooms still preserved in the family is a 
tall silver tankard bearing the name of Paul Revere, the silver- 
smith, who made it, and this tankard is now especially treas- 
ured from the fact that from it Washington refreshed himself. 
Mr. Dexter and his brother, the late Richard Dexter, owned a 
large tract of land at the West End, and did much to develop 
that section of the city, now the best residential section of Maiden. 
Much of the original Dexter property was taken to form a 
part of the Middlesex Fells Reservation. Samuel Dexter was 
a descendent of the Dexters who came to Maiden in 1600, and 
the property came to him through his grandfather and father. 
He never held any public office. For many years he was en- 
gaged in the woodenware business on Broad street, Boston, 
and will be remembered by many of the oldest merchants of 
this city. Later he was connected with the Cochrane Chemical 
Company, but the latter part of his life was given to the de- 
velopment of the real estate in which he was interested. He 
leaves a widow, son and daughter. His son, George P. Dexter, 
engaged in the real estate business ^dth his father, and is now 
the last in the male line of the Dexter family, so long identified 
with the history of Maiden. The daughter, Martha P., is now 
Mrs. James Elder Harris. The funeral service will take place 
on Thursday afternoon, 

[Richard,' John," John,"' John,'^' Richard,'' John.'''] 
89. WILLIAM THOMAS DEXTER b * Sept. 16, 1830 at 
Robertson, Miss., d.* Aug. 1, 1873 at Robertson, Miss. Of 
Robertson, and Sparta, Chickasaw Co., Miss. 
He m.* Oct. 3, 1860 at Robertson, Miss., 
EKzabeth Holady b.* Aug. 2, 1832 at Robertson, d.* Nov. 8, 
1872 at Robertson. Widow of Thomas Caradine and dau. of 
Jacob and Catharine (Howard) Barr.* 
Children : 

I. Thomas Laurence b.* Aug. 19, 1862 at Sparta, 
Miss., d.* July 26, 1889 at Robertson. 
II. Jacob Barr b.* Sept. 9, 1864 at Sparta, Miss., d.* 

Jan. 17, 1865. 
III. John Kirby b.* Feb. 10, 1866 at Sparta, Miss., m.* 
Dec. 18, 1893 at Montpelier, Miss., Emma Jane 
Mosley b.* Mch. 12, 1873 at Sparta, Miss., dau. of 

148 Dexter Genealogy 

Willis and Laura Jane (Watkins) Mosley.* No 

168. IV. Lee Roy b.* Dec. 24, 1868 at Robertson. 

V. Elizabeth Caroline b.* Aug. 20, 1870 at Robertson, 
d.* Sept. 29, 1871 at Robertson. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' John,'^ Richard,^ John.^'] 
90. SAMUEL DEXTER b.* Feb. 8, 1835 at Columbus, 
Lowndes Co., Miss., d.* July 20, 1886 at Jackson, Miss. Re- 
sided at Caradine, Clay Co., Miss. Planter. 

He m.* Dec. 4, 1862 at Sparta, Chickasaw Co., Miss., 

Mary Caroline Henderson b.* May 28, 1843 at Chickasaw 
Co., Miss. Dau. of Samuel and Sydnie (Mayo) Henderson.* 

Children : 

169. I. Samuel Lawrence b.* Sept. 9, 1863 at Chickasaw 

Co., Miss. 
11. John Robert b.* Aug. 11, 1865 at Clay Co., Miss., 
d.* Sept. 11, 1868 at Clay Co., Miss. 

III. Sydney AUce b.* July 20, 1867 at Clay Co., Miss. 

IV. Wilham b.* Dec. 23, 1869 at Clay Co., Miss. 

V. Mary CaroHne b.* Jan. 7, 1873 at Clay Co., Miss. 

d.* Nov. 13, 1873 at Clay Co., Miss. 
VI. Eugene Hamilton b.* Jan. 27, 1875 at Clay Co., 

[Richard,' John," John,"' John,'^ Richard,"^ John.^'] 
91. REBECCA ELLEN DEXTER b.* July 13, 1839 at 
Columbus, Lowndes Co., Miss. 

She m.* Dec. 20, 1868 at Robertson, Clay Co., Miss., 
Moses McLemore b.* June 5, 1828 at Covington, Newton 
Co., Ga. Son of Wilson and Niey (Hall) McLemore.* 
Children : 

I. Moses b.* Sept. 11, 1870 at Robertson, Clay Co., 
Miss., m.* July 29, 1900 at Robertson, Miss., Ada 
Barr b.* Feb. 10, 1873, dau. of Jacob McCloud and 
Nancy (Kilgore) Barr,* and had child: 

A. Lallie Eloise b.* May 11, 1901 at Maben, 
II. Lawrence Gay b.* Aug. 17, 1872 at Robertson, 

Dexter Genealogy 149 

III. James Richard b.* Aug. 25, 1874 at Robertson, 

IV. Martha Hamilton b.* Dec. 23, 1876 at Robertson, 

V. Roy b.* Dec. 27, 1878 at Robertson, Miss. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' John,'^ Richard,^ John.^'] 
92. MARY LUCRETIA DEXTER b.* Feb. 27, 1842 at 
Clay Co., Miss., d.* June 29, 1899 at Clay Co., Miss. 
She m.* July 14, 1868 at Clay Co., Miss., 
WiUiam Thomas Hatchett b.* Mch. 31, 1847 at Clay Co., 
Miss. Son of Edward and Mary Jane (Lanham) Hatchett.* 
Children : 

I. EHzabeth D. b.* Apr. 21, 1869 at Clay Co., Miss., 
m.* Oct. 23, 1898 at Clay Co., Robert Allen Steel 
b.* Nov. 22, 1853 at Oktibbeha Co., Miss., son of 
James and Charlotte (Friday) Steel,* and had chn. : 

A. Halhe Kirby b.* Sept. 18, 1891 at Clay 
Co., Miss. 

B. C Ruth b.* July 15, 1901 at Oktibbeha 
J Co., Miss. 

c. 1 Roy b.* July 15, 1901 at Oktibbeha 

( Co., Miss. 
D. James Thomas b.* Oct. 30, 1903 at 
Oktibbeha Co., Miss. 
II. Mary Jane b.* Sept. 19, 1870 at Clay Co., Miss., 
m.* Dec. 25, 1898 at Clay Co., Miss., WilHam 
Edward Sherman b.* Apr. 10, 1870 at Oktibbeha 
Co., Miss., son of John and Lou (Norris) Sherman,* 
and had chn.: 

A. Mary Lou b.* Jan. 6, 1900 at Oktibbeha 
Co., Miss. 

B. Fannie Lee b.* July 3, 1902 at Oktibbeha 
Co., Miss. 

III. WiUiam Thomas b.* Jan. 15, 1873 at Clay Co. 
Miss., d.* July 4, 1874 at Clay Co., Miss. 

IV. Frances Ellen b.* Oct. 30, 1874 at Clay Co., Miss. 
V. Charles Edward b.* Jan. 22, 1877 at Clay Co., 

VI. Minnie Belle b.* Apr. 19, 1880 at Clay Co., Miss., 
m.* Feb. 1, 1903 at Oktibbeha Co., Miss., Rush 

i5o Dexter Genealogy 

Davidson b * July 17, 1881 at Clay Co., IVIiss., son 
of John and Belle (Chandler) Davidson.* 
VII. John Robert b.* July 26, 1882 at Clay Co., Miss., 
m.* May 17, 1903 at Clay Co., Miss., Alma Aycock, 
dau. of Onisnus Penalton and Bettie (Goode^ 
VIII. Cora Lee b.* Oct. 24, 1885 at Clay Co., Miss. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' John,'^Richard,'' John.'''] 

93. JOHN WORD DEXTER b.* Apr. 1,1845 at Chickasaw 
Co., Miss. Planter. Of Caradine, Clay Co., Miss. 

He m."*" first. May 17, 1866 at Buena Vista, Miss., 
Amanda Hussey b.* Aug. 17, 1849 at Buena Vista, Miss., d.* 
June 15, 1871 at Robertson, Miss. Dau. of Uriah and Mary 
(Earnest) Hussey.* 
Children : 

I. Leonidas Gay b.* Jan. 31, 1868 at Robertson, Miss. 
Doctor, of Harwood, Texas, m.* Jan. 10, 1892 at 
Cairo, Clay Co., Miss., Rachel Gordon, dau. of 
Alex, and Martha (Johnson) Gordon.* 

170. II. Lillian Amanda b.* June 3, 1871 at Robertson, 

He m. secondly,* Dec. 23, 1873 at Buena Vista, Miss., 
Angle Hussey (a sister of his first wife) b.* July 23, 1840 at 
Buena Vista, Miss. 

171. III. Bertha Magdahne b.* Jan. 2, 1877 at Robertson, 


[Richard,' John," John,'" John,'^ Richard,"" John.^'] 

94. GEORGE ROY DEXTER b.* Apr. 14, 1848 at Clay 
Co., Miss., d.* Sept. 11, 1892 at Clay Co., Miss. Planter. 

He m.* Dec. 21, 1870 at Robertson, Miss., 
Catharine Caradine b.* Feb. 6, 1851 at Robertson, Miss. 
Dau. of Thomas and Ehzabeth Holady (Barr) Caradine.* 
Children : 

I. Wilham Wallace b.* Oct. 12, 1871 at Robertson, 
Miss., d.* Sept. 17, 1873 at Robertson, Miss. 
II. Roy b.* Aug. 11, 1873 at Robertson, Miss., d.* 
Sept. 30, 1873 at Robertson, Miss. 

Dexter Genealogy ^ 151 

172. III. Albert Thomas b.* July 21, 1874 at Robertson, 

IV. Charles Abbott b.* Aug. 6, 1876 at Robertson, 
Miss., d.* Nov. 29, 1881 at Robertson, Miss. 

173. V. Edna EHzabeth b.* Mch. 3, 1881 at Robertson, 


[Richard/ John," John,"' John,'"^ Richard,'' John.'''] 

95. RICHARD DEXTER b.* Sept. 12, 1850 at Clay Co., 
Miss. Planter. 

Hem.* May 20, 1875, 

Mary EHzabeth Barr b.* May 19, 1859 at Clay Co., Miss. 
Dau. of William Lewis and Ellen Adams (Pearsall) Barr.* 
Children : 

174. I. Mony Ella b.* May 22, 1878 at Clay Co., Miss. 
II. Lucy Hamilton b.* Feb. 21, 1881 at Clay Co., Miss. 

III. Mattie Lenora b.* Dec. 21, 1886 at Clay Co., Miss. 

IV. EHzabeth Ellen b.* Apr. 1, 1890 at Clay Co., Miss. 
V. Roy Word b.* Oct. 5, 1892 at Clay Co., Miss. 

VI. Dixie May b.* Dec. 21, 1897 at Clay Co., Miss. 
VII. j OlHe Gay b.* July 2, 1900 at Clay Co., Miss. 
VIII. ( CharHe Gray b.* July 2, 1900 at Clay Co., Miss. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' John,''^ Richard,"" John.'''] 

96. CHARLES ALFRED DEXTER b.* July 16, 1854 at 
Clay Co., Miss., d.* Feb. 14, 1887 at Clay Co., Miss. 

He m.* Jan. 9, 1879 at Clay Co., Miss., 
Nancy Richerson Henderson b.* Aug. 22, 1853 at Clay Co., 
Miss. Dau. of Samuel and Sydnie (Mayo) Henderson.* 

I. Annie Laura b.* May 17, 1883 at Clay Co., Miss. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'^ WilHam," Wil- 

97. CHARLES DEXTER b.* Mch. 16,1788,»^ (bapt. Sept. 
21, 1789 at the Second Church, Boston), d.* Nov. 5, 1836 at 
Salem, Mass. 

He m. first, Sept. 22, 1811 (int. Sept. 6) at Gloucester, Mass." 

Sarah West b.* Jan. 11, 1789,^^ d.* Sept. 22, 1825^^ at 

Gloucester. Dau. of Benjamin and Hannah (Parsons) West.* 

152 Dexter Genealogy 

Children : 

I. Charles b * May 30, 1812 ^^ at Gloucester, d * 
Nov. 18, 1836 at sea. (Bible states June, 1837 in 
China.) ^^ (unm.) 
II. Henry Bering b.* July 29, 1817^^ at Gloucester, d.* 
Jan. 30, 1824^^ at Salem, bu. at Gloucester. 
(Drowned at Orr's Wharf while at play.) 

175. III. Benjamin West b.* Feb. 22, 1820^^ at Gloucester, d. 

*Oct. 24, 1852 at Rio, Brazil. 

176. IV. Sarah EHzabeth b.* May 3, 1822 ^^ at Gloucester. 

V. Henry Bering b.* Sept. 17,1824^^ at Gloucester, 
d.* Apr. 5, 1830.^^ (Drowned at M. B. Hankes 
He m. secondly,* May 23, 1826^^ at Gloucester, 
Judith Haskell b.* May 9, 1797,^^ d.* July 15, 1858 at 
Gloucester. Dau. of Wilham and Judith (Ellery) Haskell.* 
Children : 

177. VI. Abel Hersey b.* Sept. 29, 1827^^ at Gloucester, d * 

Sept. 13, 1888 at Denver, Colo. 
VII. Ann Dering b.* Jan. 29, 1830^^ at Salem, Mass., d. 
Dec. 7, 1881 at Salem, Mass.^* 
VIII. Wilham Henry b.* Apr. 7, 1832^^ at Gloucester, d. 
at Gloucester, very young. 
IX. Charles Henry b.* Apr. 2, 1834^^ at Gloucester, d.* 
Sept. 9, 1889 (m. but date not given). 

178. X. James Vila b.* Aug. 14, 1836^^ at sea near New 

Orleans, d,* May 23, 1899 at Valley View Springs, 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'"^ WiUiam,^ Wil- 

98. WILLIAM DEXTER b.* Sept. 5, 1789,^Mbapt. Sept. 
21,1789, Second Church, Boston), d.* June 23 (Bible says 
15),^^ 1830 at Gloucester, Mass.^'' 

He m. first, Dec. 9, 1811 (int. Nov. 23) at Gloucester,'® 

Ehzabeth PhiUips b.* Aug. 17, 1792,^^ d.* Jan. 15, 1827.^^ 

Children : 

179. I. Wilham Henry b.* Aug. 17, 1812 at Gloucester," 

d.* Mch. 6, 1863^^ at St. Louis, Mo. 

180. II. Samuel Dering b.* May 27. 1816 at Gloucester," 


Dexter Genealogy 153 

III. George Washington b * Jan. 29, 1818 at Glouces- 
ter/^ d.* at New Orleans, (unm.) 

181. IV. Elizabeth Dering b. Jan. 21 (Bible has 31),^^ 1820 

at Gloucester,^^ d.* Feb. 4. 1885 at New York. 

He m. secondly, Mch. 7, 1830 (int. Feb. 20) at Gloucester,**^ 
Rev. Thomas Jones officiating, 

Nancy Saunders b. Mch. 29,1788 at Gloucester," d. Apr. 
30, 1859 at Gloucester.*^ Widow of Capt. John Corliss, and 
dau. of Thomas and Lucy (Say ward) Foster of Gloucester.* 

[Richard,* John," Richard,"* Richard,*'^ Wilham,^ Wil- 

99. SAMUEL DEXTER b. at Gloucester, Mass.,*' Dec. 18, 
1795 (bapt. June 27, 1796 at Second Church, Boston), d. 
Jan. 30, 1849 at Roxbury, Mass.^^ 

He m. Aug. 26, 1824' (int. July 4, Gloucester) at Bedford,^^ 
Rev. Samuel Stearns officiating, 

EHzabeth b.* Dec. 31, 1787 (probably at Watertown), d. 
July 26, 1862 at Roxbury .^^ Widow of George Schaffer, dau. 
of James and Ruth (Robbins) Vila.* [see note.] 

Children : 

182. I. Samuel Dering b. Oct. 3, 1825 at Boston,*' d. Apr. 

20, 1850 at Roxbury .'2 
II. CaroHne Augusta b. Sept. 1, 1828 at Gloucester,*' 
d.* Oct. 9, 1855 at Brooldyn, N. Y., m. Dec. 15, 
1853 at Roxbury ,^^ Rev. George Putnam officiat- 
ing, Augustus Hoffman, b. 1824 at New York, 

d. at New York, son of Anthony N. and 

Corneha Hoffman,^^ No chn. 
III. Katherine b. Feb. 9, 1830 at Gloucester,*' d.* Sept. 
18, 1854 (probably at Providence), m. Oct. 14, 
1852 at Roxbury ,^^ Rev. George Putnam officiating, 

Thomas Harris b. 1826 at Providence, son of 

Benjamin C. and Eliza G. Harris,^^ and had child: 
A. Kate b.* Nov. 20, 1853, d.* Oct. 16, 1857. 
Samuel Dexter left widow EHza and three chn., two of 
whom were minors. ^^ 

[Note.] Mrs. Eliza Schaffer who m. Samuel Dexter Aug. 26, 
1824, had five chn. whose names were changed from Schaffer 
to Vila by the Mass. Legislature in June, 1828. 


154 Dexter Genealogy 

[Richard/ John," Richard/" Richard/"^ WilliamJ Wil- 

100. GEORGE WASHINGTON DEXTER b. Apr. 6, 1799 
at Gloucester/^ d. Aug. 1, 1842 at Gloucester.'" 
He m. Oct. 24, 1822 (int. Oct. 5), at Gloucester, 
Eliza Webber b.* Oct. 28, 1798, d. Feb.-21, 1883." Dau. 
of Benjamin and Ehza (Webber) Webber.* 
Children : 

I. Mary EHza b. Aug. 6, 1823 at Gloucester,^^ d. Apr. 
22, 1858 at Gloucester,^^ (unm.) 
11. Henry Dering b. June 4, 1825 at Gloucester,^^ d. 
*Jan. 13, 1863 at Papieti, Tahiti, (unm.) 

III. Frances Dering b. July 16, 1826 at Gloucester,^® d.* 
May 2, 1859, drowned off Cape Horn together with 
her husband, Capt. Dale, Master of the Ship which 
sailed from Boston for San Francisco early in 1859, 
and her son five or six years old. She m. June 25, 
1851 at Gloucester,^^ Francis Dale. 

IV. Helen Maria b. Apr. 23, 1828 at Gloucester,^® d. 
Mch. 16, 1870 at Gloucester.^® 

183. V. George Washington b. June 16, 1830 at Gloucester/' 
d.* Jan. 12, 1871 at Tahiti. 
VI. Edward Webber b. Dec. 26, 1831 at Gloucester/® 
d. Nov. 7, 1853 at Gloucester/® (unm.) 
VII. Luther Hamilton b.* Jan. 9, 1835 at Gloucester, d.* 
Feb. 17, 1835. 
According to the Essex Probate Records, when the widow 
died, she left no descendants, except the chn. of her son, G. W. 

[Richard/ John/' Richard/" Richard/'^ William,'' Wil- 

lOl. JAMES WILLIAMS DEXTER b.* Feb. 17, 1805 «» 
(Gloucester has Feb. 7),'® d.* Sept. 22, 1877 at Oakland, Cal. 
(Bible says aged 72 yrs. 7 mos., 5 das).^^ Of Massachusetts, 
Illinois, Missouri and Cahfornia. (Merchant in the East, 
farmer in the West.) 

He m. first, Sept. 24, 1829 at Gloucester,^® Rev. Hosea 
Hildreth officiating, 

Sarah EHzabeth Hildreth b.* May 1, 1809 at Deerfield 

Dexter Genealogy 155 

Mass., d.* Oct. 2, 1852 at Sacramento, Cal. Dau. of Rev. 
Hosea and Sarah (McLeod) Hildreth.* 
Children : 

I. FrankUn b.* Apr. 7, 1830 at Gloucester. Of 
Los Gatos, Cal. Fruit Grower. He m.* Oct. 23, 
1862 at San Francisco, Annie Eliza Alton b.* Jan. 
24, 1842 at Canajoharie, N. Y., dau. of WiUiam 
Simmons and Jane Ann (Kniskern) Alton.* 

184. II. WilHam b.* Sept. 24, 1831 at Gloucester, Mass. 

185. III. James b.* Sept. 24, 1833 at Gloucester, Mass. 

IV. Charles Hildreth b.* Feb. 16, 1836 at Alton, 111., 
d.* Nov. 29, 1867 at Tahiti, (unm.) 

186. V. Sarah Emery b.* Nov. 20, 1837 at Griggsville, 111. 
VI. Elizabeth Vila b.* Apr. 10, 1841 at Griggsville, 111. 

d.* Sept. 24, 1843 at Palmyra, Mo. 
VII. Mary Frances b.* Dec. 12, 1846 at Palmyra, Mo., 
m.* Oct. 23, 1879 at Philadelphia, Pa., Moses Dyer 
Carbee, M.D., son of Thomas and Olive (Robin- 
son) Carbee, b.* May 13, 1847 at Newberry, Vt., 
d.* Oct. 23, 1889 at Haverhill. No chn. 
VIII. Susan McLeod b.* Jan. 12, 1849 at Palmyra, Mo., 
m.* May 28, 1879, Wilham Henry Galbraith b.* 
Feb. 5, 1849 at Passumpsic, Vt., son of Walter and 
Sarah (Stuart) Galbraith.* 
He m. secondly, Dec. 10, 1854 at Bradford, Mass.,^^ 
Susan b. July 15, 1805 at Boxford,^ d. Dec. 15, 1867 at 
Bradford. ^^ Widow of James A. Gilmore, dau. of Stephen 
and Elizabeth (Hazleton) Kimball.* 

He m. thirdly, Dec. 24, 1868 at Bradford,^^ 
Rebecca Endicott b.* (Feb. 13, 1815) at Danvers, d. Mch. 23, 
1877 at Bradford.^^ Widow of Maurice Curran Oby, dau. of 
Daniel and Rebecca (Endicott) Hardy.* 

The Will of James W. Dexter, made Apr. 28, 1877, men- 
tions chn.: Mrs. Sarah E. Locke, Mary F. Dexter, Susan M. 
Dexter, Frankhn, Wilham, James. ^^ 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,''' Wilham,^ Rich- 

102. RICHARD DEXTER (bapt. Mch. 6, 1796, New North 
Church, Boston), d. about 1830, lost at sea. (Probably lost in 
schooner "Olive" of Gloucester during Aug. 1830. See 

156 Dexter Genealogy 

"Gloucester Fishermen's Memorial Record Book," page 9.) 
Of Boston. Went to Gloucester, whence he sailed at the time 
he was lost. 

He m. Apr. 12, 1821 (int. Mch. 21) at the New North Church, 

Mary Ann Averill b. (1801), d. Dec. 1, 1843 at Charles- 
town,^ aged 42 yrs. (Had a bro. James, d. at Roxbury. Her 
father d. before she was born; sister of James C. b. at Marble- 
head, son of Ezekiel and Mary Averill. She aterwards m. 
Dec. 25, 1832 James Powell of Halifax, N. S.). 
Children : 

I. Emeline Dering b.* Sept. 5, 1824, m. Jan. 4, 1846 at 
Chariestown,^ Rev. E. H. Chapin officiating, George 
Simmons Baily. 

II. Wilham Sutton b. d. about 1880, drowned. 

Went to Savannah, Ga., and was Hving there in 

1860 on State St., m. JuHa who Kved at No. 50 

King St., Charieston, S. C. in 1880, and had chn.: 
George Bailey, Laura Letitia, Susan, Alexander 
Irving — altogether there were about nine chn. 
One, who died, was Gordon. 
III. Sarah Elizabeth b. (Nov. 5, 1829) at Gloucester, d. 
Oct. 25, 1862 at Somerville,"^^ m. May 23, 1850 at 
Winchester,^^ Lewis Morrell of Winchester. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,''^ Wilham,"" 

103. CHARLES DEXTER b.* Feb. 14, 1799'^ at Essex, 
Mass., d. June 9, 1861 at Boston.' Of Boston. Commission 

He m. Oct. 30, 1826 (int. Oct. 14) at Essex,'^ 
Judith Allen b.* Aug. 25, 1803 at Essex, d.* Feb. 2, 1859 at 
Essex, aged 55 yrs. Dau. of Joseph and Judith (Burnham) 
Children : 

I. Ehza Elwell b.* Aug. 5, 1827 at Essex, Mass., d.* 
Feb. 21, 1833 at Essex, Mass. 
II. John Allen b.* Apr. 22, 1829 at Essex, Mass., d.* 
Dec. 4, 1847 at Essex, Mass. 
187. III. Charies Edward b.* Aug. 24, 1831 at Essex, Mass. 

Dexter Genealogy 15 7 

188. IV. Henry Bannister b.* Sept. 20, 1833 at Essex, Mass., 

d., Dee. 8, 1868 at Boston.^ 

189. V. Eliza Elwell b.* Mch. 27, 1836 at Essex, Mass. 
VI. William Elwell b.* July 4, 1838 d.* Aug. 13, 1862 

at Baton Rouge, La. in the Army, (unm.) 
VII. George Washington b.* Apr. 27, 1843 at Essex, 
Mass., d.* Apr. 29, 1843 at Essex, Mass. 
VIII. Emma b.* Aug. 8, 1845 at Boston, m. Oct. 19, 1876 
at Boston,^ Isaac Porter Waitt, b.* Oct. 15, 1842 
at Boston, d.* Feb. 29, 1888 at Boston, son of Isaac 
B. and Mary (Cheever) Waitt.* No chn. 
Judith Dexter's Will, made Dec. 25, 1858 mentions husband 
Charles, son Henry B. Dexter, dau. EHza E. Dexter, Emma J. 
Dexter." See Will of John Dexter, father of Charles. 

[Richard,' John,'' Richard,"' Richard,'^ WilHam,'' 

104. JOHN DEXTER b.* July 9,1804^^ at Essex, Mass., d. 
Oct. 25, 1875 at Essex." 

He m. Mch. 9, 1834 (int. Feb. 10) at Essex," 

Caroline Dean Choate b. Sept. 20, 1807 at Essex," d. Apr. 

3 at Lowell, Mass. Dau. of Capt. Joseph and Sarah 

(Cummings) Choate.* 

Children : 

190. I. CaroKne Choate b.* Dec. 30, 1835 at Boston. 

11. Mary Ann Choate b.* Nov. 7, 1837 at Boston, d. 

Sept. 14, 1839 at Boston.' 
III. Judith Wyer b.* Dec. 25, 1838 at Boston.'d. Jan. 8, 
1841 at Boston.' 

191. IV. Philip Augustus b.* Oct. 12, 1841 at Boston. 

192. V. Sarah EKzabeth b.* Oct. 8, 1843 at Danvers, Mass. 

193. VI. John b.* Dec. 25, 1845 at Danvers, Mass. . 

At the Probate proceedings after the death of John Dexter, 
the heirs were given as chn. : CaroKne C. Morrill, wife of James 
M. Morrill of Somerville, Mass., Phihp A. Dexter of Peabody, 
Mass., Sarah E. Schwamb wife of John, and John Dexter of 
Essex, Mass.^' 

158 Dexter Genealogy 

[Richard/ John," Richard/" Richard/'' William/ 
105. AMELIA DEXTER b* June 9, 1810 ^« at Essex, d* 

1895 at Essex. 

She m. Dec. 30, 1831 (int. Dec. 11) at Essex,^^ 

Phihp Rowell Southwick b.* 1808 at Peabody, Mass., 

d. at Boston. Son of Edward and Abigail (Rowell) South- 
Children : 

I. Emma Dexter b.* Apr. 4, 1834 at Danvers, Mass., 
m.* June 28, 1880 at Westford, Mass. Dr. Jere- 
miah Bernard Brinton b.* 1836 at Chester 

Co., Penn., d.* Apr. 7, 1889 at Philadelphia, son of 
Jacob and Ann (Bernard) Brinton,* No chn. 
II. Edward b.* Mch. 25, 1836 at Danvers, Mass., d.* 
Sept. 9, 1885 suddenly, m. Mch. — 1870 at New 
York. No chn. 

III. EHzabeth Rowell b.* Sept. 8, 1838 at Peabody, 
Mass., m.* Oct. 27, 1857 at Boston, John Wilham 
Abbott b.* Apr. 18, 1834 at Westford, Mass., d.* 
Nov. 19, 1887 at Westford, son of John Wilham 
Pitt and Catharine (Abbott) Abbott,* and had chn. : 

A. Catharine b.* Jan. 28, 1861 at Boston, m.* 
Sept. 15, 1881 at Westford, Mass., Abbot 
Livermore Kebler b.* Oct. 12, 1856 at 
Cincinnati, O., d.* Feb. 15, 1889 at Fern- 
bank, O., son of John and Lucy (Abbot) 
Kebler,* and had chn. : 

i. Catharine Abbot b.* June 19, 1886 
at Cincinnati, d.* Aug. 1, 1898 at 
Westford, Mass. 

ii. Ehzabeth Abbot b.* Oct. 31, 1888 
at Westford, Mass. 

B. Emma Southwick b.* July 17, 1864'at West- 
ford, Mass., m.* June 5, 1888 at Westford, 
Juhan Abbot Kebler b.* Nov. 4, 1858 at 
Cincinnati, d.* Nov. 20, 1903 at Denver, 
Colo., son of John and Lucy (Abbot) 

c. Lucy b.* Mch. 26, 1870 at Boston, m.* June 
22, 1893 at Westford, Juhan Abbot Cam- 

Dexter Genealogy 159 

eron b.* Sept. 25, 1866 at Westford, son of 
Allan and Eleanor Frances (Flint) Cam- 
eron,* and had chn. : 

i. Alexander Abbot b.* Aug. 5, 1895 at 

Westford, Mass. 
ii. Eleanor b.* July 21, 1899 at West- 
ford, Mass. 
iii. Marjory b.* July 8, 1901 at West- 
ford, Mass. 
D. John Cameron b.* Feb. 27, 1872 at West- 
ford, Mass., m.* Jan. 12, 1898 at Belmont, 
Mass., Anna Monroe Fletcher b.* Jan. 12, 
1872 at Belmont, dau. of Joseph Henry and 
Helen (Woodbridge) Fletcher,* and had 

i. John Fletcher b.* Nov. 30, 1898 at 
Westford, Mass. 
IV. Joseph b.* Aug. 6, 1841 at Danvers, Mass., d.* Jan. 
24, 1886 at Boston, m.* first, Dec. 1, 1864 at Lowell, 
Mass., Mary Beane b.* Dec. 12, 1842 at Lowell, 
Mass., d.* July 27, 1869 at Essex, Mass., dau. of 
James and Margaret Ann (Coombs) Beane,* and 
had chn. : 

A. Philip Howell b.* Jan. 8, 1866 at Roxbury, 
Mass., d.* Sept. 5, 1888 at Boston. 

B. Joseph Royal b.* May 5, 1868, at Roxbury, 
Mass., d.* Aug. — 1869 at Roxbury, Mass. 

m.* secondly, Nov. 14, 1871 at Boston, Annie L. 
Pierce, dau. of John Winslow and Lydia Ann (Os- 
borne) Pierce.* 
V. Abby Bannister b.* May 10, 1842 at Boston, d.* 
Apr. 17, 1878 at Santa Barbara, Cal., m.* July 18, 
1870 at Westford, Mass., Rev. George Henry 
Young b.* Mch. 14, 1841 at Slatersville, R. I., son 
of Charles and Roxana (Bacheller) Young * (gradu- 
ated at Meadville, Penn. Theological School, 
1866), and had chn.: 

A. Annie Horton b.* Dec. 12, 1871 at Boston, 
m.* Oct. 10, 1899 at Lawrence, Mass., 
WilHam Rogers Copeland b.* Oct. 23, 1868 
at Castleton, Vt., son of Robert Morris and 

i6o Dexter Genealogy 

Josephine Gannett (Kent) Copeland.* No 
B. Sheila b * Dec. 6, 1874 at Troy, N. Y. 

VI, PhiHp b. 1845 at Boston, d. young (drowned). 

VII. Charles Jacob b.* Mch. 25, 1849 at Boston, d.* 
Mch. 9, 1904 at Brookline, Mass., m.* Jan. 26, 1897 
at Boston, NeUie Octavia Marston b.* Jan. 26, 1868 
at Brunswick, Ga., dau. of Hiram Perry and 
Rebecca Lee (Fielding) Marston.* No chn. 

[Richard,^ John," Richard,"^ Richard,^^ David,^ Jonathan 

106. GEORGE DEXTER b. June 16, 1809 at BiUerica," d. 
July 16, 1872 at Geneva, Switzerland. One of the founders of 
the American News Company. 

He m. Dec. 1, 1845 (int. Oct. 18), Boston.^ 
Mary EHzabeth Phelps b. July 12, 1821 at Hartford, Conn.,^^ 
dau. of Benjamin and AmeUa (Ely) Phelps.*"^ 
Children : 

194. I. Frances AmeHa b.* July 15, 1846 at New York.^^ 

195. II. Sarah EUzabeth b.* Apr. 2, 1849 at New York.^^ 

III. Wilham Phelps b.* Mch. 18, 1851 at New York,*^^ 
d* July 30, 1870.^'=^ 

IV. Benjamin Marsh b.* May 22, 1853 at Upper 
Morrisania,^^ d.* Oct. 25, 1882 at Brooklyn. 

V. Mary Georgianna b.* Feb. 25, 1858 at Upper 
Morrisania,^^^ (unm.) 

[Richard,' John,'' Richard,"' Richard,'"" David,"" Jonathan 

107. HENRY DEXTER b. Mch. 14, 1813 at West Cam- 
bridge, Mass.^^ In Aug., 1836 went to New York, where he 
has since resided. [See Note 1 .] 

He m. Oct. 11, 1853 at Southport, Conn.,^ 
Lucretia Marquand Perry b.* Dec. 8, 1831 at Weston, Conn., 
d.* Aug. 18, 1899 at Jefferson, N. H. Dau. of Orrando and 
Clarissa (Tredwell) Perry.** 
Children : 

I. Orrando Perry b.* Oct. 31, 1854 at New York, d.* 
Sept. 19, 1903 at Dexter Lake, Franklin Co., N. Y. 
[See Note 2.] 

Dexter Genealogy i6i 

II. Clarissa Tredwell b * Feb. 5, 1857 at New York, 

III. John Marquand b.* Apr. 24, 1861 at New York, d.* 
Aug. 17, 1861 at New York. 

[Note 1.] The National Cyclopaedia of American Biography 
contains the following sketch: Dexter, Henry, merchant was 
born at West Cambridge, Mass., Mch. 14, 1813, son of Jonathan 
Marsh and EHzabeth (Balch) Dexter, grandson of David 
Dexter, great-grandson of Richard, great-great-grandson of 
John, the son of Richard Dexter, who fled from Ireland when 
the massacre of Protestants took place there in 1641. At the 
age of fourteen he entered the publishing house of Lincoln & 
Edmands in Boston, where he served an apprenticeship of 
three years, and for three years he was second foreman in the 
printing oflice of Harvard University. In this way he secured 
an understanding of the Greek, Hebrew and North American 
Indian Texts, and of medicine and law, knowledge which came 
to be of much value to him in after life. In 1836 he removed 
to New York, where he first entered the employ of Grannis, 
White & Co., and later occupied a position in a hardware 
business conducted by the Whittemores, the inventors of the 
famous carding machine, in Boston, of which he was the agent 
for the New York house. In the fall of 1842 Mr. Dexter 
bought the interest of his brother's partner in the firm of Dexter 
& Tuttle, dealois in books, periodicals, and daily papers for 
$1,600, and the name became Dexter & Brother. At first only 
a small cfBce was occupied, but the business increased so 
rapidly that a larger room was soon rented on Ann Street, and 
in 1850 the whole building was leased. In 1859 George Dexter 
and Henry Whittemore retired, and the firm of Henry Dexter & 
Co. was organized, with two young men who had been his clerks 
as partners. Three years later the partnership was terminated 
by the death of one of the partners, Mr. Dexter continuing the 
business alone. Subsequently he united with the firm of 
Hamilton, Johnson & Farrelly, under the name of H. Dexter, 
Hamilton & Co. In 1859 he conceived the idea of forming a 
company by consoHdating all the leading newsdealers. The 
opposition of one particular dealer, however, prevented the 
consummation of the plan until 1864, when this dealer found 
it to his interest to come in. As according to the law at that 

1 62 Dexter Genealogy 

time, it took seven to form a joint stock company, Mr. Dexter 
gave his brother one share so as to make the seventh, and the 
company thus started was the foundation of the present Ameri- 
can News Company. Some of the original members are still con- 
nected with this company. All the funds necessary to carry 
on the business were supplied by Mr. Dexter, as the other 
members were entirely without means, except their respective 
businesses, and there was nothing out of which they could make 
capital, it being a purely commission business. From 1874-76 
Mr. Dexter was residing in Torquay, England, and was re- 
quested to establish a branch in London. Within three days 
Mr. Dexter formed this company in connection with Willmer & 
Rogers, which has now become the International News Com- 
pany. Under the new firm the sphere of trade was gradually ex- 
tended throughout the United States, vsdth important branches in 
Canada, England, France, Germany, the East Indies, Japan, 
China, and Austraha. The American News Company now con- 
ducts over forty-six branches in the principal countries of the 
world. Mr. Dexter acted as president without salary, and after 
his resignation, in 1896, retained the largest interest in the^com- 
pany. During his early years he was active in reform and 
independent politics, and was elected on an independent ticket 
for four years to reform the public school system, and was one 
of the founders of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in con- 
nection with George P. Putnam, the publisher, who was the 
first projector. In his travels, which extended over nearly every 
part of the world, Mr. Dexter has exercised a wonderful reten- 
tive memory. Being a close observer, he obtained a knowledge 
of even the minute details of the various locaHties he has visited. 
He is a life director of the American Bible Society and the 
American Tract Society; a life member of the New York 
Historical Society, the Geographical Society, the Young Men's 
Christian Association, and the Children's Aid Society, the New 
York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, St. 
Luke's Hospital Society, the New York Christian Home for 
Inebriates, and the Charity Organization Society; a trustee of 
the Protestant Episcopal Church Missionary Society for Sea- 
men, and the Midnight IVIission, and a member of the Chamber 
of Commerce — to all of which he has contributed with a 
generous hand. He was instrumental in maldng the New York 
Exchange Bank national through his personal efforts with 

Dexter Genealogy 163 

Secretary McCullough, and of which he was president for a 
short time. He is to-day a perfect representative of the fine 
old school of merchants, possessing in spite of his years such a 
vigorous vitality that his appearance is that of a man twenty- 
five years younger. Several able articles on politics and travel 
have appeared from his pen in the daily press ; one in particular, 
gi\dng his ideas in regard to the Dead Sea, was published in 
many magazines. He has fostered many young men in their 
early business struggles, and many a home has been made 
happier by his material help. Mr. Dexter was married at 
Southport, Conn., Oct. 11, 1853, to Lucretia Marquand, 
daughter of Orrando and Clarissa (Treadwell) Perry, of 
Easton, Conn,, who died in August, 1899. By this union he 
has had one daughter and two sons. His son Orrando was 
educated in Harvard and Christ Church, Oxford. He took 
honors, and the degree of Master of Arts was conferred upon 
him by special convocation. 

[Note 2.] A biographical sketch of Orrando Perry Dexter, 
pubhshed for private distribution by James T. White & Co., 
Pubhshers, New York, 1904: 

Orrando Perry Dexter, son of Henry and Lucretia 
Marquand (Perry) Dexter, was born in New York city, Oct. 
31, 1854. During his boyhood he attended private schools in 
New York city and in Europe, and in 1869 he entered Philhps 
Exeter Academy to prepare for Harvard University. Early in 
his studies he showed marked ability in mathematics. In this 
connection, so well-known a mathematician as Prof. George A. 
Wentworth has this to say of him, under date of Jan. 7, 1904: 
"Mr. O. P. Dexter, who graduated from Philhps Exeter 
Academy in 1872, was the neatest and best mathematician that 
was under my instruction for the 33j years during which I was 
professor of mathematics in the academy. Mr. Dexter took 
not only the regular course, but an advanced course. Pro- 
fessor James Mills Peirce, of Harvard College, who examined 
Mr. Dexter's papers for admission to Harvard College, took 
the trouble to come from his room in Holworthy Hall across 
the college yard to congratualte me on Mr. Dexter's briUiant 
examination, and assured me that Mr. Dexter's mathematical 
papers were the finest he had ever read since his connection 
with the college." He entered Harvard as a freshman, and 

164 Dexter Genealogy 

petitioned the faculty to allow him to enter the sophomore, 
junior, and senior classes in mathematics, which they did, and 
he took highest honors. Up to that time such a thing had never 
been known in the history of the college. After spending two 
years in Harvard, he decided to go to Oxford University and 
devote himself more to the classics. He graduated in 1878, 
after a four years' course. He then entered the Columbia Law 
School and received the degree of LL.B. in 1880. The degree 
of A.M. was conferred upon him by Oxford in 1881 by a special 
convocation. During the same year he pubhshed a pamphlet 
of 36 pages, entitled: "The Division of Angles," of which the 
following mention was made in one of the scientific magazines 
at the time : *"The Division of Angles,' by O. P. Dexter, is the 
official pubhcation of the mathematical theory of the very im- 
portant discovery made by the author. This discovery is the 
solution of the problem, long ago practically abandoned by 
mathematicians as impossible, of dividing exactly, theoretically, 
and mechanically any angle into any number of parts. The 
simplest application of the problem, not solved by methods 
heretofore known, the trisection of an angle, or how to divide 
any angle into three equal parts, has been in great danger of 
becoming as hackneyed as that of 'squaring the circle.' It 
is believed that, besides the great addition it will be to mathe- 
matical and mechanical science, this discovery will prove to be 
of great practical value. For this purpose the discovery has 
been practically applied and patented, and an engraving show- 
ing a circle divided into seven equal parts by the patented 
machinery has been added at the beginning of the pamphlet. 
The simplicity of the mechanical arrangement is such that, 
after a machine for dividing an angle into three parts has been 
constructed, to increase its efficiency, for a greater division, no 
parts of new pattern are needed, but simply duphcates of parts 
already in use." Much of his time after graduation was given 
to genealogical research, and he made a very valuable collec- 
tion of genealogical works. He had traveled over Ireland and 
England, collecting data relative to his own and other geneal- 
ogies, and he had at his finger-tips the family trees of dozens 
of prominent American families. He had traced the ancestry 
of his family back to the twelfth century. He found that the 
head of the American family came from Ireland in 1642 to 
Maiden, Mass., and his estate there is still in the family. The 

Dexter Genealogy 165 

results of his researches concerning the Dexter genealogy are 
being prepared for publication. In 1884 he published "An 
Index to Savage's Genealogical Dictionary of New England.** 
He was well acquainted with New England town records and 
was often consulted by those interested in genealogy. He was 
the first person to suggest that the records of Fairfield, Conn, 
(his mother's birthplace), be carefully safeguarded, and out of 
this suggestion grew the Fairfield Historical Society, of which 
he was a member. He loved nature and animals. This led 
him to seek a retreat in the Adirondacks, and in 1886 he made 
his first purchase in Frankhn county, including Dexter Lake, 
started to build his summer home, and began to accumulate 
property for a preserve, which eventually led to his untimely 
death. He was very much interested in the preservation of 
the forests of the Adirondacks, in order to conserve the water- 
supply of the state. He got his greatest enjoyment out of life 
in planning for the enlarging and beautifying of his estate, 
and in communing with nature. He was unmarried. Several 
years before his death his father was anxious that he should 
marry, and urged him to do so, offering to buy him a fine house 
in New York if he would bring a wife to it. But he was a con- 
firmed bachelor, though only 49 years old. He cared nothing 
for society. He had strong convictions on the hquor question, 
and was a total abstainer. He spent the summer of 1903 at 
Dexter Lake, and on Sept. 19th met his death at the hands of 
an assassin. The New York papers for several days contained 
lengthy accounts of the murder, and numerous motives for 
the commission of the crime. The murdered man was charged 
with being forever engaged in suits at law with his neighbors, 
had thereby earned their enmity, and that if someone of them 
had not shot him, at least no one was sorry that he was dead. 
Shortly after the shooting the New York Herald pubhshed 
the following interview with John P. Badger of Malone, N. Y., 
who was his warm, personal friend and had for years been his 
legal representative: "I wish to deny published reports that 
Mr. Dexter was probably shot by a person or persons with 
whom he had formerly had litigation. It is not true that Mr. 
Dexter was continually in litigation with his neighbors in 
Frankhn county. At the time of his death there was but one 
case pending in court in which Mr. Dexter was interested, and 
the other parties involved reside in New York city. The 

l66 Dexter Genealogy 

motive of the crime has been more correctly drawn from other 
conditions and circumstances. Mr. Badger then related Mr. 
Dexter's recent purchase of land in St. Lawrence county and 
of the antagonism aroused. On the parts of several persons, 
feehngs of intense hostility toward Mr. Dexter were entertained. 
They and their patrons and friends have engaged in such de- 
nunciations of Mr. Dexter for forbidding the use of the stream 
for floating timber as well-nigh bordered upon threats. , To 
get a clear idea of the situation that has arisen out of this 
terrible crime in Franklin county, one must have a compre- 
hensive view of the vast estate Mr. Dexter was building up in 
the wilderness of w^ild lands. His 'plant' as one may term it, 
consists of a fine cottage, a building for workmen to live in, 
from 6,000 to 10,000 acres of wild lands, a farm house about 
a mile and a half from the cottage on the highway, a; lake three- 
fourths of a mile wdde and a mile long, beside which his cottage 
stands. The forest for acres around abounds with' deer; any 
one may see them upon the wooded hills wliile rowing or saihng 
on the lake. The lake itself is full of trout. Thefpreserve 
offers greater temptation to the sportsman, perhaps, than any 
other estate in the North Woods. The cottage is furnished 
with everything for comfort that modern times can suggest or 
afford. It is a perfect little palace set in a wilderness. From 
this dehghtful retreat Mr. Dexter set out last Saturday at 12.40 
P.M. to drive to Santa Clara, four and a half miles away, to get 
his mail at the post office there. He was alone. The stories 
that he had been in fear of an attack from enemies are untrue. 
He had no notion of being attacked, and his pistol is still lying 
on a shelf in his cottage, where it always "vvas. It is not true 
that Mr. Dexter was hated by many residents of the country 
about. He had been in litigation with but few of them. I 
can remember one case in which Mr. Dexter caused a man to 
be arraigned before the grand jury charged with having set 
fires on his land. The grand jury did not bring an indictment 
and the man brought suit for malicious prosecution. I argued 
this case for Mr. Dexter, and the judge non-suited the case for 
malicious prosecution. That was a long time ago. One man 
who was in litigation with Mr. Dexter has since borrowed 
money from him, showing that he entertains no hostihty 
toward him. The stories about Mr. Dexter building houses 
in open roads to blockade certain landowners to force them to 

Dexter Genealogy 167 

sell to him are all untrue. He did at one time appeal from the 
assessment levied on his property by the board of tax assessors, 
but we succeeded in getting the members of the board to 
Aisit the estate, and they reduced the pssessment and the 
affair was amicably adjusted. I want to say this: that 
while Mr. Dexter had certain asperities of manner which made 
him appear rather forbidding and distant to some persons who 
did not know him well, he was a good man, and never did any 
man a wrong intentionally. He never sought litigation, but he 
would never flinch from it if it were brought." The body of 
Mr. Dexter was shipped to New York, and the funeral service 
was held in St. Thomas's Episcopal Church. In accordance 
with his father's wishes, great simphcity was observed in the 
service. The burial service of the Episcopal Church was read 
by Rev. DeWitt L. Pelton, the assistant pastor. The burial 
was in Woodlawn Cemetery, where the body was placed in the 
Dexter family tomb. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,'" Richard,'"" David,"" Jona- 
than Marsh.""'] 

1820 at West Cambridge,^^ d.* Sept. 18, 1878 at Greens Farms 

She m.* Dec. 29, 1852, 

James Henry Peffers b.* Apr. 8, 1821 at New York, N. Y. 
Son of James Bailey and Esther Burr (Jennings) Peffers.* 
Children : 

I. Abbie Maria b.* Oct. 5, 1853 at New York. 
II. Henrietta Ameha b.* Oct. 10, 1854 at New York, 
d.* May 26, 1855 at New York. 

III. Henrietta EHzabeth b.* May 16, 1856 at New York. 

IV. James Henry b.* July 25, 1858 at New York, d.* 
Aug. 20, 1858 at New York. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,'" Richard,'"" David,"" Rich- 

109. EDWARD TIRRELL DEXTER b. May 17, 1805 at 
Quincy,^^ Mass., d. May 9, 1854 at Quincy.^^ Of Quincy, 

He m. July 22, 1833 (int. Feb. 9) at Quincy ,2° Rev. WilHam 
Morse officiating, 

1 68 Dexter Genealogy 

Susan Woodwell Bray b. (Feb. 3, 1807) at Rockport, Mass., 
d. Apr. 9, 1880 at Quincy.^*^ Dau. of Benjamin Row and 
Abigail (Clark) Bray.** [See Note.] 

Children : 

I. Richard b.* Jan. 30, 1834, d. Apr. 17, 1834 at 

196. II. Richard Wichard b. June 8, 1835 at Quincy,^^ d. 
Jan. 13, 1892 at Quincy.^^ 

[Note.] He m. her as Abigail Brookins, but it does not seem 
to have been her maiden name. Widow of Capt. Samuel 

[Richard,' John", Richard,"' Richard,'^ David"^, David.^'] 
IIO. ELIZABETH MARSH DEXTER b.* Nov. 9, 1816 at 
Bath, Me., d.* Sept. 29, 1893 at South Portland, Me. 
She m.* Sept. 23, 1841 at Oxford, Me., 
Luther Farrar Pingree b.* May 25, 1813 at Norway, Me., 
d.* Apr. 18, 1892 at South Portland, Me. Son of Hoyt and 
Sarah (Turner) Pingree.* 
Children : 

I. lone Amelia b.* June 25, 1842 at Oxford, Me., m.* 
Feb. 1, 1866 at Portland, Me., George Oscar 
Sawyer b.* Aug. 8, 1841 at Raymond, Me., son of 
Joseph Thrasher and Elizabeth (Sweetsir) Sawyer,* 
and had chn.: 

A. Edith Pingree b.* Dec. 26, 1871 at Hartford, 
m.* Oct. 17, 1900 at Hartford, Charles 
Leslie Wight Pettee b.* Dec. 4, 1874 at 
Tiffin, O., son of Lemuel and Mary (Westall) 
Pettee,* and had child : 

i. Virginia b.* Feb. 20, 1903 at Hart- 

B. Judson Albro b.* Jan. 29, 1874 at Hartford, 
d.* Oct. 2, 1877 at Hartford. 

c. Dudley Pingree b.* May 24, 1878 at Hart- 
ford, d.* Nov. 19, 1882 "at Hartford. 

II. Helen Jane Guthrage b.* Apr. 18, 1844 at Oxford, 
Me., m.* at Portland, Edwin Nichols. 

III. Frank Roundy Ashton b.* Feb. 23, 1846 at Port- 
land, m.* Sept. 5, 1867 at Gorham, N. H., CaHsta 

Dexter Genealogy 169 

Sweetsir Hopkins b.* Mch. 23, 1848 at Hampden, 
Me., dau. of Jonathan and Mary Ann (Sweetsir) 
Hopkins,* and had chn.: 

A. NeUie Gertrude b * Dec. 26, 1868 at Port- 
land, Me., d.* Sept. 6, 1869. 

B. Frank Augustus b.* May 24, 1870 at Port- 
land, d.* July 31 , 1870. 

■ IV. Consuelo Imogen b.* July 18, 1848 at Portland, 
d.* July 18, 1851 at Portland. 
V. Sarah Charlotte Dexter b.* Oct. 4, 1850 at Port- 
land, m.* Nov. 12, 1874 at Portland, Charles 
Frances Keith of Waterville, Me. 
VI. Malcolm Cameron b.* Sept. 9, 1852 at Portland, 
d.* Oct. 13, 1901 at South Portland, Me., m.* May 
30, 1876 at Portland, Cora Louise Dodge b.* Sept. 
18, 1859 at Portland, dau. of Rodolph Lorenzo 
and Harriet Knox (Eaton) Dodge,* and had 

A. Harold Ashton b.* Jan. 16, 1877 at Port- 
VII. Virginia Dean b.* Sept. 2, 1855 at Portland, m.* 
Jan. 26, 1881 at Portland, Albert Marwick, b.* 
Mch. 21, 1855 at Pittston, Me., son of Albert and 
CaroUne Lawrence (Bailey) Marwick,* and had 

A. Marie Amelia b.* Nov. 24, 1884 at Hart- 
ford, d.* Feb. 4, 1890 at Hartford. 

B. Geraldine Ellen b.* Dec. 3, 1893 at Hart- 

c. Dudley Albert b.* Aug. 25, 1898 at Hart- 
VIII. David Henry b.* June 22, 1858 at Portland, m.* 
first, July 23, 1881 at South Portland, Lura 

Evaline Lamar, b.* at Gorham, Me., and 

had child: 

A. Helen Ehzabeth b. 1882, . 

m.* secondly, Aug. 9, 1893, Zelpha Eva Agniel. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'^ David,^ David.^'] 
111. JOSHUA LUFKIN DEXTER b.* May 8,1818atBath, 
Me., d.* July 26, 1852 at Shelbyville, 111. Lived in Maine 

1 70 Dexter Genealogy 

until Oct. 20, 1840. During this time, entered into business in 
Harmony, with his uncle Joel Bartlett as Bartlett & Dexter. 
On Oct. 20, 1840, he started from Harmony, where his father 
then lived, "at 5 o'clock p.m.," as his diary recites, for the pur- 
pose of visiting his uncle , Dr. Nath^^ McLurday, and his brother, 
John Henry Lawson Dexter, who hved in Vandaha, 111. After 
spending a few months there, he went north forty miles to 
Shelbyville, 111., where he passed the remainder of his life, 
conducting successfully a general merchandise business. In 
1851, his health having become impaired, he invited his brother- 
in-law Judson A. Roundy, who then resided in Bangor, Me., 
to come West and enter into business with him. This arrange- 
ment was carried out, but was a partnership of short duration, 
as Mr. Dexter hved but a short time. 

He m.* Oct. 21, 1844 at Shelbyville, 111., 

Sarah Jane Smith b.* Jan. 17, 1827 at Bloomington, Ind., 
d.* Aug. 19, 1856 at Shelbyville, 111. Dau. of Addison and 
Nancy Fitzgerald (Hicks) Smith.* 

Children : 
197. I. Charles Joshua b.* Aug. 8, 1845 at Shelbyville, 111. 
II. WilHam McCurdy b.* Dec. 25, 1847 at Shelbyville, 
d.* Aug. 1, 1855 at Shelbyville. 

III. Edward David b.* Dec. 1, 1849 at Shelbyville, d.* 
Sept. 1, 1851 at Shelbyville. 

IV. Mary Lois b.* Sept. 3, 1852 at Shelbyville, m.* 
June 27, 1877 at Shelbyville, John Jameson Mapel 
b.* July 26, 1847 at Glades, W. Va., son of Jacob 
Grove and Ann (Patrick) Mapel,* and had chn.: 

A. Charles Jameson b.* Jan. 15, 1879 at Gris- 
wold, la. 

B. John Wallace b.* Apr. 19, 1885 at Mil- 

c. Dexter Roundy b.* June 8, 1892 at Mil- 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'^ David,^ David.^'l 
[DEXTER] and adopted after her mother's death by Mr. 
and Mrs. Randall) b.* Sept. 17,1825 at Brunswick, Me., d.* 
June 7, 1893 at Nashville, Tenn. 

Dexter Genealogy 171 

She m * Nov. 13, 1850 at Portland, Me., 
Ebenezer Cheney, J^ b.* Oct. 5, 1818 at Barre, Mass., d.* 
Oct. 3, 1885 at East Somerville, Mass. Son of Ebenezer and 
Mary (Daniels) Cheney.* (Ebenezer Cheney, J^ m. first, 
Sarah R. Wilson of Barre, who d. Sept. 6, 1846, and had sons, 
James Wilson b. Aug. 20, 1841 and Henry R. b. Jan. 27, 1844, 
d. Oct. 4, 1860, m. secondly, Feb. 8, 1849, Jane Symonds of 
Boston, who d. May 9, 1850 and had Ebenezer S. b. May 5, 
1850, d. May 25, 1850.) 
Children : 

I. Sarah Jeanie b.* June 18, 1852 at Kendalls Mills, 
Me., d. *Oct. 23, 1857 at Vandaha, 111. 
11. Annie Louise b.* May 4, 1854 at Lewiston, Me., 
m.* Oct. 19, 1876 at Detroit, Mich., George 
Frederic Stratton b.* July 14, 1852 at London, Eng., 
son of George Frederic and Jane (Lugg) Stratton,* 
and had chn.: 

A. Faye Dexter b.* Oct. 5, 1880 at Detroit, Mich. 

B. George Malcolm b.* Dec. 10, 1881 at 
Detroit, Mich. 

III. Mary Ohve b.* Sept. 2, 1858 at Vandalia, 111., d.* 
June 20, 1861 at Vandaha, 111. 

IV. Nelhe May b.* May 10, 1863 at Shelbyville, III., 

V. Mary Judson b.* Sept. 15, 1866 at Shelbyyille, 111., 
m.* Aug. 28, 1896 at Owensboro, Ky., Samuel 
Wilson Adams, and had chn. : 

A. Nellie Judson b.* June 25, 1898 at Owens- 
boro, Ky. 

B. Lois Anne b.* Mch. 22, 1900 at Owensboro, 

c. Samuel Wilson b.* July 21, 1902 at Owens- 
boro, Ky. 

[Richard,' John,'' Richard,'" Richard,'^ Da^dd,'' George 

113. GEORGE STILLMAN DEXTER b.* Feb. 7, 1824 
at Woburn, Mass., d.* Dec. 26, 1901 at Boston. Merchant. 
Of Boston. 

He m.* Apr. 12, 1849 at New York, 

Margaret Anna Dunbar, b.* Feb. 12, 1824, d.* July 8, 1898 

172 Dexter Genealogy 

at Osterville, Mass. Dau. of Rev. Duncan and Christine 
(Mitchel) Dunbar.* 
Children : 

198. I. Franklin King b.* May 11, 1850 at Boston. 

199. II. Wallace Dunbar b.* Sept. 15, 1852 at Boston.* 

200. III. George Blake b.* Oct. 4, 1854 at Boston.* 

201. IV. Duncan Dunbar b.* Feb. 6, 1858 at Boston. 

[Richard,* John," Richard,"* Richard,*'' David,^ George 

114. CHARLES WARNER DEXTER b.* Sept. 22, 1827 
at Medford, Mass. Merchant. Of Boston. 

He m. first. May 5, 1853 at Boston,* 

Mary Badger Hill b. Jan. — 1830, d. Oct. 17, 1862 at Boston,* 
dau. of Samuel and Mary (Badger) Hill.* 

He m. secondly, Apr. 5, 1864 (int. Mch. 26) at Cambridge- 

Sarah Emehne Colby b.* Dec. 24, 1841 at South Berwick, 
Me. Dau. of Rev. Lewis and Sarah Fuller (Griggs) Colby.* 
Children : 

I. Lewis Colby b. May 4, 1865 at Boston,* (unm.) 
XL Arthur Wyman b.* Sept. 28, 1869 at Brookline, 

202. III. Ruth b.* Feb. 6, 1874 at Boston. 

IV. Richard b. Sept. 19, 1878 at Boston,* (unm.) 
V. Dorothy b.* Sept. 23, 1885 at Boston, (unm.) 

[Richard,* John,** Richard,*** Richard,*"" David,"" George 
Blake. ^*] 

115. HENRY CLAY DEXTER b.* Apr. 28, 1832, d.*July 
5, 1903 at Baltimore, Md.; bu. in Baltimore. 

He m.* Mch. 1, 1856 at Village Creek, la., 
Emily EHza FrankHn b.* Mch 27, 1837 at Smithville, Canada, 
d.* Oct. 8, 1874 at Cortland, 111. Dau. of John and Emily 
EHza (Drake) FrankHn of Milton, la.* 
Children : 

I. Charles Warner b.* Apr. 26, 1857 at Milton, la., 


11. Henry FrankHn b.* Jan. 27, 1861 at Milton, la., 

graduated at Colby University, 1884; from Newton 

Theological Seminary, 1887. Pastor, Baptist 

Dexter Genealogy 173 

Church, Hartland, Me., 1887-1894. Asst. Pastor, 
Gospel Temperance Mission, Portland, Me., 1895- 
1903. Pastor of same, 1903-, (unm.) 

[Richard,' John,'' Richard,"' Richard,"" Aaron,"" Thomas 

1817 at Boston (bapt. Apr. 25, 1818 Trinity Church, Boston), 
d.* Oct. 4, 1890 at Boston. Of Boston. Cotton Broker. 

He m.* Sept. 25, 1844 at Washington, D. C, Rev. Dr. 
Laurie officiating, 

EHzabeth Marion Cross b.* July 14, 1821 at Washington, 
D. C, d.* July 11, 1887 at Baltimore. Dau. of Col. Trueman 
and Ehza (Beanes) Cross of Washington.* 

Children : 

203. I. Trueman Cross b. Nov. 16, 1845 at Boston^ (bapt. 

Dec. 7, First Church, Boston, by Rev. Dr. Frothing- 
II. Thomas Amory b.* Mch. 16, 1847 at Boston, bapt.* 
Sept. 19, 1847 by Dr. Hall, d.* Sept. 20, 1847 at 
Dorchester, Mass. 

III. WilKam Linzee b.* Feb. 16, 1849, bapt.* June 17, 
1849 by Rev. J. Clark, d. June 16, 1851 at Mobile, 

IV. Mary Linzee b.* Mch. 16, 1852 at Mobile, Ala., 
bapt.* Nov. 24, 1853 at Trinity Church, Boston by 
Rev. John Smith, (unm.) 

[Richard,' John," Richard,'" Richard,"" Aaron,^ Thomas 
Amory. ^'] 

117. EDWARD AMORY DEXTER b.* Aug. 28, 1819 at 
Boston, d.* May 19, 1865 at Dorchester, Mass. 

He m. Dec. 28, 1857 (int. Dec. 19,) at Dorchester,^' Rev. 
Nathaniel Hall officiating, 

Sarah Ellen Vincent b.* Apr. 24, 1820 at Milton Hill, Mass. 
Dau. of William Ellery and Sarah Perkins (Holbrook) Vincent.* 

Children : 

204. I. Ellen Amory b.* Oct. 14, 1858 at Dorchester. 

11. Sarah Vincent b.* Aug. 9, 1863 at Dorchester, 
He left a widow and two daughters, as above.^^ 

174 Dexter Genealogy 

[Richard/ John," Richard,"' Richard,'"" Aaron,^ Charles 

118. CHARLES EDWARD DEXTER b* Apr. 30, 1823 at 
Boston, d."^ June 6, 1881 at Columbus, Ga. Lived in Boston 
until nineteen years of age. On account of his health, he 
removed to Pernambuco, Brazil, where he lived for five years 
and was employed as shipping clerk in a wholesale house; 
returned to Boston, but finding the climate too severe, he moved 
to Columbus, Ga., 1851, and engaged in the cotton commission 
business until his death. Was also Secretary and Treasurer of 
the Gasworks and prominent in church and educational works. 

He m.* Feb. 17, 1853 at St. Luke M. E. Church, Columbus, 

Clara Matilda Hodges b.* Mch. 1, 1832 at Columbus,TGa. 
Dau. of Rev. Samuel Kittrell and Henrietta Elizabeth (Smith) 

Children : 
205. I. EHzabeth Blake b.* Dec. 3, 1853 at Columbus, Ga. 
20G. 11. Richard Patten b.* Oct. 3, 1855 at Columbus, Ga. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'^ Aaron, ^ Charles 
Parker. ^'1 

119. SAMUEL PARKMAN DEXTER b.* June 13, 1824 
at Boston, d.* Dec. 18, 1885 at Boston.^ Merchant. Of 

He m. June 27, 1850 at Boston,' 

Matilda Campbell Abbot b.* Apr. 15, 1824 at Boston. Dau. 
of Samuel Leonard and Matilda (Campbell) Abbot.* 

Children : 
207. I. Matilda (called Maud) b. June 14, 1852 at Boston.^ 
11. Samuel Parker b. Nov. 19, 1854 at Boston,' (unm.). 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,"' Aaron,^ Charles 

120. AMORY DEXTER b.* Apr. 12, 1829 at Boston (bapt. 
May 25, 1829 New North Church, Boston), d.* Dec. 28, 1887 
at Columbus, Ga. Civil and Mining Engineer; afterwards 
Cotton Merchant; then Supt. of Gas Light Co. of Columbus, 
Ga. Pres. Macon Cotton Oil Co., Macon, Ga. Pres. Colum- 
bus Cotton Oil Co., Columbus, Ga. 

He m. first,* Aug. 26, 1852 at Hamilton, Canada, 

Dexter Genealogy 175 

Catherine Baghott b * Aug. 9, 1831 at London, Eng. d * 
Apr. 8, 1873 at Hamilton, Canada. Dau. of Samuel Paul and 
Hannah (Vevers) Baghott.* No. chn. 

He m. secondly,* May 4, 1875 at Columbus, Ga., 
Helen MacDougald b.* June 16, 1848 at Columbus, Ga. 
Dau. of Alexander and Frances (Mitchell) MacDougald.* 
Children : 

I. Charles Amory b.* June 19, 1877 at Columbus, Ga. 
Graduated at Jefferson Medical College, 1902. 
Resident Physician, Jefferson Hospital, 1902-1903, 
now practising at Columbus, Ga. 
II. MacDougald b.* June 28, 1879 at Columbus, Ga. 
Asst. Supt. of the Gas Light Co. of Columbus. 

III. Parkman Blake b.* Sept. 16, 1882 at Columbus, Ga. 

IV. Helen b.* Jan. 24, 1886 at Columbus, Ga. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,'" Richard,'"" Aaron,"" Charles 

121. SARAH BLAKE DEXTER b.* Nov. 22, 1830 at 
Boston (bapt. Mch. 13, 1831, New North Church, Boston.) 
She m. Oct. 17, 1850 at Boston,' 

Henry Chapman Wainwright b.* Dec. 29, 1824, sen of Henry 
and Ann Brooks (Parker) Wainwright.* 
Children : 

I. Katharine Dexter b.* Aug. 23, 1851 at Boston, m.* 
Oct. 22, 1874 at Boston, Henry Saltonstall Howe 
b.* Aug. 12, 1848 at Haverhill, Mass., son of 
Nathaniel Saltonstall and Susan (Bradley) Howe,* 
and had chn.: 

A. Henry Wainwright b.* Sept. 20, 1875 at 
Norwich, Conn. Graduated at Harvard, 
1897, m.* Oct. 19, 1898 at Brookline, Mass., 
Ethel Gardner, b.* Jan. 28, 1877, at 
Brookline, Mass., dau. of Harrison and 
Laura (Perkins) Gardner,* and had chn. : 

i. Henry Wainwright b.* May 14, 1901 

at New York, 
ii. Nathaniel Saltonstall b.* Sept. 4, 
1903 at New York. 

B. James Carleton b.* Aug. 1, 1877 at Fall 
River, Mass., graduated at Harvard, 1899. 

176 Dexter Genealogy 

c. Susan Bradlee b * July 28, 1879 at Fall 

D. Dudley Rogers b * Feb. 22, 1881 at Bidde- 
ford, Me. Harvard, 1906. 

E. Parkman Dexter b.* Sept. 20, 1889 at 
Brookline, Mass. 

II. Henry b.* Aug. 22, 1853 at Boston, d.* Sept. 18, 
1903 at Milton. 

III. Charles Dexter b.* Apr. 17, 1856 at Boston, m.* 
Sept. 3, 1879 at Medford, Grace Mary Hall b.* 
Apr. 23, 1859 at Medford, dau. of Dudley Cotton 
and Harriet Winslow (King) Hall,* and had chn. : 

A. Charles Dexter b.* July 3, 1880 at Medford, 
m.* Dec. 27, 1900 at Boston, Marjorie 
Brooks Traill b.* Feb. 26, 1881 at Kenne- 
bunkport, Me., dau. of Horace Spence and 
Cordeha G. (Brooks) Traill.* 

B. Edith b.* Nov. 12, 1881 at Medford. 

c. Grace Mary b.* June 16, 1885 at Medford. 

D. Harriet Winslow b.* Oct. 23, 1887 at Med- 

E. Maud b.* May 6, 1891 at Medford. 

IV. Amory Davis b.* Dec. 17, 1860 at Boston, m.* Apr. 
26, 1886 at Brookline, Grace Howard Beals, b.* 
Nov. 25, 1863 at Boston, dau. of John Whitney and 
Virginia (Simmons) Beals,* and had chn.: 

A. Virginia b.* Mch 14, 1891 at Newton. 

B. Amory b.* Nov. 6, 1893 at Newton. 
V. Arthur b.* Mch. 24, 1863 at Boston. 

VI. Robert b.* Feb. 21, 1870 at Boston, graduated at 
Harvard, 1891, m.* Sept. 17, 1902 at Boston, Elsie 
Thorndike b.* Nov. 29, 1873 at Calumet, Mich. 
Widow of Henry B. Ball and dau. of Frederic 
Russell and Elizabeth Martingini Whittredge 
(Neal) Nourse.* 

[Richard,^ John,^^ Richard,"^ Richard,^^ Aaron,'^ George 

122. WILLIAM SOHIER DEXTER b.* Feb. 12, 1828 at 
Boston. Graduated at Harvard, 1846, LL.B., 1848. Law- 
yer. Of Boston. 

Dexter Genealogy i77 

He m * May 20, 1856 at Boston, 

Eliza Sullivan Ticknor b * Jan. 12, 1833 at Boston, d. Dec. 9, 
1880 at Boston.^ Dau. of George and Anna (Eliot) Ticknor.* 
Children : 

I. Alice (called Elsie) b. Apr. 1, 1857 at Boston, 
(bapt. Sept. 30, 1857, First Presbyterian Church 
Boston), (unm.)- 
II. George Ticknor b. Oct. 18, 1858 at Boston, 
(bapt. Mch. 18, 1859, First Presbyterian Church 
Boston). Graduated at Harvard, 1881, (unm.). 
III. Rose Linzee b.* Aug. 19, 1861 at BrookHne 
(bapt. Jan. 30, 1862, First Presbyterian Church 
Boston), (unm.). 
208. IV. PhiKp b.* Mch. 11, 1868 at Brooldine, Mass. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,'" Richard,'"" Aaron,"" George 

123. EMILY LINZEE DEXTER b.* May 2, 1829 at 
Boston, d.* July 12, 1902 at BrookHne, Mass. 

She m. May 29, 1851 at Boston,' 

Thomas Bartlett Hall b.* July 26, 1824 at Springfield, Mass., 
d.* Mch. 29, 1903 at Brookline, son of Joseph, J^, and Maria 
(Bartlett) Hall.* 
Children : 

I. Emily b.* Mch. 29, 1852 at BrookHne, Mass., d.* 

Apr. 5, 1852 at Brookline, Mass. 
II. Emily Dexter b* July 6, 1855 at Brookline, m.* 
Jan. ^18, 1876, Albert R. Meyer of Strassburg, Ger- 
many, b.* 1854, d. 1876, son of Franz Meyer,* 
and had child: 

A. Albert Richard b.* Sept. 28, 1876 at Brook- 
HI. Maria Bartlett b.* Jan. 7, 1859 at BrookHne. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'"" Aaron,"" George 

124. GEORGE DEXTER b. July 20, 1834 at Boston.* 
Graduated at Harvard, 1855. 

He m. June 20, 1872 at Salem, Mass.,^^ 
Sarah Rogers Endicott b.* Mch. 3, 1838 at Salem. Dau. of 
WilHam Putnam and Mary (Crowninshield) Endicott.* 

178 Dexter Genealogy 


I. William Endicott b* Oct. 21, 1874 at Brookline. 
Graduated at Harvard, 1897. Suffolk Bar, 1902, 
m.* Apr. 7, 1904, Mary Fitzhugh Lindsay, dau. of 
Rev. John S. Lindsay.* 

[Richard,' John," Richard,'" Richard,'"" Aaron,"" George 

125. SUSAN PRESCOTT DEXTER b.* Nov. 19, 1836 at 

She m. Oct. 11, 1860 at Boston,' 

John Gardiner Gushing b.* June 17, 1834 at Watertown, 
Mass.,^® d.* Dec. 14, 1881 at Boston. Son of John Perkins 
and Mary Louisa (Gardiner) Gushing.* 
Children : 

I. John Perkins b.* June 16, 1866 at Boston, (unm.). 
11. Ahee Linzee b.* Mch. 5, 1869 at Boston, (unm.). 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'"" Aaron,"" George 

126. FRANCES MEREDITH DEXTER b.*Mch 13, 1839 
at Boston. 

She m. Nov. 29, 1864 at Boston,' 

George Blagden b.* Apr. 29, 1835 at Boston. Graduated at 
Harvard, 1856. Son of Rev. George Washington (long time 
Pastor of Old South Church, Boston) and Miriam (PhilHps) 
Children : 

I. George b.* Oct. 17, 1866 at New York, graduated 
at Harvard, 1890. 
II. Dexter b.* Oct. 8, 1870 at New York, graduated at 

Harvard, 1893. 
III. Linzee b.* Nov. 3, 1872 at New York, graduated at 
Harvard, 1896. 

[Richard,' John " Richard,'" Richard,'"" Aaron,"" George 

127. MARY LOUISA DEXTER b.* Mch. 13, 1839 at 

She m. Dec. 8, 1858 at Boston,' Charles Amory J^ b. 

Dexter Genealogy 179 

at Boston, d * May 21, 1871 at Boston. Son of Charles and 
Martha Babcock (Greene) Amory.* 
Children : 

I. Annie Linzee b.* Nov. 19, 1859 at Boston. 
II. Charles b.* Oct. 20, 1860, d.* July 19, 1869 at 
III. Susan Cushing b.* Oct. 14, 1864 at Boston. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,'" Timothy,'^ Paul,^ Timothy.^'] 

128. ANSON DEXTER b. Oct. 28, 1798'^ at Medford, 
Mass.,* (bapt. Nov. 11, 1798 Medford Church), d.* June 12, 
1873 at West Roxbury, Mass.^* Was of Boston the greater 
part of his life. 

He m. first. May 1, 1822 (int. Apr. 4) at Boston,' 
Sarah Brigham b.* Dec. 3, 1802 at Boston, d. Oct. 28, 1829 
at Boston.' Dau. of Benajah and Sarah (Lancaster) Brigham.* 
Children : 

I. Anson Brigham b. July 16, 1823 at Boston,' d. Sept. 
26, 1844 at Boston,' (unm.). 

209. II. Sarah Lancaster b. June 26, 1825 at Boston.* 
III. Mary Ann Ruth b.* Oct. 3, 1827 at Boston, d.* 

May 27, 1829 at Boston. 
He m. secondly, Nov. 19, 1834 at Roxbury, Mass.,^ 
Lucy Ann Richards b. Apr. 6, 1798,'^^ d.*^ Dec. 16, 1837 at 
Boston.' Daughter of Nathaniel and Sally (Wilson) Richards.'*'^ 

210. IV. George Richards b. Dec. 9, 1837 at Boston,* d.* 

Dec. 29, 1875 at New York. 

He m. thirdly, Dec. 4, 1838 (int. Nov. 2, Boston) at Leo- 

Sarah JosHn b. June 4, 1806 at Leominster,'^ d. Sept 7, 1866 
at West Roxbury .^^'^^ Dau. of Luke and Sally (Beaman) 
JosHn. '^ When Anson Dexter died, he left no widow and 
but two chn.: Sarah L. James and George R. Dexter.*^ 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Timothy,'^ Paul,^ Timothy.^'] 

129. NANCY SPRINGER DEXTER b. Aug. 8, 1800 ^» 
at Medford, Mass.* (bapt. Aug. 17, 1800 Medford Church), 
d.* Oct. 14, 1879 at Charlestown, Mass. 

She m. (int. May 29, 1834, Boston)' at Boston, 

John Whipple Durgin b.* Feb. 8, 1808 at Sanbornton Bridge 

i8o Dexter Genealogy 

(now Tilton), N. H., d * Oct. 11, 1858 at Foxboro, Mass. Son 
of Elijah and Sally (Batcheider) Durgin.* 
Children : 

I. Anson Dexter b.* July 29, 1835 at Sanbornton 

Bridge, N. H., (unm.). 
II. Marcia Ann b.* Aug. 18, 1836 at Sanbornton Bridge 
N. H., d.* June 15, 1894 at Ballardvale, m.* at 
Charlestown, Mass., Lemuel P. Cram b.* at Fram- 
ingham, Mass. 

III. Augusta Victoria b.* Aug. 20, 1838 at Reading, 
Mass., d.* Nov. 4, 1892 at Ballardvale, unm. 

IV. Abby Ruth Webster b.* Nov. 19, 1840 at Reading, 
Mass., m.* Oct. 8, 1879 at Beverly, Mass., Robert 
Nicholson Lee. 

V. Sarah Frances b.* Oct. 28, 1844 at Medford, Mass., 
d.* Sept. 5, 1885 at Charlestown, Mass., m.* Jan. 
28, 1864 at Roxbury, Mass., Stephen Charles 
Hilhard, b.* at Elhot, Me., son of Stephen and 
Permelia (Duncan) Hilhard,* and had chn. : 

A. Stephen Dexter b.* Feb. 11, 1867 at Charles- 
town, Mass. 

B. Charles Forrester b.* July 4, 1870 at 
Charlestown, Mass., m.* Oct. 27, 1892 at 
Blackfoot, Idaho, Laura Bliss Bithell b.* 
Sept. 12, 1874 at Ophir, Utah, dau. of 
Thomas and Nancy Ehza (Sly) Bithell,* 
and had chn.: 

i. Ruth Frances b.* Jan. 31, 1893 at 

Blackfoot, Idaho, 
ii. Ruby Idaho b.* Feb. 11, 1895 at 

Blackfoot, Idaho, 
iii. Fred Forrester b.* Sept. 4, 1896 at 
Blackfoot, Idaho. 
c. Mattie Naomi b.* Oct. 14, 1876 at Everett 
Mass., d.* Dec. 13, 1878 at Charlestown, 

D. Percy Whipple b.* Nov. 13, 1878 at Charles- 
town, Mass., d.* Dec. 16, 1878 at Charles- 
town, Mass. 

E. Ernest Whipple b.* Feb. 10, 1883 at 
Charlestown, Mass. 

Dexter Genealogy i8i 

[Richard/ John," Richard/" Timothy/^ Paul/ Timothy 7'] 
ISO. ABIGAIL PUTNAM DEXTER b * Dec. 21, 1807^^ 
at Medford, Mass. (bapt. Jan. 17, 1808, Medford Church), d.* 
Feb. 14, 1855 at Concord, N. H.'*^^ 
She m. Dec. 27, 1827,^^' 

John Stickney b.* June 27, 1809 at Beverly, Mass., d.* Aug. 
11, 1860 at Charlestown. Son of Jonathan and Ehza (Eliot) 

I. Martha Ann b.* Oct. 11, 1835 at Concord, N. H., 
d.* Feb. 21, 1903 at Waltham, Mass., m.* Aug. 11, 
1854 at Concord, N. H., George Henry Whitford, 
b.* July 24, 1829 at Billerica, Mass., son of WilKam 
and Sarah (Bacon) Whitford,* and had chn. : 

A. Mattie Valena b.* Oct. 5, 1855 at Concord, 
N. H., d.* Sept. 11, 1856 at Concord, N. H. 

B. Henry Onslow b.* Sept. 4, 1856 at Concord, 
N. H., d.* Dec. 20, 1856. 

c. Isabelle b.* Oct. 19, 1857 at Concord, N. H. 
m.* Jan. 31, 1877 at Waltham, Mass., 
Emery J. Sanderson, and had chn.: 

i. Waldo Thayer b.* May 7, 1878 at 

ii. Lawrence Homer b.* May 3, 1885, 

d.* Sept. 24, 1889. 
iii. Ruth Dexter b.* Feb. 13, 1891. 

D. Bertha Jennet b.* Jan. 8, 1861 at Concord, 
N. H., m.* Aug. 3, 1882 at Waltham, Mass., 
B. W. Drake, and had chn.: 

i. Whitford b.* Aug. 19, 1883. 

ii. Bradford Winslow b.* Dec. 19, 1884. 
iii. Martha Louisa b.* Jan. 17, 1888. 
iv. Philip Jonathan b.* May 1, 1889. 

V. Rachel Isabel b.* Feb. 2*8, 1891. 

E. Winnifred Gage b.* Oct. 28, 1866 at Wal- 
tham, Mass., m.* Aug. 27, 1890, Fred W. 

F. Edward Dwight b.* Sept. 27, 1868 at Wal- 
tham, m. June 19, 1900 at Newton, Mass., 
Edith May Loring. 

G. Robert Atwood b.* Oct. 13, 1873 at Wal- 

II. Mary Abbie b.* Aug. 11, 1838 at Concord, N. H., 

1 82 Dexter Genealogy 

d * Dec. 6, 1896 at Beverly, Mass., m.* Dec. 27, 
1860 at Concord, N. H., Hugh Hill b.* Dec. 13, 
1831 at Beverly, Mass., son of Hugh and Jane (Hill) 
Hill,* and had chn.: 

A. Annie Rogers b.* Sept. 22, 1861 at Beverly, 
Mass., d.* Dec. 17, 1886 at Beverly, m.* 
Oct. 6, 1885 at Beverly, Asa Francis Lee b.* 
Aug. 14, 1851 at Beverly, son of Robert 
Nelson and Lucy Ann (Edwards) Lee,* 
and had child : 

i. Annie Frances b.* Dec. 9, 1886 at 

B. Grace Whitford b.* June 21, 1865 at 
Beverly, Mass., d.* Dec. 31, 1873 at 

c. Ehzabeth Webster b.* Aug. 21, 1869 at 
Beverly, Mass., m.* June 2, 1903 at Beverly, 
Charles Edward Ober b.* Nov. 4, 1869 at 
Beverly, son of Edward Hooper and Mary 
Ann (Diggins) Ober.* 

III. Elizabeth b.* Jan. 18, 1841 at Concord, N. H., d.* 

Mch. — 1871 at Boston, m.* 1857 at Concord, 

N. H., Charles Webster b.* 1832 at Andover, 

Mass., d.* 1894 at Concord, N. H. No chn. 

IV. Sarah Ellen b.* Sept. 23, 1847 at Concord, N. H., 
m.* May 23, 1867, Francis Emerson Lovell Mars- 
ton b.* Feb. 5, 1845 at Danville, Me., son of Charles 
and Maria (Morse) Marston,* and had chn. : 

A. Byrnina M. b.* Aug. 18, 1868 at Boston, 
m.* Oct. 30, 1885, Francis John Hird b.* 
Oct. 28, 1865, son of George and Matilda 
(Young) Hird,* and had child: 

i. Stella CaroHne b.* Oct. 24, 1888. 

B. Hugh Frank b.* May 6, 1873 at Somerville, 

V. George Anson Dexter b.* Mch. 15, 1849 at Con- 
cord, N. H., d.* June 26, 1900 at Salem, Mass., m.* 
Apr. 6, 1871, Rebecca S. Abbott, dau. of Benjamin 
and Ehzabeth (Verry) Abbott,* and had chn. : 

A. Mary. > 

B. George, d. in infancy. 

Dexter Genealogy 183 

c. Alice Emerton b * Oct. 24, 1875, m. Nov. 
10, 1903, Carrol F. Edgerly of Peabody, 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Timothy,'^ Paul,"" Samuel.'^'] 

131. SAMUEL DEXTER b. d.* about 1863 in IlKnois. 

He m. at Pawtucket, 

Mary Ann Monroe b.* (Mch. — 1811) at Nova Scotia,*" d. 
Nov. 11, 1875 at Providence, R. I.,'^ aet 64 yrs. 8 mos. Dau. 
of John and Catherine Monroe.'*^ 
Children : 

I. Andrew b. d.* about 1858 at Pawtucket 

(drowned), unm. 
II. Frederic b. d.* at Pawtucket (probably, unm.) 

III. Helen Maria b. (May 1, 1842) at Pawtucket, d. 
Mch. 12, 1883 at Providence, R. I.,'^ aged 4C yrs. 
10 mos. 11 days, m.* at North Cranston, George 
L. Burlingame. 

IV. Jane EHzabeth b.* (1845) at Newport, R. I., 

m. Sept. 13, 1868 at Providence, R. I.,'^ James 
Hudson Randall. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Timothy,'^ Paul,"^ Samuel.^'] 

132. RICHARD WEEDEN DEXTER b.* Apr. 7, 1810 at 
Newport, R. I., d. Feb. 3, 1880 at Providence, R. I.'*' 

He m.* Jan. — 1833 at Pawtucket, 

Mahala Jencks b.* May 12, 1812 at Savoy, Mass., d.* May 
7, 1882 at Pro\idence, R. I. Dau. of Israel and Lydia (Handy) 
Children : 

I. Alfred Archimedes b.* Mch. 28, 1834 at Pawtucket, 
m.* Aug. 30, 1858 at Cranston, Mary Eddy b.* Aug. 
12, 1835, dau. of Barnard Martin and Ann EHza 
(Knight) Eddy.* No chn. : 
II. Mahala Weeden b.* Aug. 24, 1836 at Providence, 
R.I., m.* Feb. 24, 1858 at Providence, R. I., George 
Leonard Barney. 
211. HI. Raphael b.* May 19, 1840 at Providence, R. I. 

IV. EucUd b.* Jan. 5, 1853 at So. Providence, d.* Aug. 
28, 1853. 
No settlement of estate. 

184 Dexter Genealogy 

[Richard/ John," Richard,"' Timothy/^ Paul/ Samuel/'] 

133. PAUL DEXTER b * Aug. 7, 1818 at Newport, R.I. 
He m * Jan. 1, 1840 at Johnston, R. I., 

Ann Armington b.* Jan. 11, 1824. Dau. of Willard and 
Nancy (Tuttle) Armington.* 
Children : 

I. Rachel Amanda b.* Nov. 27, 1846 at Pro\ddence, 
R. I., m. first, Mch. 9, 1868 at Providence, R. I.,'^ 
Andrew Jackson Dexter, secondly, Jan. 15, 1881 at 
Providence, R. I.,'® Edgar Kendall Horton. 
II. Anson Newton b.* Sept. 29, 1849 at Taunton, 
Mass., d. May 7, 1862 at Providence, R. I.'^ 

[Richard,' John," John,"' Samuel,"" Samuel,"" Andrew,""' 

134. ANDREW ALFRED DEXTER b.* Sept. 10, 1809 at 
Winsor, N. S., d.* Dec. 6, 1854 at Montgomery, Ala. Civil 
Engineer of high rank and practiced his profession from early 
manhood until his death. He surveyed the first railroad from 
Charleston, S. C. to Augusta, Ga., and laid out the town of 
Aiken, S. C. Contracted yellow fever while surveying a route 
for a railroad between Mobile, Ala. and New Orleans, La. He 
was also a successful cotton planter in Macon Co., Ala. 

He m.* Jan. 7, 1834 at Aiken, S. C, 

Harrietta Sarah WiUiams b.* Sept. 30, 1815 at Edgefield, 
S. C, d.* June 10, 1890 at Terrel, Texas, (en route for Pales- 
tine.) Dau. of William White and Martha (Jeter) Williams.* 
Children : 

I. Lucy b.* June 28, 1835 at Aiken, S. C, d.* Mch. 8, 

1838 at Montgomery, Ala. 
II. Andrew Alfred b.* Feb. 13, 1839 at Aiken, S. C, 

d.* Sept. 17, 1844 at Aiken, S. C. 
III. Martha Harrietta b.* Aug. 28, 1840 at Aiken, S. C, 
d.* Mch. 14, 1844 at Montgomery, Ala. 

212. IV. Mary Venetia b.* June 7, 1842 at Aiken, S. C, d.* 

July 12, 1881 at Nashville, Tenn. 

213. V. Samuel b.* Mch. 1, 1844 at Montgomery, Ala. 

VI. Laura Harrietta b.* Jan. 15, 1846 at Macon Co., 
Ala., (unm.) 

214. VII. Charlotte Morton b.* Dec. 24, 1848 at Macon Co., 


Dexter Genealogy 185 

VIII. Alfred Newton b * May 21, 1850, at Macon Co., 
Ala. Enlisted in the Confederate Army at Mont- 
gomery, Ala., May 18, 1863 in Co. D. 7tli Ala. 
Cavalry and served during the War. Moved from 
Montgomeryto Palestine, Texas, in June, 1873, and 
has been engaged in the real estate business. He 
m. Mch. 29, 1882 at Overton, Texas, Julia Mar 
Sandifer Rutland b.* Mch. 14, 1846 at Lancaster, 
S. C. Dau. of Calvin Stephenson and Louisa 
Martha (Ervin) Rutland.* No chn. 
IX. WilHam Wentworth, b.* June 29, 1851 at Macon 
Co., Ala. Graduated at the Frankhn Mihtary 
Institute in Montgomery and started commercial 
life at the age of nineteen. Removed to Texas in 
1874 and five years later entered the literary field 
as a newspaper writer. Became a journalist and 
pubhsher at Waco, Texas in 1885. Moved to Fort 
Worth in 1889. Has been actively identified with 
the upbuilding of Texas; has pubhshed several 
valuable books on the State's resources and ad- 
vantages, and been several times appointed Com- 
missioner of Texas by the Governor to represent 
the State abroad. In 1902 he was made historian 
of Texas to prepare and publish an illustrated his- 
tory of the State for distribution at the St. Louis 
World's Fair in 1904. 

Hem.* Aug. 7, 1890 at Fort Worth, Texas, Mrs. 
Maggie (Anderson) Abercrombie b.* Jan. 5, 1846 
at Maringo Co., Ala., dau. of Col. Thomas Mulady 
and Anne EHzabeth Anderson. No chn. 

[Richard,^ John," John,"^ Samuel, ^^ Samuel,^ Andrew/^ 

135. MARY SOPHIA DEXTER b. Apr. 8, 1803 at Provi- 
dence, R. 1.,^'^ d. [g. s.] Feb. 15, 1863 at New York. 

She m. Nov. 20, 1827 at Providence, R. I./^ 

Benjamin Cozzens b.* about 1794 (probably at Attleboro, 
Mass.), d.* Aug. or Sept., 1866 at New York. Son of Benjamin 
and Anne (Wheaton) Cozzens.* 

Children : 

I. Anne Wheaton b.* Aug. 31, 1828 at Providence, 

1 86 Dexter Genealogy 

R. I., m * Sept. 13, 1847 at Providence, R. I., 
Abraham Payne b.* Nov. 18, 1818 at Canterbury, 
Conn., d.* May 22, 1886 at Providence, R. I., son 
of Solomon and Hannah (Bishop) Payne,* and had 

A. Catherine Dexter b.* Jan. 13, 1849 at 
Providence, R. I., d.* Apr. 8, 1862 at Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

B. Arthur Dexter b.* May 18, 1852 at Provi- 
dence, R. I., m.* June 29, 1886 at Provi- 
dence, R. I., Florence Knight b.* Oct. 20, 
1852 at Providence, R. I., dau. of Robert S. 
and Abby (Bolles) Knight,* and had chn.: 

i. Abraham b.* Apr. 16, 1887 at Provi- 
dence, R. I., d.* July 22, 1889 at 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 
ii. Mary Dexter b.* Nov. 21, 1888 at 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 
c. Charles Hart b.* Sept. 17, 1860 at Provi- 
dence, R. I., m.* May 31, 1899 at New 
Berne, N. C, LilHan Cowan Roberts b.* 
Jan. 17, 1865 at Ala., dau. of George H. 
and Melissa (Jennings) Roberts.* 
D. Anne Wheaton b.* Mch. 22, 1864 at Provi- 
dence, R. I., d.* Dec. 20, 1876 at Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

II. Samuel Dexter b.* 1830 at Providence, R. I., 

d.* Nov. 2, 1831. 

III. Samuel Dexter b.* Oct. 4, 1832 at Providence, R. I., 
m.* Leonide Thompson b.* at New York, dau. of 
WilHam P. and Virginia (Foster) Thompson,* and 
had three chn., who all d. unm. under the age of 
twenty-one years. 

A. Alice. 

B. Blanche, 
c. Isabelle. 

IV. Benjamin b.* 1836 at Providence, R. I., d. 

June 23, 1843. 

Dexter Genealogy 187 

[Richard/ John/^ John/" Samuel/^ Samuel,^ Andrew/' 

136. CATHERINE DEXTER b * Oct. 13, 1805 at Provi- 
dence, R. I., d. [g. s.] June 17, 1832 at Scituate, R. I. 

She m. Nov. 20, 1827 at Providence, R. I.,^^ 
Charles Jackson b. (probably) at Providence, R. I., and 
died there. Son of Richard Jackson.* 
Children : 

I. Richard b.* Apr. 10, 1829 at Providence, R. I., d.* 
Oct. 24, 1836 at Providence, R. I. 
II. Francis b.* Nov. 27, 1831 at Providence, R. I., d.* 
June 17, 1832 at Providence, R. I. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Andrew,^' 

137. CAROLINE MARTIN DEXTER b.* Apr. 2, 1823 at 
Providence, R. I., d. [g. s.] Dec. 27, 1848 at Bristol, R. I. 

She m. Apr. 4, 1848 at Providence, R. I.,'*' 
Francis Le Baron De Wolf b.* Oct. 12, 1826 at Bristol, R. I., 
d.* June 4, 1861 at Bristol, R. I. Son of Mark Antony and 
Sophie Catherine Virginia (de Chappotin) De Wolf.* 

I. CaroHne Dexter b.* Dec. 17, 1848 at Bristol, R. I., 
m.* Apr. 30, 1867 at Bristol, R. I., Dr. Samuel 
Theobald of Baltimore b.* Nov. 12, 1846 at Balti- 
more, and had chn.: 

A. Marguerite b.* Sept. 30, 1868 at Baltimore, 
Md., m.* Apr. 19, 1894 at Baltimore, Md., 
John Eager Lloyd b.* Apr. 24, 1865 at Wye 
House, Talbot Co., Md., son of Col. Ed- 
ward Lloyd 8*^^ and Mary Lloyd (Howard) 
Lloyd of Wye House, Md.* (and great 
grandson of Gen. John Eager Howard), 
and had chn.: 

i. Marguerite b.* Feb. 12, 1895 at 

Baltimore, Md. 
ii. Mary Eager b.* Jan. 11, 1898 at 

Baltimore, Md. 
iii. Catherine De Wolf b.* July 19, 1903 
at Kenil worth, 111. 

B. Carohne De Wolf b.* May 18, 1870 at 

1 88 Dexter Genealogy 

Baltimore, Md., m * Oct. 31, 1888 at Balti- 
more, Md., Robert Goodloe Harper Pen- 
nington, b * Oct. 9, 1854 at Newport, R. I., 
son of William Clapham and Emily Louise 
(Harper) Pennington* (and great great 
grandson of Charles Carroll of CarroUton 
the signer), and had chn.: 

i. Charlotte Emily b * Oct. 23, 1889 

at Baltimore, Md. 
ii. Margery Innocents b.* Dec. 28, 1891 

at Baltimore, Md. 
iii. Carohne Dexter b.* June 12, 1895 at 

Newport, R.I. 
iv. Dorothea Harper b.* Oct. 14, 1896 

at Newport, R. I. 
V. WilHam Clapham b.* Jan. 15, 1899 
at Baltimore, Md., d.* Mch. 6, 1900 
at Catonsville, Md. 
c. Samuel b.* Oct. 23, 1872. 

D. Nathan Myers Smith b.* Jan. 26, 1874 at 
Baltimore, Md., d.* July 12, 1874 at Balti- 
more, Md. 

E. Frances b.* Feb. 5, 1875 at Baltimore. 

F. Francis De Wolf b.* Mch. 11, 1879 at 
Baltimore, Md., m.* Nov. 2, 1901 at Phila- 
delphia, Edna Chatard Dulany b.* Mch. 11, 
1879 at Baltimore, Md., dau. of John Mason 
and Emilie Chatard (Higinbothom) Du- 
lany,* and had child : 

i. Nancy De Wolf b.* Jan. 19, 1904 at 
G. Mary Le Baron b.* July 25, 1892. 
*Francis Le Baron De Wolf m. a second time Oct.^l7,ll850, 
Eliza Wells West b. July 10, 1823, d. June 4, 1897, and had two 
chn.: Marguerite b. May 26, 1859 and Francis Prescott Le 
Baron b. Sept. 2, 1860, d. Dec. 30, 1884. 

[Richard,^ John," John,"^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Andrew,^' 

138. SOPHIA DEXTER b.* Nov. 28, 1824 at Providence, 
R. I., d.* June 7, 1872 at New Orleans, La. 

Dexter Genealogy 189 

She m. Oct. 1, 1850 at What Cheer (her father's residence). 
Providence, R.I.,^^ 

Charles Hunt Fearing b* July 31, 1825 at Philadelphia. 
Son of Martin and Abby (Martin) Fearing.* 
Children : 

I.*Still born cHld July 4, 1851. 
II. Carohne Dexter b.* July 4, 1853 at New Orleans, 
La., d.* Nov. 1, 1896 at Palestine, Texas, m.* May 
16, 1889 at Brownsville, Tex., Samuel Dexter (213). 

III. Charles Hunt b.* Dec. 15, 1855 at New Orleans, 
d.* June 29, 1887 at New Orleans, (unm.). 

IV. Samuel Dexter b.* May 8, 1858 at New Orleans, 
m.* June 26, 1880 at New Orleans, Maria Ma- 
tilda Taylor and had chn: 

A. Marie b.* and d. Nov. 12, 1881. 

B. Sophia Marie Edna b.* Sept. 20, 1883. 

c. Felix Samuel Dexter b.* March, 28, 1885, 
d.* Apr. 28, 1888. 

D. Edith Modeste b.* Nov. 22, 1889 d.* Feb. 
13, 1890. 

E. Matilde Lucelle b.* June 15, 1891. 

F. Edward Dexter b.* Oct. 23, 1897. 

V. Abby Martm b.* Nov. 13, 1860 at New Orleans. 
VI. WiUiam Wood b.* Mar. 23, 1867 at New Orleans. 

[Richard,^ John," John,"^ Samuel,^^ Samuel,^ Andrew,^' 

139. ARTHUR FENNER DEXTER b. *Apr. 2, 1835 at 
Providence, R. I., d.* Feb. 29, 1886 at Barstow, Cal. 
He m. Sept. 13, 1860 at Providence, R. I.,^^ 
Elizabeth Bridgham Patten b.* Mch. 1, 1834 at Providence, 
R. I., dau. of Wilham Samuel and Eliza WilHams (Bridgham) 
Children : 

I. EKzabeth Bridgham b. June 24, 1862 at Providence, 

II. Sarah Fenner b. May 17, 1866 at Providence, R. I.,^" 
m.* Apr. 14, 1903 at Los Angeles, Cal., Robert 
Hugh Lindsay of London, England. 

*Arthur Fenner Dexter was born in Providence in 1835. He 
was the son of Samuel and Elmira Fenner Dexter, his mother 

190 Dexter Genealogy 

being the daughter of Governor James Fenner. In boyhood 
he attended the public schools, but he was fitted for college 
at the Freeze & Lyon's school. Entering Brown University, 
he remained there two years and then went to Hamilton College, 
located in Clinton, Oneida County, New York, where he com- 
pleted his collegiate course. He then entered the Albany Law 
School and after finishing his studies there, returned to this 
city and was admitted to the bar. He opened a law office in 
company with Francis Hoppin, and continued to practice 
his profession until the outbreak of the War of the Rebellion, 
when he was commissioned as Captain of Company A. First 
Rhode Island Detached Militia. On account of ill-health he 
resigned his commission and was mustered out of service August 
2, 1861, returning to this city. For some years he attended 
entirely to the management of his property, but after the death 
of his mother in 1873 he became a member of the Oakland 
Beach Company and acted as Agent. He was afterwards the 
Treasurer and Agent of the Asphalt Block Pavement Company, 
which established extensive works in the city, and still later 
he was interested in the Manton Ship Windlass Company. In 
March, 1884, Mr. Dexter became the editor of the Evening 
Telegram, but this position he was obHged to relinquish after 
the lapse of a year on account of ill-health. Mr. Dexter was 
well known not only in Providence but throughout the State. 
He was several times one of the representatives of the Third 
Ward in the Common Council, and his services as a municipal 
legislator were characterized by honesty and purity of motive 
and disinterested zeal in behalf of the city and his fellow- 

[Richard,'^ John,^^ John,^" Samuel ,^^ Samuel,^ Andrew,^' 
Simon Newton.'*'"] 

140. MARY FRANCES DEXTER b.* July 27, 1821 at 
Whitesboro, N. Y., d.* May 27, 1869 at Chnton, N. Y.'^ 
She m.* July 30, 1844 at* Whitesboro, N. Y., 
Professor Edward North, L.H.D. b.* Mch. 9, 1820 at 
Berlin, Conn., d.* Sept. 13, 1903 at Clinton, N. Y. He gradu- 
ated at Hamilton College in 1841. Elected Dexter Professor 
of Greek and Latin in Hamilton College in 1843. Received 
the degree of A.M. from Brown University in 1844. Elected 
Necrologist of the Hamilton College Alumni in 1855, Elected 

Dexter Genealogy 191 

Professor of the Greek Language and Literature at Hamilton 
College in 1862. Elected President of the New York State 
Teachers' Association in 1865. Elected Elder in the Pres- 
byterian Church at CHnton in 1865. Received the degree of 
L.H.D. from the Regents of the University of the State of 
New York in 1869. Elected Commissioner of Auburn Theo- 
logical Seminary in 1870. Elected Commissioner of the 
General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church from the 
Presbytery of Utica in 1870 and 1876. Elected Secretary of 
the Epsilon Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa in 1870. Elected 
Chairman of the Executive Committee of the University Con- 
vocation in 1874-5. Elected Trustee of Houghton Semin- 
ary in 1881. Elected Trustee of Hamilton College in 1881. 
Received the degree of LL.D. from Madison University in 
1887. Appointed Acting President of Hamilton College 
Apr. 20, 1891. Died on College Hill Sept. 13, 1903. Buried 
in Hamilton College Cemetery Sept. 16, 1903. 
Children : 

I. Laura Dexter b.* May 18, 1846 at Whitesboro, m.* 
July 29, 1874 at CHnton, N. Y., Rev. WiUiam Reed 
b.* Feb. 24, 1847 at Lansingburgh, N. Y., son of 
Orville and Elizabeth (Allen) Reed,* and had chn. : 

A. Ruth Dexter b.* Aug. 28, 1875 at Buffalo, 
N. Y. 

B. Edward North b.* Apr. 12, 1877 at Buffalo, 
N. Y., m.* June 25, 1901 at Andover,Mass., 
Clara Goodenough Flint. 

c. Laura Lansing b.* Nov. 26, 1878 at Buffalo, 
N. Y. 

D. Sarah Allen b.* Oct. 29, 1882 at Troy, N. Y. 

E. WiUiam Van Der Heyden b.* May 17, 1889 
d.* Jan. 12, 1890. 

II. Simon Newton Dexter b.* Nov. 29, 1848 at CHnton, 
N. Y. Director of the Census, Washington, D. C, 
m.* July 8, 1875 at Rome, N. Y., LilHan Sill Com- 
stock b.* June 4, 1848 at Rome, N. Y., dau. of Hon. 
Calvert and Eliza Marsh (Sill) Comstock,* and had 

A. Edward b.* Sept. 25, 1878 at Utica, N. Y., 
graduated at Mass. Institute of Technology, 
1900, d.* Feb. 8, 1902 at Ouray, Colo. 

192 Dexter Genealogy 

B. Gladys b * Nov. 27, 1879 at Utica, N. Y. 
c. Eloise Comstock b.* May 12, 1884 at Utica, 

N. Y. 
D. Dexter b.* Oct. 26, 1890, at Brookline, 


III. Edward Simon b.* Mch.27,1850 at Clinton, N. Y., 

IV. Mary Huldab * Dec. 8,1853 at Clinton, N.Y., (unm.) 

V. James McAlpine Summerville b* May 10, 1861 , at 
Clinton, N. Y., d.* May 10, 1863 at Clinton, N. Y. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' Samuel,''' Samuel,^ Andrew,'^' 
Simon Newton.^"] 

141. ANDREW DEXTER b.* Apr. 13, 1823 at Whitesboro, 
N. Y. Graduated at Hamilton College 1843, summa cum 
laude, afterwards travelled extensively in Europe and Asia. 
Discovered the Plains of Troy, crossed Arabian Desert — ex- 
plored sources of the Nile. On returning became Manager 
and large owner of extensive woolen mills, importing the finest 
machinery from Europe to America. Resides in London. 
He m.* June 16, 1847 at Whitesboro, N. Y., 
Sarah Sill Gold b.* Dec. 4, 1824 at Utica, N. Y., d.* May 18, 
1897 at London, Eng. Dau. of Theodore Sedgwick and Ann 
Louisa (Kip) Gold.* 
Children : 

I. Simon Newton b.* May 19, 1848 at Whitesboro, 
N. Y., d. Feb. 21, 1899 at New York, of consump- 
tion. The Seventh Report of the Class of 1870, 
Harvard, contains the following: " His family was 
among the original settlers of Oneida County. He 
came of the New England family of Dexter s, a 
member of which gave to Harvard a considerable 
endowment more than a century ago. His grand- 
father, S. Newton Dexter, who was a nephew of 
Samuel Dexter, of President John Adams' cabinet, 
was one of the prominent and wealthy menfof his 
time. After his graduation in 1870, at Harvard, 
Dexter edited the Rocky Mountain News, of Den- 
ver, Colo, for two years, and, except for a few years 
spent abroad, was connected with the editorial 

Dexter Genealogy 193 

staff of the New York Sun from that time up to 
the date of his death. 

While abroad in the year 1890 he met his wife, a 
pianiste of reputation, and pubHsher of several 
musical works; a resident of New York, of old 
Knickerbocker parentage, her mother having been 
a Cowenhoven, of the family of early Dutch settlers 
of that name. . . . For the four years prior to his 
death, he was associate editor with his wife of the 
Parisian Magazine, of which they were the owners 
and originators, while filHng at the same time his 
position as a night editor on the New York Sun. 
He was a man of fine moral sense, of high intel- 
lectuality, with a nature of the truest dehcacy and 
refinement," &c. &c. 

He m.* Aug. 10,1892 at Grace Church, Nyack-on- 
Hudson, Marie Lovell b.* Dec. 12, 1859 at Kerr's 
Hill, Pa., dau. of Darius T. and Susan B. (Conover) 
Lovell. No chn. 
II. Anna Louisa b.* Jan. 29, 1854 at Whitesboro, N. Y. 
d.* Jan. 11, 1861 at Whitesboro, N. Y. 

III. Andrew Gordon b.* Nov. 20, 1855 at Whitesboro, 
N. Y., d.* Jan. 15, 1862 at Whitesboro, N. Y. 

IV. Laura b.* Jan. 26, 1864 at Utica, N. Y., (unm.) 

[Richard,' John," John,"' Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^^ 
Samuel Wilham.^"] 

142. MARY DEXTER b.* Jan. 9, 1830 at Dexter, Mich. 
She m.* Dec. 27, 1849 at Dexter, Mich., 
Lorenzo Hopkins Jones b.* Mch. 26, 1819 at Perinton, 
Ontario Co., N. Y., d.* May 7, 1898 at Dexter, Mich. Son of 
Ezra G. and Sarah (Calkins) Jones.* 
Children : 

I. Frances Emily b.* Dec. 6, 1850 at Dexter, Mich., 
II. Charles Wirt b.* May 2, 1852 at Dexter, Mich., 
d.* Sept. 12, 1853 at Dexter, Mich. 

194 Dexter Genealogy 

[Richard/ John," John/" Samuel/^ SamuelJ Samuel/' 
Samuel WilHamJ"] 

143. WIRT DEXTER b * Oct. 25, 1832 at Dexter, Mich., 
d.* May 17, 1890 at Chicago, 111. 

He came of legal stock, inherited the large brain and legal 
gifts of his grandfather, Samuel Dexter (Secretary of the Treas- 
ury in 1800), grew up in the great unfenced of Michigan, under 
his father's tuition. Was sent to Albion, N. Y., a small college 
then, for a few years; went to Chicago, entered a law office, 
was admitted to the bar in 1858; was a natural orator, a 
superior advocate, and an excellent counsellor. He was the 
leader of the Chicago Bar for many years, and stood for dignity 
probity, eloquence and abiHty. At the time of the Chicago 
fire he was President of the Relief and Aid Society, took the 
helm for six months, and actively administered that great 

He m.* first, June 15, 1858 at Marshall, Mich., 

Kate Augusta Dusenberry b.* Dec. 23, 1837 at Fredonia 
Mich., d.* Apr. 16, 1864 at Chicago. Dau. of John and 
EHzabeth (Butler) Dusenberry.* 


I. Samuel b.* Feb. 22, 1864 at Chicago, d.* July 16, 
1864 at Chicago. 

He m.* secondly, Dec. 18, 1866 at Chicago, 

Josephine Moore b.* Feb. 14, 1846 at West Springfield, 
Mass. Dau. of Isaac and Elmina (Wright) Moore.* 

Children : 

II. Samuel b.* Nov. 30, 1867 at Chicago, graduated at 
Harvard, 1890, d.* May 4, 1894 at Boston, (unm.). 
III. Katharine Moore b.*'Aug. 27, 1875 at Dexter, 
Mich., (unm.). 

[Richard,' John," John,"' Samuel,'"^ Samuel,"" Samuel,""' 
Samuel WilUam.""] 

144. KATHARINE HARRIS DEXTER b.* Mch. 11,1833 
at Dexter, IVIich., d.* Mch. 14, 1898 at Evanston, 111. 

She m.* Sept. 1, 1851 at Dexter, Mich., 

Rev. Park Shattuck Donelson b.* Apr. 17, 1825 at Colerain, 
Mass., d.* May 6, 1882 at Dexter, Mich. Son of Ira and Mary 

Dexter Genealogy 195 

Children : 

I. Catharine Isabella b.* June 23, 1852 at Dexter, 
Mich., d * Nov. 27, 1853 at Dexter, Mich. 
II. Dexter Park b.* Mch. 27, 1857, m.* Oct. 14, 1891 
at Chicago, Harriet Hitchins b.* Mch. 23, 1872 at 
Hopewell, New Brunswick, dau. of Robert K. and 
Abigail (Wilbur) Hitchins,* and had chn. : 

A. Katharine Dexter b.* July 29, 1892 at 

B. Lorraine b.* Sept. 9, 1897 at Evanston, 111., 
d.* May 3, 1899 at Evanston, 111. 

III. Laura b.* Jan. 23, 1864 at Delaware, O., d.* Oct. 
13, 1896 at Evanston, 111., m.* Sept. 18, 1889 at St. 
Mark's Church, Chicago, Benjamin Bayless b.* 
Feb. 2, 1844 at Louisville, Ky., son of George Wood 
and Virginia L. Bayless. No chn. 

[Richard,^ John,^^ John,^^^ Samuel, ^^ Samuel,^ Samuel, ^^ 
Samuel WilKam."'"] 

145. HANNAH AUGUSTA DEXTER b.* Oct. 25, 1834 at 
Dexter, Mich. 

She m.* first, Sept. 4, 1854 at Dexter, Mich., 

Dr. Moulton Craw b. d.* June — 1861 at Huntsville, 


Children : 

I. Frederick Moulton b.* Aug. 12, 1856 at Elk Rapids, 
Mich., d.* Sept. 6, 1874 at Dexter, Mich. 
II. Edith b.* Apr. 29, 1859 at Mt. Clemens, Mich., d.* 
Feb. 8, 1860 at Dexter, Mich. 
She m.* secondly, June 8, 1864 at Dexter, Mich., 
Prof. William Davis Godman b.* Sept. 8, 1829 at Marion, 
O. Son of James Harper and Anna (Davis) Godman.* 

III. Inez Augusta b.* Aug. 10, 1865 at Dexter, Mich. 

[Richard,^ John," John,"^ Samuel,^^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^^ 
Samuel William.^"] 

146. JULIA GORDON DEXTER b.* Mch. 6, 1837 at New 
Haven, Conn. 

She m.* June 5, 1861 at Gordon Hall (the Dexter Home- 
stead), Dexter IVIich., 

196 Dexter Genealogy 

Henry Dennison Stannard b.* Mch. 24, 1825 at Georgia, Vt. 
Son of Zina Dennison and Betsey (Bowen) Stannard.* 
Children : 

I. Charles Henry b.* Jan. 15, 1864 at Kalamazoo, 
Mich., ra.* July 27, 1887 at Lima, Mich., EHzabeth 
Buchannan b.* July 30, 1865 at Lima, Mich.,dau. 
of Robert and Mary (Dancer) Buchannan,* and 
had child: 

A. Millicent Dexter b.* July 23, 1888 at Dexter 


11. Gordon Edwin b.* Nov. 11, 1865 at Dexter, Mich., 

m.* Dec. 26, 1897 at Grayling, Mich., Annetta 

McKay b.* Apr. 9, 1863 at Augusta, Mich., dau. 

of Daniel and Sarah EUza (Murray) McKay.* 

III. Howard Dexter b.* Apr. 30, 1867 at Dexter, Mich., 

IV. JuHa lone b.* Dec. 13, 1869 at Dexter, Mich. 
Medical missionary in Jewett, N. M., (unm.) 

[Richard,' John," John,'" Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^^ 
Samuel Winiam.^'"] 

147. CHARLOTTE DEXTER b.* Mch. 6,1839 at Dexter, 
Mich., d.* Aug. 7, 1887 at Dexter, Mich. 
She m.* May 26, 1860 at Dexter, Mich., 
Stephen Dewey Bingham b.* May 26, 1828. Son of Stephen 
and Sophronia (Dewey) Bingham."^ 
Children : 

I. Ahce b.* June 13, 1861 at Lansing, Mich., m.* 
June 9, 1886 at Lansing, INiich., Richard Winsor, 
J^ b.* Apr. 26, 1863 at Huron City, Huron Co., 
Mich., son of Richard and Martha (Turner) 
Winsor,* and had child : 

A. Frederick Dexter b.* Dec. 23, 1892 at 
Seattle, Wash. 
II. MilHcent Bond b.* Oct. 11, 1862 at Lansing, Mich. 

III. Laura Sophronia b.* Aug. 25, 1866 at Lansing, 

IV. Dewey b.* Dec. 22, 1868 at Lansing, Mich. 
V. Wirt i).* Apr. 1, 1873 at Lansing, Mich. 

Dexter Genealogy 197 

[Richard/ John," John/" Samuel/^ Samuel/ Samuel/'^ 
Samuel WilHam.' "] 

148. ISABELLA DEXTER b * Feb. 2, 1841 at New Bruns- 
wick, N. J., d * May 21, 1864 at Dexter, Mich. 

She m.* June 14, 1862 at Dexter, Mich., 

Robert Bostwick De Viney b. d.* Nov. 11, 1901 at 

Dexter, Mich. Son of Barton G. and Catherine Mary (Bost- 
wick) De Viney.* 
Children : 

I. Milhsent C. b.* Mch. 20, 1863 at Dexter, Mich., d.* 
May 23, 1874 at Lansing, Mich. 

[Richard,^ John," John,"^ Samuel,^^ Samuel,^ Samuel, ^^ 

149. FRANKLIN GORDON DEXTER b. Dec. 19, 1824 
at Boston,^ d. Jan. 1, 1903 at Boston.^ 

He m. first, Oct. 9, 1851 at Boston,^ 

Harriet Henrietta Cutler Applet on b.* Nov. 5, 1828, d. May 
23, 1857 at Boston.^ Dau. of Wilham and Mary Ann (Cutler) 
Applet on.* 

Children : 

I. Gordon b. Oct. 4, 1852 at Boston, ^ d. Mch. 30, 1853 
at Boston.^ 
215. II. Frankhn b.* May 11, 1857 at Boston. 

He m. secondly, Oct. 10, 1863 at Boston,^ 

Susan Greene Amory b. Jan. 9, 1840 at Boston.^ Dau. of 
Charles and Martha Babcock (Greene) Amory.* 

Children : 

III. Gordon b.* Aug. 12, 1864 at Beverly, Mass., 
graduated at Harvard, 1887. 

IV. Samuel b. Nov. 7, 1868 at Boston,^ graduated at 
Harvard, 1890, d.* Nov. 18, 1891 at Saranac Lake, 



Old Merchant and Financier 

Was in the Shipping Business with the Appletons Years 
Ago and then in Union Pacific with the Ames Family, He 
Owned Much Real Estate in Washington. 

198 Dexter Genealogy 

F. Gordon Dexter, of the famous Dexter family of lawyers 
and merchants, died at his residence, 55 Beacon street, on New 
Year's day, after an illness of several months' duration. He 
was 78 years of age, and the son of Franldin Dexter, one of the 
older leaders of the bar in the days of Daniel Webster, Jeremiah 
Mason and Rufus Choate. 

F. Gordon Dexter was born in Beverly and lived there 
through his boyhood. He went into the importing business 
with Wilham Appleton & Co., starting as supercargo on vessels 
on which they imported goods from the East Indies. Later he 
became interested in railroad projects. In association with 
the Ames family, Mr. Dexter was interested in the Union 
Pacific road and with other railroad properties, but of late 
years he had given his attention mostly to developing real estate 
interests, his holdings of Washington property being large. 

At one time he was in partnership with Samuel Hooper, then 
a member of Congress. 

He leaves two children, Dr. FrankUn Dexter, professor at 
Harvard University, and Gordon Dexter, who has been as- 
sociated with him in his office for the past few years. 

The death of Mr. F. Gordon Dexter removes another of 
those old Boston merchants and business men who gave a 
unique distinction to this city in its earher days. He belonged 
to the distinguished Boston family whose name he bore, and 
although he began his business career as a merchant, he later 
became connected with railroad building in the West, and was 
at one time prominently identified with the Union Pacific rail- 
road, in close association with the Ameses. He was a fine type 
of a courteous and accomplished gentleman. 

[Richard/ John," John,"' Samuel,''' Ebenezer,^ WilHam/' 

150. SARAH DEXTER b.* May 14, 1804 at Mason, N. H., 
d.* Aug. 30, 1882 at Peterboro, N. H. 

She m. first, Oct. 15, 1826 at Lancaster, Mass.,^'' 

Henry Goss b. Sept. 10, 1803 at Lancaster,^^ d.* Mch. 4, 
1852 at Temple, N. H. Son of Daniel and Polly (Gates) 

Children : 

I. Sarah Ann b.* July 9, 1827 at Nashua, N. H., m.* 

Dexter Genealogy ^99 

July 15, 1860 at Fitchburg, Mass.^^ Allen Bennett 
Wood b * May 26, 1813 at Winchester, N. H., d * 
Jan. 24, 1901 at Fitchburg, Mass., son of Porter 
and Hannah (Rise) Wood.* No chn. 
II. Henry Lanton b. Apr. 15, 1829 at Lancaster, 
Mass.,^^ d. Sept. 2, 1830, at Lancaster, Mass.^^ 
III. William Dexter b.* Feb. 27, 1831 at Lancaster, 
Mass.,®^ d.* Jan. 4, 1895 at Peterboro, N. H., m.* 
Oct. 1, 1854 at New Ipswich, Sarah Perry Osborn 
b.* Nov. 9, 1835 at Nelson, N. H., d.* Jan. 1, 1880 
at Peterboro, N. H., dau. of Cyrus and Betsey 
Stearns (Ayer) Osborn,* and had child : 

A. Louesa De Ette b.* Mch.23, 1860 at Win- 
chendon, Mass., m.* Nov. 7, 1883 at Peter- 
boro, N. H., Frank Amos Mann b.* Nov. 
9, 1860 at So. Lyndeboro, N. H., son of 
Martin and Elizabeth (Swinington) Mann.* 
No chn. 
rV. Susan Polly b.* July 29, 1832 at Lancaster, Mass.,^" 
d.* Feb. 25, 1860 at Concord, Mass., m.* Sept. 15, 
1852 at New Ipswich, N. H., Jerome Weston b.* 
May 6, 1827 at Mason, N. H., d.* Nov. 29, 1895 at 
Hancock, N. H., son of Samuel and Nancy 
(Wheeler) Weston,* and had chn.: i. Charles 
Edgar, ii. Fred, iii. Hannah Jane and iv. Ella Susan. 
V. Lydia Elizabeth b.* Sept. 26, 1834 at SterKng 
Mass., m.* Feb. 2, 1852 at Townsend, Mass., 
Horace Chase Sawtelle b.* July 22, 1832 at Lyn- 
don, Vt., son of Kingsley and Thankful (Watkins) 
Sawtelle* and had child: 

A. Frank Henry b.* Apr. 7, 1853 at New 
Ipswich, N. H., m.* July 29, 1873 at 
Brookl}Ti, N. Y., Emma Louisa Bonner b.* 
June 11, 1856 at Brooklyn, N. Y., dau. of 
John and Caroline (Davenport) Bonner,* 
and had chn.: 

i. Horace Chase b.* Apr. 3, 1875 at 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
ii. Frank Walter b.* Apr. 8, 1878 at 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
iii. Carrie Davenport b.* Aug. 1, 1881 

200 Dexter Genealogy 

at Brooklyn, N. Y., d * Sept. 6, 1887 

at Brooklyn, N. Y. 
iv. Lily Eliza b * Aug. 28, 1889 at 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
VI. Maria Josephine b. Aug. 11, 1836 at Lancaster, 
Mass.,^*' d. Aug. 7, 1899 at Fitchburg, Mass.,^^ m.* 
Nov. 25, 1857 at Temple, N. H., John Isaac Benja- 
min Franklin Hardy b.* June 27, 1834 at Concord, 
Mass., d.* Mch. 5, 1887 at Peterboro, N. H., son of 

and Betsey (Draper) Hardy,* and had 


A. Eliza Imogen b.* July 27, 1861 at Temple 
N. H., m.* Sept. 12, 1881 at West Town- 
send, Mass., Oscar Franklin Rollins b.* 
Jan. 11, 1850 at Louden, N. H., son of 
George Adams and Mary Ehzabeth (Min- 
ard) Rollins,* and had chn. : 

i. George Adams b.* Sept. 22, 1882 at 

Marlboro, N. H., d.* Dec. 7, 188^ at 

Concord, N. H. 
ii. Leonard Hardy b.* Aug. 4, 1884 at 

East Pepperell, Mass. 
iii. Roland Burton b.* Apr. 29, 1892 at 

Peterboro, N. H. 
iv. Oscar Carroll b.* Nov. 24, 1893 at 

Epsom, N. H., d.* Aug. 29, 1898 at 

Boscaven,N. H. 
V. Walter Claton b.* Sept. 11, 1896 at 

Epsom, N. H., d.* Sept. 28, 1898 at 

Boscaven,N. H, 

B. Grace Bessie b.* Oct. 29, 1876 at Peter- 
boro, N. H., m.* Sept. 9, 1896 at Fitchburg, 
Mass., Herbert Lewis FHnt b.* Nov. 26, 
1866, son of Samuel Warren and Ger- 
aldine (Dexter) Flint * and had child : 

i. Hazel b.* Sept. 10, 1897. 
VII. John Henry b.* June 16, 1838 at Tyngsboro, Mass., 

d.* in infancy. 
VIII. Lucy Matilda b.* Nov. 6, 1839 at Tyngsboro, 
Mass., d.* May 17, 1868 at Greenville, N. H., m.* 
at Mason Village, N. H., George Wyman b.* Dec. 

Dexter Genealogy 201 

7, 1836 at Mason, N. H., d * June 3, 1872 at Green- 
ville, N. H., son of Levi and Helen Maria (Elliott) 
Wyman,* and had elm.: 

A. William Arthur b * July 23, 1860 at Mason 
Village, N. H. 

B. Mary Etta b * June 20, 1862 at Mason 
Village, N. H., m* Aug. 21, 1883 at Jersey 
City, N. J., William Isaac Alexander b.* 
Dee. 7, 1859 at Jersey City, N. J., son of 
W^illiam and Mary Ann (Harris) Alexander,* 

i. Mary Estelle b.* Aug. 25, 1884 at 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
ii. Lucy Isabel b.* Jan. 17, 1886 at 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 
IX. Daniel Walter b.* Aug. 19, 1842 at Temple, N. H., 
m.* Mch. 16, 1871 at Leominster, Mass., Lizzie 
West Lew^s b.* Nov. 12, 1850 at Leominster, Mass., 
dau. of Le\'i and Frances Ann (Johnson) Lewis,* 
and had chn.: 

A. Flora Bell b.* Apr. 21. 1872 at South Lan- 
caster, Mass., m.* Apr. 20, 1892 at Clinton, 
Mass., Fred. Silas Osborn of Leominster, 
Mass., son of Silas Perry and Laura Jane 
(Vose) Osborn.* 

B. Gertrude EKza b.* Mch. 7, 1874 at South 
Lancaster, Mass., d.* in infancy. 

c. Henry Walter b.* July 2, 1876 at Leo- 
minster, Mass. 

D. Bertha Frances b.* Nov. 27, 1878 at North- 
boro, Mass., d.* in infancy. 

E. Clarence Wilham b.* Aug. 4, 1882 at S. 
Lancaster, Mass. 

F. Addie May b.* Mch. 13, 1886 at Clinton, 

X. Adeha Ellen b.* Aug. 1, 1845 at Temple, N. H., 
m.* first, May 7, 1866 at Winchendon, Mass., 
Nelson Edward Pratt b.* Dec. 2, 1835 at Fitz- 
william, Mass., son of Reuben Banister and Ann 
Maria (Haskell) Pratt,* m.* secondly, Oct. 1, 1874 
at Groton, Mass., Hiram Spaulding b.* Nov. 19, 

202 Dexter Genealogy 

1831, at Dunstable, Mass., d* July 19, 1902 at 
Dunstable, Mass., son of Abel and Anna (Parker) 
Spaulding.* No chn. 

She m.* secondly, Sept. 15, 1868 at Peterboro, N, H., 

Joshua Stevens. 

[Richard,^ John," John,"^ Samuel,^^ Ebenezer,^ Samuel,^^ 

151. ANNA AUGUSTA DEXTER b.* July 16, 1833. 

She m.* first, Apr. 6, 1858 at Albany, N. Y., 
WilUam J. Noyes b.* about 1823, d.* Jan. — 1860. Son of 
WilHam and Hannah (Townsend) Noyes.* 

She m.* secondly, Oct. 25, 1866 at Albany, N. Y., 
William Henry Bradford b.* Sept. 22, 1812 at New York, 
d.* Dec. 30, 1895 at New York. Son of WilUam and EHza 
(Price) Bradford.* 
Children : 

I. Grace b.* Sept 2, 1868 at New York, m.* Feb. 14, 
1889 at New York, Lindsay Fairfax b.* May 5, 1857 
at "Oak Hill," Aldie, Londoun Co.. Va., son of 
John Walter and Mary Jane (Rogers) Fairfax,* 
and had chn.: 

A. Bradford Lindsay b.* Feb. 11, 1893 at New 

B. Grace Lindsay b.* Apr. 21, 1898 at East- 
bourne, Eng. 

11. WilKam Henry b.* Mch. 19, 1872 at New York, m.* 
Feb. 8, 1892 at New York, Mary Kingsland Jones, 
b.* Oct. 4, 1870 at New York, dau. of Herman Le 
Roy and Augusta (Kingsland) Jones,* and had 

A. WilHam b.* Nov. 20, 1893 at New York,d* 
Mch. 20, 1900 at New York. 

B. George Dexter b.* June 12, 1897 at New 

III. George Dexter b.* May 11, 1873 at New York, d.* 
Nov. 24, 1894 at New York, (unm.) 
[Richard,' John," John,"' Samuel,'^ John,^ Charles,^' 
John Bradford^".] 

152. RICHARD DEXTER b.* Feb. 18, 1819 at Charlton, 
Mass., d. Dec. 3, 1885 at Worcester, Mass.^^ 

Dexter Genealogy 203 

He m * Oct. 20, 1844 at Charlton, Mass., 
Isabella Williams b.* Mch. 21, 1826 in Maine, d.* Jan. 15, 
1903 at Worcester, Mass.^^ Dau. of Ebenezer WilKams.* 
Children : 

I. Lorinda Ellen b.* July 3, 1845 at Charlton, Mass., 
d. June 14, 1861 at Worcester, Mass.^^ 
II. George Albert (of California) b. Oct. 8, 1847 at 
Worcester, Mass.^^ m. first, Jan. 7, 1873 at Boston,^ 

Ella Hurlbut b. 1854, dau. of John and Mary 

Hurlbut and secondly, Emma Eddy. 

III. John Bradford b.* Aug. 23, 1849 at Oakham, d. 
Apr. 28, 1854 at Worcester, Mass.^^ 

IV. Martha Isabella b.* May 18, 1854 (Worcester has 
June 17),^^ at Worcester, Mass., m. Nov. 19, 1874 
at Worcester, Mass.,^^ John Armstrong, and had 

A. Alice Isabell b. Sept. 10, 1875, m. and had 
one child who d. in infancy. 

B. a dau. 13 or 14 yrs. old (1904). 

V. Frank R. b. July 30, 1871 at Worcester, Mass.,^^ 
d.* Dec. 4, 1903. 

[Richard,^ John," John,"' Samuel,''' John,^ Charles,^' 
John Bradford.''"] 

153. JOHN BRADFORD DEXTER b.* Mch. 22, 1821 at 
Charlton, Mass., d. Feb. 4, 1864 at Worcester, Mass.'^ 

He m. Apr. 8, 1844 (int. Mch. 22) at Boston,' 
EUzabeth Gertrude Ferguson b.* Jan. 8, 1823 at Carlisle, d. 
Nov. 10, 1860 at Worcester.'^ Dau. of John and Eunice 
Children : 

I. Alice Jane b.* Nov. 18, 1844 at Boston, d. Sept. 1, 
1877 at Maiden, Mass.,^ m. Nov. 14, 1865 at Wor- 
cester, Mass.,'^ Horace Austin. 
n. Mary Elizabeth b.* May 10, 1846, d. Dec. 8, 1850 
at Boston.' 

[Richard,' John," John,'" Samuel,"' John,'' Charles'", 
John Bradford.'^"] 

154. WILLIAM HENRY DEXTER b.* Jan. 11, 1823 at 
Charlton, Mass. At the age of fourteen, after getting all that 

204 Dexter Genealogy 

the schools of Charlton could give, he took the position of clerk 
first in his father's store, later in Burrville, R. I., afterwards 
went to Boston and in 1846 opened a grocery store in Worcester, 
was eminently successful; in 1887 gave up his trade and has 
since devoted his time exclusively to developing his investments 
and managing his property. Although never prominent in 
pubhc affairs, Mr. Dexter has been a member of the Common 
Council and of the School Committee. He has long been 
recognized as one of the most generous and liberal givers 
towards the Worcester Academy, where one of the dormitories 
is named for him, and where for thirty years there has been an 
annual contest in declamation for the Dexter prize. He has 
recently erected a soldiers monument in his native town of 
Charlton, and in the near future a handsome town hall and 
Hbrary combined will still further attest to his liberality. He 
has long been a member and prominent in the councils of the 
Baptist Church. 

He m.* Feb. 2, 1848 at Thompson, Conn., 

EHza Adehne Foss b.* Aug. 3, 1824 at Wayne, Me. Dau. 
of Phineas and Dorothy (Jenkins) Foss.* 


I. Carrie Ehza b.* Apr. 6, 1852 at Worcester, Mass., 
d. Aug. 13, 1852 at Worcester, Mass.^^ 

[Richard,' John," John,"' Samuel,'"" John,^ Charles,""' 
John Bradford."""] 

155. PHILA DEXTER b.* Dec. 14, 1825 at Charlton, Mass., 
d. June 17, 1900 at Lowell, Mass.^^ 

She m.* May 17, 1846 at Southbridge, Mass., 
Lewis Freeman Sampson of Southbridge, Mass., b.* May 
4, 1827, d.* May 13, 1894. 
Children : 

I. Ella Ardella b.* Oct. 2, 1847, d.* Apr. 7, 1877, m.* 
July 5, 1867, Rev. Mr. Hooker officiating, James C. 
Greeley of Nashua, N. H., b.* Mch. 18, 1843 at 
Hudson, N. Y., and had child: 

A. Lewis J. b.* June 1, 1875, m.* Mch. 1, 1897, 
Louisa Vincent b.* Feb. — 1873 at Bur- 
lington, Vt. 
II. Francis Clark b.* June 11, 1851, d.* Sept. 28, 1852. 
III. Fred Lewis b.* Oct. 19, 1859. 

Dexter Genealogy 205 

[Richard/ John," John/" Samuel/^ John/ Charles/' 
John Bradford.^"] 

156. LUCINDA DEXTER b * Sept. 2,1828 at Charlton, 
Mass., d. Apr. 22, 1874 at Worcester, Mass.'^ 

She m.* Jan. 20, 1850 at Enfield, Conn., 
Daniel Francis Andrews of Hinsdale, N. H., b.* Dec. 2, 1824. 
d. Sept. 9, 1881 at Worcester, Mass.'^ 
Children : 

I. Edgar Thurston b.* Feb. 11, 1854, d.* Mch. 10, 
1884, m. Ella Moulton b.* May 7, 1853, d.* Jan. 
23, 1882, and had child: 

A. Guy Francis b.* Apr. 14, 1880. 
II. Herbert Francis b.* Sept. 6, 1856, d.* Oct. 19, 1856. 

[Richard,^ John," John,"' Samuel,''' John,^ Charles,^' 
Charles Colburn.^"] 

157. MARY ELIZABETH DEXTER b.* May 31, 1840, d. 
July 20, 1869 at Charlton, Mass.^^ 

She m. Jan. 23, 1865 at Charlton, Mass.,^^ 
Benjamin Burlingame b.* Apr. 12, 1844 at Killingly, Conn. 
Son of Ebenezer and Sophia L. (Warren) Burlingame.* 
Children : 

I. Fanny b.* Nov. 19, 1865 at KiUingly, Conn. 
II. Fred b.* Aug. 10, 1868 at Charlton, Mass., m.* 
Oct. 18, 1892 at Charlton, Mass., Ada x\ldrich b.* 
Oct. 2, 1872, dau. of George G. and Mary E. 
(Holden) Aldrich,* and had chn.: * 

A. Clifford Aldrich b.* Dec. 6, 1893 at Charl- 
ton, Mass. 

B. Alfred Dexter b.* Dec. 24, 1899 at Warren- 
ville. Conn. 

c. Harold b.* May 12, 1901 at Worcester, 

D. Theodore b.* Apr. 26, 1902 at Jefferson, 


[Richard,' John," John,"' Samuel,"" John,'' Charles,"" 
Charles Colburn.'"] 

158. CHARLES AUGUSTUS DEXTER b.* Jan. 24, 1837 
at Charlton, Mass., d. Oct. 16, 1858 at Worcester, Mass.'^ 

He m.* July 4, 1855 at Thompson, Conn., 

2o6 Dexter Genealogy 

Lucy Ann Bacon, dau. of Adonijah and Mary (Stone) 
Bacon.* (She afterwards m. Jan. 6, 1861 at Worcester, Mass., 
George A. Barber.) 

I. Hannah Augusta b.* July 26, 1858 at Worcester, 
Mass., d.* Aug. 27, 1858 at Worcester, Mass. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' Samuel,'^ John,^ Charles,'^' 
James Monroe.^"] 

159. LYDIA ANN DEXTER b.* May 21, 1840 at Bolton, 
Mass., d.* May 17, 1887 at Milton, Mass. (bu. in Boston). 

She m. first, Nov. 8, 1854 at Bolton, Mass.,^^ 
Henry A. Jenkins b. Dec. 7, 1832 at Shirley, Mass. ,2^ d. 
Apr. 21, 1901 at Bolton, Mass.^^ Son of Moses and EHzabeth 
A. (Dwight) Jenkins." 

I. Josephine M. b.* 1856. 

She m. secondly, May 22, 1860 at Watertown, Mass.,^ 
Henry Christian Warren b.* Dec. 4, 1837 at Brighton, Mass., 
d.* July 23, 1871 at Milton, Mass. Son of Charles and EHza- 
beth Loring (Christian) Warren.* 
Children : 

II. Sarah Lizzie b.* Dec. 1, 1860 at Watertown, Mass.^'^ 

d.* Jan. 14, 1861 at Watertown, Mass.^^ 
III. Charles Henry b.* Oct. 7, 1866 at Brighton, Mass.,^^ 
d.* May 13, 1867 at Brighton, Mass.^^ 

[Richard,' John," John,"' Samuel,'^ John,^ Charles,'' 
James Monroe.^"] 

160. GEORGE ALBERT DEXTER b.* June 16, 1842 at 
Bolton, Mass. Had a common school education, farmed it 
until sixteen years of age, when his father died, then went to 
Boston and engaged in wholesale produce and also manu- 
facturing business; formed partnership of Mitchell, Dexter & 
Co. in 1870, which firm is still doing business in Boston. 

He m. May 2, 1869 at Boston,' 

Sarah Elizabeth Marstes b.* May 16, 1842 at Boston. 
Dau. of William and Catherine (Brown) Marstes.* 
Children : 

I. Alven Shackford b.* May 8, 1873 at Chelsea, Mass., 

Dexter Genealogy 207 

educated Chelsea Grammar and Boston English 
High School. Shoe manufacturer, (unm.)- 
II. Mabel Marstes b.* Sept. 5, 1875 at Chelsea, Mass. 

[Richard/ John," John,"' Samuel,'^ John,^ Charles,^' 

1838 at Boston.^ 

She m. May 21, 1857 at Boston,^ 

Granville Nichols Whittington b.* Dec. 18, 1833 at Concord, 
N. H. (He has held the position of|chief clerk under the Secy 
of the Interior for many years) . Son of Granville and Cornelia 
(Wilder) Whittington.* 
Children : 

I. Josiah Loring b.* Oct. 9, 1858 at Boston,^ m.* Oct. 
6, 1884 at Gaithersburg, Md., Charlotte Louise 
Munroe b * Sept. 10, 1860 at Washington, D. C, 
d.* Aug. 30, 1892 at Seattle, Wash., dau. of George 
and Ehzabeth (Ham) Thompson,* and had child: 
A. Loring Munroe b.* Oct. 8, 1887 at Wash- 
ington, D. C. 
II. Alven Dexter b.* Sept. 4, 1861 at Mount Ida, Ark., 
m.* Jan. 6, 1886 at Easton, Penn., Jane Lavinia 
Young b.* Oct. 28, 1858 at Easton, Penn., dau. of 
William and Jane (McKeen) Young,* and had 

A. Rose McKeen b.* Mch. 7, 1889 at Easton, 
III. Sadie Cordeha b.* Sept. 2, 1866 at Washington, 
D. C, d.* July 7, 1881 at Washington, D. C. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' Samuel,''^ John,'' Charles,^' 
Alven Corbin.^"] 

126. MARY AUGUSTA DEXTER b.* Apr.3,1840 at Bos- 

She m.* Nov. 22, 1860 at Newton Corner, Newton, Mass., 

George Francis Livermore b.* June 21, 1830 at Brighton 
(now part of Boston), Mass. Son of OUver and Lois (Clafflin) 

Children : 

I. Mabel Augusta b.* Oct. 30, 1861 at Newton. Mass., 

2o8 Dexter Genealogy 

m.* Alvah Arey Atwood b.* July 21, 1857 at 
Chelsea, Mass., son of William Hutton and Ruth 
Arey (Newcomb) Atwood,* and had child: 

A. Arey Livermore b.* Apr. 25, 1897, d.* July 
II. Oliver Dexter b.* Apr. 11, 1866 at Newton, Mass., 
m.* Eleanor Bearse Becket b.* Feb. 15, 1868 at 
Hyannis, 'Mass., dau. of Joseph Lambert Town- 
send and Caroline Smith (Bearse) Becket.* 

III. George Courtenay b.* Mch. 6, 1871 at Newton, 
Mass., m.* Catherine La Croix b.* May 7, 1878 at 
Bangor, Me., dau of Basil and Marion (Leavitt) 
La Croix,* and had child : 

A. Marion Dexter b.* Jan. 27, 1898, d.* Jan. 
28, 1904. 

IV. Wendell Brackett b.* Nov. 19, 1876 at Newton, 

[Richard,' John," John,"' Samuel,'^ John,^ Charles,^' 
Alven Corbm.''"] 

163. ALVEN HERMAN DEXTER b.May 6, 1851 at Dor- 
chester,^' Mass. Was educated at Boston Schools and at 
Worcester Military Academy. Is in the theatrical business, 
and has been agent, manager etc., of various companies. 

He m.* Oct. 25, 1873 at Lowell, Mass., 

Jennie Lind Smith b.* July 17, 1853 at Nashua, N. H. 
Dau. of John Woodbury and Mary (McLaughhn) Smith.* 

Children : 

216. I. Alven Woodbury b.* Nov. 1, 1875 at Boston. 

217. 11. Annie Josephine b.* July 11, 1877 at Nashua, N. H. 

III. Forrest Page b.* Sept. h, 1879 at Nashua, N. H. 
Educated in schools of Lynn, Pro^ddence and 
Boston, m.* Apr. 12, 1903 at Cambridge, Mass., 
Isabella Florence MacWilhams b.* Nov. 25, 1880 
at Cambridge, Mass., dau. of George and Margaret 
(Dority) MacWilhams.* 

IV. Granville Whittington b.* Sept. 7, 1882 at Boston. 
Educated in schools of Lynn, Providence, and 

V. Jennie b.* Abr. 7, 1886 at Boston. 

Dexter Genealogy 209 

[Richard/ John," John/" John/^ Richard/' George Barber,^' 
John Croscup/"] 

164. SAMUEL RUSS DEXTER b * Apr. 13, 1858 at Meteg- 
han, N. S. 

He m * Nov. 23, 1882 at No. Beverly, Mass., 
Lucy Ella Lee b.* Jan. 31, 1858 at No. Beverly, Mass. Dau. 
of Robert Nicholson and Lucy (Edwards) Lee.* 
Children : 

I. Robert Lee b.* Sept. 19, 1883 at Beverly, Mass. 
II. Marion Russ b.* Feb. 9, 1886 at Beverly, Mass. 

III. Susan Florence b.* May 2, 1889 at Beverly, Mass. 

IV. Frankhn Ernest b.* July 30, 1893 at Beverly, Mass. 
V. Ruth Edna b.* July 1, 1895 at Beverly, Mass. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' John,'^Richard,''GeorgeBarber,''' 
John Croscup.^''] 

165. FREDERICK TORREY DEXTER b.* Nov. 7, 1865 
at Meteghan, N. S. 

He m.* 1984 at Beverly, Mass., 

Harriet Shaw Brown. 
Children : 

I. Forrest Reynolds b.* Apr. 15, 1895 at MinneapoHs, 

II. John Porter b.* Nov. 25, 1899 at MinneapoHs, 

[Richard,' John," John,"' John,'^ Richard,'' Richard,^' 

166. JULIA ELIZABETH DEXTER b. Apr. 22 (Maiden 
has Apr. 23), 1852 at Maiden, Mass. 

She m. June 25, 1873 at Maiden, Mass.,^ 

Ezra Allen Stevens J'" b.* 1851 at Portsmouth, N. H. 

Son of Ezra Allen and Martha Amanda (Ham) Stevens.* 
Children : 

I. Ahce Rebecca b.* May 11, 1874 at Maiden, Mass., 
m.* Oct. 12, 1898 at Maiden, Mass., George Batter- 
man Smith b.* Oct. 20, 1868 at Boston, son of 
James Milne and Ellen Elizabeth (Batterman) 
Smith.* No. chn. 
11. Frank Dexter b.* Aug. 12, 1875 at Maiden, Mass. 
III. Edith Louisa b.* June 29, 1878 at Maiden, Mass. 

2IO Dexter Genealogy 

IV. Dexter b * Feb. 16, 1885 at Maiden, Mass. 
V. Marguerite b.* Jan. 17, 1889 at Maiden, Mass. 
VI. Howard Allen b.* Feb. 28, 1891 at Maiden, Mass. 

[Richard,^ John," John,"' John,'^ Richard,^ Richard, ^' 

167. ANNE MURDOCK DEXTER b. May 27, 1860 at 
Maiden, Mass.^ 

She m. Oct. 28, 1884 at Maiden, Mass.,^ 
Arthur WilHs Walker b.* May 8, 1861 at Boston. Son of 
George Willis and Elizabeth Mary (Kewnicut) Walker.* 
Children : 

I. Marguerite b.* Apr. 6, 1886 at Maiden, Mass., d.* 

the same day. 
II. George Willis b * Oct. 11, 1888 at Maiden Mass., 
d.* May 18, 1889. 

III. Richard Dexter b.* Dec. 4, 1890 at Maiden, Mass. 

IV. Ehzabeth Dexter b.* Aug. 3, 1896 at Marblehead, 

[Richard,' John," John,"' John,'^ Richard,'^ John,^' 
WiUiam Thomas.'^"] 

168. LEE ROY DEXTER b.* Dec. 24, 1868 at Robertson, 
Miss. Planter. Of Abbott, Miss. 

He m.* June 27, 1891 at Barrs, Miss., 

Daisy Dean Caradine b.* Oct. 3, 1876 at Robertson, Miss. 
Dau. of Andrew Bird and Dola (Aycock) Caradine.* 
Children : 

I. Andrew Lee b.* Mch. 9, 1897 at Caradine, Miss. 
II. Daisy Ehzabeth b.* Apr. 17, 1899 at Caradine, 

III. John Thomas b.* July 26, 1901 at Caradine, Miss. 

IV. William Wallace b.* Sept. 10, 1903 at Caradine, 

[Richard,' John," John,'" John,'^ Richard,^ John,^' 

169. SAMUEL LAWRENCE DEXTER b.* Sept. 9, 1863 
at Chickasaw Co., Miss. Educated in Clay Co., Miss. Planter. 
Of Sparta, Miss. 

He m.* Nov. 10, 1897 at Montpelier, Miss., 

Dexter Genealogy 211 

Rebecca Lofton b * Feb. 7, 1878. Dau. of James and Flora 
(McVerv) Lofton.* 
Children : 

I. Inez b.* Sept. 30, 1898 at Montpelier, Miss. 
11. Samuel Lofton b.* Mch. 11, 1901 at Montpelier, 

[Richard,^ John,'' John,'" John,'^ Richard,^ John,^' 
John Word.^"] 

170. LILLIAN AMANDA DEXTER b.* June 3, 1871 at 
Robertson, Miss. 

She m.* Aug. 28, 1897 at Caradine, Clay Co., Miss., 
George Dumah Riley b.* Mch. 26, 1874 at Hebron, Law- 
rence Co., Miss. Son of Edward M. and Zillah (Berry) 
Children : 

I. George Evans b.* July 20, 1898 at Houston, IVIiss. 
IL LilHan Dyer b.* July 28, 1900 at Houston, Miss. 

[Richard,' John," John,'" John,'^ Richard,^ John,''' 

171. BERTHA MAGD ALINE DEXTER b.* Jan. 2, 1877 
at Robertson, Clay Co., Miss. 

She m.* May 14, 1902 at Caradine, Clay Co., Miss., 
Josiah Greer Barr b.* Oct. 23, 1869 at Robertson (now 

Caradine), Clay Co., Miss. Son of Jacob M. and Nancy L. 

(Kilgore) Barr.* 

I. Bertha Erleen b.* Mch. 13, 1903 at Caradine, Miss. 

[Richard,' John," John,'" John,'^ Richard,^ John,^' 
eorge Roy.^"] 

172. ALBERT THOMAS DEXTER b.* July 21, 1874 at 
Robertson, Clay Co., IMiss. 

He m.* Nov. 20, 1895, 

Lula Davidson, dau. of Thomas and Belle (Abercrombie) 
Children : 

I. Roy b.* Dec. 4, 1895, d.* July 14, 1899. 
IL Katie Belle b.* Sept. 12, 1898. 

212 Dexter Genealogy 

III. Albert Thomas b * Nov. 19, 1900, d.* Sept. 12, 

IV. J Earle b.* May 31, 1903. 
V. ( Edna b.* May 31, 1903. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' John,'^ Richard,^ John,^' 
George Rov."""] 

173. EDNA ELIZABETH DEXTER b.* Mch. 3, 1881 at 
Robertson, Clay Co., Miss. 

She m.* Aug. 17, 1898 at Robertson, Miss., 
Benjamin Sterling Chandler. Son of Andrew Martin and 
Fannie (Ivy) Chandler.* 
Children : 

I. Sterling Albert b.* Nov. 13, 1899 at Caradine, 

II. Fannie Lou b.* Dec. 5, 1901 at Caradine, Miss., 
d.* June 7, 1903 at Caradine, Miss. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' John,'^ Richard,^ John,^' 

174. MONY ELLA DEXTER b.* May 22, 1878 at Clay 
Co., Miss. 

She m.* Oct. 31, 1901 at Clay Co., Miss., 
Samuel Littleton Davidson b.* Dec. 1, 1878 at Clay Co., 
Miss. Son of John W. and SaUie Bell (Chandler) Davidson.* 

I. Littleton Stacy b.* Sept. 9, 1903. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,"' WilHam,^ Wil- 
Ham,^' Charles.^"] 

175. BENJAMIN WEST DEXTER b.* Feb. 22, 1820^^ 
at Gloucester, Mass., d.* Oct. 24, 1852 at Rio, Brazil. 


Naomi Hinckley b.* at Cherryfield, Me., d. Sept. 21, 1880 at 
Salem, Mass.^^ (aged 69, without living descendants).^^ Dau. 
of Moses and Mary (Walhs) Hinckley.* 

I. Emma Frances b. June 27, 1848 at Salem, Mass.,^* 
d. Dec. 14, 1872 at Salem, Mass.^^ 

Dexter Genealogy 213 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'^ WilHam,^ Wil- 
liam ^' Charles/"] 

176. SARAH ELIZABETH DEXTER b * May 3, 1822,'» 
at Gloucester, Mass. 

She m * Jan. 25, 1844 at Salem, Mass., 

Charles Theodore Stickney b.* May 10, 1820 at Salem, 
Mass.'^' Son of Richard and Rebecca (Jeffry) Stickney.* 
Children : 

I. Charles Theodore b. Aug. 29, 1844.'''' 
II. Waher Jaffrey b. Mch. 20, 1846.'^' 

III. Ehzabeth Dexter b. Mch. 7, 1852.'" 

IV. Frank Dexter b. Feb. 8, 1857.'" 
V. Deha Maria b. June 13, I860.'" 

[Richard,' John," Richard,'" Richard,'^ WilHam,^ Wil- 
Ham,^' Charles.^'"] 

177. ABEL HERSEY DEXTER b.* Sept. 29, 1827 '%t 
Gloucester, Mass., d.* Sept. 13, 1888 at Denver, Colo. Of 
Sonora, Cal. 

He m.* Sept. 15, 1861 at Sonora, Cal., 

Sarah Hodges Stickney b.* Nov. 5, 1828 at Salem, Mass., 
d.* Nov. 3, 1879 at Sonora, Cal. (sister of his brother-in-law). 
Dau. of Richard and Rebecca (Jeffry) Stickney.* 
Children : 

I. Charles Francis b.* July 26, 1862 at Sonora, Cal., 
d.* Oct. 31, 1866 at Sonora, Cal. 
II. George Marsh b.* Sept. 28, 1864 at Sonora, Cal., 
d.* May 6, 1869 at Sonora, Cal. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,'" Richard,"' William,^ Wil- 
Kam,'^' Charles.'"] 

178. JAMES VILA DEXTER b.* Aug. 14, 1836 at sea, near 
New Orleans, La., d.* May 23, 1899 at Valley View Springs, 
San Luis Valley, Colo. He was one of the first men of Colo. 
Had large mining and real estate interests there. At the 
breaking out of the Civil War, he left his position as pay- 
master of the Central Illinois R. R., and entered the Union 
service as First Lieutenant. After the war, he went into the 
banking business with two others; bank known as the Swedish 
Savings Bank, Mr. Dexter President. An ardent sportsman, 
owned five shooting boxes in various parts of the state, where 

214 Dexter Genealogy 

many a guest enjoyed his hospitality for weeks at a time. Was 
an enthusiastic collector and had many articles of interest from 
all parts of the world. Was a Knight Templar and Scottish 
Rite Mason. 

He m.* first, Apr. 28, 1864 at St. Louis, Mo., 
Lisette Maria De Bar b.* Oct. 25, 1838 at New Orleans, 
La., d.* Apr. 27, 1891 at Denver, Colo. Dau. of Benedict 
and Maria (Ribbon) De Bar.* 

I. Lisette Marguerite b.* Sept. 22, 1865 at Grand 

Detour, 111., d.* Oct. 25, 1866 at Dixon, 111. 
11. Helen Maria b.* June 11, 1867 at Dixon, 111., d.* 
Sept. 26, 1868 at St. Louis, Mo. 

III. Adda Maria b.* Oct. 29, 1869 at Leavenworth 
Gulch, Colo., m.* first, Apr. 25, 1888 at Denver 
Colo., Aaron Hale Cronkhite, J^ b.* Dec. 25, 1865, 
son of Aaron Hale and Rhoda (Bowen) Cronkhite.* 
m.* secondly, June 16, 1902 at San Francisco, Cal., 
Richard Robert Hauk, b.* Jan. 15, 1870 at New 
Orleans, La., son of Richard and Catherine Hauk.* 

IV. Harriet Vila b.* Oct. 29, 1869 at Leavenworth 
Gulch, Colo., m.* Apr. 21, 1891 at Denver, Colo., 
Roland Greenfield Parvin b.* July 17, 1868 at 
Princeton, Ind., son of Edward Birdsall and 
Margaret (Greenfield) Parvin.* 

He m.* secondly, Aug. 17, 1897 at East Orange, N. J., 
Josephine Estelle Beemer. Dau. of Isaac P. and Ruth 
Clark (Probasco) Beemer.* 

[Richard,^ John," Richard,"' Richard,^'' Wilham,^ Wil- 
liam,"^' WiUiam.^'"] 

179. WILLIAM HENRY DEXTER b.* Aug. 17, 1812 at 
Gloucester, Mass.,^^ d.* Mch. 6, 1863 ^^ at St. Louis, Mo. 
Sophia Rerrick b.* May 10, 1830.'^ 
Children : 

I. Still born girl* Mch. 20, 1851.'' 
II. Emma b.* Feb. 17, 1852,'' d.* Sept. 25, 1867.'' 

III. Luther b.* Dec. 12, 1853." 

IV. Cora b.* May 8, 1855," d.* Aug. 10, 1856." 
V. Mvra b.* Dec. 12, 1856," d.* June 22, 1858.^' 

Dexter Genealogy 215 

VI. Sarah E. b * June 1, 1858.''^ 
VII. WilHam b.* Jan. 24, 1860.^' 
VIII. George B. McLellan b.* Dec. 3, 1862.^^ 

[Richard/ John," Richard,"' Richard,'^ William,^ Wil- 
liam,^' WilHam.^"] 
180. SAMUEL BERING DEXTER b.* May 27, 1816 at 

Gloucester, Mass.^® d. . Of Gloucester. 

He m. Dec. 4, 1838 (int. June 13) at Gloucester, Mass.,^^ 
Rev. Thomas Jones officiating, 

Tamazine Hoyt b.* Sept. 14, 1816. Dau. of Chase and 
Tamazine (Griffin) Hoyt.* 
Children : 

I. Josephine Phillips b. May 19, 1841 at Gloucester^ 
Mass.,^^ m. Oct. 26, 1858 at Lynn, Mass.,^^ Otis 
Warren At wood. 
II. George Augustus b. Dec. 7, 1843 at Gloucester,. 
Mass.^^ Of Gloucester, m. Margaret Gillis b.* 
Apr. 1, 1863 at Wiscasset, Me., dau. of Hugh and 
Isabella (Gillis) Gillis,* and had child: 
A. Bessie A. b.* Nov. 27, 1883. 
218. III. Alvah Howard b.* June 16, 1845 at Gloucester^ 
IV. Wilham Henry b. Jan. 17, 1848 at Gloucester, 

Mass.,^® m. No chn. 

V. Carrie Chase b. Nov. 7, 1851 at Gloucester, Mass.,^®' 
m. Feb. 25, 1875,^2 gamuel Cook. 
VI. EHzabeth Blake b. Sept. 28, 1854 at Gloucester,. 
Mass.,^^ d.* Sept. 18, 1877 at Gloucester, Mass., m. 
Oct. 25, 1875,^2 Robert P. Rogers officiating,. 
Blyth S. Kerr. 
VII. Samuel Dering b. May 19, 1857 at Gloucester,, 

VIII. Edward Francis b. Apr. 16, 1860 at Gloucester,. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,'" Richard,"^ WilHam/ Wil- 
iam , ^' William.^"] 

181. ELIZABETH DERING DEXTER b. Jan. 21 (Bible 
has 31),^^ 1820 at Gloucester, Mass.," d.* Feb. 4, 1885 at New 

2i6 Dexter Genealogy 

She m * Jan. 6, 1841 (int. Dec. 18, 1840) at Boston,^ 
Hamlin Blake b.* June 24, 1817 at Springfield, Mass., d.* 
July 23, 1901 at Englewood, N. J. Son of Elijah and Amelia 
(Bronson) Blake.* 
Children : 

I. James Vila b.* Jan. 21, 1842 at Brooklyn, N. Y., 
m.* June 22, 1869 at Haverhill, Mass., Abbie 
Frances Hovey b.* Sept. 5, 1848 at Salem, Mass., 
dau. of William Carleton and Mary Frances 
(Simpson) Hovey,* and had chn. : 

A. CHnton Frederick b.* May 4, 1871 at Bos- 

B. Carleton Ames b.* Apr. 29, 1873 at Engle- 
wood, N. J., d.* Oct. 12, 1874 at Engle- 
wood, N. J. 

c. Ruth Dering b.* June 8, 1876 at Boston, 
Mass., m.* Feb. 28, 1901 at Chicago, 
Frederick Andrew Thomson, b.* Aug. 7, 
1869 at Montreal, Canada, son of John 
Reid and Margaret Emma (Burke) Thom- 

D. Rachel Frazier b.* June 8, 1876 at Boston, 

E. Alice b.* July 26, 1880 at Quincy, 111., d.* 
Sept. 19, 1882 at Boston, Mass. 

II. Clinton Hamhn b.* Nov. 11, 1843 at Brooklyn, 
N. Y., m.* Jan. 11, 1872 at Cambridge, Mass., 
Mary Gibson Parsons b.* Aug. 22, 1845 at x\lbany, 
N. Y., dau. of Lemuel Sprague and Lucy (Stanley) 
Parsons,* and had chn. : 

A. Marion Stanley b.* Feb. 5, 1873 at Engle- 
wood, N. J., m.* June 15, 1899 at Engle- 
wood, N. J., William Edwards Milne b.* 
Mch. 9, 1873 at Geneseo, Li\dngston Co., 
N. Y., son of William J. and EHza Jeanette 
(Gates) Milne. No chn. 

B. Ehzabeth Dexter b.* May 21, 1876 at 
Englewood, N. J., d.* Dec. 1, 1882 at 
Englewood, N. J. 

c. CHnton Hamlin b.* July 26, 1883 at Engle- 
wood, N.J. 

Dexter Genealogy 217 

III. Frederick Bering b.* Jan. 25, 1845 at Brooklyn, 

IV. Mary Elizabeth b.* Jan. 5, 1847 at Brooklyn, N. Y. 
V. Lyman Dexter b.* Nov. 16, 1849 at Brooklyn, N. Y. 

d.* Feb. 11, 1854 at Brooklyn, N. Y. 
VI. William Elijah b.* Jan. 13, 1856 at Brooklyn, N. Y., 
d.* Dec. 26, 1858 at Brooklyn, N. Y. 
VII. Helen Vila b.* Mch. 1, 1864 at New York. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'"^ WilHam,^ Wil- 
Kam,''' Samuel.'^"] 

182. SAMUEL DERING DEXTER b. Oct. 3, 1825 at Bos- 
ton,'^ d. Apr. 20, 1850 at Roxbury, Mass.^^ Graduated at 
Harvard, 1843. Divinity School, Harvard, 1847. Minister 
at Exeter, N. H. 

He m. Nov. 29, 1847 at Roxbury, Mass.,^^ 
Maria Grafton Rea b.* June 10, 1821 at Danvers, Mass., 
d. Nov. 21, 1863 at Roxbury, Mass.^^ Dau. of Archelaus and 
Maria March (Woodbridge) Rea, of Danvers, Mass.* 
Children : 

I. Dering Rea b.* Sept. 6, 1848 at Exeter, N. H., d. 

Jan. 8, 1852 at Roxbury, Mass.^^ 
II. Maria EHzabeth b.* Mch. 15, 1850 at Roxbury, 
Mass., m.* Apr. 16, 1896 at Rome, Italy, Samuel 
Appleton Browne Abbott, b.* Mch. 6, 1846 at 
Lowell, Mass. Graduated at Harvard, 1866, M.A., 
Harvard, 1869, son of Josiah Gardner and Caroline 
(Livermore) Abbott.* No chn. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard ,'''Winiam,^ WiUiam,^' 
George Washington.^"] 

1830 at Gloucester, Mass.,'^ d.* Jan. 12, 1871 at Taliiti, 

He m.* June 15, 1855 at Tahiti, 

Tuane Teruotu, dau. of Paura and Tapii (Maua) Teruotu.* 

Children : 

I. Ellen Orereao b.* Sept. 27, 1856 at Tahiti, d.* Mch. 
13, 1877 at Tahiti, m.* Sept. 26, 1873 at Tahiti, 
John Ray, and had two sons. 
II. George Meheura b.*Mch. 22, 1858 at Tahiti, m.* a 
Miss Chapman and has a family. 

2i8 Dexter Genealogy 

III. Eliza Teheuarii b * Jan. 10, 1860 at Tahiti, m. a 
Mr. Stewart and has family; lives at Tahiti. 

IV. Fanny Teretina b.* Dee. '4, 1862 at Tahiti, m. a 
Mr. Chapman (brother of George M. Dexter's 
wife) and lives at Tahiti. 

V. Henry Tiapo b.* Dec. 22, 1865 at Tahiti. 
VI. James Tanahere b.* Sept. 26, 1868 at Tahiti. 

[Richard,' John,"Richard,"' Richard,''' William,^ Wilham,^' 
James Williams.^"] 

184. WILLIAM DEXTER b.* Sept. 24, 1831 at Gloucester, 
Mass. Merchant. Resides at Apia, Samoa. 

He m.* Oct. 27, 1868 at Tahiti, Society Islands, 
EHzabeth Ahrens b.* Feb. 20, 1851 at Sidney, Australia. 
Dau. of Peter and Susan (Wilhams) Ahrens.* 
Children : 

I. WilHam Charles b.* Sept. 22, 1869 at Papiete, 
Tahiti. Merchant, resides at Apia, Samoa, (unm.) 
219. II. Herbert Hildreth b.* Aug. 26, 1871 at San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. 
III. Edith May b.* Sept. 19, 1873 at Papiete, Tahiti, 

m.* William Gordon of Alameda, Cal. 
rV. May Susan b.* May 12, 1875 at Papiete, Tahiti, 
m.* Christy Brolly. 
V. LiUian Annie b.*"jan. 9, 1877 at Papiete, Tahiti. 

*WilHam Dexter went to Tahiti about 1861, farmed until 
1864, when he opened a store for selling general merchandise. 
In 1893 he, his wife and three daughters, sailed for Valparaiso, 
ChiH, were shipwrecked at Easter Island, no lives lost; after 
some weeks they were conveyed to Valparaiso by a Chilian 
man-of-war, where they remained less than a year. Took 
ship for Vancouver, B. C; lived there three of four months, 
then went to Oakland, Cal. In 1903, WilHam Dexter, his 
wife, son Charles and dau. LilHan sailed for Apia, Samoa 
where they now (1904) reside. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,'" Richard,''^ William,^ WiUiam,^' 
James Williams.^"] 

185. JAMES DEXTER b.* Sept. 24, 1833 at Gloucester, 
Mass. Educated at Palmyra, Mo. Wholesale confectioner. 

Dexter Genealogy 219 

He m * Jan. 25, 1866 at San Francisco, Cal., 
Rusha Weeks Monroe b.* July 4, 1845 at West Jefferson 
Me. Dau. of Da\id and Mary (Rose) Monroe.* 
Children : 

220. I. James William b.* Nov. 23, 1866 at San Francisco, 


221. II. Franklin Hurbert b.* July 29, 1870 at San Fran- 

cisco, Cal. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'^ WiUiam ,^ William,"'^ 
James Williams.^"] 

186. SARAH EMERY DEXTER b.* Nov. 20, 1837 at 
Griggsville, 111. 

She m.* first, Jan. 5, 1860 at San Francisco, Cal., 

Samuel Morris Locke b.* Oct. 1, 1831 at Geneva, N. Y., d.* 

Feb. 26, 1876 at New York. Son of John Dalton and JuHa 


I. John Dexter b.* Nov. 21, 1860 at San Francisco, 
Cal., (unm.) 
She m.* secondly, Oct. 23, 1879 at Philadelphia, Penn., 
Roswell Dearborn Tucker b.* Dec. 8, 1833 at Plaiston, N. H., 

d.* June 17, 1883 at Haverhill, N. H. No chn. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'^ Wilham,'' John,''' 

187. CHARLES EDWARD DEXTER b.* Aug. 24, 1831 
at Essex, Mass. 

He m.* Aug. 29, 1855 at Hudson, Wis.,^^ 

Mary Remington King Hoyt b. Nov. 12, 1838 at Hudson, 
Wis.,^ d.* Feb. 11, 1883 at St. Paul, Minn. Dau. of Dr. Otis 
and Mary Remington (King) Hoyt.^^ 

Children : 

222. I. Mary Eliza b. June 9, 1856 at Hudson, Wis.^ 

223. II. Charles Hoyt b.* May 1, 1859 at Hudson, Wis. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,'" Richard,"' WilHam,^ John,^' 

188. HENRY BANNISTER DEXTER b.* Sept. 20, 1833 
at Essex, Mass., d. Dec. 8, 1868 at Boston, Mass.' Resided 

Boston, conducted a brass foundry. 

220 Dexter Genealogy 

He m. July 24, 1856, at Boston,^ 

Mary Ann Callender White b. June 30, 1833 at Boston.^ 
Dau. of John and EHza Hair (Jenkins) White.* (She after- 
wards m. Oct. 25, 1877 at Boston,^ Charles Henry Crosby b.* 
Nov. 9, 1836 at Boston, d. Jan. 26, 1879 at Boston, son of 
Frederic and Susan (Thaxter) Crosby.*) 
Children : 

I. Charles Henry b.* May 7, 1857 at Chelsea, Mass., 
m.* Oct. 4, 1856 at West Newton, Mass. Edith 
Medora Cutler b.* Aug. 17, 1864 at Chelsea, Mass., 
dau. of Isaac Sprague and Martha Ann (Mott) 
Cutler.* No chn. 

224. 11. Florence Ehza b. Sept. 24, 1858 at Boston.^ 

225. in. Ahce Louise b. Jan. 6, 1862 at Boston.^ 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'^ Wilham,'^ John,^' 

189. ELIZA ELWELL DEXTER b.* Mch. 27, 1836 at 
Essex, Mass. 

She m., Feb. 24, 1868 at Boston,' 

George Story b.* Dec. 21, 1830 at Essex, Mass., d.* Aug. 8, 
1894 at Carterville, Mo. Son of Michael and Susan (Burn- 
ham) Story.* 

I. George Dexter b.* Mch. 12, 1870 at Dunlap, la., 
m.* Feb. 14, 1900 at Wagoner, I. T. Florence 
Dodge, b.* Aug. 17, 1875 at Madison, Wis., dau. 
of Hiram Edwin and Florence (Palmer) Dodge.* 
No chn. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,'" Richard,'^ Wilham,^ John,^' 

190. CAROLINE CHOATE DEXTER b.* Dec. 30, 1835, 
at Boston. 

She m.* May 16, 1867 at Medford, Mass., 

James Morrill b.* Oct. 28, 1829 at Limerick, Me. Son of 
Col. John Adams and Mary (McDonald) Morrill, of Limerick, 



I. Mary Emma b. m.* first, Oct. 27, 1895, 

Dexter Genealogy 221 

Lucius Tyler of Cambridge, Mass.,* and had 

A. Emma May b * Mch. 11, 1899. 
m.* secondly, F. E. Harriman. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,''' WilHam,^ John,^' 

191. PHILIP AUGUSTUS DEXTER b.* Oct. 12, 1841 
at Boston. 

He m. June 13, 1864 at West Cambridge, Mass.,^^ 

EKzabeth Jones b. * at Manchester, Eng. Dau. of 

John and Mary (Wilson) Jones.* 
Children : 

I. Ahce b. Nov. 16, 1864 at West Cambridge, Mass.,^' 
m.* June 15, 1892 at Lowell, Mass., Edgar A. 

Frozer b.* 1866 at Chicago, 111., d.* Nov. 8, 

1895 at Lowell, Mass. 
11. George Augustus b.* Feb. 6, 1867 at Boston, Mass., 
m.* Dec. 25, 1895 at Lowell, Mass., Gertrude May 
Chandler b.* May 17, 1874 at Fryeburg, Me., dau. 
of Charles and Rose (Wiley) Chandler.* 
TIL Lihan b. Sept. 4, 1869 at Peabody, Mass.,^^ d.* 

June 26, 1871 at Peabody, Mass. 
IV. WilliamEdgar b. June 17,*1872 at Peabody, Mass.,''* 
m.* Aug. 25, 1902 at Lowell, Mass., Anna Bess 
V. Robert Choate b. Jan. 15, 1877 at Lowell, Mass.^^ 

[Richard,' John," Richard,'" Richard,'^ WilHam,^ John,^' 

192. SARAH ELIZABETH DEXTER b.* Oct. 8, 1843 at 

Danvers, Mass. 

She m. Sept. 20, 1864 at West Cambridge, Mass.,^* 
John Schwamb b.* Mch. 13, 1838 at Boston, Son of Jacob 
and Magdalene (Hemmerlie) Schwamb.* 
Children : 

I. Warren Cummings b.* July, 7, 1865 at Arhngton, 

Mass., m.* Feb. 10, 1891 at Boston, Anna Penney 

b.* Feb. 22, 1869 at Boston, dau. of Thomas and 

Ceha (Handley) Penney.* 

11. Louisa b.* Jan. 24, 1868 at Cambridge, Mass., m.* 

2 22 Dexter Genealogy 

Sept. 26, 1892 at Cambridge, Mass., Leonard Stone 
b.* Dec. 24, 1864 at Washington, D. C, son of 
Leonard A. and Camile Rosine (Des Marets) 
Stone,* and had child : 

A. Dorothy b.* Sept. 4, 1900 at Maiden, Mass. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,''^ WilHam,^ John,^' 

193. JOHN DEXTER b.* Dec. 25, 1845 at Danvers, Mass. 
He m. Nov. 18, 1875 (int. Oct. 17) at Essex, Mass.,^^ 
Mary Wilton, b.* 1856 at Boston. 

Children : 

I. Phihp Augustus b. Dec. 26, 1875 at Essex, Mass." 
11. CaroUne Mabel b. Sept. 13, 1880 at Boston.^ 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,"" David,"" Jonathan 
Marsh,"^' George.^"] 

194. FRANCES AMELIA DEXTER b.* July 15, 1846 at 
New York.'°2 

She m.* Feb. 13, 1867 at Brooklyn, N. Y., 
George Foster Gregory b. Jan. 21, 1839 at Sand Lake, 
N. Y.,'^ d. June 29, 1895.^^^ Son of Solomon and Anna 
(Underwood) Gregory."'^ 
Children :'«2 

I. George Dexter b. Jan. 24, 1868 at Brooklyn, N. Y., 

d. Feb. 3, 1891. 
II. FrankHn Underwood b. Oct. 12, 1870 at Brooklyn, 

in. Edna Phelps b. Dec. 5, 1880 at Brooklyn, N. Y. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,'" Richard,"" David,"^ Jonathan 
Marsh,^' George.n 

195. SARAH ELIZABETH DEXTER b.* Apr. 2, 1849 at 


She m.* Mar. 3, 1881 at Brooklyn, N. Y., 

Henry Urban Palmer b. Feb. 26, 1849 at Chester, O.'^^ 
Son of Chester and Achsah (Melvin) Palmer.'"^ 

Children :'°2 
1^ I. Arthur Phelps b. June 4, 1884 at Brooklyn, N. Y. 

II. Chester Urban b. Mch. 22, 1889. 

Dexter Genealogy 223 

[Richard/ John," Richard/" Richard/'^ David,^ Richard/' 
Edward Tirrell/"] 

196. RICHARD WICHARD DEXTER b. June 8, 1835 at 
Quincy, Mass./^ d. Jan. 13, 1892 at Quincy, Mass.^" 

He m. Aug. 11, 1858 at Quincy, Mass..^"" W. B. Duggem, 
J. P. officiating, 

Mary Frances Enderlee b.* Nov. 17, 1839 at Milton, Mass. 
Dau. of Matthias and Catherine (Blust) Enderlee.* (She m.* 
secondly, Nov. 17,1898 at Saxtons River, Vt., Solon Perry b. Nov. 
18, 1829 at Saxtons River, Vt., son of George and Hannah 
Burrill [Chandler] Perry.) 

226. I. Edward Joseph Tirrell b.* Jan. 15, 1861 at Quincy, 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'^ David,^ David,''' 
Joshua Lufkin.^"] 

197. CHARLES JOSHUA DEXTER b.* Aug. 8, 1845 at 
Shelbyville, 111. Educated at home until ten years of age, then 
spent three years at Jubilee College, an Episcopal School near 
Peoria, 111. At a later period, spent one year at the *' Family 
School," Topsham, Me.; was called back from this school to 
Shelbyville, 111., to take care of his aunt, Mrs. Lufkin's family, 
whose brother, D. C. Smith, had volunteered the second time 
to fight for the Union in 1864. In 1867 he entered the general 
merchandise business with D. C. Smith under the firm name 
of D. C. Smith and Co., which later became Smith & Dexter, 
and finally under his own name until he moved to Milwaukee, 
Wis., Oct. 1, 1879, to enter the wholesale grocery business with 
his uncle, J. A. Roundy under firm name of Roundy, Peck- 
ham & Co. This business was continued until Jan. 1, 1903, 
when, by the death of one of the members, the business was 
incorporated under the name of Roundy, Peckham & Dexter 
Co., of which he was elected President. 

He m.* May 5, 1869 at Belief ontaine, O., 
Effie Ehzabeth McBeth b.* Dec. 18, 1846 at West Liberty, 
O. Dau. of Wilham Wallace and Sarah Ellen (Pollock) 
Children : 

I. Edward McBeth b.* May 22, 1870 at Shelbyville, 
111. Educated at Milwaukee High School. Three 

2 24 Dexter Genealogy 

yrs. at State University at Madison, Wis., in 
Electrical Engineering one yr., at Mass. Institute 
of Technology. Appointed Electrical Inspector 
for Insurance Cos. of Milwaukee, which office he 
held for four years. On Jan. 1, 1903 entered 
business of Roundy, Peckham & Dexter Co. as a 
stockholder and assistant. 
II. Marv Lois b.* Mch. 23, 1873 at ShelbyviUe, 111. 
III. Lucia Chafee b.* Dec. 25, 1875 at ShelbyviUe, 111. 

[Richard,^ John,^^ Richard,"^ Richard,^^ David, ^ George 
Blake,"^' George Stillman.^"] 

198. FRANKLIN KING DEXTER b.* May 11, 1850 at 

He m.* Nov. 18, 1880 at Canton, Me., 
Mary Stowell b.* Mch. 17, 1854 Dau. of David Porter and 
Sophronia (Stanley) Stowell.* No chn. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'"' David,^ George 
Blake,^' George Stillman.^"] 

199. WALLACE DUNBAR DEXTER b.* Sept. 15, 1852 
at Boston.' 

He m.* first, Jan. 2, 1879 at BrookHne, Mass., 
EHzabeth Chase Wilson b.* May 16, 1852 at Brookline, 
Mass., d.* Mch. 14, 1886 at Boston. Dau. of Edward Chase 
and Emeline (Griggs) Wilson.* 
Children : 

I. Margaret b. Sept. 4, 1880 at Boston.' 
11. Wilson Chase b. Jan. 10, 1882 at Boston.' Harvard, 

III. Wallace Dunbar b.* July 2, 1884 at Brookline, 
Mass. Harvard, 1907. 

He m.* secondly, Feb. 13, 1890 at Lancaster, Mass., 
Mary Janette Latham b.* Nov. 6, 1861 at Thetford, Vt. 
Dau. of Henry Martyn and Harriet (Closson) Latham.* 
Children : 

IV. Allan Latham b.* Aug. 23, 1892 at Brookhne, Mass. 
V. Franklin Closson b.* May 15, 1894 at Brookhne, 

VI. Janet b.* June 4, 1895 at Brookhne, Mass. 

Dexter Genealogy 225 

[Richard/ John," Richard,"^ Richard/^ David,^ George 
Blake,^ ' George Stillman/''] 

200. GEORGE BLAKE DEXTER b * Oct. 4, 1854 at Bos- 
ton. Of BrookHne, Mass. Merchant of Boston. 

He m.* Feb. 6, 1879 at Boston/ 

Emma Gibbs b.* Apr. 10, 1857 at Boston. Dau. of Nathan 
Bourne and EHza Swift (Burgess) Gibbs.* 
Children : 

I. EHza Gibbs b.* Feb. 10, 1880 at Boston. 
II. Christine Mitchell b.* Mch. 29, 1882 at Boston. 

III. George Stillman b.* June 3, 1885 at Brookline, 
Mass. Harvard, 1908. 

IV. PauHne Wyman b.* Nov. 15, 1893 at Brookline, 

[Richard,^ John," Richard,"' Richard,'^ David,^ George 
Blake,''' George Stillman.^"] 

201. DUNCAN DUNBAR DEXTER b.* Feb. 6, 1858 at 

He m.* Feb. 16, 1882 at Boston,' 

Grace Fletcher Jones b.* Oct. 13, 1860 at Boston. Dau. of 
Francis and JuHa (Fletcher) Jones.* 

I. Fletcher b.* Feb. 15, 1885 at Brookline, Mass. 
Harvard, 1908. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,'" Richard,"" David,"" George 
Blake,"' Charles Warner."'"] 

202. RUTH DEXTER b.* Feb. 6, 1874 at Boston. 
She m.* Apr. 16, 1901 at Boston, 

Edward Wigglesworth Grew b.* June 26, 1867 at Boston. 
Son of Henry Sturgis and Jane Morton (Wigglesworth) Grew.* 
Children : 

I. Ruth Dexter b.* Feb. 25, 1902 at Boston. 
II. Jane Morton b.* Oct. 5, 1903 at Boston. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,'" Richard,'"" Aaron," Thomas 
Amorv,"^' Thomas Coffin Amory."""] 

203.'^TRUEMAN CROSS DEXTER b. Nov. 16, 1845 at 
Boston' (bapt. Dec. 7, at the First Church, Boston, by Rev. 
Dr. Frothingham) . 

He m. Feb. 10, 1873 at Boston,' Rev. Dr. Webb officiating, 

226 Dexter Genealogy 

Mary Adelaide Bowdoin b * (July 30, 1844) at Boston, d. 
Sept. 18, 1873 at Cambridge, Mass. Dau. of Franklin and 
Mary Bowdoin. 

I. Mary Bowdoin b.* (Aug. 14, 1873) at Cambridge- 
port, Mass., bapt.* Sept. 21, 1873 by Rev. Rufus 
Ellis, d. Dec. 24, 1873 at Boston.^ 

[Richard,^ John," Richard,"^ Richard,^^' Aaron ,^ Thomas 
Amory,^^ Edward Amory.^"] 

204. ELLEN AMORY DEXTER b.* Oct. 14, 1858 at 
Dorchester, Mass. 

She m.* Oct. 17, 1894 at Trinity Church, Boston, 
Albert Freeman Africanus King, M.D. b.* Jan. 18, 1841 at 
Oxfordshire, Eng. Son of Edward and Louisa (Freeman) 
Children : 

I. Louisa Freeman b.* Sept. 13, 1895 at Washington, 

11. Albert Freeman Amory b.* Oct. 28, 1896 at Wash- 
ington, D. C. 
III. Sarah Vincent b.* Oct. 9, 1899 at Washington, 

[Richard,' John," Richard,'" Richard,'"" Aaron,"" Charles 
Parker,""' Charies Edward."'"] 

205. ELIZABETH BLAKE DEXTER b.* Dec. 3, 1853 at 
Columbus, Ga. 

She m.* Apr. 6, 1873 at St. Pauls M. E. Church, Columbus, 

Oscar Sylvester Jordan b.* Dec. 24, 1849 at Sparta, Hancock 
Co., Ga. Son of Col. Sylvester Franklin and Rachel (Gunby) 
Children : 

I. Charies Franklin b.* Jan. 27, 1874 at Columbus, 
Ga., m.* Nov. 6, 1895 at Peachstone, Ga., Thorn- 
ton Zachry b.* Aug. 22, 1877 at Peachstone, Ga., 
dau. of Col. Charles Thornton and Elizabeth 
(Russell) Zachry,* and had chn. : 

A. Seth Zachry b.* Sept. 5, 1896 at Columbus, 

Dexter Genealogy 227 

B. Charles Dexter b * Nov. 24, 1898 at Colum- 
bus, Ga. 
II. Clara Gunby b.* Sept. 20, 1875 at Columbus, Ga. 

III. Maud Dexter b.* Apr. 14, 1879 at Columbus, Ga. 

IV. Oscar Wainwright b.* Oct. 4, 1882 at Columbus, 
Ga., d.* Aug. 6, 1885 at Columbus, Ga. 

V. j Bessie Dexterb.* May 20, 1886 at Columbus,Ga. 

VI. ) GeorgeDexter b.*May20,1888 at Columbus, Ga. 

VII. Edward Blake b.* Aug."^29, 1891 at Columbus, Ga. 

[Richard ' John," Richard,"' Richard,'"" Aaron,"" Charles 
Parker,'^' Charles Edward.^"] 

206. RICHARD PATTEN DEXTER b.* Oct. 3, 1855 at 
Columbus, Ga. Educated at Columbus, Ga. In 1873 moved 
to Alabama, and had a cotton plantation about seven miles 
from Scale; removed to Montgomery, Ala., in 1887 and since 
1889 has been general agent for Ala. of the Provident Life 
Sa\dngs of N. Y. 

He m.* Nov. 14, 1876 at Montgomery, Ala., 
Ellen Carnot BeUinger b.* Jan. 14, 1855 at Montgomery, 
Ala. Dau. of Dr. Carnot and Sarah (Hails) Bellinger.* 

Children : 
227. I. Clara Hodges b.* Mch. 29, 1878 at Montgomery, 
II. Charles Edward b.* Sept. 7, 1880 at Montgomery, 

III. Richard Patten b.* Oct. 25, 1882 at Columbus, Ga. 

IV. Carnot Belhnger b.* July 23, 1886 at Dexter (now 
Pittsboro) Ala. 

V. Ellen Lucia b.* May 5, 1892 at Montgomery, Ala. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'^ Aaron,^ Charles 
Parker,^' Samuel Parkman.^"] 

207. MATILDA DEXTER (called Maud) b. June 14, 1852 
at Boston.' 

She m. Oct. 16, 1872 at Boston,' 

Francis Ware b.* Feb. 11, 1847 at Boston, d.* Oct. 13, 1891 
at Dorchester, Mass. Son of Leonard and Sarah Ann (Minns) 

Children : 

I. Robert Dexter b.* Sept. 30, 1873 at Dorchester, 

2 2$ Dexter Genealogy 

Mass., graduated at Roxbury Latin School, June, 
1892, m * June 14, 1899 at Jamaica Plain, Helen 
Frances Thaxter b * Nov. 21, 1875 at Newton, 
Mass., dau. of Samuel Goff and Charlotte (Skinner) 
Thaxter,* and had child : 

A. Barbara b.* Oct. 13, 1900 at Jamaica 
Plain, Mass. 
II. Katherine Dexter b.* July 8, 1877 at Dorchester, 
Mass., m.* Jan. 16, 1901 at Roxbury, Mass., 
Nathan Newbury of Taunton b.* Mch. 26, 1866 at 
Taunton, Mass., son of Thompson and Harriet 
Wing (Grossman) Newbury,* and had child: 

A. Dorothea b.* Feb. 4, 1903 at Taunton, 
III. Jessie Gampbell b.* Oct. 21, 1879 at Dorchester, 
Mass., m.* Apr. 22, 1903 at Roxbury, Mass., Josiah 
Robinson Harding of Boston b.* Aug. 30, 1880 at 
Marblehead, Mass., son of Edgar and Sarah 
(Robinson) Harding.* 

[Richard,^ John," Richard,"^ Richard,^^ Aaron,^ George 
Minot,''' William Sohier.'"] 

208. PHILIP DEXTER b.* Mch. 11, 1868 at Brookline, 
Mass. Graduated at Harvard, 1889, LL.B., 1892. 

He m.* Apr. 16, 1895 at Boston, 

Edith Wood b.* Dec. 16, 1870 at Boston. Dau. of WilHam 
B. and Ellen (Nichols) Wood.* 

I. WilKam b.* July 15, 1897 at Beverly, Mass. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,'" Timothy,''' Paul,^' Timothy,' ' 

209. SARAH LANCASTER DEXTER b. June 26,1825 at 

She m.* May 10, 1848 at Jamaica Plain, Mass., 
William EUery James b.* Sept. 20, 1823 at Jamaica Plain, 
Mass., d.* Nov. 30, 1897 at Jamaica Plain, Mass. Son of 
John and Mary C. (White) James.* 
Children : 

I. Annie Fay b.* Apr. 15. 1851 at Jamaica Plain, 
Mass., m.* May 10, 1873 at Jamaica Plain, Mass., 

T)exter Genealogy 229 

Joseph Stedman Williams, son of Jeremiah and 
EmeHne Eames (Childs) Williams,* and had chn.: 

A. Emmeline Eames b * July 17, 1874 at 
Jamaica Plain, Mass., m * Oct. 17, 1900, 
James Phillips Parker, son of Charles E. 
and Mary (Phillips) Parker,* and had 

i. Katharine Williams b.* Aug. 16, 
1901 at Swampscott, Mass. 

B. Channing b.* May 20, 1881 at Jamaica 
Plain, Mass. 

II. Brigham Dexter b.* Mch. 25, 1855 at Jamaica 
Plain, Mass., m.* first, Oct. 26, 1880 at Providence, 
R. I., Helen Bamford Calder b.* July 19, 1856 at 
Providence, R. I., d.* Feb. 2, 1889 at Jamaica Plain, 
Mass., dau. of Albert Lawton and Martha Ann 
(Howland) Calder,* and had child: 

A. Albert Calder b.* Nov. 27, 1888 at Jamaica 
Plain, Mass. 

m.* secondly, June 4,1891 at Jamaica Plain, Mass., 
Maria Josephine Davis b.* July 9, 1856 at Quincy, 
Mass., dau. of Joseph Alba and Maria Hunter 
(Bettenson) Davis,* and had child: 

B. Ruth Dexter be* Apr. 1, 1894. 

[Richard,' John,'' Richard,"' Timothy,'^ Paul,^' Timothv,^' 

210. GEORGE RICHARDS DEXTER b. Dec. 9, 1837 at 
Boston,' d.* Dec. 29, 1875 at New York. Manufacturer at 
Pater son, N. J. 

He m.* June 3, 1868 at New York, Rev. Thomas Gallaudet 

Kate Levey b.* Oct. 4, 1847 at New York. Dau. of Michael 
and Elizabeth Louise (Langley) Levey.* (She afterwards m.* 
Sept. 4, 1884 at the residence of Mrs. Eleanor G. Prall, Pater- 
son, N.J. , Rev.E.B. Russell officiating, John Campbell b.* Apr. 
19,1838 at Paterson,N. J.,d.* Jan.7, 1899 at Cannes, France). 


I. Louise Langley b.* July 20, 1869, m.* Nov. 13, 1900 
at New York, Irving Ruland, son of Manly Augustus 
and Jane (Lamont) Ruland.* No chn. 

230 Dexter Genealogy 

[Richard/ John," Richard/" Timothy/^ Paul/ Samuel/' 
Richard Weeden/"] 

211. RAPHAEL DEXTER b * May 19, 1840 at Providence, 

He m. June 24, 1868 at North Providence, R. I.," 
Martha Mary Graham b.* Jan. 1, 1841 at Pawtucket. Dau. 
of James and Marcilena (Carr) Graham.* 
Children : 

I. Gertrude Carr b * July 15, 1870, d * Dec. 31, 1878. 

n. J DellaVirginia b.* Sept. 13, 1872, d.* May 12, 1879. 

ni. ( Raphael Jencks b.* Sept.^jl3, 1872, d.* July 5, 1873. 

[Richard,^ John," John,'" Samuel, '^ Samuel,^ Andrew,^' 
Andrew,''" Andrew Alfred.'^"'] 

212. MARY VENETIA DEXTER b.* June 7, 1842 at Aiken, 
S. C, d.* July 12, 1881 at Nashville, Tenn. 
She m.* June 7, 1860 at Montgomery, Ala., 
James Robert Smith b.* Mch. 31, 1839 at Cuthbert Co., Ga., 
d.* July 29, 1875 at Montgomery, Ala. Son of Hiram Jackson 
and Martha (Sturtevant) Smith.* 
Children : 

I. Venetia Harrietta b.* Feb. 19, 1862 at Montgomery, 
Ala., m.* Dec. 24, 1879 at Palestine, Texas, 
Thomas Brunot Gale b.* Oct. 6, 1851 at Pensacola, 
Fla., son of Edward Brevoort and Faustina (Boni- 
fay) Gale of Pensacola, Fla.,* and had chn.: 

A. Emiscah Wentworth b.* Feb. 1, 1881 at 
Palestine, Texas. 

B. Annie Jordan b.* Sept. 23, 1882 at Houston, 

II. Eva Carleton b.* Feb. 19, 1864 at Montgomery, 
Ala., m.* June 22, 1885 at Palestine, Texas, 
Jacques Vanden Broeck b.* Sept. 4, 1860 at 
Roubaix, France, son of August and Catherine 
(Janssens) Vanden Broeck,* and had chn.: 

A. Thomas Gale b.* Mch. 5, 1886 at Houston, 
Tex., d.* Mch. 10, 1886 at Houston, Tex. 

B. James b.* June 10, 1890 at Galveston, Tex., 
d.* June 13, 1890 at Galveston, Tex. 

c. Eva Les b.* Jan. 5, 1892 at Galveston, Tex. 

Dexter Genealogy 231 

D. Venetia Dexter b.* Apr. 11, 1895 at Galves- 
ton, Tex. 

E. Margaret Carleton b.* Sept. 10, 1903 at 
Galveston, Tex. 

III. Dexter b.* Sept. 21, 1868 at Montgomery, Ala. 

IV. James Farley b.* Apr. 13, 1870 at Montgomery, 
Ala., d.* Mcii. 28, 1898 at San Antonio, Tex. 

V. Harry Morton b.* Aug. 8, 1872 at Montgomery, 
Ala., d.* Aug. 6, 1898 at Palestine, Tex. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' Samuel,''' Samuel,'^ Andrew,""' 
Andrew,^" Andrew Alfred."""] 

213. SAMUEL DEXTER b.* Mch. 1,1844 at Montgomery, 

He m.* May 16, 1889 at ^'rownsville, Tex., 
Caroline Dexter Fearing b.* July 4, 1853 at New Orleans, 
La. Dau. of Charles Hunt and Sophia (Dexter) Fearing.* 
Children : 

I. Sophia Harrietta b.* and d. i^ug. 5, 1890 at Pales- 
tine, Tex. 
II. Samuel b.* June 10, 1892 at Palestine, Tex. 
III. Andrew Apthorp b.* Oct. 22, 1896 at Palestine, Tex. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' Samuel,'"' Samuel,"" Andrew,""' 
Andrew,"'" Andrew Alfred."''"] 

1848 at Macon Co., Ala. 

She m.* Apr. 24, 1873 at Montgomery, Ala., 
Joseph Files Campbell, son of David Levi and Caroline 
Margaret (Womack) Campbell.* 
Children : 

I. Charlotte Morton b.* Apr. 15, 1875 at Palestine, 
Tex., m.* July 14, 1899, Dr. Thomas Candler 
Longino, son of Thomas Dick and Nellie (Candler) 
Longino (and grandson of Ezekiel Candler, Secy, 
of State),* and had child: 

A. Son b.* June 14, 1900. 
II. Joseph Files b.* June 18, 1876 at Austin, Tex., m.* 
June 8, 1899, Josephine Naudascher b.* Dec. 5, 
1879 at Galveston, Tex., dau. of Robert and 
Elizabeth Naudascher.* 

232 Dexter Genealogy 

III. Alice James b * May 11, 1878 at Palestine, Tex. 

IV. Alfred Hunter b.* Apr. 28, 1880 at Palestine, Tex. 
V. Valliere b.* Oct. 12, 1881 at Galveston, Tex. 

VI. Laura Estelle b.* Aug. 5, 1883 at Galveston, Tex. 
VII. Reagan Dexter b.* Mch. 2, 1887 at Galveston, Tex. 

[Richard,^ Jolin,^^ John,^" Samuel,^^ Samuel,^ Samuel, ^^ 
Franklin,^" Franklin Gordon.^"^ 

215. FRANKLIN DEXTER b.* May 11, 1857 at Boston. 
Graduated at Williams College. Received degree of M.D. 
from the College of Physicians and Surgeons, N. Y., 1887. 
Associate Professor Harvard Medical School. Resigned, 
June, 1903. 

He m.* Sept. 12, 1893 at Boston, 

Jane Dwight b.* Apr. 17, 1851 at Salem, Mass. Dau. of 
Daniel A. and Mary (Peele) Dwight.* 


I. Harriett b.* Feb. 19, 1895 at Boston. 

[Richard,' John," John,"' Samuel,'^ John,^ Charles,^' Alven 
Corbin,^" Alven Herman.^'"] 

210. ALVEN WOODBURY DEXTER b.* Nov. 1, 1875 
at Boston. 

He m.* Jan. 27, 1897 at Boston, 

Matilla Berbank b.* at Georgeville, Canada. Dau. of 
Charles and Sarah Berbank.* 
Children : 

I. Orville Berbank b.* Aug. 24, 1897 at Tyngsboro, 

11. EUzabeth Jennie b.* May 22, 1901 at Dorchester, 

[Richard,' John," John,"' Samuel,'^ John,^ Charles,^' Alven 
Corbin,^" Alven Herman.^'"] 

217. ANNIE JOSEPHINE DEXTER b.* July 11, 1877 
at Nashua, N. H. 

She m.* Feb. 9, 1898 at Providence, R. I., 

Charles Alonzo De Costa b.* at Liverpool, Eng. Son of 
Charles Alonzo and Caroline (McClellan) De Costa.* 

Children : 

I. Frank Anthony b.* Sept. 29, 1900 at Providence, 

Dexter Genealogy 233 

II. Caroline Louise b * Nov. 2, 1901 at New Bedford, 


[Richard/ John," Richard,"' Richard,''' William,^ 
William,^' WilHam,^" Samuel Bering.^"'] 
318. ALVAH HOWARD DEXTER b.* June 16, 1845 at 
Gloucester, Mass. Of Gloucester, 

He m. first, July 4, 1867 at Gloucester, Mass.,^^ 

Christiana Dunn b. 1847 at Yarmouth, N. S., d. Sept. 

8, 1868 at Gloucester, Mass.'® (It is said to have been her 
first marriage, parents unknown. When she died, she was 
called Christiana, dau. of Walter and Eleanor Shurtliff).'® 
Children : 

I. Mattie Howard b. July 26, 1868 at Gloucester, 
Mass.,'® d. Sept. 14, 1868 aged 26 days at Gloucester, 
Mass.,'® (yet called a male child and a female 
birth given Aug. 8).'® 

II. WiUiam H. b. d. Sept. 8, 1869 at Gloucester, 

Mass., aged 11 mos.'® 

(These were probably twins, the error being the 
fault of the registrar.) 
He m. secondly. May 26, 1874 at Gloucester, Mass.,'® 
Hannah Maria (Mcintosh) McKay b. Dec. 25, 1839 at 
Gloucester, Mass.,'® d. June 18, 1895 at Gloucester, Mass.'® 
Widow of Simon McKay and dau. of James and Maria (Has- 
kell) Mcintosh.* 

Children : 
228. III. Alvah Howard b. Aug. 10, 1875 at Gloucester, 
IV. Lizzie Mcintosh b. July 20, 1880 at Gloucester, 
Mass.,^2 m.* Apr. 19, 1898 at Gloucester, Mass., 
John Nelson b.* May 10, 1874. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'^ WilHam,^Winiam,^' 
James Williams,^" Wilham.^"'] 

1871 at San Francisco, Cal. Educated at Healdsburg College, 
Sonoma Co., Cal. Resides at New Orleans. Clergyman. 

He m.* May 22, 1895 at Oakland, Cal., 

Pamela Gillmore Hill b.* Aug. 9, 1872 at St. George, New 

234 Dexter Genealogy 

Brunswick. Dau. of George Irving and Rebecca Hastings 
(Gillmore) Hill * 
Children : 

I. Pamela Hildreth b * Apr. 27, 1897 at Oakland, 

II. Bessie Dee b.* Nov. 12, 1898 at San Francisco, 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'^ William,^ William,^' 
James WilHams,"^" James. ^'"] 

220. JAMES WILLIAM DEXTER b.* Nov. 23, 1866 at 
San Francisco, Cal. Resides at Vallejo, Cal., 

He m.* Feb. 27, 1889 at Auburn, Cal., 

Martha Elizabeth Aldrich b.* July 3, 1869 at St. Joseph, 
Mo. Dau. of Jashub Wing and Mary Virginia (Walker) 
Children : 

I. James Franldin b.* Nov. 6, 1890 at Rose\alle, Cal. 
II. Clarence Monroe b.* Aug. 30, 1892 at Roseville, 

III. Vida May b.* July 5, 1895 at Roseville, Cal. 

IV. Maud Elizabeth b.* Sept. 18, 1897 at Rose^alle, 
Cal., d.* Mch. 3, 1898 at Rose\dlle, Cal. 

V. Emma Rusha b.* Jan. 22, 1900 at Roseville, Cal. 

d.* Nov. 15, 1901 at Vallejo, Cal. 
VI. Wilham Aldrich b.* May 5, 1903 at Vallejo, Cal. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,''^ Wilham,^ William,"^' 
James WilHams,^" James."'"'] 

221. FRANKLIN HURBERT DEXTER b.* July 29, 1870 
at San Francisco, Cal. 

He m.* May 12, 1896 at Oakland, Cal., 
Irene Virginia Gerrish b.* Dec. 19, 1871 at Vacaville, Cal. 
Dau. of Alpheus Shaw and Isabella (Black) Gerrish.* 
Children : 

I. Lloyd Alpheus b.* Aug. 22, 1900 at Vallejo, Cal. 

II. Leonard Hildreth b.* Mch. 5, 1902 at Vallejo, Cal. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,'" Richard,'^ William,^ John,'^' 
Charles,:" Charles Edward.^'"] 

222. MARY ELIZA DEXTER b. June 9, 1856 at Hudson, 


Dexter Genealogy 235 

She m * Apr. 11, 1878 at St. Paul, Minn., 
Dudley Baldwin Finch b.* Nov. 9, 1852 at Deleware, O. 
Son of Sherman and Eliza Mary (Shepheard) Finch.* 
Children : 

I. Lilla Shepheard b.* May 19, 1879 at St. Paul, Minn, 
m.* Oct. 8, 1903 at St. Paul, Minn., Sewall Du Bois 
Andrews b.* Jan. 30, 1874 at Owatonna, Minn., 
son of Lorin and FideHa Hall (Munson) Andrews.* 
II. Florence Dudley b.* Feb. 14, 1881 at St. Paul. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'^ WiUiam,^ John,^' 
Charles,^" Charles Edward.^'"'] 

223. CHARLES HOYT DEXTER b.* May 1, 1859 at 
Hudson, Wis. 

He m. at Eau Claire, Wis., and had the following chil- 

I. Dudley Pullen b.* at Eau Claire, Wis. 
II. Margaret b.* at Washburn, Wis. 
III. Mary Finch b.* at Spooner, Wis. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,'^ WilHam,^ John,^' 
Charles,^" Henry Bannister.^'"] 

224. FLORENCE ELIZA DEXTER b. Sept. 24, 1858 at 

She m. June 30, 1881 at Boston,' 

John Bellamy b. Nov. 4, 1857 at Boston.' Son of WilHam 
and Ann Maria (Dodd) Bellamy.* 
Children : 

I. Winthrop b.* Jan. 6, 1883 at Newton, Mass. Har- 
vard, 1905. 
II. Edward b.* Aug. 22, 1885 at West Newton, Mass. 
Harvard, 1907. 
III. Dexter b.* Aug. 22, 1887 at West Newton, Mass., 
d.* Feb. 14, 1896 at West Newton, Mass. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,'" Richard,'^ Wilham,^ John,^' 
Charles,'^" Henry Bannister.^'"] 

225. ALICE LOUISE DEXTER b. Jan. 6, 1862 at Boston.' 
She m. Oct. 15, 1885 at Boston,' 

Elmore Estes Locke b.* Oct. 29, 1860 at Epsom, N. H. 
Son of James Loring and Sarah (Swallow) Locke.* 

236 Dexter Genealogy 


I. Marian Dexter b * Mch. 18, 1894 at Maiden, Mass. 

[Richard,^ John," Richard,"' Richard,'"^ Da^id,"^ Richard,""' 
Edward Tirrell,""" Richard Wichard/'"] 

15, 1861 at Quincy, Mass. 

He m.* Jan. 3, 1889 at Randolph, Mass., 
CaroHne Frances Collins b.* Sept. 7, 1862 at Cornville, Me. 
Dau. of Asa Alfred and Rebecca Richards (Dean) Collins.* 
Children : 

I. Harris Edward b.* Mch. 15, 1890 at Randolph, 

II. Parker Richard b.* Aug. 7, 1893 at Randolph, Mass. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,"' Richard,"" Aaron,"" Charles 
Parker,""' Charles Edward,"" Richard Patten."'"] 

227. CLARA HODGES DEXTER b.* Mch. 29, 1878 at 
Montgomery, Ala. 

She m.* Nov. 19, 1900 at Montgomery, Ala., 
Dr. Frank Reid Yarborough, b. Dec. 8, 1872 at Orion, Ala. 
Son of Rev. Joseph and Jane (Thrower) Yarborough.* 

I. John AngHn b.* Aug. 16, 1902 at Scale, Ala. 

[Richard,' John," Richard,'" Richard,'"' William,"" Wil- 
Ham,""' WilHam,""" Samuel Dering,"""' Alvah Howard.'^ 

228. ALVAH HOWARD DEXTER b. Aug. 10, 1875 at 
Gloucester, Mass.^^ 

He m.* Nov. 13, 1895 at Gloucester, Mass., 
Ella Nora Gililand b.* Jan. 22, 1875 at Rosway, N. S. 
Dau. of George WiUiam and Mary Ellis (Gavel) Gilliland.* 
Children : 

I. Howard Carlton b.* Oct. 23, 1896, d.* Mch. 22, 
II. George William b.* Aug. 5, 1898. 

III. Judson Perry b.* Aug. 10, 1900. 

IV. Cora Geneva b.* Jan. 24, 1903, d.* Aug. 23, 1903. 


Abbot, Lucy, 158. 
Abbot, Matilda, 1T4. 
Abbot, Matilda Campbell, 174. 
Abbot, Samuel Leonard, 174. 
Abbott, Anna Monroe, 159. 
Abbott, Benjamin, 182. 
Abbott, Caroline, 217. 
Abbott, Catharine, 158. 
Abbott, Elizabeth, 182. 
Abbott, Elizabeth Rowell, 158. 
Abbott, Emily Augusta, 145. 
Abbott, Emma Southwick, 158. 
Abbott John Cameron, 159. 
Abbott, John Fletcher, 159. 
Abbott, John William, 158. 
Abbott, John William Pitt, 158. 
Abbott, Josiah Gardner, 217. 
Abbott, Lucy, 50, 158. 
Abbott, Maria Elizabeth, 217. 
Abbott, Rebecca S., 182. 
Abbott, Samuel Appleton 

Browne, 217. 
Abercrombie, Belle, 211. 
Abercrombie, Maggie, 185. 
Adams, Mr., 41. 
Adams, Abigail, 62. 
Adams, Edmorica Mason, 140. 
Adams, Elizabeth Lloyd, 139. 
Adams, Frederick Chollet, 139. 
Adams, Frederick Phelps, 139. 
Adams, Howard, 62. 
Adams, James Dexter, 139. 
Adams, John, 139. 
Adams, John (President), 87, 

107, 123, 192. 
Adams, Josiah, 62, 129. 
Adams, Josiah Howard, 62. 
Adams, Laura, 139. 
Adams, La^^Tence Stowell, 139. 
Adams, Lois Anne, 171. 
Adams, Margaret Jane, 139. 
Adams, Margaret Riche, 139. 
Adams, Mary, 129. 

Adams, Mary Catherine, 62. 
Adams, Mary Dexter, 139. 
Adams, Mary Judson, 171. 
Adams, Moses, 82. 
Adams, Nellie Judson, 171. 
Adams, Samuel Wilson, 171. 
Adams, Sophia, 129. 
Adams, William Reynolds, 140. 
Agniel, Zelpha Eva, 169. 
Ahrens, Elizabeth, 218. 
Ahrens, Peter, 218. 
Ahrens, Susan, 218. 
Alden, Edith Frances, 113. 
Alden, Julia Elizabeth, 113. 
Alden, Walter Binham, 113. 
Aldrich, Ada, 205. 
Aldrich, George G., 205. 
Aldrich, Jashub Wing, 234. 
Aldrich, Martha Elizabeth, 234. 
Aldrich, Mary E., 205. 
Aldrich, Mary Virginia, 234. 
Alexander, Caleb, 130. 
Alexander, Lucy Isabel, 201. 
Alexander, Mary Ann, 201. 
Alexander, Mary Estelle, 201. 
Alexander, Mary Etta, 201. 
Alexander, William, 201. 
Alexander, William Isaac, 201. 
Allen, Elizabeth, 191. 
Alien, Joseph, 156. 
Allen, Julia, 113. 
Allen, Judith, 156. 
Allen, Rachel, 105. 
Allen, Thomas, 31. 
Allen, Winifred, 31. 
Almy, William, 94. 
Alton, Annie Eliza, 155. 
Alton, Jane Ann, 155. 
Alton, William Simmons, 155. 
Ames, Azel, 102. 
Amorv, Annie Linzee, 179. 
Araory, Charles, 178, 179, 197. 
Amory, Elizabeth, 73. 



Amory, Elizabeth Ann, 110, 

Amory, Hannah Louisa, 110, 

Amory, Hannah Rowe, 110, 115, 

Amory, Martha Babcock, 179, 

Amory, Mary Linzee, 115. 
Amory, Mary Louise, 178. 
Amory, Rebecca, 73. 
Amory, Susan Gushing, 179. 
Amory, Susan Greene, 197. 
Amory, Thomas, 73. 
Amory, Thomas Coffin, 110, 115. 
And^son, Anne EHzabeth, 185. 
AndOTSon, Maggie, 185. 
Anderson, Mary Ballard, 121. 
Anderson, Thomas Mulady, 185. 
Andrews, Anne, 109. 
Andrews, Daniel Francis, 205. 
Andrews, Edgar Thurston, 205. 
Andrews, Ella, 205. 
Andrews, Fidelia Hall, 235. 
Andrews, Guy Francis, 205. 
Andrews, Herbert Francis, 205. 
Andrews, Lilla Shepheard, 235. 
Andrews, Lorin, 235. 
Andrews, Lucinda, 142, 205. 
Andrews, Sewall Du Bois, 235. 
Angell, Almira, 120. 
Appleton, Harriet Henrietta 

Cutler, 197. 
Appleton, Mary Ann, 197. 
Appleton, William, 197. 
Appleton, William & Co., 198. 
Ap thorp, Sarah, 122. 
Apthorp, Sarah Wentworth, 

Armington, Ann, 184. 
Armington, Nancy, 184. 
Armington, Willard, 184. 
Armstrong, Alice Isabell, 203. 
Armstrong, John, 203. 
Armstrong, INIartha Isabella, 

Arnold, H. N., 98. 
Atkinson, Fred. W., 181. 
Atkinson, Winnefred Gage, 181. 
Atwood, Alvah Arey, 208. 
Atwood, Arey Livermore, 208. ' 

Atwood, Josephine Phillips, 215. 
Atwood, Mabel Augusta, 207. 
Atwood, Otis Warren, 215. 
Atwood, Ruth Arey, 208. 
Atwood, WiUiam Hutton, 208. 
Audebert, Abigail, 107. 
Austin, Alice, 142. 
Austin, Alice Jane, 203. 
Austin, Charlotte, 135. 
Austin, Horace, 203. 
Austin, Margaret, 135. 
Austin, William, 135. 
Averill, Ezekiel, 156. 
Averill, James, 156. 
Averill, James C, 156. 
Averill, Mary, 156. 
Averill, Mary Ann, 156. 
Aycock, Alma, 150. 
Aycock, Bettie, 150. 
Aycock, Dola, 210. 
Aycock, Onisnus Penalton, 150. 
Ayer, Betsey Stevens, 199. 
Ayer, Elizabeth, 72. 


Babbidge, Courtnay, 143. 
Babbidge, Mary, 143. 
Bacheller, Roxana, 159. 
Bacon, Abigail Gibbon, 95. 
Bacon, Adonijah, 206. 
Bacon, Anna Maria, 95. 
Bacon, Caroline Greenwood, 95. 
Bacon, Horace, 95. 
Bacon, Julia, 95. 
Bacon, Lucy Ann, 206. 
Bacon, Lucy Jane, 95. 
Bacon, Mary, 206. 
Bacon, Mary Elizabeth, 95. 
Bacon, Polly, 95. 
Bacon, Sarah, 181. 
Bacon, Silas, 95. 
Bacon, Silas Dexter, 95. 
Badger, John P., 165. 
Badger, Joseph, 121. 
Badger, Mary, 172. 
Baghott, Catherine, 175. 
Baghott, Hannah, 175. 
Baghott, Samuel Paul, 175. 
Bailey, Caroline Lawrence, 169. 
Bailey, Deborah, 129. 
Baily, Emeline Dering, 156. 
Baily, George Simmons, 156. 



Baker, Daniel, 53. 
Baker, Edwin H., 67. 
Baker, Elizabeth, 53. 
Baker, May Wellington, 67. 
Balch, Abigail, 107. 
Balch, Elizabeth, 107,161. 
Balch, Joseph, 107. 
Baldwin, Caroline Eliza, 145. 
Baldwin, Carrie Jane, 145. 
Baldwin, Frank Dexter, 145. 
Bald\\in, Jerusha, 101. 
Baldwin, Jonathan, iTJl. 
Baldwin, Joseph, 145. 
Baldwin, Joseph A., 145. 
Baldwin, Marjorie Elizabeth, 

Baldwin, Martha Dexter, 145. 
Baldwin, Martha Josephine, 145. 
Baldwin, Mary, 101. 
Baldwin, Mary Caroline, 145. 
Baldwin, Mary Elizabeth, 145. 
Baldwin, Samuel, 145. 
Bakhvin, Samuel Dexter, 145. 
Baldwin, Thomas, 107. 
Ball, Anna, 48. 
Ball, Elsie Thorndike, 176. 
Ball, Henry B., 176. 
Ball, John,' 48. 
Bannister, Abigail, 104, 105. 
Bannister, John F., 105. 
Bannister, John Fulton, 104. 
Barber, George A., 206. 
Barber, Lucy Ann, 206. 
Barlow, Edmund, 22. 
Barlow, Elizabeth, 22. 
Barlow, Mary, 22. 
Barlow, Thomas, 22. 
Barnard, Catharine, 36, 40, 41, 

Barnard, Edward, 71. 
Barnard, Samuel, 36, 39, 42. 
Barney, George Leonard, 183. 
Barney, Mahala Weeden, 183. 
Barr, Ada, 148. 
Barr, Bertha Erleen, 211. 
Barr, Bertha Magdaline, 211. 
Barr, Catharine, 147. 
Barr, Elizabeth Holady, 147, 

Barr, Ellen Adams, 151. 
Barr, Jacob, 147. 

Barr, Jacob M., 211. 

Barr, Jacob McCloud, 148. 

Barr, Josiah Greer, 211. 

Barr, Mary Elizabeth, 151. 

Barr, Nancy, 148. 

Barr, Nancy L., 211. 

Barr, William Lewis, 151. 

Barrell, Catherine Maria, 85. 

Barrell, Joseph, 85. 

Barrell, Samuel Brown, 85. 

Barrett, Elizabeth, 23. 

Barrett, John & Sons, 54. 

Barrett, Samuel, 54. 

Barrett, Stephen, 23. 

Bartlett & Dexter, 170. 

Bartlett, Asa, 109. 

Bartlett, Hannah, 109. 

Bartlett, Joel, 170. 

Bartlett, Maria, 177. 

Bartlett, Martha, 109. 

Bass, Edward, 78. 

Batchelder, Sally, 180. 

Batterman, Ellen Elizabeth, 

Baxter, Mr., 38. 

Bayard, Harriet E., 140. 

Bayless, Benjamin, 195. 

Bayless, George Wood, 195. 

Bayless, Laura, 195. 

Bayless, Virginia L., 195. 

Beals, Grace Howard, 176. 

Beals, John Whitney, 176. 

Beals, Virginia, 176. 

Beaman, Sally, 179. 

Beane, James, 159. 

Beane, Margaret Ann, 159. 

Beane, Mary, 159. 

Beanes, Eliza, 173. 

Bearse, Caroline Smith, 208. 

Becket, Caroline Smith, 208. 

Becket, Eleanor Bearse, 208. 

Becket, Joseph Lambert Town- 
send, 208. 

Bee, Albert Wilson, m. 

Bee, Sophronia Louisa, 62. 

Beemer, Isaac P., 214. 

Beemer, Josephine Estelle, 214. 

Beemer, Ruth Clark, 214. 

Bellamy, Ann Maria, 235. 

Bellamy, Dexter, 235. 

Bellamy, Edward, 235. 



Bellamy, Florence Eliza, 235. 
Bellamy, John, 235. 
Bellamy, William, 235. 
Bellamy, Winthrop, 235. 
Bellinger, Carnot, 227. 
Bellinger, EUen Carnot, 227. 
Bellinger, Sarah, 227. 
Berbank, Charles, 232. 
Berbank, Matilla, 232. 
Berbank, Sarah, 232. 
Bernard, Ann, 158. 
Berry, Zillah, 211. 
Bettenson, Maria Hunter, 229. 
Bigelow, Annie Lenthall, 113. 
Bigelow, Arthur George, 114. 
Bigelow, Cleveland, 114. 
Bigelow, Henry Bryant, 114. 
Bigelow, Horatio, 113. 
Bigelow, Joseph Smith, 113, 114. 
Bigelow, Mary Cleveland, 113, 

Bigelow, Stephen Sohier, 114. 
Bigelow, Timothy, 93. 
Bingham, Alice, 196. 
Bingham, Charlotte, 196. 
Bingham, Dewey, 196. 
Bingham, Laura Sophronia, 196. 
Bingham, Millicent Bond, 196. 
Bingham, Sophronia, 196. 
Bingham, Stephen, 196. 
Bingham, Stephen Dewey, 196. 
Bingham, Wirt, 196. 
Bird, Caroline, 64. 
Bishop, Abraham, 78, 79, 81. 
Bishop, Hannah, 186. 
Bishop, Nancy, 78, 79, 80, 81. 
Bithell, Laura Bliss, 180. 
Bithell, Nancy Eliza, 180. 
Bithell, Thomas, 180. 
Black, Isabella, 234. 
Blagden, Dexter, 178. 
Blagden, Frances Meredith, 178. 
Blagden, George, 178. 
Blagden, George Washington, 

Blagden, Linzee, 178. 
Blagden, Miriam, 178. 
Blaisdel, Elizabeth, 144. 
Blake, Abbie Frances, 216. 
Blake, Alice, 216. 
Blake, Amelia, 216. 

Blake, Caleb, 77. 
Blake, Carleton Ames, 216. 
Blake, Catherine Barnard, 62. 
Blake, Clinton Frederick, 216. 
Blake, Clinton Hamlin, 216. 
Blake, Edward, 115. 
Blake, Elijah, 216. 
Blake, Elizabeth Dering, 215. 
Blake, Elizabeth Dexter, 216. 
Blake, Franklin, 62. 
Blake, Frederick Dering, 217. 
Blake, Gorham, 62. 
Blake, Hamlin, 216. 
Blake, Helen Vila, 217. 
Blake, James, 62. 
Blake, James Barnard, 62. 
Blake, James Vila, 216. 
Blake, Jonathan, 63, 64. 
Blake, Lowell, 62. 
Blake, Lydia, 143. 
Blake, Lyman Dexter, 217. 
Blake, Marion Stanley, 216. 
Blake, Martha Merriam, 63. 
Blake, Mary, 63. 
Blake, Mary Clapp, 62. 
Blake, Mary Elizabeth, 217. 
Blake, Mary Gibson, 216. 
Blake, Polly, 62. 
Blake, Rachel Frazier, 216. 
Blake, Ruth Dering, 216. 
Blake, Sarah, 64, 115. 
Blake, Sarah Rebecca, 115. 
Blake, William Elijah, 217. 
Blanchard, Andrew, 67. 
Blanchard, Benjamin Tufts, 67. 
Blanchard, Charlotte, 67. 
Blanchard, Elizabeth, 68. 
Blancliard, Esther, 67. 
Blanchard, Esther Lynde, 67. 
Blanchard, Esther, 67. 
Blanchard, George, 27. 
Blanchard, Gilbert, 67. 
Blanchard, Hannah, 67. 
Blanchard, Hezekiah, 67. 
Blanchard, Mary, 67. 
Blanchard, Samuel, 67. 
Blanchard, Sarah, 67. 
Blanchard Susanna, 44, 66, 67. 
Blanchard, Susannah Dexter, 67. 
Blanchard, Winnefred, 67. 
Blood, Caroline Eliza, 145. 



Blood, George L., 145. 
Blood, Jane G., 145. 
Blust, Catherine, 223. 
Boardman, Lydia, 30. 
Boardman, Mary, 29. 
Boardman, Sarah, 29, 30, 31. 
Boardman, William, 21, 29, 30, 

Bogardus, Anne, 133. 
Bolles, Abby, 186. 
Bond, Consider, 133. 
Bond, Hannah, 133. 
Bond, MilUsent, 133, 134. 
Bonifay, Faustina, 230. 
Bonner, Caroline, 199. 
Bonner, Emma Louisa, 199. 
Bonner, John, 199. 
Bostwick, Catherine Mary, 197. 
Bowdoin, Franklin, 226. 
Bowdoin, Mary, 226. 
Bowdoin, Mary Adelaide, 226. 
Bowen, Betsey, 196. 
Bowen, Rhoda, 214. 
Bowker, Betsey, 90. 
Bowker, Charles, 90. 
Bowker, Eunice, 91. 
Boydell, John, 34. 

Boynton, , 145. 

Bradford, Anna Augusta, 202. 
Bradford, Eliza, 202. 
Bradford, George Dexter, 202. 
Bradford, Grace, 202. 
Bradford, Hannah, 84. 
Bradford, John, 54, 56, 84. 
Bradford, John H., 84. 
Bradford, Julia Emma, 85. 
Bradford, Margaret, 84. 
Bradford, Mary, 54, 5Q, 84, 85. 
Bradford, Mary Kingsland, 202. 
Bradford, Samuel Dexter, 84,85. 
Bradford, William, 203. 
Bradford, William Henry, 202. 
Bradley, Daniel, 72. 
Bradley, Elizabeth, 72. 
Bradley, Susan, 175. 
Bradstreet, Nathan, 77. 
Bradstreet; Phoebe, 76, 77. 
Bradstreet, Susan, 77. 
Bradstreet, William, 77. 
Bragdon, Martha, 109. 
Eraser, Mrs., 39. 

Bray, Abigail, 168. 
Bray, Benjamin Row, 168. 
Bray, Susan Woodwell, 168. 
Bridgham, Eliza Williams, 189. 
Brigham, Benajah, 179. 
Brigham, Sarah, 179. 
Brimmer, Andrew, 94. 
Brintnall, Deborah, 52. 
Brintnall, Esther, 52. 
Brintnall, John, 52. 
Brinton, Ann, 158. 
Brinton, Emma Dexter, 158. 
Brinton, Jacob, 158. 
Brinton, Jeremiah Bernard, 158. 
Brolly, Christy, 218. 
Brolly, May Susan, 218. 
Bronson, Amelia, 216. 
Brookins, Abigail, 168. 
Brookins, Samuel, 168. 
Brooks, Cordelia G., 176. 
Brooks, Cordelia G., 176. 
Brooks, Daniel, 82. 
Brooks, Governor, 123. 
Brooks, Jerusha, 82. 
Brooks, Susanna, 73. 
Brooks, Zachariah, 73. 
Brown, Abby Collins, 49. 
Bro^\Ti, Abigail, 50. 
Brown, Anna, 48. 
Brown, Arnold Wells, 49. 
Brown, Buckminster, 49. 
Brown, Catherine, 206. 
BrowTi, Catharine HoUings, 50. 
BrowTi, Dexter, 48, 50. 
Brown, Dexter Eliot, 50. 
BrowTi, Ebenezer, 48. 
Brown, Emma Mary, 64. 
Brown, Frances Adeline, 50. 
Brown, Francis Frederic, 64. 
Brown, George Upham, 50. 
Brown, Harriet Shaw, 209. 
Brown, J. B., 50. 
Brown, Jabez, 48, 50. 
Brown, James Warren Le 

Monte, 50. 
Brown, John^ 30, 50. 
Brown, John Ball, 48, 49. 
Brown, John Warren, 49. 
Brown, Lucy, 50. 
Brown, Lydia, 50. 
Brown, Martha, 50, 105. 



Brown, Martha Ann, 50. 
Brown, Mary, 35, 48. 
Bro\vii, Mary Dexter, 50. 
Brown, Nancy, 48, 50. 
Brown, Rebecca, 49. 
Brown, Rebecca Warren, 49. 
Brown, Sarah, 30, 50. 
Brown, Susan Mary, 50. 
Brown, Timothy D., 60. 
Brown, William, 48. 
Bruce, Hannah, 142. 
Bruce, Mary, 142. 
Bruce, William, 142. 
Bryant, Alice de Vermandois, 

Bryant, Alida Matteson, 114. 
Bryant, Charlotte, 114. 
Bryant, Edward Sohier, 114. 
Bryant, Elizabeth, 113. 
Bryant, Elizabeth Brimmer, 

Bryant, Elizabeth Sohier, 114. 
Bryant, Gladys, 114. 
Bryant, Henry, 113, 114. 
Bryant, John, 113, 114. 
Bryant, Julia Cox, 114. 
Bryant, Martha Lyman, 114. 

Bryant, Mary Cleveland, 113, 

Bryant, Owen, 114. 

Bryant, William Sohier, 114. 

Bryson, Elizabeth, 101. 

Buchannan, Elizabeth, 196. 

Buchannan, Mary, 196. 

Buchannan, Robert, 196. 

Buckhn, S. F., 97. 

Bucknam, Deborah, 23. 

Bucknam, Elizabeth, 22. 

Bucknam. Joses, 22, 23, 34, 52. 

Bucknam, Judith, 34. 

Bucknam, Phebe, 52. 

Bucknam, Samuel, 23. 

Bucknam, Sarah, 34, 52. 

Burditt, Daniel, 48. 

Burditt, Joanna, 48. 

Burditt, Joseph, 53. 

Burditt, Tabitha, 53. 

Burgess, Eliza Swift, 225. 

Burke, Margaret Emma, 216. 

Burlingame, Ada, 205. 

Burlingame, Alfred Dexter, 


Burlingame, Benjamin, 205. 
Burlingame, Clifford Aldrich, 

Burlingame, Ebenezer, 205. 
Burlingame, Fanny, 205. 
Burlingame, Fred, 205. 
Burlingame, George L., 183. 
Burlingame, Harold, 205. 
Burlingame, Helen Maria, 183. 
Burlingame, Mary Elizabeth, 

Burlingame, Sophia L., 205. 
Burlingame, Theodore, 205. 
Burnham, Catherine Lydia, 60. 
Burnham, Frederic G., 60. 
Burnham, Judith, 156. 
Burnham, Susan, 220. 
Burrage, John, 27. 
Bussey, Eliza, 118. 
Butler, Elizabeth, 194. 
Butler, Mary, 87. 
Byer, Daniel, 105. 
Byer, Mahala, 105. 

Cabot, Lydia, 116. 
Cades, Abigail, 48. 
Cades, John, 48. 
Cain, Eleanor M., 65. 
Calder, Albert Lawton, 229. 
Calder, Helen Bamford, 229. 
Calder, Martha Ann, 229. 
Calkins, Sarah, 193. 
Cameron, Alexander Abbot, 159. 
Cameron, Allan, 159. 
Cameron, Eleanor, 159. 
Cameron, Eleanor Frances, 159. 
Cameron, Julian Abbot, 159. 
Cameron, Lucy, 158. 
Cameron, Marjory, 159. 
Campbell, Ahce James, 232. 
Campbell, Alfred Hunter, 232. 
Campbell, Caroline Margaret, 

Campbell, Charlotte Morton, 

Campbell, David Levi, 231. 
Campbell, John, 229. 
Campbell, Joseph Files, 231. 
Campbell, Josephine, 231. 
Campbell, Kate, 229. 
Campbell, Laura Estdle, 232. 



Campbell Matilda, 1T4-. 
Campbell, Reagan Dexter, 232. 
Campbell, Valiiere, 232. 
Candler, Elizabeth LawTence, 93. 
Candler, Ezekiel, 231. 
Candler, Nellie, 231. 
Capen, Elizabeth, 63. 
Capen, Susannah, 62. 
Caradine, Andrew Bird, 210. 
Caradine, Catharine, 150. 
Caradine, Daisy Dean, 210. 
Caradine, Dola, 210. 
Caradine, Elizabeth Holady, 147, 

Caradine, Thomas, 147, 150. 
Carbee, Mary Frances, 155. 
Carbee, Olive, 155. 
Carbee, Thomas, 155. 
Carnes, John, 48. 
Carr, Marcilena, 230. 
Carroll, Charles, 188. 
Carter, Betsey Bowker, 138. 
Carter, Charles Augustus, 138. 
Carter, George Henry, 138. 
Carter, Josiah, 138. 
Carter, Lydia, 138. 
Carter, Sarah Dexter, 138. 
Carter, William Dexter, 138. 
Cass, Lewis, 134. 
Chandler, Andrew Martin, 212. 
Chandler, Belle, 150. 
Chandler, Benjamin Sterling, 

Chandler, Charles, 221. 
Chandler, Edna Elizabeth, 212. 
Chandler, Fannie, 212. 
Chandler, Fannie Lou, 212. 
Chandler, Gertrude May, 221. 
Chandler, Hannah Burrill, 223. 
Chandler, Rose, 221. 
Chandler, Sallie Bell, 212. 
Chandler, Sterling Albert, 212. 
Channing, Elizabeth, 113. 
Channing, Elizabeth Sohier, 113. 
Channing, F. A., 113. 
Channing, Francis Allston, 113. 
Channing, Julia, 113. 
Channing, Julia Allen, 113. 
Channing, Mary Cleveland, 

Channing, William, 113. 

Chopin, E. H., 156. 

Chapman, Miss, 217. 

Chapman, Mr., 218. 

Chapman, Fanny Teretina, 218. 

Chapman, John M., 97. 

Chapman, Jonathan, 116. 

Chapman, Lucinda, 116. 

Chapman, Mary Jane, 97. 

Chapman, Susan, 116. 

Cheever, Mary, 29, 157. 

Cheever, Thomas, 29, 30. 

Cheney, Annie Louise, 171. 

Cheney, Charlotte, 170. 

Cheney, Ebenezer, 171. 

Cheney, Ebenezer, Jr., 171. 

Cheney, Ebenezer S., 171. 

Cheney, Henry R., 171. 

Cheney, James Wilson, 171. 

Cheney, Jane, 171. 

Cheney, Mary, 171. 

Chenev, Mary Judson, 171, 

Cheney, Mary Olive, 171. 

Cheney, Nancy, 170. 

Cheney, Nellie May, 171. 

Cheney, Sarah Jeanie, 171. 

Cheney, Sarah R., 171. 

Childs, Emeline Fames, 229. 

Choate, Caroline Dean, 157. 

Choate, Joseph, 157. 
Choate, Rufus, 198. 
Choate, Sarah, 157. 

Christian, Elizabeth Loring, 

Christ)^ Elizabeth, 103. 
Christ}', Phebe, 71, 103. 
Christy, Rebecca, 103. 
Christy, Rebecca Dexter, 103. 
Christy, Roland, 103. 
Christy, Thomas, 103. 
Clafflin, Lois, 207. 
Clapp, Abby Caroline, 64. 
Clapp, Abigail, 62. 
Clapp, Abigail Glover, 62. 
Clapp, Abigail H., 64. 
Clapp, Alexander, 63. 
Clapp, Alfred, Q5. 
Clapp, Caroline, 64. 
Clapp, Caroline A., 64. 
Clapp, Catherine, 37, 64, Q5. 
Clapp, Catherine Barnard, 62. 
Clapp, Channing, 111. 



Clapp, Charlotte, 63. 
^ Clapp, Charlotte Eliza Chap- 
man, Q5. 

Clapp, Ebenezer, 62. 

Clapp, Edward Blake, 63. 

Clapp, Eleanor M., Qo. 

Clapp Elisha, 62, Q5. 

Clapp, Elizabeth, 63. 

Clapp, Elizabeth H., 63. 

Clapp, Elizabeth Humphreys, 

Clapp, Emma Mary, 64. 

Clapp, Ernest Alfred, Q5. 

Clapp, Eugene Davis, 65. 

Clapp, Eunice Emily, 64. 

Clapp, Frederic, 63. 

Clapp, Frederic Augustus, 63. 

Clapp, Frederic William, 63. 

Clapp, James, 63. 

Clapp, James Blake, Q5. 

Clapp, James Humphreys, 63. 

Clapp, Jason, 62. 

Clapp, John Dexter, 64. 

Clapp, Joshua, 111. 

Clapp, Julia Elizabeth, 63. 

Clapp, Lemuel, 62, 63. 

Clapp, Lemuel Dexter, 64. 

Clapp, Louisa M., 62. 

Clapp, Lucia, 111. 
: Clapp, Martha, &5. 

Clapp, Martha Merriam, 63. 

Clapp, Mary, 62, 63, 64, Q5. 

Clapp, Mary Emeline, 64. 

Clapp, Mary H., 63. 

Clapp, Mary Louisa, 63. 

Clapp, Polly, 62. 
; Clapp, Rebecca, 37, 54, 61, 62, 
\ 65. 

Clapp, Rebecca Dexter, 63. 

Clapp, Richard, 62, 63, 64. 

Clapp, Richard Dexter, 65. 

Clapp, Samuel, 62. 

Clapp, Sarah Austin, 63. 
: Clapp, Sarah Blake, 64, 65. 

Clapp, Sophronia Louisa, 62. 
f Clapp, Stephen, 63, 65. 

Clapp, Susan Prescott, 111. 

Clapp, Susannah, 62. 

Clapp, Thaddeus, 63. 

Clapp, William, 63. 

Clapp, William Channing, 63. 

Claps, Mrs., 41. 

C.ark, Mrs., 81. 

Clark, Abiaail, 168. 

Clark, J., 173. 

Clarke, Alice de Vermiandois, 

Clarke, Anna, 112. 
Clarke, Anna Huidekoper, 113. 
Clarke, Eliot Channing, 112. 
Clarke, Elizabeth Lowell, 113. 
Clarke, James Freeman, 112, 

Clarke, Susan Lowell, 113. 
Cleveland, Charles, 70. 
Cleveland, Charles Dexter, 70. 
Cleveland, George Hodges, 70. 
Cleveland, George P., 70. 
Cleveland John Treadwell, 70. 
Cleveland, Mehitable, 70. 
Closson, Harriet, 224. 
Codman, John, 117. 
Coffin, Elizabeth, 73. 

Coight, , 97. 

Colburn, Abigail, 95. 
Colburn, Charles Dexter, 96. 
Colburn, Clarissa, 96. 
Colburn, Daniel Stove, 96. 
Colburn, Elisha Crehore, 96. 
Colburn, Elizabeth, 94. 
Colburn, Ella, 96. 
Colburn, Emily, 95. 
Colburn, Francis Ellis, 95. 
Colburn, George Lyman, 96. 
Colburn, Hannah, 96. 
Colburn, Henry Francis, 96. 
Colburn, Hepsebah, 95. 
Colburn, Isaac, 94, 95. 
Colburn, Izachus, 95. 
Colburn, John Dexter, 96. 
Colburn, John Lyman, 96. 
Colburn, Julia, 96. 
Colburn, Katy, 96. 
Colburn, Louisa, 95. 
Colburn, Lucy, 96. 
Colburn, Lydia Davenport, 96. 
Colburn, I>yman Richards, 96. 
Colburn, JMaria, 95.^ 
Colburn, Mary Jane, 96. 
Colburn, Matilda, 95. 
Colburn, Polly, 95. 
Colburn, Sally, 96. 



Colburn, Sarah Elizabeth, 96. 
Colby, Lewis, 172. 
Colby, Sarah Emeline, 172. 
Colby, Sarah Fuller, 172. 
Cole, Freeman, 96. 
Cole, Hepsebah E., 96. 
Cole, Noah, 96. 
Cole, Sally, 96. 
Cole, Sally Pond, 96. 
Coleman, Benjamin, 65. 
Coleman, Mary, 65. 
Collier, Wilham, 51. 
Colhns, Asa Alfred, 236. 
Collins, Caroline Frances, 236. 
Collins, Rebecca Richards, 236. 
Comstock, Calvert, 191. 
Comstock, Eliza Marsh, 191. 
Comstock, Lillian Sill, 191. 
Connell, Catherine, 144. 
Connell, Dexter Parker, 144. 
Connell, Doris Estelle, 144. 
Connell, Eliza, 120. 
Connell, James, 144. 
Connell, James W., 144. 
Connell, John Randall Moulton, 

Connell, Mary Eliza, 144. 
Connell, Winthrop Endicott, 

Conover, Susan B., 193. 
Conyngham, Marquis of, 7. 
Cook, Carrie Chase, 215. 
Cook, Samuel, 215, 
Cooke, Elisha, 28. 
Cooke, Richard, 29. 
Coombs, Margaret Ann, 159. 
Copeland, Annie Horton, 159. 
Copeland, Josephine Gannett, 

Copeland, Robert Morris, 159. 
Corliss, John, 153. 
Corliss, Nancy Saunders, 153. 
Cornell, Corneha Waitstill, 142. 
Cornell, Emmor, 142. 
Cornell, Maria Harvey, 142. 
Cotting, John, 91. 
Cox, Charles Davis, 75. 
Cox, Eleanor, 95. 
Cox, Franklin Dexter, 75. 
Cox, George Learned, 75. 
Cox, James, 75. 

Cox, James Stegreaves, 114. 

Cox, John, Jr., 95. 

Cox, Lydia Dexter, 75. 

Cox, Martha Lyman, 114. 

Cox, Mary Fullerton, 114. 

Cox, Rosalie, 140. 

Cox, Sarah Dexter, 75. 

Cox, Sarah Sargent, 75. 

Cox, William Watson Niles, 75. 

Cozzens, Alice, 186. 

Cozzens, Anne, 185. 

Cozzens, Anne Wheaton, 185. 

Cozzens, Benjamin, 129, 185, 

Cozzens, Blanche, 186. 
Cozzens, Isabelle, 186. 
Cozzens, Leonide, 186. 
Cozzens, Mary, 129. 
Cozzens, Mary Sophia, 185. 
Cozzens, Samuel Dexter, 186. 
Cram, Lemuel P., 180. 
Cram, Marcia Ann, 180. 
Craw, Edith, 195. 
Craw, Frederick Moulton, 195. 
Craw, Hannah Augusta, 195. 
Craw, Moulton, 195. 
Crawford, Mr., 31. 
Crawford, Rebecca, 31. 
Crehore, Clarissa, 96. 
Crocker, John, 48. 
Crocker, Mary, 48. 
Crockett, Andrew James, 106. 
Crockett, Charles, 106. 
Crockett, Clarinda, 106. 
Crockett, Eliza Ann, 106. 
Crockett, Elizabeth, 71, 106. 
Crockett, Emmeline, 106. 
Crockett, Ephraim, 106. 
Crockett, John, 99. 
Crockett, Lorinda, 106. 
Crockett, Martha Low, 99. 
Crockett, Mary Ann, 106. 
Crockett, William Dexter, 106. 
Cronkhite, Aaron Hale, 214. 
Cronkhite, Adda Maria, 214. 
Cronkhite, Rhoda, 214. 
Crosby, Charles Henry, 220. 
Crosby, Frederic, 220. 
Crosby, Mary Ann Callander, 

Crosby, Susan, Q2Q. 



Croscup, Ann, 98. 
Croscup, John, 98. 
Croscup Sarah Ann, 98. 
Cross, Eliza, 173. 
Cross, Elizabeth Marion, 173. 
Cross, Trueman, 173. 
Crossman, Harriet Wing, 228. 
Crovdnshield, Mary, 177. 
Cummings, Henry, 107. 
Cummings, Sarah, 157. 
Cunningham, Joanna, 51. 
Cunningham, Rachel, 51. 
Cunningham, Thomas, 51. 
Currier, Lydia, 120. 
Currier, Thomas Cass, 120. 
Curtis, Lydia, 58. 
Curtis, Samuel, 58. 
Cusacke, Michael, 7, 
Cushing, Alice Linzee, 178. 
Cushing, Harriet, 100. 
Cushing, John Gardiner, 178. 
Cushing, John Perkins, 178. 
Cushing, Mary Louisa, 178. 
Cushing, Perez, 99, 100. 
Cushing, Sarah, 99. 
Cushing, Susan Prescott, 178. 
Cutler, Edith Medora, 230. 
Cutler, Isaac Sprague, 220. 
Cutler, Martha Ann, 220. 
Cutler, Mary Ann, 197. 
Cuyler, Catherine Malay, 140. 
Cuvler, Hannah, 141. 
Cuyler, John C, 141. 
Cuyler, Marv Magdalen, 141. 
Cuyler, William T., 140. 

Dale, Frances Dering, 154. 
Dale, Francis, 154. 
Damon, Lydia, 49. 
Dana, Daniel, 77, 78. 
Dancer, Mary, 196. 
Danforth, Rebecca, 44. 
Danforth, Samuel, 74. 
Danforth, Thomas, 28, 30. 
Daniels, Marj^ 171. 
DavenDort, Caroline, 199. 
Davidson, Belle, 150, 211. 
Davidson, John, 150. 
Davidson, John W., 212. 
Davidson, Littleton Stacy, 212. 
Davidson, Lula, 911, 

Davidson, Minnie Belle, 149. 
Davidson, Mony Ella, 212. 
Davidson, Rush, 150. 
Davidson, Sallie Bell, 212. 
Davidson, Samuel Littleton, 

Davidson, Thomas, 211. 
Davies, Mary, 110. 
Davis, Abigail, 22. 
Davis, Amelia, 144. 
Davis, Anna, 195. 
Davis, Charles, 118. 
Davis, Deacon, 42. 
Davis, Eliza, 118. 
Davis, Eliza Bussey, 118. 
Davis, Emeline Dering, 104. 
Davis, Joseph Alba, 229. 
Davis, Joshua, 80. 
Davis, Lydia, 103. 
Davis, Maria Hunter, 229. 
Davis, Maria Josephine, 229. 
Dean, Rebecca Richards, 236. 
De Bar, Benedict, 214. 
De Bar, Lisette Maria, 214. 
L^e Bar, Maria, 214. 
Deblois, Stephen G., 117. 
de Chappotin, Sophie Catherine 

Virginia, 187. 
De Costa, Annie Josephine, 232. 
De Costa, Caroline, 232. 
De Costa, Caroline Louise, 233. 
De Costa, Charles Alonzo, 232. 
De Costa, Frank Anthony, 232. 
de Lotteiniere, Louise, 131. 
Denny, Lucia, 111. 
Dering, Elizabeth, 102. 
Dering, Henry,102. 
Des Marets, Camile Rosine, 222. 
DeViney, Barton G., 197. 
DeViney, Catherine Mary, 197. 
DeViney, Isabella, 197. 
DeViney, Millisent C, 197. 
De Viney, Robert Bostwick, 

Dewey, Sophronia, 196. 
De Wolf, Caroline D., 129. 
De Wolf, Caroline Dexter, 187. 
De Wolf, Caroline Martin, 187. 
De Wolf, Eliza Wells, 188. 
De Wolf, Francis Le Baron, 

187, 1S8. 



De Wolf, Francis Prescott Le 

Baron, 188. 
De Wolf, Marsfuerite, 188. 
De Wolf, Mark Antony, 187. 
De Wolf, Sophie Catherine 

Virginia, 187. 
Dexter & Almv, 94. 
Dexter & Brother, 161. 
Dexter & Tuttle, 161. 
Dexter, A. C, 143. 
Dexter, Aaron, 51, 71, 72, 73, 

Dexter, Abby, 129. 
Dexter, Abby Maria Welling- 
ton, 107, 167. 
Dexter, Abby Marsh, 143. 
Dexter, Abel Hersey, 152, 213. 
Dexter, Abigail, 35, 36, 43, 48, 

Dexter, Abigail Putnam, 119, 

Dexter, Ada, 109. 
Dexter, Adda Maria, 214. 
Dexter, Albert, 102. 
Dexter, Albert Edwin, 119. 
Dexter, Albert Thomas, 151, 

211, 212. 
Dexter, Alexander Irving, 156. 
Dexter, Alfred Archimedes, 

Dexter, Alfred Newton, 185. 
Dexter, Alice, 21, 177, 221. 
Dexter, vVlice Jane, 203. 
Dexter, Alice Louise, 220, 235. 
Dexter, Allan Latham, 224. 
Dexter, Almira, 120. 
Dexter, Almira T. Fenner, 129. 
Dexter, Almira Theodosia, 129. 
Dexter, Alvah Howard, 215, 

233, 236. 
Dexter, Alven Herman, 143, 

Dexter, Alven Shackford, 206. 
Dexter, Alven Woodbury, 208, 

Dexter, Alvin Corbin, 98, 143. 
Dexter, Alvin H., 143. 
Dexter, Amanda, 109, 150. 
Dexter, Amanda M., 109. 
Dexter, Amelia, 104, 158. 
Dexter, Atoey, 12fi. 

Dexter, Amory, 115, 174. 
Dexter, Andrew, 54, 65, 56, 82, 

83, 84, 88, 122, 130, 183, 192. 
Dexter, Andrew Alfred,122,184. 
Dexter, Andrew Apthorp, 231. 
Dexter, Andrew Gordon, 193. 
Dexter, Andrew Jackson, 184. 
Dexter, Andrew Lee, 210. 
Dexter, Angle, 150. 
Dexter, Ann, 21,23,73,119,184. 
Dexter, Ann Dering, 152. 
Dexter, Ann Maria, 143. 
Dexter, Anna Amory, 116. 
Dexter, Anna Augusta, 141, 202. 
Dexter, Anna Bess, 221. 
Dexter, Anna Louisa, 193. 
Dexter, Anna Marsters, 108. 
Dexter, Anne Murdock, 146, 

Dexter, Annie Amelia, 144. 
Dexter, Annie Eliza, 155. 
Dexter, Annie Josephine, 208, 

Dexter, Annie Laura, 151. 
Dexter, Anson, 76, 119, 120, 

121, 179. 
Dexter, Anson Brigham, 179. 
Dexter, Anson Newton, 184. 
Dexter, Arthur, 136. 
Dexter, Arthur F., 129. 
Dexter, Arthur Fenner, 129, 

Dexter, Arthur Gordon, 144. 
Dexter, Arthur Wyman, 172. 
Dexter, Augusta Amelia, 133. 
Dexter, Augustine, 133. 
Dexter, Benjamin Bussey, 118. 
Dexter, Benjamin Marsh, 160. 
Dexter, Benjamin Rush, 99. 
Dexter, Benjamin W., 109. 
Dexter, Benjamin West, 152, 

Dexter, Bertha Magdaline, 150, 

Dexter, Bessie A., 215. 
Dexter, Bessie Dee, 234. 
Dexter, Betsey, 90. 
Dexter, Betsey B., 137. 
Dexter, Bridget, 7, 21, 23, 24, 

25, 29, 44, 68. 
Dextar, Camot BeUingw, 991. 



Dexter, Caroline Augusta, 153. 
Dexter, Caroline Choate, 157, 

Dexter, Caroline Dean, 157. 
Dexter, Caroline Dexter, 231. 
Dexter, Caroline Frances, 236. 
Dexter, Caroline Mabel, 222. 
Dexter, Caroline Martin, 129, 

Dexter, Caroline Pamelia, 144. 
Dexter, Caroline Rogers, 118. 
Dexter, Caroline Smith, 108. 
Dexter, Carrie Chase, 215. 
Dexter, Carrie Eliza, 204. 
Dexter, Catharina, 36, 37, 59, 94. 
Dexter, Catharina Maria, 54, 85. 
Dexter, Catharine, 60, 150. 
Dexter, Catharine Cuyler, 141. 
Dexter, Catherine, 60, 73, 118, 

129, 175, 187. 
Dexter, Catherine Elizabeth, 

Dexter, Catherine Gordon, 86, 

Dexter, Charles, 59, 71, 97, 102, 

104, 105, 151, 152, 156, 157, 

Dexter, Charles Abbott, 151. 
Dexter, Charles Alfred, 102, 

Dexter, Charles Amory, 175. 
Dexter, Charles Augustus, 142, 

Dexter, Charles Colburn, 98, 

Dexter, Charles Edward, 115, 

156, 174, 219, 227. 
Dexter, Charles Francis, 213. 
Dexter, Charles Henry, 152, 220. 
Dexter, Charles Hildreth, 155. 
Dexter, Charles Hoyt, 219, 235. 
Dexter, Charles Joshua, 170, 223. 
Dexter, Charles Parker, 73, 115. 
Dexter, Charles W., 110. 
Dexter, Charles Warner, 110, 

Dexter, Charlie Gray, 151. 
Dexter, Charlotte, 109, 122, 134, 

143, 170, 196. 
Dexter, Charlotte Apthorp, 124. 
Dexter, Charlotte Chamberlain, 


Dexter, Charlotte Morton, 184, 

Dexter, Charlotte Sophia, 122. 
Dexter, Christiana Dunn, 233. 
Dexter, Christine Mitchell, 225. 
Dexter, Clara Hodges, 227, 236. 
Dexter, Clara Matilda, 174. 
Dexter, Clarence Monroe, 234. 
Dexter, Clarissa Tredwell, 161. 
Dexter, Cora, 214. 
Dexter, Cora Geneva, 236. 
Dexter, Cornelia Waitstill, 142. 
Dexter, Cynthia Reynolds, 141. 
Dexter, Daisy Dean, 210. 
Dexter, Daisy Elizabeth, 210. 
Dexter, Daniel Sheldon, 129. 
Dexter, David, 51, 71, 72, 108, 

Dexter, Delia Virginia, 230. 
Dexter, Dering Rea, 217. 
Dexter, Dixie May, 151. 
Dexter, Dorothy, 172. 
Dexter, Dudley Pullen, 235. 
Dexter, Duncan Dunbar, 172, 

Dexter, Earle, 212. 
Dexter, Ebenezer, 36, 39, 58, 59, 

91, 137. 
Dexter, Edith, 228. 
Dexter, Edith May, 218. 
Dexter, Edith Medora, 220. 
Dexter, Edna, 212. 
Dexter, Edna Elizabeth, 151, 

Dexter, Edward, 104, 136, 142. 
Dexter, Edward A., 115. 
Dexter, Edward Amory, 115, 

Dexter, Edward David, 170. 
Dexter, Edward Francis, 215. 
Dexter, Edward Joseph Tirrell, 

223, 236. 
Dexter, Edward McBeth, 223. 
Dexter, Edward Payne, 73. 
Dexter, Edward Robbins, 136. 
Dexter, Edward Tirrell, 108, 

Dexter, Edward Webber, 154. 
Dexter, Effie Elizabeth, 223. 
Dexter, Eleanor Bussey, 118. 
Dexter, Eliza, 105, 120, 153, 154. 



Dexter, Eliza Adeline, 204. 
Dexter, Eliza Bussey, 118. 
Dexter, Eliza E., 157. 
Dexter, Eliza ElweU, 156, 157, 

Dexter, Eliza Gibbs, 225. 
Dexter, Eliza Hunt, 91. 
Dexter, Eliza P., 83. 
Dexter, Eliza Sullivan, 177. 
Dexter, Eliza Tehuarii, 218. 
Dexter, Elizabeth, 21, 22, 53, 59, 

71, 72, 76, 78, 91, 92, 93, 94, 

102, 106, 107, 120, 152, 153, 

161, 218, 221. 
Dexter, Elizabeth Amelia, 102. 
Dexter, Elizabeth Amory, 73, 

Dexter, Elizabeth Ann, 92, 110, 

115, 138, 143. 
Dexter, Elizabeth Blake, 174, 

215, 22Q. 
Dexter, Elizabeth Bridgham, 

Dexter, Elizabeth Caroline, 148. 
Dexter, Elizabeth Chase, 224. 
Dexter, Elizabeth Colburn, 98. 
Dexter, Elizabeth D., 71. 
Dexter, Elizabeth Dering, 102, 

153, 215. 
Dexter, Elizabeth Ellen, 151. 
Dexter, Elizabeth Gertrude, 203. 
Dexter, Elizabeth Hamilton, 

Dexter, Elizabeth Holady, 147. 
Dexter, Elizabeth Jennie, 232. 
Dexter, Elizabeth Lawrence, 93. 
Dexter, Elizabeth Marion, 173. 
Dexter, Elizabeth Marsh, 108, 

Dexter, Elizabeth Wade, 121. 
Dexter, Elizabeth Vila, 155. 
Dexter, Ella, 203. 
Dexter, Ella Nora, 236. 
Dexter, Ellen Amory, 173, 226. 
Dexter, Ellen Carnot, 227. 
Dexter, Ellen Lucia, 227. 
Dexter, Ellen Orereao, 217. 
Dexter, Elmira Fenner, 189. 
Dexter, Elsie, 177. 
Dexter, Emaline Dering, 71. 
Dexter, Emeline, 102, 104. 

Dexter, Emeline Dering, 104, 

Dexter, Emily Eliza, 172. 
Dexter, Emily Linzee, 116, 177. 
Dexter, Emma, 105, 157, 203, 

214, 225. 
Dexter, Emma Francis, 212. 
Dexter, Emma J., 157. 
Dexter, Emma Jane, 147. 
Dexter, Emma Rusha, 234. 
Dexter, Ephraim, 120. 
Dexter, Estelle, 144. 
Dexter, Esther, 52, 53, 77, 78. 
Dexter, Euclid, 183. 
Dexter, Eugene Hamilton, 148. 
Dexter, F. Gordon, 197, 198. 
Dexter, Fanny Teretina, 218. 
Dexter, Fitz, 76. 
Dexter, Fletcher, 225. 
Dexter, Florence Eliza, 220, 

Dexter, Forrest Page, 208. 
Dexter, Forrest Reynolds, 209. 
Dexter, Frances Amelia, 160, 

Dexter, Frances Dering, 154. 
Dexter, Frances Meredith, 116, 

Dexter, Frank R., 203. 
Dexter, Franklin, 86, 87, 135, 

136, 155, 197, 198, 232. 
Dexter, Franklin Closson, 224. 
Dexter, Franklin Ernest, 209. 
Dexter, Franklin Gordon, 135, 

Dexter, Franklin Hurbert, 219, 

Dexter, Franklin King, 172, 224. 
Dexter, Frederic, 116, 183. 
Dexter, Frederick Samuel, 91. 
Dexter, Frederick Torrey, 144, 

Dexter, G. W., 154. 
Dexter, Genet, 7. 
Dexter, George, 92, 107, 116, 

141, 142, 160, 161, 177. 
Dexter, George A., 143. 
Dexter, George Albert, 143, 

203, 206. 
Dexter, George Augustus, 215, 




Dexter, George B., 69, 110. 
Dexter, George B. Mcl.ellan, 

Dexter, George Bailey, 156. 
Dexter, George Barber, 69, 98, 

99 105 144. 
Dexter, George Blake, 73, 109, 

1T2, 225. 
Dexter, George Edward, 116. 
Dexter, George M., 116, 117, 118, 

Dexter, George Marsh, 213. 
Dexter, George Meheura, 217. 
Dexter, George Minot, 74, 110, 

Dexter, George P., 147. 
Dexter, George Parker, 146. 
Dexter, George R., 179. 
Dexter, George Richards, 179, 

Dexter, George Roy, 102, 150. 
Dexter, George S.,* 110. 
Dexter, George Stillman, 109, 

171, 225. 
Dexter, George Ticknor, 177. 
Dexter, George Washington, 

102, 153, 154, 157, 217. 
Dexter, George William, 236. 
Dexter, Geraldine, 200. 
Dexter, Gertrude Carr, 230. 
Dexter, Gertrude May, 221. 
Dexter, Gordon, 156, 197. 
Dexter, Grace Fletcher, 225. 
Dexter, Granville Whittington, 

Dexter, Hannah, 43, 54, 86. 142. 
Dexter, Hannah Augusta, 134, 

195, 206. 
Dexter, Hannah Elizabeth, 146. 
Dexter, Hannah Louisa, 110, 

Dexter, Hannah Maria, 233. 
Dexter, Harriet, 74, 232. 
Dexter, Harriet Henrietta Cut- 
ler, 197. 
Dexter, Harriet Shaw, 209. 
Dexter, Harriet Vila, 214. 
Dexter, Harrietta Sarah, 184. 
Dexter, Harris Edward, 236. 
Dexter, H., Hamilton & Co., 


Dexter, Helen, 175. 

Dexter, Helen Maria, 154, 183, 

Dexter, Henry, 4, 105, 107, 160, 

161, 163. 
Dexter, Henry & Co., 161. 
Dexter, Henry B., 157. 
Dexter, Henry Bannister, 157, 

Dexter, Henry C, 110. 
Dexter, Henry Clay, 110, 172. 
Dexter, Henry Dering, 102, 152, 

Dexter, Henry Franklin, 172. 
Dexter, Henry Samuel, 71. 
Dexter, Henry Tiapo, 218. 
Dexter, Herbert Hildreth, 218, 

Dexter, Howard Carlton, 236. 
Dexter, Inez, 211. 
Dexter, Irene Virginia, 234. 
Dexter, Isaac Ne^vton, 130. 
Dexter, Isabella, 134, 197, 203. 
Dexter, Isabella Florence, 208. 
Dexter, J. H. & L., 94. 
Dexter, Jacob Barr, 147. 
Dexter, James, 91, 155, 218. 
Dexter, James Franklin, 234. 
Dexter, James M., 143. 
Dexter, James Monroe, 98, 142. 
Dexter, James Tanahere, 218. 
Dexter, James Vila, 152, 213. 
Dexter, James W., 155. 
Dexter, James William, 219, 

Dexter, James Williams, 103, 

Dexter, Jane, 232. 
Dexter, Jane Elizabeth, 183. 
Dexter, Janet, 224. 
Dexter, Jason Haven, 58. 
Dexter, Jennie, 208. 
Dexter, Jennie Lind, 208. 
Dexter, Jerusha, 82, 101. 
Dexter, Joanna, 43, 44, 47, 48. 
Dexter, John, 23, 24, 25, 29, 30, 

31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 40, 

41, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 53, 

54, 5Q, 58, 59, 69, 71, 78, 79, 

82, 93, 101, 104, 105, 157, 161, 




Dexter, John Allen, 156. 

Dexter, John B., 143. 

Dexter, John Bradford, 83, 97, 

141, 203. 
Dexter, John Coffin, 74, 118. 
Dexter, John Croscup, 99, 144. 
Dexter, John H., 59, 93, 94. 
Dexter, John Haven, 4, 37, 59, 

74, 93, 118. 
Dexter, John Henry Lawson, 

Dexter, John Henry Lawson 

Revere, 108. 
Dexter, John Kirby, 147, 
Dexter, John Marquand, 161. 
Dexter, John Porter, 209. 
Dexter, John Robert, 148. 
Dexter, John Thomas, 210. 
Dexter, John Word, 101, 150. 
Dexter, Jonathan Marsh, 72, 

107, 161. 
Dexter, Jonathan Webster, 119. 
Dexter, Josephine, 194. 
Dexter, Josephine Babbidge, 

143, 207. 
Dexter, Josephine Estelle, 214. 
Dexter, Josephine Phillips, 215. 
Dexter, Joshua Lufkin, 108, 

Dexter, Judith, 152, 156, 157. 
Dexter, Judith Wyer, 104, 157. 
Dexter, Judson Perrv, 236. 
Dexter, Julia, 156. 
Dexter, Julia Ann, 146. 
Dexter, Julia Elizabeth, 146, 

Dexter, Julia Gordon, 134, 195. 
Dexter, Julia Mar Sandifer, 

Dexter, Kate, 229. 
Dexter, Kate Augusta, 194. 
Dexter, Katharine Moore, 194. 
Dexter, Katherine, 87, 153. 
Dexter, Katherine G., 87. 
Dexter, Katherine Harris, 133, 

Dexter, Katie Belle, 211. 
Dexter, Lambert, 59, 93. 
Dexter, Laura, 130, 193. 
Dexter, Laura Harrietta, 184. 
Dexter, Laura Letitia, 156. 

Dexter, Lawrence Gay, 101. 
Dexter, Lee Roy, 148, 210. 
Dexter, Leonard Hildreth, 234. 
Dexter, Leonidas Gay, 150. 
Dexter, Lewis Colby, 172. 
Dexter, Lillian, 218, 221. 
Dexter, Lillian Amanda, 150, 

Dexter, Lillian Annie, 218. 
Dexter, Lisette Marguerite, 214. 
Dexter, Lisette Maria, 214. 
Dexter, Lizzie Mcintosh, 233. 
Dexter, Lloyd Alpheus, 234. 
Dexter, Lois, 77, 107. 
Dexter, Loiza, 71. 
Dexter, Lord, 81. 
Dexter, Lorinda Ellen, 203. 
Dexter, Lorinda West, 142. 
Dexter, Louisa, 77, 104, 107. 
Dexter, Louise Langley, 229. 
Dexter, Lucia Chafee, 224. 
Dexter, Lucinda, 141, 205. 
Dexter, Lucretia, 120. 
Dexter, Lucretia Barker, 120. 
Dexter, Lucretia Hatch, 69, 100. 
Dexter, Lucretia Marquand, 160. 
Dexter, Lucy, 184. 
Dexter, Lucy Ann, 179, 206. 
Dexter, Lucy Ella, 209. 
Dexter, Lucy Hamilton, 151. 
Dexter, Lula, 211. 
Dexter, Luther, 214. 
Dexter, Luther Hamilton, 154. 
Dexter, Lvdia, 34, 35, 51, 58, 71, 

72, 75, 91, 103, 120, 137, 138. 
Dexter, Lydia Ann, 143, 206. 
Dexter, Lydia Goodhue, 121. 
Dexter, Mabel Marstes, 207. 
Dexter, MacDougald, 175. 
Dexter, Mas;gie, 185. 
Dexter, I^,Iahala, 105, 183. 
Dexter, Mahala L., 105. 
Dexter, Mahala Weeden, 183. 
Dexter, Marantha Georgiana, 

Dexter, Margaret, 7, 135, 144, 

215, 224, 235. 
Dexter, Margaret Anna, 171. 
Dexter, Margaret Boyd, 108. 
Dexter, Margaret Jane, 109. 
Dexter, Maria, 120. 



Dexter, Maria Elizabeth, 217. 
Dexter, Maria Grafton, 217. 
Dexter, Marie, 193. 
Dexter, Marion Russ, 209. 
Dexter, Marshall, 134. 
Dexter, Martha, 69, 82, 109, 

Dexter, Martha Ann, 99. 
Dexter, Martha Elizabeth, 101, 

Dexter, Martha Harriett a, 184. 
Dexter, Martha Hatch, 101. 
Dexter, Martha Isabella, 203. 
Dexter, Martha Lucretia, 145. 
Dexter, Martha Mary, 230. 
Dexter, Martha P., 147. 
Dexter, Martha Page, 146. 
Dexter, Mary, 35, 3^6, 48, 54, 59, 

Q6, 72, 82, 84, 93, 97, 109, 110, 

121, 133, 141, 143, 183, 193, 

222, 224. 
Dexter, Mary Adelaide, 226. 
Dexter, Mary Amelia, 108. 
Dexter, Mary Ann, 71, 74, 104, 

156, 183. 
Dexter, Mary Ann Callender, 

Dexter, Mary Ann Choate, 157. 
Dexter, Mary Ann Ruth, 179. 
Dexter, Mary Augusta, 99, 143, 

Dexter, Mary Badger, 172. 
Dexter, Mary Ballard, 121. 
Dexter, Mary BoAvdoin, 226. 
Dexter, Mary Caroline, 148. 
Dexter, Mary Eliza, 144, 154, 

219, 234. 
Dexter, Marv Elizabeth, 101, 

107, 142, i45, 151, 160, 203, 

Dexter, Mary Ella, 110. 
Dexter, Marv F., 155. 
Dexter, Marv Finch, 235. 
Dexter, Mary Fisk, 121. 
Dexter, Mary Fitzhugh, 178. 
Dexter, Mary Frances, 130, 155, 

190, 223. 
Dexter, Mary Georgianna, 160. 
Dexter, Mary Janette, 224. 
Dexter, Mary Linzee, 115, 173. 
Dexter, Mary Lois, 170, 224. 

Dexter, Mary Lrouisa (Louise), 

116, 178. 
Dexter, Mary Lucretia, 101, 149. 
Dexter, Mary Magdalen, 141. 
Dexter, Mary R., 87. 
Dexter, Mary Remington King, 

Dexter, Marv Russell, 87. 
Dexter, Mary Sophia, 129, 185. 
Dexter, Mary Stickney, 109. 
Dexter, Mary Venetia, 184,230. 
Dexter, Mary Ward, 59. 
Dexter, May Susan, 218. 
Dexter, Matilda, 174, 227. 
Dexter, Matilda Campbell, 174. 
Dexter, JSIatilla, 232. 
Dexter, Mattie Howard, 233. 
Dexter, Mattie Lenora, 151. 
Dexter, Maud, 174, 227. 
Dexter, Maud Elizabeth, 234. 
Dexter, Mehitable, 47, 69, 72, 

77, 78. 
Dexter, Millisent, 133. 
Dexter, Mony Ella, 151, 212. 
Dexter, Myra, 214. 
Dexter, Nancy, 77, 78, 137. 
Dexter, Nancy Randall, 109, 170. 
Dexter, Nancy Richerson, 151. 
Dexter, Nancy Saunders, 153. 
Dexter, Nancy Springer, 119, 

Dexter, Naomi, 212. 
Dexter, Nathan, 35, 36, 52, 53, 

76, 77, 78, 79, 106, 107. 
Dexter, O. P., 163, 164. 
Dexter, Ollie Gay, 151. 
Dexter, Orrando Perrv, 4, 160, 

Dexter, Orville Berbank, 232. 
Dexter, Pamela Gillmore, 233. 
Dexter, Pamela Hildreth, 234. 
Dexter, Parker Richard, 236. 
Dexter, Parkman Blake, 175, 
Dexter, Paul, 52, 75, 76, 120, 

Dexter, Pauline Wyman, 225. 
Dexter, Peter, 71, 77, 106, 107, 

Dexter, Phebe (Phoebe), 48, 70, 

76, 78, 103, 106, 107. 
Dexter, Phila, 141, 204. 



Dexter, Philip, 177, 228. 

Dexter, Philip A., 157. 

Dexter, Philip Augustus, 157, 
221 222. 

Dexte'r, Rachel, 51, 150. 

Dexter, Rachel Amanda, 184. 

Dexter, Raphael, 183, 230. 

Dexter, Raphael Jencks, 230. 

Dexter, Rebecca, 36, 44, 51, 61, 
71, 72, 73, 105, 108, 211. 

Dexter, Rebecca Ellen, 101, 148. 

Dexter, Rebecca Endicott, 155. 

Dexter, Rebecca Lucretia, 99. 

Dexter, Rebecca P., 69. 

Dexter, Rebecca Parker, 69, 146. 

Dexter, Richard, 4, 7, 8, 21, 23, 
24, ^5, 2Q, 27, 28, 29, 30, 32, 
33, 34, 35, 36, 44, 46, 47, 51, 
68, 69, 71, 72, 98, 100, 101, 
102, 103, 104, 107, 120, 141, 
142, 146, 147, 151, 155, 161, 
168, 172, 202. 

Dexter, Richard Franklin, 146. 

Dexter, Richard Mears, 97. 

Dexter, Richard Patten, 174, 

Dexter, Richard Weeden, 120, 

Dexter, Richard Wichard, 168, 

Dexter, Robert Choate, 221. 

Dexter, Robert Lee, 209. 

Dexter, Rose Linzee, 177. 

Dexter, Roxanna Warren, 137. 

Dexter, Roy, 150, 211. 

Dexter, Roy Word, 151. 

Dexter, Rusha Weeks, 219. 

Dexter, Ruth, 35, 36, 119, 172, 

Dexter, Ruth Edna, 209. 

Dexter, S. Newton, 129, 130, 192. 

Dexter, S. W., 135. 

Dexter, Sally, 71. 

Dexter, Samuel, 25, 31, 32, 33, 
36, 37, 38, 39, 42, 44, 51, 53, 
54, 6Q, 58, 59, 69, 76, 77, 83, 
84, 86, 87, 88, 89, 91, 93, 99, 
101, 102, 119, 120, 122, 123, 
128, 129, 130, 131, 136, 147, 
148, 153, 183, 184, 189, 192, 
194, 197, 231. 

Dexter, Mrs. Samuel, 92. 
Dexter, Samuel Dering, 152, 

153, 215, 217. 
Dexter, Samuel Franklin, 101. 
Dexter, Samuel G., 146. 
Dexter, Samuel George, 101, 146. 
Dexter, Samuel L., 77. 
Dexter, Samuel Lawrence, 148, 

Dexter, Samuel Lofton, 211. 
Dexter, Samuel Lord, 77, 78, 79, 

Dexter, Samuel Lowder, 118. 
Dexter, Samuel Parker, 174. 
Dexter, Samuel Parkman, 115, 

Dexter, Samuel Prevost, 133. 
Dexter, Samuel Russ, 144, 209. 
Dexter, Samuel W., 87. 
Dexter, Samuel Webster, 119. 
Dexter, Samuel William, 86, 87, 

133, 134. 
Dexter, Sarah, 21, 23, 25, 29, 30, 

34, 35, 36, 44, 51, 52, 53, 69, 

76, 77, 91, 97, 98, 99, 103, 104, 

106, 120, 121, 137, 138, 142, 

151, 179, 198. 
Dexter, Sarah Ann, 98, 120. 
Dexter, Sarah Blake, 115, 175. 
Dexter, Sarah E., 143, 215. 
Dexter, Sarah Elizabeth, 106,107, 

121, 143, 152, 154, 156, 157, 

160, 206, 213, 221, 222. 
Dexter, Sarah Ellen, 173. 
Dexter, Sarah Emeline, 172. 
Dexter, Sarah Emery, 155, 219. 
Dexter, Sarah Fenner, 189. 
Dexter, Sarah Hodges, 213. 
Dexter, Sarah Jane, 170. 
Dexter, Sarah Lancaster, 179, 

Dexter, Sarah Rebecca, 115. 
Dexter, Sarah Rogers, 177. 
Dexter, Sarah Sill, 192. 
Dexter, Sarah Vincent, 173. 
Dexter, Sarah Weeden, 121, 
Dexter, Simon Newton, 83, 129, 

130, 192. 
Dexter, Sophia, 129, 188, 214, 

Dexter, Sophia Harrietta, 231. 



Dexter, Stephen Croscup, 99. 

Dexter, Stuart, 136. 

Dexter, Susan, 77, 116, 133, 155, 

Dexter, Susan Florence, 209. 
Dexter, Susan Greene, 197. 
Dexter, Susan M., 155. 
Dexter, Susan McLeod, 155. 
Dexter, Susan Prescott, 116,178. 
Dexter, Susan Woodwell, 168. 
Dexter, Susanna, 35, 36, 43, GQ, 

Dexter, Sydney Alice, 148. 
Dexter, Tabitha, 52, 53. 
Dexter, Tamazine, 215. 
Dexter, Thomas A., 115. 
Dexter, Thomas Amory, 73, 114, 

Dexter, Thomas C. A., 115. 
Dexter, Thomas Coffin Amory, 

115, 173. 
Dexter, Thomas Jeiferson, 104. 
Dexter, Thomas Laurence, 147. 
Dexter, 'limothy, 31, 35, 36, 52, 

53, 76, 78, 80, 81, 119. 
Dexter, Trueman Cross, 173, 

Dexter, Tuane, 217. 
Dexter, Vida May, 234. 
Dexter, Wallace Dunbar, 172, 

Dexter, Walter B., 143. 
Dexter, Walter Brvant, 143. 
Dexter, William, 35, 36, 51, 58, 

70, 71, 90, 91, 102, 104, 105, 

148, 152, 155, 215, 218, 228. 
Dexter, William Aldrich, 234. 
Dexter, William Charles, 218. 
Dexter, William. Edgar, 221. 
Dexter, William Elwell, 157. 
Dexter, William Endicott, 178. 
Dexter, William H., 142, 233. 
Dexter, William Henry, 130, 141, 

152, 203, 214, 215. 
Dexter, William Linzee, 173. 
Dexter, William McCurdy, 170. 
Dexter, William Mansire, 119. 
Dexter, WiUiam Phelps, 160. 
Dexter, William Prescott, 135. 
Dexter, William Sohier,116,176. 
Dexter, William Sutton, 156. 

Dexter, William Thomas, 101, 

Dexter, William Wallace, 150, 

Dexter, William Wentworth, 

Dexter, Wilson Chase, 224. 
Dexter, Winnefred, 31, 32, 33, 

43, 68. 
Dexter, Wirt, 133, 194. 
Diggins, Marv Ann, 182. 
Dix, Brinley & Hall, 98. 
Dodd, Ann Maria, 235. 
Dodge, Cora Louise, 169. 
Dodge, Florence, 220. 
Dodge, Harriet Knox, 169. 
Dodge, Henry Cleves, 140. 
Dodge, Henry Percival, 140. 
Dodge, Hiram Edwin, 220. 
Dodge, Margaret Riche, 139. 
Dodge, Rodolph Lorenzo, 169. 
Dodge, Rosalie, 140. 
Dole, Hannah, 146. 
Dole, Julia Ann, 146. 
Dole, Stephen, 146. 
Donelson Catharine Isabella, 

Donelson, Dexter Park, 195. 
Donelson, Harriet, 195. 
Donelson, Ira, 194. 
Donelson, Katharine Dexter, 

Donelson, Katharine Harris, 

Donelson, Laura, 195. 
Donelson, Lorraine, 195. 
Donelson, Mary, 194. 
Donelson, Park Shattuck, 194. 
Dority, jNIargaret, 208. 
Dowse, Elizabeth, 22. 
Dowse, Jonathan, Jr., 22. 
Drake, B. W., 181. 
Drake, Bertha Jennet, 181. 
Drake, Bradford Winslow, 181. 
Drake, Emily EHza, 172. 
Drake, Martha Louisa, 181. 
Drake, Philip Jonathan, 181. 
Drake, Rachel Isabel, 181. 
Drake, Whitford, 181. 
Draper, Betsey, 200. 
Driver, Daniel, 108. 



Driver, Rebecca, 108, 
Duggem, W. B., 223. 
Dulany, Edna Chatard, 188. 
Dulany, Emilie Chatard, 188. 
Dulany, John Mason, 188. 
Dunbar, Christine, 172. 
Dunbar, Duncan, 172. 
Dunbar, Margaret Anna, 171. 
Duncan, Permelia, 180. 
Dunham, Susan, 133, 134. 
Dunn, Christiana, 233. 
Dunnells, Jonathan, 103. 
Dunnells, Lydia, 103. 
Durand, George (Durant), 26, 

27, 28. 
Durgie, Abigail, 22. 
Durgie, Andrew, 22. 
Durgin, Abby Ruth Webster, 

Durgin, Anson Dexter, 180. 
Durgin, Augusta Victoria, 180. 
Durgin, Elijah, 180. 
Durgin, John Whipple, 179. 
Durgin, Marcia Ann, 180. 
Durgin, Nancy Springer, 179. 
Durgin, Sally, 180. 
Durgin, Sarah Frances, 180. 
Dusenberry, Elizabeth, 194. 
Dusenberry, John, 194. 
Dusenberry, Kate Augusta, 194. 
Dustin, Caleb, 63. 
Dustin, Mary H., 63. 
Dwight, Daniel A., 232. 
Dwight, Elizabeth A., 206. 
Dwight, Jane, 232. 
Dwight, Lucinda, 116. 
Dwight, JNIary, 232. 

Earnest, Mary, 150. 
Eaton, Abigail H., 64. 
Eaton, Harriet Knox, 169. 
Eddy, Ann Eliza, 183. 
Eddy, Bernard Martin, 183. 
Eddy, Emma, 203. 
Eddy, Marv, 183. 
Ede, Samuel, 129. 
Edgerlv, Alice Emerton, 183. 
Edgerly, Carrol F., 183. 
Edwards, Lucy, 209. 
Edwards, Lucy Ann, 182. 
Edwards, Mary Ballard, 121. 

Edwards, Peter, 121. 
Elder, Ella Frances, 50. 
Elder, John, 50. 
Elder, Susan Mary, 50. 
Eldred, Samuel (Eldad), 26, 

27, 28. 
Eliot, Rev. Dr., 5Q. 
Eliot, Andrew, 54. 
Eliot, Anna, 177. 
Eliot, Eliza, 181. 
Eliot, John, 103. 
Ellerv, Judith, 152. 
Elliott, Helen Maria, 201. 
Ellis, Hannah, 96. 
Ellis, Jason, 96. 
Ellis, Margaret, 96. 
Ellis, Oliver, 96. 
Ellis, Rufus, 226. 
Elwell, Eliza, 105. 
Elwell, Isaac, 105. 
Elwell, Martha, 105. 
Ely, Amelia, 160. 
Emerson, Elizabeth, 72. 
Emerson, John, 34, 35, 43, 44, 

48, 68, 69. 
Emerson, Joseph, 76. 
Emerson, Micajah, 72. 
Enderlee, Catherine, 223. 
Enderlee, Mary Frances, 223. 
Enderlee, Matthias, 233. 
Endicott, Mary, 177. 
Endicott, Rebecca, 155. 
Endicott, Sarah Rogers, 177. 
Endicott, William Putnam, 177. 
Ervin. Louisa Martha, 185. 
Everett, Abby Woodward. 96. 
Everett, Elizabeth Dexter, 96. 
Everett, Hepsebah, 95. 
Everett, Isaac Colburn, 96. 
Everett, Nathan, 95. 

Fairfax, Bradford Lindsay, 202. 
Fairfax, Grace, 202. 
Fairfax, Grace Lindsay, 202. 
Fairfax, John Walter, 202. 
Fairfax, Lindsay, 202. 
Fairfax, Mary Jane, 202. 
Fairfield, Caroline, 118. 
Fairfield, Caroline Rogers, 118. 
Fairfield, Jothan, 118. 
Farmer, Laura, 139. 



Farnsworth, Dexter Boylston, 

Farnsworth, Jacob, 100. 
Farnsworth, John, 100. 
Farnsworth, Sarah Elizabeth, 

Farnsworth, Wendell Phillips, 

Farrington, George Otis, 96. 
Farrington, Katy, 96. 
Farrington, Mary Bussey, 96. 
Farrington, Otis, 96. 
Fearing, Abby, 189. 
Fearing, Abby Martin, 189. 
Fearing, Caroline Dexter, 189, 

Fearing, Charles H., 129. 
Fearing, Charles Hunt, 189, 231. 
Fearing, Edith Modeste, 189. 
Fearing, Edward Dexter, 189. 
Fearing, Felix Samuel Dexter, 

189. " 
Fearing, Marie, 189. 
Fearing, Maria Matilda, 189. 
Fearing, Martin, 189. 
Fearing, Matilda Lucelle, 189. 
Fearing, Samuel Dexter, 189. 
Fearing, Sophia, 188, 231. 
Fearing, Sophia D., 129. 
Fearing, Sophia Marie Edna, 

Fearing, William Wood, 189. 
Fenner, Almira Theodosia, 129. 
Fenner, James, 129, 190. 
Fenner, Sarah, 129. 
Ferguson, Elizabeth Gertrude, 

Ferguson, Eunice, 203. 
Ferguson, John, 203. 
Fielding, Rebecca Lee, 160. 
Finch, Dudley Baldwin, 235. 
Finch, I]Jiza Mary, 235. 
Finch, Florence Dudley, 235. 
Finch, Lilla Shepheard, 235. 
Finch, Mary Eliza, 234. 
Finch, Sherman, 235. 
Fisher, Louisa, 95. 
Fisk, Mary, 121. 
Fletcher, Anna Monroe, 159. 
Fletcher, Helen, 159. 
Fletcher, Joseph Henry, 159. 

Fletcher, Julia, 225. 
Fletcher, Temperance, 87. 
Flint, Clara Goodenough, 191. 
Flint, Eleanor Frances, 159. 
Flint, Geraldine, 200. 
Flint, Grace Bessie, 200. 
Flint, Hazel, 200. 
Flint, Herbert Lewis, 200. 
Flint, Samuel Warren, 200. 
Floyd, Eunice, 67. 
Fosditch, Steven, 26. 
Foss, Dorothy, 204. 
Foss, Eliza Adeline, 204. 
Foss, Phineas, 204. 
Foster, Betsey, 60. 
Foster, Lucy, 153. 
Foster, Nancy Saunders, 153. 
Foster, Thomas, 153. 
Foster, Virginia, 186. 
Franklin, Emily Eliza, 172. 
Franklin, John, 172. 
Freeman, James, 131. 
Freeman, Louisa, 226. 
French, Annie Amelia, 144. 
French, Betsey^^ 144. 
French, Oran L;^Tiian, 144. 
Fressel, Mary, 108. 
Friday, Charlotte, 149. 
Frost, Hannah, 43. 
Frothingham, Rev. Dr., 173, 

Frothingham, Benjamin, 78. 
Frothingham, Elizabeth, 78. 
Frothingham, Oilman, 78. 
Frothingham, John, 78. 
Frozer, Alice, 221. 
Frozer, Edgar A., 221. 
Fuller, Hannah, 109. 

Galbraith, Sarah, 155. 
Galbraith, Susan McLeod, 155. 
Galbraith, Walter, 155. 
Galbraith, William Henry, 155. 
Gale, Annie Jordan, 230. 
Gale, Edward Brevoort, 230. 
Gale, Emiscah Wentworth, 230. 
Gale, Faustina, 230. 
Gale, Thomas Brunot, 230. 
Gale, Venetia Harrietta, 230. 
Gallaudet, Thomas, 239. 
Gardiner, Frances Eliza, 140. 



Gardiner, Mary Louisa, 178. 
Gardner, Ethel, 175. 
Gardner, Harrison, 175. 
Gardner, Laura, 175. 
Gates, David, 97. 
Gates, Eliza Jeanette, 216. 
Gates, Pollv, 198. 
Gates, Sarah, 97. 
Gavel, Mary Ellis, 236. 
Gay, Agnes, 87. 
Gaylord, Lucretia, QQ. 
Germaine, Mary, 54. 
Gerrish, Alpheus Shaw, 234. 
Gerrish, Irene Virginia, 234. 
Gerrish, Isabella, 234. 
Gibbs, Eliza Swift, 225. 
Gibbs, Emma, 225. 
Gibbs, Nathan Bourne, 225. 
Giddings, Sarah, 104. 
Giles, John, 77, 78. 
Gilliland, Ella Nora, 236. 
Gilliland, George William, 236. 
Gilliland, Mary Ellis, 236. 
Gillis, Isabella, 215. 
Gillis, Hugh, 215. 
Gillis, Margaret, 215. 
Gillmore, Rebecca Hastings, 

Gilman, Abigail, 78. 
Gilmore, James A., 155. 
Gilmore, Susan, 155. 
Godman, Anna, 195. 
Godman, Hannah Augusta, 195. 
Godman, Inez Augusta, 195. 
Godman, James Harper, 195. 
Godman, William Davis, 195. 
Goffe, Lydia, 23. 
Gold, Anna Louisa, 192. 
Gold, Martha, 130. 
Gold, Martha Raymond, 131. 
Gold, Sarah Sill, 192. 
Gold, Theodore Sedgwick, 192. 
Gold, Thomas Ruggles, 130. 
Goldsborough, Elizabeth Lloyd, 

Goldsborough, Elizabeth Nixon, 

Goldsborough, William Tilgh- 

man, 139. 
Gooch, James, 103. 
Gooch, Sarah, 103. 

Goodale, Mary, 59. 
Goode, Bettie, 150. 
Goodhue, Dorothy, 70. 
Gordon, Alex, 150. 
Gordon, Catherine, 86. 
Gordon, Edith May, 218. 
Gordon, Maria, 120. 
Gordon, Martha, 150. 
Gordon, Rachel, 150. 
Gordon, Sarah Ann, 120. 
Gordon, Temperance, 86. 
Gordon, William, 86, 120, 218. 
Gorham, Charlotte, 61. 
Gorham, James, 61. 
Goss, Ad die May, 201. 
Goss, Adelia Ellen, 201. 
Goss, Bertha Frances, 201. 
Goss, Clarence William, 201. 
Goss, Daniel, 198. 
Goss, Daniel Walter, 201. 
Goss, Flora Bell, 201. 
Goss, Gertrude Eliza, 201. 
Goss, Henry, 198. 
Goss, Henry Lanton, 199. 
Goss, Henry Walter, 201. 
Goss, John Henry, 200. 
Goss, Lizzie West, 201. 
Goss, Louisa De Ette, 199. 
Goss, Lucy Matilda, 200. 
Goss, Lydia Elizabeth, 199. 
Goss, Maria Josephine, 200. 
Goss, Polly, 198. 
Goss, Sally, 137. 
Goss, Sarah, 198. 
Goss, Sarah Ann, 198, 
Goss, Sarah Perry, 199. 
Goss, Susan Polly, 199. 
Goss, William Dexter, 199. 
Gould, Charles, 140. 
Gould, Janet, 140. 
Gould, Janet Gray, 140. 
Gragg, Elizabeth, 61. 
Gragg, Oliver, 61. 
Graham, James, 230, 
Graham, Marcilena, 230, 
Graham, Martha Mary, 23G. 
Grannis, White & Co., 161. 
Grant, Temperance, 86. 
Gray, Ann H., 105. 
Gray, George H., 105. 
Gray, George Harrison, 106. 



Gray, Georgiana Elizabeth, 106. 

Gray, Harrison, 106. 

Gray, Janet, 140. 

Gray, John, 106. 

Gray, Thomas, 106. 

Gray, WiUiam Henry, 106. 

Greeley, Ella Ardella, 204. 

Greeley, James C, 204. 

Greeley, Lewis J., 204. 

Greeley, Louisa, 204. 

Green, A., 75, 100, 103, 105, 106. 

Green, Hannah, 35, 48. 

Green, Joanna, 47. 

Green, Joseph, 35, 48. 

Green, I\lehitable, 75. 

Green, Phoebe, 77. 

Green, Ruth, 35. 

Greene, Martha Babcock, 179, 

Greenfield, Margaret, 214. 

Greenland, John, 21. 

Greenleaf, Enoch, 65. 

Greenwood, Curtis, 64. 

Greenwood, Sarah Elizabeth, 

Gregory, Anna, 222. 
Gregory, Edna Phelps, 222. 
Gregory, Frances Amelia, 222. 
Gregory, Franklin Underwood, 

Gregory, George Dexter, 222. 
Gregory, George Foster, 222. 
Gregory, Solomon, 222. 
Grew, Edward Wigglesworth, 

Grew, Henry Sturgis, 225. 
Grew, Jane Morton, 225. 
Grew, Ruth, 225. 
Grew, Ruth Dexter, 225. 
Griffin, John, 22. 
Griffin, Mary, 22. 
Griffin, Tamazine, 215. 
Griggs, Emeline, 224. 
Griggs, Sarah Fuller, 172. 
Gross, Catharina, 37. 
Gross, William, 37. 
Grover, Abigail, 76. 
Grover, John, 76. 
Grover, Phebe, 106, 107. 
Grover, Phoebe, 76, 78. 
Gunby, Rachel, 226. 

Hacy, Sarah, 35. 

Hadley, Sarah, 76. 

Hartley, Thomas, 76. 

Haight, Gen., 89. 

Hails, Sarah, 227. 

Hale, Calvin, 138. 

Hale, Charles Bowker, 13? 

Hale, Emily, 138. 

Hale, Maria Louisa, 138. 

Hale, Sarah, 138, 

Hall, Dudley Cotton, 176. 

Hall, Emily, 177. 

Hall, Emily Dexter, 177. 

Hall, EmJly Linzee, 177. 

Hall, Grace Mary, 176. 

Hall, Harriet Winslow, 176. 

Hall, Joseph, 177. 

Hail, Maria, 177. 

Hall, Maria Bartlett, 177. 

Hall, Nathaniel, 173. 

Hall, Niey, 148. 

Hall, Thomas Bartlett, 177. 

Flallett, Mary, 143. 

Ham, Elizabeth, 207. 

Ham, Martha Amanda, 209. 

Hamilton, Johnson & Farrelly, 

Hancock, Gov. John, 39, 93. 
Handley, Ceha, 221. 
Handy, Lydia, 183. 
Harding, Edgar, 228. 
Harding, Jessie Campbell, 228. 
Harding, Josiah Roohison, 238. 
Hardin a-, Sarah, 228. 
Hardy, "Betsey, 200. 
Hardy, Daniel, 155. 
Hardy, Eliza Imogen, 200. 
Hardy, Grace Bessie, 200. 
Plardy, John Isaac Benjamin 

Franklin, 200. 
Hardy, ]\Iaria Josephine, 200. 
Hardy, Rebecca, 155. 
Hardy, Rebecca Endicott, 155. 
Harper, Emily Loyise, 188. 
Harriman, F.'E., 221. 
Karriman, Mary Emma, 221. 
Harrington, Elizabeth Frances, 

Harris, Benjamin C, 153. 
Harris, Catherine Barnard, 62. 
Harris, Eliza G., 153. 



Harris, Hannah, 133. 
Harris, Hubbard, 73. 
Harris, James Elder, 146, 147. 
Harris, John W., 62. 
Harris, Kate, 153. 
Harris, Katherine, 153. 
Harris, Martha P., 147. 
Harris, Martha Page, 146. 
Harris, Mary Ann, 201. 
Harris, Mary Ellen, 62. 
Harris, Mehitable, 72. 
Harris, Thomas, 153. 
Hasey, Abigail, 35, 71. 
Hasey, John, 35. 
Haskell, Ann Maria, 201. 
Haskell, Judith, 152. 
Haskell, Maria, 233. 
Haskell, William, 152. 
Hatch, Martha, 69. 
Hatch, Navler, 69. 
Hatchett, Alma, 150. 
Hatchett, Charles Edward, 149. 
Hatchett, Cora Lee, 150. 
Hatchett, Edward, 149. 
Hatchett, Elizabeth D., 149. 
Hatchett, Frances Ellen, 149. 
Hatchett, John Robert, 150. 
Hatchett, Mary Jane, 149. 
Hatchett, Marv Lucretia, 149. 
Hatchett, Minnie Belle, 149. 
Hatchett, William Thomas, 149. 
Hauk, Adda Maria, 214. 
Hauk, Catherine, 214. 
Hauk, Richard, 214. 
Hauk, Richard Robert, 214. 
Haven, ]Mr., 41. 
Haven, Betsey, 60. 
Haven, Catherine, 39, 54, 60, 61. 
Haven, Catherine Dexter, 60. 
Haven, Elizabeth Cragie, 60. 
Haven, Jason, 42, 60, 61. 
Haven, Lvdia Gibbon, 60. 
Haven, Richard, 30, 97. 
Haven, Samuel, 39, 60. 
Haven, Samuel Foster, 60. 
Haven, Sarah, 97. 
Haven, William, 60. 
Hayden, Ann, 50. 
Hayden, Charles Frederic, 50. 
Hayden, Fmma, 50. 
Havden, John 50. 

Hayden, Maria, 50. 
Hayden, Maria Frances, 50. 
Hayden, Martha Ann, 50. 
Haynes, Lorinda, 106. 
Haynes, Mary Ann, 106. 
Hazard, Mary Fullerton, 114. 
Hazleton, Elizabeth, 155. 
Hemmerlie, Magdalene, 221. 
Henderson, Mary Caroline, 148. 
Henderson, Nancy Richerson, 

Henderson, Samuel, 148, 151. 
Henderson, Sydnie, 148, 151. 
Henry, Elizabeth Nixon, 139. 
Herrick, Cynthia, 139. 
Hewett, Hannah, 43. 
Hewett, Susanna, 43. 
Hewett, Winter, 43. 
Hichins, Dan, 30. 
Hichins, Ellenor, 30. 
Hichins, Ellenor, 30. 
Hickling, Catherine Greene, 

Hicks, Nancy Fitzgerald, 170. 
Higginson, Mary Davies, 112. 
Higginson, Theophilus, 26. 
Higginson, Waldo, 112. 
Higinbotham, Emilie Chatard, 

Hildreth, Hosea, 154, 155. 
Hildreth, Sarah, 155. 
Hildreth, Sarah Elizabeth, 154. 
Hill, Abigail, 43. 
Hill, Abraham, 43. 
Hill, Annie Rogers, 182. 
Hill, Elizabeth Ann, 143. 
Hill, Elizabeth Webster, 182. 
Hill, George Irving, 234. 
Hill, Grace Whitford, 182. 
Hill, Hugh, 182. 
Hill, Jane, 182. 
Hill, John B., 143. 
Hill, Lydia, 143. 
Hill, Marv, 172. 
Hill, Mary Abbie, 181. 
Hill, Mary Badger, 172. 
Hill, Pamela Gillmore, 233. 
Hill, Rebecca Hastings, 234. 
Hill, Samuel, 172. 
Hilliard, Catherine Dexter, GO. 
Hilliard, Catherine Lvdia, 60. 



Hilliard, Charles Forrester, 180. 

Hilliard, Elizabeth Cragie Ha- 
ven, 60. 

Hilliard, Ernest Whipple, 180. 

Hilliard, Francis, 60. 

Hilliard, Francis William, 60. 

Hilliard, Fred Forrester, 180. 

Hilliard, Laura Bliss, 180. 

Hilliard, Maria N., 60. 

Hilliard, Mattie Naomi, 180. 

Hilliard, Percy Whipple, 180. 

Hilliard, Perrnelia, 180. 

Hilliard, Ruby Idaho, 180. 

Hilliard, Ruth Frances, 180. 

Hilliard, Samuel Haven, 60. 

Hilliard, Sarah McKean, 60. 

Hilliard, Ruth Frances, 180. 

Hilliard, Stephen, 180. 

Hilliard, Stephen Charles, 180. 

Hilliard, Stephen Dexter, 180. 

Hills, Joseph, 28. 

Hills, Marv, 44. 

Hills, Sarah, 44. 

Hills, Thomas, 44. 

Hinckley, IMary, 212. 

Hinckley, Moses, 212. 

Hinckley, Naomi, 212. 

Hird, Byrnina M., 182. 

Hird, Francis John, 182. 

Hird, George, 182. 

Hird, Matilda, 182. 

Hird, Stella Caroline, 182. 

Hitchins, Abigail, 195. 

Hitchins, Daniel, 29, 30. 

Hitchins, Harriet, 195. 

Hitchins, Joseph, 30. 

Hitchins, Robert K., 195. 

Hitchins, Samuel, 30. 

Hitchins, Sarah, 29. 

Hodges, Clara Matilda, 174. 

Hodges, Henrietta Elizabeth, 

Hodges, Samuel Kittrell, 174. 

Hoffman, Anthony N., 153. 

Hoffman, Augustus, 153. 

Hoffman, Caroline Augusta, 

Hoffman, Cornelia, ]53. 

Holbrook, Sarah Perkins, 173. 

Holden, Eunice Emily, 64. 

Holden, Levi, 55. 

Holden, Mary E., 205. 
Holdridge, Captain, 94. 
Hollingsworth, Maria Harvey, 

Hooker, Rev. ]Mr., 204. 
Hooper, Samuel, 198. 
Hooper, Sarah, 104. 
Hooper, Will, 104. 
Hopkins, Calista Sweetsir, 169. 
Hopkins, Jonathan, 169. 
Hopkins, Mary Ann, 169. 
Hopkinson, John, 52. 
Hopkinson, Joses, 52. 
Hopkinson, Rebecca, 52. 
Hopkinson, Sarah, 52. 
Hoppin, Francis, 190. 
Horton, Edgar Kendall, 184. 
Horton, Rachel Amanda, 184. 
Hovey, Abbie Francis, 216. 
Hovey, Elizabeth, 23. 
Hovey, Hannah, 23. 
Hove}^ James, 23, 35. 
Hovey, John, 23. 
Hovey, Joseph, 23. 
Hovey, Mary, 23. 
Hovey, Mary Frances, 216. 
Hovey, Susanna, 35. 
Hovey, William Carleton, 216. 
How,' Elizabeth, 97. 
How, Luther, 97. 
How, Sarah, 97. 
Howard, Catharine, 147. 
Howard, Elizabeth, 68. 
Howard, Jabez, 68. 
Howard, John Eager, 187. 
Howard, Jonathan, 68. 
Howard, Mary Lloyd, 187. 
Howard, Phebe, 68l 
Howard, William, C8. 
Howard, Winnefred, 44, 68. 
Howe, Dudley Rogers, 176. 
Howe, Ethel,' 175. 
Howe, Henry Saltonstall, 175. 
Howe, Henry Wainwright, 175. 
Howe, James Carleton, 175. 
Howe, John W., 95. 
Howe, Josiah, 59. 
Howe, Katharine Dexter, 175. 
Howe, Mary, 59. 
Howe, Mary Elizabeth, 95. 
Howe, Nathaniel Saltonstall,175 



Howe, Parkman Dexter, 176. 

Howe, Susan, 175. 

Howe, Susan Bradlee, 176. 

Howland, Martha Ann, 229. 

Hoyt, Charles, 144. 

Hoyt, Chase, 315. 

Hoyt, Ebenezer, 78. 

Hoyt, Elizabeth, 144. 

Hoyt, John, 144. 

Hoyt, Marantha Georgiana, 144. 

Hoyt, Mary Remington, 219. 

Hoyt, Mary Remington King, 

Hoyt, Mehitable, 78. 
Hovt, Nathan, 80. 
Hoyt, Otis, 219. 
Hoyt, Sarah, 78. 
Hoyt, Tamazine, 215. 
Huidekoper, Anna, 112. 
Humphreys, Anna, 64. 
Humphreys, Barnard, 64. 
Humphreys, Catharine, 64. 
Humphreys, Charles Alfred, 

Humphreys, Dexter, 64. 
Humphreys, Elizabeth, 63. 
Humphreys, Henry, 64, Q5. 
Humphreys, James, 63, 64. 
Humphreys, James Henry, 64. 
Humphreys, IVIartha, 64. 
Humphreys, Mary, 64. 
Humphreys, Richard Clapp, 64. 
Humphreys, Sarah Blake, 64, 

Humphreys, Sarah Elizabeth, 

Humphreys, Walter, 64. 
Hun, Lydia Louisa, 139. 
Hun, Thomas, 139. 
Hunt, Abigail, 108. 
Hunting, Samuel, 29. 
Hurd, Anna, 22. 
Hurd, Benjamin, 22. 
Hurd, Elizabeth, 22. 
Hurd, Jacob, 22. 
Hurlbut, Ella, 203. 
Hurlbut, John, 203. 
Hurlbut, Mary, 203. 
Hussey, Amanda, 150. 
Hussey, Angle, 150. 
Hussey, Mary, 150. 

Hussey, Uriah, 150. 
Hutchings, Louisa M., 62. 
Hutchins, Daniel, 30. 

lyjy Fannie, 212. 

Jackson, Catherine, 187, 
Jackson, Charles, 187. 
Jackson, Francis, 187. 
Jackson, James, 50. 
Jackson, Richard, 187. 
James, Albert Calder, 229. 
James, Annie Fay, 228. 
James, Brigham Dexter, 229. 
James, Geo. W., 71. 
James, Helen Bamford, 229. 
James, John, 228. 
James, Maria Josephine, 229. 
James, Mary C, 228. 
James, Ruth Dexter, 229. 
James, Sarah L., 179. 
James, Sarah Lancaster, 228, 
James, William Ellery, 228. 
Janssens, Catherine, 230. 
Jeffry, Rebecca, 214. 
Jenckes, Sarah, 129. 
Jencks, Israel, 183. 
Jencks, Lydia, 183. 
Jencks, Mahala, 183. 
Jenkins, Agnes, 131. 
Jenkins, Dorothy, 204. 
Jenkins, Eliza Hair, 220. 
Jenkins, Eliza P., 83. 
Jenkins, Elizabeth A., 206. 
Jenkins, Eunice, 83. 
Jenkins, Henry A., 206. 
Jenkins, Josephine M,, 206. 
Jenkins, Lemuel W., 83. 
Jenkins, Lydia A., 143. 
Jenkins, Lydia Ann, 206. 
Jenkins, Moses, 206. 
Jennings, Esther Burr, 167. 
Jennings, Melissa, 186. 
Jeter, Martha, 184. 
Johnson, Capt., 23. 
Johnson, Asahel, 59. 
Johnson, Frances Ann, 201. 
Johnson, Maria N., 60. 
Johnson, Martha, 65, 150. 
Johnson, Mary Ward, 59. 
Johnson, Samuel J., 60. 



Jones, Adeline, 95. 

Jones, Alvan, 95. 

Jones, Augusta, 203. 

Jones, Charles Wirt, 193. 

Jones, Edward, 94, 95. 

Jones, Eleanor, 95. 

Jones, Elizabeth, 94, 95, 221. 

Jones, Ezra G., 193. 

Jones, Frances Emily, 193. 

Jones, Francis, 225. 

Jones, Grace Fletcher, 225. 

Jones, Herman Le Roy, 202. 

Jones, John, 221. 

Jones, Julia, 225. 

Jones, Lorenzo Hopkins, 193. 

Jones, Mary, 95, 193, 221. 

Jones, Mary Kingsland, 202. 

Jones, Sarah, 193. 

Jones, Seth Colburn, 95. 

Jones, Silas, 95. 

Jones, Thomas, 153, 215. 

Jones, William, 95. 

Jordan, Bessie Dexter, 227. 

Jordan, Charles Dexter, 227. 

Jordan, Charles Franklin, 226. 

Jordan, Clara Gunby, 227. 

Jordan, Edward Blake, 227. 

Jordan, Elizabeth Blake, 226. 

Jordan, George Dexter, 227. 

Jordan, Maud Dexter, 227. 

Jordan, Oscar Sylvester, 226. 

Jordan, Oscar Wainwright, 227. 

Jordan, Rachel, 226. 

Jordan, Seth Zachry, 226. 

Jordan, Sylvester Franklin, 

Jordan, Thornton, 226. 
Joslin, Luke, 179. 
Joslin, Sally, 179. 
Joslin, Sarah, 179. 
Judson, A., 68. 

Kebler, Abbott Livermore, 158. 
Kebler, Catharine Abbot, 158. 
Kebler, Catherine, 158. 
Kebler, Elizabeth Abbot, 158. 
Kebler, Emma Southwick, 158. 
Kebler, John, 158. 
Kebler, Julian Abbot, 158. 
Kebler, Lucy, 158. 
Keith, Charles Frances, 169. 

Keith, Sarah Charlotte Dexter, 

Kendall, Saml., 55, 56. 
Kent, Josephine Gannett, 160. 
Kerr, Blvth S., 215. 
Kerr, Elizabeth Blake, 215. 
Kewnicut, Elizabeth Mary, 210. 
Kidder, Adrianna, 67. 
Kidder, Angeline, 67. 
Kidder, Darius Blanchard, 67. 
Kidder, George, 67. 
Kidder, Hosmer Wellington, 67. 
Kidder, James, Jr., 67. 
Kidder, James Hosmer, 67. 
Kidder, May Wellington, 67. 
Kidder, Susan Blanchard, 67. 
Kidder, Susannah Dexter, 67. 
Kilgore, Nancy, 148. 
Kilgore, Nancy L., 211. 
Kimball, Eliza F., 100. 
Kimball, Elizabeth, 155. 
Kimball, Sarah Dexter, 138. 
Kimball, Stephen, 155. 
Kimball, Susan, 155. 
Kimball, William, 138. 
King, Albert Freeman Afri- 

canus, 226. _ 
King, Albert Freeman Amory, 

King, Edward, 226. 
King, Ellen Amory, 226. 
King, Harriet Winslow, 176. 
King, Louisa, 226. 
King, Louisa Freeman, 226. 
King, Marv Remington, 219. 
King, Sarah Vincent, 226. 
Kingsland, Augusta, 202. 
Kinney, Mrs., 137. 
Kinnicut, Mary, 129. 
Kip, Ann Louisa, 192. 
Knight, Abby, 186. 
Knight, Ann Eliza, 183. 
Knight, Ebenezer, 70. 
Knight, Florence, 186. 
Knight, Joseph Roberts, 121. 
Knight, Lydia Goodhue, 121. 
Knight, Mary, 70. 
Knidit, Phebe, 70. 
Knight, Robert S., 186. 
Kniskern, Jane Ann, 155. 
Knower, , 22. 



La Croix, Basil, x?OS. 

La Croix, Catiierine, 208. 

La Croix, Marion, 208. 

Lamar, Lura Evaline, 169. 

Lamont, Jane, 229. 

Lamson, Mr., 5Q. 

Lamson, Alvan, 37, 85. 

Lamson, Artemas Ward, 86. 

Lamson, Catherine Maria, 86. 

Lamson, Frances Artemesia, 86. 

Lamson, Frances Fidelia, 85. 

Lamson, Mary Dexter, 86. 

Lancaster, Sarah, 179. 

Lane, Ann, 26. 

Lane, Edward, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29. 

Lane, Frances Eliza, 140. 

Lane, George Martin, 140. 

Lane, Louisa Greenough, 140. 

Langley, Elizabeth Louise, 229. 

Lanham, Mary Jane, 149. 

Latham, Harriet, 224. 

Latham, Henry Martyn, 224. 

Latham, Mary Janette, 224. 

Laurence, A. & A. & Co., 74, 94. 

Laurence, Abbott, 93. 

Laurence, Amos, 93. 

Lawrie, Rev. Dr., 173. 

Leavitt, Marion, 208. 

Lee, Abby Ruth Webster, 180. 

Lee, Annie Frances, 182. 

Lee, Annie Rogers, 182. 

Lee, Asa Francis, 182. 

Lee, Isaac, 105. 

Lee, Lucy, 209. 

Lee, Lucy Ann, 182. 

Lee, Lucy Ella, 209. 

Lee, Mahala, 105. 

Lee, Rachel, 105. 

Lee, Robert Nelson, 182. 

Lee, Robert Nicholson, 180, 209. 

Leffingwell, Emily Gaylord, 66. 

Leffingwell, Lucius Dexter, 66. 

Leffingwell, Lucius M., QQ. 

Le Monte, Martha, 50. 

Levey, Elizabeth Louise, 229. 

Levey, Kate, 229. 

Levey, Michael, 229. 

Le^y, Margaret Riche, 139. 

Le\\'is, Frances Ann, 201. 

Lewis, Levi, 201. 

Lewis, Lizzie West, 201. 

Lincoln & Edmonds, 161. 
Lincoln, Abraham, 70. 
Lincoln, Cortes Harmon, 96. 
Lincoln, George Carlisle, 96. 
Lincoln, James Lyman, 96. 
Lincoln, John Elkanah, 96. 
Lincoln, Levi, 87. 
Lincoln, Lucy, 96. 
Lincoln, Lucy Maria, 96. 
Lincoln, Lydia Harris, 96. 
Lincoln, Martha Colburn, 96. 
Lindsay, John S., 178. 
Lindsay, Mary Fitzhugh, 178. 
Lindsay, Robert Hugh, 189. 
Lindsay, Sarah Fenner, 189. 
Linzee, Hannah Rowe, 110, 115, 

Livermore, Mrs., 143. 
Livermore, Caroline, 217. 
Livermore, Catherine, 208. 
Livermore, Eleanor Bearse, 208. 
Livermore, George Courtenay, 

Livermore, George Francis, 207. 
Livermore, Lois, 207. 
Livermore, Mabel Augusta, 207. 
Livermore, Marion Dexter, 208. 
Livermore, Mary Augusta, 207. 
livermore, Oliver, 207. 
Livermore, Oliver Dexter, 208. 
Livermore, Wendell Brackett, 

Lloyd, Catherine De Wolf, 187. 
Lloyd, Edward, 187. 
Lloyd, John Eager, 187. 
Lloyd, Marguerite, 187. 
Lloyd, Mary Eager, 187. 
Lloyd, Mary Lloyd, 187. 
Locke, Alice Louise, 235. 
Locke, Elmore Estes, 235. 
Locke, Francis, 137. 
Locke, James Loring, 235. 
Locke, John Dalton, 219. 
Locke, John Dexter, 219. 
Locke, JuUa, 219. 
Locke, Marian Dexter, 236. 
Locke, Nancy, 137. 
Locke, Phebe, 137. 
Locke, Samuel Morris, 219. 
Locke, Sarah, 235. 
Locke, Sarah E., 155. 



locke, Sarah Emery, 219. 

^fton, Flora, 211. 

Lofton, James, 211. 

Lofton, Rebecca, 211. 

Long, Elizabeth, 102. 

Long, Robert, 24. 

Longino, Charlotte Morton, 231. 

Longino, Nellie, 231. 

Longino, Thomas Candler, 231. 

Longino, Thomas Dick, 231. 

Lord, Abigail, 78. 

Lord, Elizabeth, 78. 

Lord, John, 78. 

Loring, Alida Matteson, 114. 

Loring, Edith May, 181. 

Loring, Jno., 91. 

Lovell, Darius T., 193. 

Lovell, Marie, 193. 

Lovell, Susan B., 193. 

Low, Betsey, 90, 91. 

Low, Edward, 91. 

Lowden, Richard, 27. 

Lowe, Caroline A., 64. 

Lowell, John Amory, 112. 

Lowell, Susan Cabot, 112. 

Lugg, Jane, 171. 

Lyman, Caroline A., 49. 

Lynde, Joanna, 44. 

Lynde, Thomas, 44. 

MacDougald, Alexander, 175. 
MacDougald, Frances, 175. 
MacDougald, Helen, 175. 
Mackintire, Alonzo, 142. 
Mackintire, Alvin, 142. 
Mackintire, Alvira, 142. 
Mackintire, Calvin, 142. 
Mackintire, Calvin Wilson, 142. 
Mackintire, James, 142. 
Mackintire, Martha, 142. 
Mackintire, Sarah, 142. 
Mac Williams, George, 208. 
Mac Williams, Isabella Flor- 
ence, 208. 
Mac Williams, Margaret, 208. 
McAllister, James, 120. 
McAllister, Sarah Ann, 120. 
McBeth, Effie Elizabeth, 223. 
VIcBeth, Sarah Ellen, 223. 
vIcBeth, William Wallace, 223. 
McClellan Caroline, 232. 

McClure, A. W., 145. 
McCuUough, Secretary, 163. 
McCurdy, Anna, 108. 
McCurdy, Margaret Boyd, 108. 
McCurdy, William, 108. 
McDonald, Mary, 220. 
Mcintosh, Hannah Maria, 233. 
Mcintosh, James, 233. 
JMcIntosh, Maria, 233. 
McKay, Agnes, 131. 
McKay, Annetta, 196. 
McKay, Daniel, 196. 
McKay, Eustace, 131. 
McKay, Gordon, 131. 
McKay, Hannah Maria, 233. 
McKay, Katharine Gordon, 131. 
McKay, Louise, 131. 
McKay, Marion, 131. 
McKay, Samuel, 131. 
McKay, Samuel Dexter, 131. 
McKay, Samuel Michel, 131. 
McKay, Sarah Eliza, 196. 
McKay, Simon, 233. 
McKeen, Jane, 207. 
McLaughlin, Mary, 208. 
McLemore, Ada, 148. 
McLemore, James Richard, 149. 
McLemore, Lallie Eloise, 148. 
McLemore, Lawrence Gay, 148. 
McLemore, Martha Hamilton, 

McLemore, Moses, 148. 
McLemore, Niey, 148. 
jMcLemore, Rebecca Ellen, 148. 
McLemore, Ro}'-, 149. 
McLemore, Wilson, 148. 
McLeod, Sarah, 155. 
McLurday, NathL, 170. 
McVery, Flora, 211. 
M'cyntire, EInathan, 141. 
M'cyntire, Lucinda, 141. 
M'cyntire, Martha, 141. 
Madison, President, 87, 123. 
Magoun, Angeline, 67. 
Maley, Hannah, 141. 
Mann, Elizabeth, 199. 
Mann, Frank Amos, 199. 
Mann, Louesa De Ette, 199. 
Mann, Martin, 199. 
Mapel, Ann, 170. 
Mapel, Charles Jameson, 170. 



Mapel, Dexter Roundy, 170. 
.vlapel, Jacob Grove, 170. 
ylapel, John Jameson, 170. 
Mapel, John Wallace, 170. 
Mapel, Mar)'' Lois, 170. 
Marsh, Elizabeth, 71. 
Marsh, Jonathan, 71. 
Marsh, Lydia, 71. 
Marsh, Polly, 111. 
Marsters, Anna, 108. 
Marstes, Catherine, 206. 
Marstes, Sarah Elizabeth, 206. 
Marstes, William, 206. 
Marston, Byrnina M., 182 
Marston, Charles, 182. 
Marston, Francis Emerson Lov- 

ell, 182. 
Marston, Hiram Perry, 160. 
Marston, Hugh Frank, 182. 
Marston, Maria, 182. 
Marston, Nellie Octavia, 160. 
Marston, Rebecca Lee, 160. 
Marston, Sarah Ellen, 182. 
Martin, Abby, 129, 189. 
Martin, Amey, 129. 
Martin, Joseph, 129. 
Marwick, Albert, 169. 
Marwick, Caroline Lawrence, 

Marwick, Dudley Albert, 169. 
Marwick, Geraldine Ellen, 169. 
Marwick, Marie Amelia, 169. 
Marwick, Virginia Dean, 169. 
Mason, Caroline Rogers, 118. 
Mason, Jeremiah, 198. 
Mason, John, 118. 
Maua, Tapii, 217. 
Mayo, Sydnie, 148, 151. 
Mealing,* Elisabeth, 24. 
Mealing, Elizabeth, 24. 
Mealings, James, 24. 
Mealins, Elizabeth, 25. 
VIealins, James, 25. 
>Iears, Catharina, 36, 37. 
Mears, John, 40. 
Mears, Maria Catharina, 36, 37. 
:ilears, Samuel, 36, 37, 39. 
ilelins, Elizabeth, 24, 25. 
Melins, James, 24. 
iellins, Deborah, 23, 52. 
ilellins, Elizabeth, 22, 23. 

Mellins, James, 22, 23. 
Mellins, John, 22. 
Mellins, Mary, 22, 23. 
Mellins, Richard, 22. 
Mellins, Sarah, 23. 
Mellins, Thomas, 23. 
Mellins, William, 23. 
Melvin, Achsah, 222. 
Melvin, Jacob, 53. 
Melvin, Sarah, 53. 
Merriam, Abby Arnold, 145. 
Merriam, Caleb S., 145. 
Merriam John Wilder, 145. 
Merriam, Mary Caroline, 145. 
Merrill, Elizabeth, 72. 
Merwin, Elias, 116. 
Met calf, Edward Sohier, 111. 
Metcalf, Hannah Louisa, 110. 
Metcalf, Julia, 111. 
Metcalf, Julia Tracy, 111. 
Metcalf, Louisa Amory, HI. 
Metcalf, Mary Elizabeth, 111. 
Metcalf, Sarah Inches, 111. 
Metcalf, Theodore, 110, 111. 
Metcalf, Theodore Tracy, 111. 
Metcalf, Thereon, 111. 
Metcalf, William Sohier, 111. 
Meyer, Albert R., 177. 
Meyer, Albert Richard, 177. 
Meyer, Emily Dexter, 177. 
Mever, Franz, 177. 
Miles, John, 82. 
Miles, Martha, 82. 
Mills, Catherine Haven, 61. 
Mills, Dexter Townsend, 61. 
Mills, Edward Augustus, 61. 
Mills, George Morev, 61. 
Mills, Loretta Matilda, 61. 
Mills, Rufus, 61. 
Mills, Rufus Haven, 61. 
Mills, Sarah Eames, 61. 
Mills, Sarah Elizabeth, 61. 
Mills, Stephen Palmer, 61. 
Mills, William Ritchie, 61. 
Milne, Eliza Jeanette, 216. 
Milne, Marion Stanley, 216. 
Milne, William Edwards, 216. 
Milne, William J., 216. 
Minard, Mary Elizabeth, 200. 
Minns, Sarah Ann, 227. 
Mitchel, Christine, 172. 



Mitchell, Dexter & Co., 206. 

Mitchell, Frances, 175. 

Monroe, Catherine, 183. 

Monroe, David, 219. 

Monroe, John, 183. 

Monroe, Mary, 219. 

Monroe, Mary Ann, 183. 

Monroe, Rusha Weeks, 219. 

Moore, Elmina, 194. 

Moore, Francis, 22. 

Moore, Isaac, 194. 

Moore, Josephine, 194. 

Moore, Mary, 22. 

Morgan, Charles Dexter, 98. 

Morgan, Mary, 97, 

Morgan, Solomon, 98. 

Morrell, Lewis, 156. 

Morrell, Sarah Elizabeth, 156. 

Morrill, Caroline C, 157. 

Morrill, Caroline Choate, 220. 

Morrill, James, 220. 

Morrill, James M., 157. 

Morrill, John Adams, 220. 

Morrill, Mary, 220. 

Morrill, Mary Emma, 220. 

Morse, Elizabeth, 58. 

Morse, Jedediah, 77. 

Morse, Maria, 182. 

Morse, William, r67. 

Morton, Charlotte, 122. 

Morton, Charlotte Apthorp, 124. 

Morton, Perez, 122, 124, 125. 

Morton, Sarah Wentworth, 122. 

Morton, Sarah Wentworth Ap- 

thorpe, 125. 
Mosley, Emma Jane, 147. 
Moslev, Laura Jane, 148. 
Mosley, Willis, 148. 
Mott, Martha Ann, 220. 
Moulton, Ella, 205. 
Munson, Fidelia Hall, 235. 
Murdock, Hannah, 146. 
Murray, Sarah Eliza, 196. 
Muzzy, Alice, 21, 25. 
Muzzy, Amos, 22, 
Muzzy, Benjamin, 21, 22, 24. 
Muzz}^, Bertha, 22. 
Muzzy, Joseph, 22. 
Muzzy, Mary, 22. 
Muzzy, Sarah, 22. 

Naudascher, Elizabeth, 231. 
Naudascher, Josephine, 231. 
Naudascher, Robert, 231. 
Neal, Elizabeth Martingini 

Whittredge, 176. 
Nelson, Lizzie Mcintosh, 233. 
Nelson, John, 233. 
Newbury, Dorothea, 228. 
Newbury, Harriet Wing, 228. 
Newbury, Katherine Dexter, 

Newbury, Nathan, 228. 
Newbury, Thompson, 228. 
Newcomb, Ruth Arey, 208. 
Newhall, Elizabeth, 68. 
Newnnan, John, 51. 
Newman, Rachel, 51. 
Newton, Mary, 82, 83, 122. 
Newton, Simon, 82, 83, 122, 123. 
Nichols, Ann Maria, 103. 
Nichols, David, 103. 
Nichols, Ebenezer Beals, 103. 
Nichols, Edwin, 168. 
Nichols, Ellen, 228. 
Nichols, Helen Jane Guthrage, 

Nichols, Mary Newman, 103. 
Nichols, Rebecca Dexter, 103. 
Nichols, Rebecca Walker, 103. 
Nichols, Samuel Cushing, 103. 
Nichols, Sarah, 78. 
Nichols, William, 103. 
Norris, Lou, 149. 
North, President, 131. 
North, Dexter, 192. 
North, Edward, 190, 191, 
North, Edward Simon, 192. 
North, Eloise Comstock, 192. 
North, Gladys, 192. 
North, James McAlpine Sum- 

merville, 192. 
North, Laura Dexter, 191. 
North, Lillian Sill, 191. 
North, Marv Frances, 190. 
North, Mary Hulda, 192. 
North, Simon Newton Dexter, 

Northrop, Isaac, 130. 
Northrop, Laura, 130, 131. 
Northrop, Mary, 130. 



Nourse, Elizabeth Martingini 

Whittredge, 176. 
Nourse, Elsie Thorndike, 176. 
Nourse, Frederic Russell, 176. 
Nowell, Increase, 27. 
Noyes, Anna Augusta, 202. 
Noyes, Hannah, 202. 
Noyes, William, 202. 
Noyes, William J., 202. 

Ober, Charles Edward, 182. 
Ober, Edward Hooper, 183. 
Ober, Elizabeth Webster, 182. 
Ober, Mary Ann, 182. 
Oby, Maurice Curran, 155. 
Oby, Rebecca Endicott, 155. 
Olmstead, Charlotte, 114. 
Olmstead, John Hull, 114. 
Olmstead, Mary Cleveland, 114. 
Olney, Secy., 116. 
Osborn, Betsey Stearns, 199. 
Osborn, Cyrus, 199. 
Osborn, Flora Bell, 201. 
Osborn, Fred Silas, 201. 
Osborn, Laura Jane, 201. 
Osborn, Sarah Perry, 199. 
Osborn, Silas Perry, 201. 
Osborne, Lydia Ann, 159. 
Osgood, Rev. Dr., 67, 121. 
Oviatt, Ellen Phebe, 6Q. 
Oviatt, Lewis Dexter, QQ. 
Oviatt, Lucretia Smith, QQ. 
Oviatt, Oran M., GQ. 
Oviatt, Rosaline Lucretia, 66. 
Oviatt, William Henry, 66. 

Page, Hannah Elizabeth, 146. 
Page, Russell, 146. 
Page, Sophia, 146. 
Paine, Abigail, 71. 
Paine, Elizabeth, 71. 
Paine, Mary, 62. 
Paine, Nathaniel, 71. 
Paine, Robert Treat, Q'2, 125. 
Paine, Tabitha, 53. 
Paine, William, 53. 
Palmer, Mrs., 32, 65, 87. 
Palmer, Achsah, 222. 
Palmer, Arthur Phelps, 222. 
Palmer, Catherine, 61. 
Palmer, Charlotte, 61. 

Palmer, Chester, 222. 
Palmer, Chester Urban, 222. 
Palmer, Elizabeth, 61. 
Palmer, Elizabeth Frances, 61. 
Palmer, Elizabeth Haven, 61. 
Palmer, Florence, 220. 
Palmer, Henry Urban, 222. 
Palmer, Jason Haven, 61. 
Palmer, Joseph, 61. 
Palmer, Sarah Eames, 61. 
Palmer, Sarah Elizabeth, 222. 
Parker, Abby Arnold, 145. 
Parker, Ada, 109. 
Parker, Ann Brooks, 175. 
Parker, Anna, 202. 
Parker, Catherine, 144. 
Parker, Charles, 109. 
Parker, Charles E., 229. 
Parker, Charles H., 116. 
Parker, Daniel, 44. 
Parker, Edwin George, 106, 121. 
Parker, Emmeline Eames, 229. 
Parker, Isaac, 106, 121. 
Parker, Jacob Webb, 106, 121. 
Parker, James Phillips, 229. 
Parker, Joanna, 44. 
Parker, Katharine Williams,229. 
Parker, Laura Ann, 106, 121. 
Parker, Mary, 106, 121, 229. 
Parker, Rebecca, 44. 
Parker, Samuel, 73. 
Parker, Sarah Elizabeth, 106, 

Parker, Thomas, 44. 
Parkhurst, Rebecca Parker, 68. 
Parkman, Sarah, 115. 
Parsons, Hannah, 151. 
Parsons, Lemuel Sprague, 216. 
Parsons, Lucy, 216. 
Parsons, Mary Gibson, 216. 
Parsons, Susannah, 104. 
Parvin, Edward Birdsall, 214. 
Parvin, Harriet Vila, 214. 
Parvin, Margaret, 214. 
Parvin, Roland Greenfield, 214. 
Patrick, Ann, 170. 
Patten, Catherine, 118. 
Patten, Edwin Beaman, 118. 
Patten, Eliza A¥illiams, 189. 
Patten, Elizabeth Bridgham, 




Patten, William Samuel, 189. 
Payne, Abraham, 186. 
Payne, Anne Wheaton, 185, 186. 
1 ayne, Arthur Dexter, 186. 
Payne, Catherine Dexter, 186. 
Payne, Charles Hart, 186. 
Payne, Florence, 186. 
Payne, Hannah, 186. 
Payne, Lillian Cowan, 186. 
Payne, Mary Dexter, 186. 
Payne, Solomon, 186. 
Peabody, David, 51. 
Peabody, Rebecca, 51. 
Peabody, Sarah, 51. 
Pearsall, Ellen Adams, 151. 
Peele, Marv, 232. 
Peffers, Abbie Maria, 167. 
Peffers, Abby Maria Welling- 
ton, 167. 
Peffers, Esther Burr, 167. 
Peffers, Henrietta Amelia, 167. 
Peffers, Henrietta Elizabeth, 

Peffers, James Bailey, 167. 
Peffers, James Henry, 167, 
Pierce, James Mills, 163. 
Pelton, De Witt L., 167. 
Pemberton, Mary, 22. 
Penney, Anna, 221, 
Penney, Celia, 221. 
Penney, Thomas, 221. 
Pennington, Caroline De Wolf, 

Pennington, Caroline Dexter, 

Pennington, Charlotte Emily, 

Pennington, Dorothea Harper, 

Pennington, Emily Louise, 188. 
Pennington, Margery Innocents, 

Pennington, Robert Goodloe 

Harper, 188. 
Pennington, William Clapham, 

."^erkins, E. N., 118. 
Perkins, John, 103. 
^erkins, Laura, 175. 
Perkins, Lydia, 103. 
Perkins, Mary Cleveland, 114. 

Perley, Samuel, 78. 

Perry, Clarissa Tredweil, 160, 

Perry, George, 223. 
Perry, Hannah Burrill, 223. 
Perrv, Lucretia Marquand, 

160, 163. 
Perry, Mary Frances, 223. 
Perry, Orrando, 160, 163. 
Perry, Solon, 223. 
Peterson, Frances Adeline, 50. 
Peterson, Nehemiah, 50. 
Pettee, Charles Leslie Wight, 

Pettee, Edith Pingree, 168, 
Pettee, Lemuel, 168. 
Pettee, Mary, 168. 
Pettee, Virginia, 168. 
Phelps, Amelia, 160. 
Phelps, Benjamin, 160. 
Phelps, Margaret Jane, 139. 
Phelps, Margaret Rich^, 139. 
Phelps, I^lary Elizabeth, 160. 
Phelps, Thomas Stowell, 139. 
Phillips, Ann Maria, 105, 
Phillips, Elizabeth, 152. 
Phillips, John, 94. 
Phillips, John L., 105. 
Phillips, Margaret, 94. 
Phillips, Mary, 229. 
Phillips, Miriam, 178. 
Phipps, Spencer, 34, 44. 
Pierce, Annie L., 159. 
Pierce, Joanna, 51. 
Pierce, John Winslow, 159, 
Pierce, Lydia Ann, 159. 
Pierce, Sarah, 64. 
Picrson, Kendal, 30. 
Pierson, Lydia, 30. 
Pingree, Calista Sweetsir, 169. 
Pingree, Consuelo Imogen, 169, 
Pingree, Cora Louise, 169. 
Pingree, David Kenrj-, 169. 
Pingree, Elizabeth Marsh, 168. 
Pingree, Frank Augustus, 169. 
Pingree, Frank Roundy Ashton, 

Pingree, Harold Ashton, 169. 
Pingree, Helen Elizabeth, 169. 
Pingree, Helen Jane Guthrage, 




Pingree, Hoyt, 168. 

Pingree, lone Amelia, 168. 

Pingree, Lura E valine, 169. 

Pingree, Luther Farrar, 168. 

Pingree, Malcolm Cameron, 169. 

Pingree, Nellie Gertrude, 169. 

Pingree, Sarah, 168. 

Pingree, Sarah Charlotte Dex- 
ter, 169. 

Pingree, Virginia Dean, 169. 

Pingree, Zelpha Eva, 169. 

Pinson, Edward, 23. 

Pinson, Sarah, 23, 25. 

Plummer, Edward, 79. 

Plummer, Samuel, 79, 80. 

Pollock, Sarah Ellen, 223. 

Pope, Sarah, 51. 

Pope, Seth, 62. 

Porter, Charlotte, 67. 

Porter, Elizabeth, 47. 

Powell, James, 156. 

Powell, Mary Ann, 156. 

Prall, Eleanor G., 229. 

Pratt, Adelia Ellen, 201. 

Pratt, Ann, 23, 24, 25, 26. 

Pratt, Ann Maria, 201. 

Pratt, David, 48. 

Pratt, Elijah, 111. 

Pratt, Hannah, 23. 

Pratt, John, 23, 24. 

Pratt, Nelson Edward, 201. 

Pratt, Phebe, 48. 

Pratt, Polly, 111. 

Pratt, Reuben Banister, 201. 

Pratt, Sarah Faxon, 111. 

Prentice, Joseph, 87, 88. 

Prescott, Caroline, 82. 

Prescott, Catherine Elizabeth, 
135, 136. 

Prescott, Catherine Greene, 135. 

Prescott, Lucy, 49. 

Prescott, Mary Adaline, 110. 

Prescott, William, 135, 136. 

Prevost, Anne, 133. 

Prevost, Augusta Emilia, 133, 

Prevost, Augustine, 133. 

Price, Eliza, 202. 

Prince, Sarah, 91. 

Probasco, Ruth Clark, 214. 

Proctor, Mehitable, 77. 

Proctor, Nathan, 77. 
Proctor, Phoebe, 77. 
Prout, Timothy, 29. 
Province, Elizabeth, 91. 
Province, John, 91. 
Province, Sarah, 91. 
Putnam, Elizabeth, 47. 
Putnam, George, 153. 
Putnam, George P., 162. 
Putnam, Israel, 47. 
Putnam, Joseph, 47. 
Putnam, Mehitable, 47. 

Rand, Edward S., 81. 
Randall, Mr. & Mrs., 109, 170. 
Randall, James Hudson, 183. 
Randall, Jane Elizabeth, 183. 
Randall, Nancv, 109, 170. 
Ray, Ellen Orereao, 217. 
Ray, John, 217. 
Raymond, Benjamin, 130. 
Raymond, Chloe, 130. 
Raymond, Martha, 130. 
Rea, Archelaus, 217. 
Rea, Maria Grafton, 217. 
Rea, Maria March, 217. 
Reed, Clara Goodenough, 191. 
Reed, Edward North, 191. 
Reed, Elizabeth, 191. 
Reed, Laura Dexter, 191. 
Reed, Laura Lansing, 191. 
Reed, Orville, 191. 
Reed, Ruth Dexter, 191. 
Reed, Sarah Allen, 191. 
Reed, William, 191. 
Reed, William Van Der Hey- 

den, 191. 
Renouf, Catherine, 61. 
Renouf, Edward, 61. 
Rerrick, Sophia, 214. 
Revere, Paul, 147. 
Reynolds, Abby Ripley, 49. 
Reynolds, Anna Frances, 49. 
Reynolds, Caroline A., 49. 
Reynolds, Catharine Maley, 140. 
Reynolds, Charles Louis, 49. 
Reynolds, Cuyler, 140. 
Reynolds, Cynthia, 139. 
Reynolds, Dexter, 140, 
Reynolds, Edward Warren, 49. 



Reynolds, Eliza B., 49. 
Reynolds, Eliza Lawrence, 49. 
Reynolds, Elizabeth Ann, 138. 
Reynolds, Freegrace, 48. 
Reynolds, Henry, 49. 
Reynolds, Howard, 49. 
Reynolds, Jabez, 49. 
Reynolds, Jabez Brown, 49. 
Reynolds, Janet Gray, 140. 
Reynolds, Joanna Newcomb, 49. 
Reynolds, John, 49. 
Reynolds, John Albert, 49. 
Reynolds, Joseph, 49. 
Reynolds, Joseph Brown, 49. 
Reynolds, Kenneth Gray, 140. 
Reynolds, Laura, 140. 
Reynolds, Levi, 49. 
Reynolds, Lucy, 49. 
Reynolds, Lucy Maria, 49. 
Reynolds, Lydia, 49. 
Reynolds, Lydia Louisa, 139. 
Reynolds, Lydia Maria, 49, 139. 
Reynolds, Marcus Tullius, 139, 

Reynolds, Martha, 49. 
Reynolds, Mary, 49. 
Reynolds, Mary Dexter, 139. 
Reynolds, Mary Jane, 49. 
Reynolds, Mary Oliver, 49. 
Reynolds, Nancy, 48, 49. 
Reynolds, Samuel, 49. 
Reynolds, Warren, 49. 
Reynolds, William Henry, 49. 
Ribbon, Maria, 314. 
Rice, Aseph, 82. 
Rice, Bayard, 121. 
Rice, James Bayard, 121. 
Rice, James Beard, 121. 
Rice, Sarah Weeden, 121. 
Rich, Amanda M., 109. 
Rich, Charles, 109. 
Richards, Abiatha, 96. 
Richards, Abraham, 72. 
Richards, Clara Louisa, 97. 
Richards, Dexter Franklin, 97. 
Richards, Emily Colburn, 97. 
Richards, Fanny, 97. 
Richards, Frank, 97. 
Richards, George A., 97. 
Richards, Horace, 97. 
Richards, Julia, 96. 

Richards, Lucy Ann, 179. 
Richards, Lydia, 72. 
Richards, Nathaniel, 179. 
Richards, Olive Augusta, 97. 
Richards, Sally, 179. 
Richardson, Mary, 83. 
Richardson, Rachel, 51. 
Richardson, Ralph, 51. 
Rideout, Anna Bess, 221. 
Riley, Edward M., 211. 
Riley, George Dumah, 211. 
Riley, George Evans, 211. 
Riley, Lillian Amanda, 211. 
Riley, Lillian Dver, 211. 
Riley, Zillah, 211. 
Ripley, Ezra, 53. 
Rise, Hannah, 199. 
Robbins, Ruth, 153. 
Roberts, George H., 186. 
Roberts, Lillian Cowan, 186. 
Roberts, Melissa, 186. 
Robinson, Olive, 155. 
Robinson, Sarah, 228. 
Rogers, Caroline, 118. 
Rogers, Mary Jane, 202. 
Rogers, Robert P., 215. 
Rollins, EJiza Imogen, 200. 
Rollins, George Adams, 200. 
Rollins, Leonard Hardy, 200. 
Rollins, Mary Elizabeth, 200. 
Rollins, Oscar Carroll, 200. 
Rollins, Oscar Franklin, 200. 
Rollins, Roland Burton, 200. 
Rollins, Walter Claton, 200. 
Rose, Esther, 77, 78. 
Rose, Mary, 219. 
Rose, William, 77, 78. 
Roundy, Peckham & Co., 223. 
Roundy, Peckham & Dexter Co., 

223 224. 
Roundy, J. A., 223. 
Roundy, John, 108. 
Roundy, Judson A., 170. 
Roundy, Judson Adoniram, 108. 
Roundy, Mary, 108. 
Roundy, Mary Amelia, 108. 
RoweU, Abigail, 158. 
Ruland, Irving, 229. 
Ruland, Jane, 229. 
Ruland, Louise Langley, 229. 



Ruland, Manley Augustus, 229. 

Rusk, Genl., 122. 

Russ, Amelia, 144. 

Russ, Margaret, 144. 

Russ, Samuel, 144. 

Russell, Benjamin, 93. 

Russell, E. B., 229. 

Russell, Elizabeth, 226. 

Russell, Martha, 82. 

Rutland, Calvin Stephenson, 

Rutland, Julia Mar Sandifer, 

Rutland, Louisa Martha, 185. 

Sampson, Ella Ardella, 204. 
Sampson, Francis Clark, 204. 
Sampson, Fred Lewis, 204. 
Sampson, Lewis Freeman, 204. 
Sampson, Phila, 142, 204. 
Sanderson, Emery cT., 181. 
Sanderson, Isabelle, 181. 
Sanderson, Lawrence Homer, 

Sanderson, Ruth Dexter, 181. 
Sanderson, Waldo Thayer, 181. 
Sargeant, Mary, 101. 
Sargeant, Sarah, 35. 
Sargent, Aaron Dexter, 75. 
Sargent, Alfred Dexter, 75. 
Sargent, David, 75. 
Sargent, Eliza Ellen, 75. 
Sargent, Emmeline, 106. 
Sargent, George Douglas, 75. 
Sargent, Lydia, 75. 
Sargent, Mary, 75. 
Sargent, Mehitable, 75. 
Sargent, Sarah Dexter, 75. 
Sargent, Solomon, 75. 
Sargent, Sylvanus T., 106. 
Sargent, William Hadding, 75. 
Sawtelle, Carrie Davenport, 199. 
Sawtelle, Emma Louisa, 199. 
Sawtelle, Frank Henry, 199. 
Sawtelle, Frank Walter, 199. 
Sawtelle, Horace Chase,> 199. 
Sawtelle, Kingsley, 199. 
Sawtelle, Lily Eliza, 200. 
Sawi:elle, Lydia Elizabeth, 199. 
Sawtelle, Thankful, 199. 
Sawyer, David, 104. 

Sawyer, Dudley Pingree, 168. 
Sawyer, Edith Pingree, 168. 
Sawyer, Elizabeth, 168. 
Sawyer, George Oscar, 168. 
Sawyer, lone Amelia, 168. 
Sawyer, Joseph Thrasher, 168. 
Sawyer, Judith Wyer, 104. 
Sawyer, Judson Albro, 168, 
Sawj^er, Mary, 75. 
Sawyer, Sarah, 104. 
Sa^'^'ard, Lucy, 153. 
Schaffer, Eliza, 153. 
Schaffer, Elizabeth, 153. 
Schaffer, George, 153. 
Schwamb, Anna, 221. 
Schwamb, Jacob, 221. 
Schw^amb, John, 157, 221. 
Schwamb, Louisa, 221. 
Schwamb, Magdalene, 221. 
Schw^amb, Sarah E., 157. 
Schw^amb, Sarah Elizabeth, 221. 
Schwamb, Warren Cummings, 

Scott, Genl. John, 126. 
Sears, Freeman, 60. 
Sears, Lydia Gibbon, 60. 
Sergeant, John, 34. 
Sergeant, Sarah, 34, 35. 
Shaw% John, 72, 119. 
Sheldon, Abbv, 129. 
Sheldon, Daniel, 129. 
Sheldon, Deliorah, 129. 
Shepheard, Eliza Mary, 235. 
Sherman, Fannie Lee, 149. 
Sherman, John, 149. 
Sherman, Lou, 149. 
Sherman, Mary Jane, 149. 
Sherman, Mary Lou, 149. 
Sherman, William Edward, 149. 
Shirlev, William, 44, 45. 
Shurtiiff, Christiana, 233. 
Shurtliif, Eleanor, 233. 
Shurtiiff, Walter, 233. 
Shute, Mary, 44. 
Shute, Samuel, 33, 34. 
Sigourney, Andrew, 54. 
Sigourney, Hannah, 54. 
Sigourney, Mary, 54, 123. 
Sill, Eliza Marsh, 191. 
Simmons, Virginia, 176. 
Simpson, Mary Frances, 216. 



Skinner, Charlotte, 228. 

Sly, Nancy Eliza, 180. 

Smith & Dexter, 223. 

Smith, Abby, 95. 

Smith, Abigail, 95. 

Smith, Addison, 170. 

Smith, Alice Rebecca, 209. 

Smith, Annie Lenthall, 113. 

Smith, Charles, 95. 

Smith, Chileab, 66. 

Smith, D. C, 223. 

Smith, Dexter, 231. 

Smith, Edwin, 95. 

Smith, Eliphalet, 95. 

Smith, Ellen Elizabeth, 209. 

Smith, Eva Carleton, 230. 

Smith, George Batterman, 209. 

Smith, Harry Morton, 231. 

Smith, Henrietta Elizabeth, 174. 

Smith, Hiram Jackson, 230. 

Smith, Horace, GQ. 

Smith, Izachus C, 95. 

Smith, James Farley, 231. 

Smith, James Milne, 209. 

Smith, James Robert, 230. 

Smith, Jennie Lind, 208. 

Smith, John, 173. 

Smith, John Woodbury, 208. 

Smith, Maria Catharina, 36, 37. 

Smith, Martha, 230. 

Smith, Mary, 208. 

Smith, Mary Cleveland, 113. 

Smith, Mary Dexter, GQ. 

Smith, Mary M., 95. 

Smith, Mary ^'enetia, 230. 

Smith, Nancy Fitzgerald, 170. 

Smith, Samuel Horace, 66. 

Smith, Sarah Jane, 170. 

Smith, Thomas, 37. 

Smith, Timothy, 95. 

Smith, Venetia Harrietta, 230. 

Smith, William Ward, QQ. 

Snelling, Lj'dia, 34. 

Snelling, Robert, 34. 

Sohier, Alice, 113. 

Sohier, Alice de Vermandois, 

Sohier, Anna Lowell, 113. 
Sohier, Edith Frances, 113. 
Sohier, Edward, 110. 
Sohier, Edward Dexter, 11 0,1 16. 

Sohier, Eleanor, 113. 
Sohier, Elizabeth Amory, 110. 
Sohier, Elizabeth Brimmer, 113. 
Sohier, Elizabeth Dexter, 111, 

Sohier, Elizabeth Putnam, 112. 
Sohier, Emily Linzee, 112. 
Sohier, Francis Lowell, 113. 
Sohier, Frederick Martin, 112. 
Sohier, George Brimmer, 114. 
Sohier, George Dexter, 111. 
Sohier, Hannah Louisa, 110, 116. 
Sohier, Jane Foster, 112. 
Sohier, Jeanette Foster, 112. 
Sohier, Joseph Foster, 110, 112. 
Sohier, Letitia Breckenridge, 

Sohier, Louis Amory, 111. 
Sohier, Louisa Amory, 110. 
Sohier, Martin, 111. 
Sohier, Mary, 110. 
Sohier, Mary Davies, 111, 112. 
Sohier, Sarah Faxon, 111. 
Sohier, Sarah Inches, 112. 
Sohier, Susan Cabot, 112. 
Sohier, Susan Lov/ell, 112. 
Sohier, Susan Prescott, 111. 
Sohier, Walter, 112. 
Sohier, William, 112. 
Sohier, William Davies, 110, 113. 
Somerby, Joseph, 79. 
Southwick, Abby Bannister, 159. 
Southwick, Abigail, 158. 
Southwick, Amelia, 105, 158. 
Southwick, Annie L., 159. 
Southwick, Charles Jacob, 160. 
Southwick, Edward, 158. 
Southwick, Elizabeth Rowell, 

Southwick, Emma Dexter, 158. 
Southwick, Joseph, 159. 
Southwick, Joseph Royal, 159. 
Southwick, Mary, 159. 
Southwick, Nellie Octavia, 160. 
Southwick, Philip, 160. 
Southwick, Philip Rowell, 158, 

Spaulding, Abel, 202. 
Spaulding, Adelia Ellen, 201. 
Spaulding, Anna, 202. 
Spaulding, Hiram, 201. 



Spofford, Catherine Dexter, 94. 
Spofford, Emerson, 94. 
Spooner, Jane G., 145. 
Sprague, Deborah, 23. 
Sprague, John, 23, 27, 31, 55. 
Sprague, Lydia, 23, 35c 
Sprague, Phinehas, 31. 
Sprague, Rebecca, 31. 
Sprague, Richard, '26. 
Sprague, Samuel, 31, 33, 35. 
Sprague, Winnefred, 31, 32. 
Springer, Nannee, 119. 
Stacy, Eliza B., 49. 
Stanley, Lucy, 216. 
Stanley, Sophronia, 224. 
Stannard, Annetta, 196. 
Stannard, Betsey, 196. 
Stannard, Charles Henry, 196. 
Stannard, Elizabeth, 196. 
Stannard, Gordon Edwin, 196. 
Stannard, Henry Dennison, 196. 
Stannard, Howard Dexter, 196. 
Stannard, Julia Gordon, 195. 
Stannard, Julia lone, 196. 
Stannard, Millicent Dexter, 196. 
Stannard, Zina Dennison, 196. 
Stearns, Rev. Mr. (Samuel), 84, 

Steel, Charlotte, 149. 
Steel, Elizabeth D., 149. 
Steel, Hallie Kirby, 149. 
Steel, James, 149. 
Steel, James Thomas, 149. 
Steel, Robert Allen, 149. 
Steel, Rot, 149. 
Steel, Ruth, 149. 
Stevens, Alice Rebecca, 209. 
Stevens, Dexter, 210. 
Stevens, Edith Louisa, 209. 
Stevens, Ezra Allen, 209. 
Stevens, Frank Dexter, 209. 
Stevens, Howard Allen, 210. 
Stevens, Joshua, 202. 
Stevens, Julia Elizabeth, 209. 
Stevens, Marguerite, 210. 
Stevens, Martha Amanda, 209. 
Stevens, Sarah, 202. 
Stewart, Mr., 218. 
Stewart, Betsey, 144. 
Stewart, Eliza ' Teheuarii, 218. 
Stickney, Abigail Putnam, 181. 

Stickney, Alice Emerton, 183. 
Stickne}^ Caleb, 80. 
Stickney, Charles Theodore, 213. 
Stickney, Deha Maria, 213. 
Stickney, Eliza, 181. 
Stickney, Elizabeth, 182. 
Stickney, Elizabeth Dexter, 213, 
Stickney, Frank Dexter, 213. 
Stickney, George, 182. 
Stickney, George Anson Dex- 
ter, 182. 
Stickney, James, 72. 
Stickney, John, 181. 
Stickney, Jonathan, 181. 
Stickney, Martha Ann, 181. 
Stickney, Mary, 72, 182. 
Stickney, Mary Abbie, 181. 
Stickney, Rebecca, 213. 
Stickney, Rebecca S., 182. 
Stickney, Richard, 213. 
Stickney, Sarah Elizabeth, 213. 
Stickney, Sarah Ellen, 182. 
Stickney, Sarah Hodges, 213. 
Stickney, Walter Jaffrey, 213. 
Stimson, J., 52. 
Stone, Camile Rosine, 222. 
Stone, Dorothy, 222. 
Stone, Eunice, 91. 
Stone, Leonard, 222. 
Stone, Leonard A., 222. 
Stone, Louisa, 221. 
Stone, Marv, 206. 
Stone, W. L, 88. 
Storrow, Anna Amory, 116. 
Storrow, Charles Storer, 116. 
Storrow, James Jackson, 116. 
Storrow, Lydia, 116. 
Story, Judge, 66, 87. 
Story, Eliza Elwell, 220. 
Story, Florence, 220. 
Story, George, 220. 
Story, George Dexter, 220. 
Story, Michael, 220. 
Story, Susan, 220. 
Stowell, David Porter, 224. 
St owe] 1, Mary, 224. 
Stowell, Sophronia, 224. 
Stratton, Annie Louise, 171. 
Stratton, Faye Dexter, 171. 
Stratton, George Frederic, 171, 
Stratton, George Malcolm, 171. 



Stratton, Jane, 171. 
Stuart, Sarah, 155. 
Sturtevant, Martha, 230. 
Sumner, Joseph, 90. 
Swain, Elisa Minerva, 49. 
Swain, Margaret Lucilla, 49. 
Swain, Martha Ann, 49. 
Swain, Mary, 49. 
Swain, Mary Malvina, 49. 
Swain, Warren, 49. 
Swallow, Sarah, 235. 
Swan, Capt., 82. 
Swan, Susanna, T5. 
Sweetsir, Elizabeth, 168. 
Sweetsir, Mary Ann, 169. 
Swift, John, 53. 
Swinington, Elizabeth, 199, 
Symonds, Jane, 171. 

Taylor, Abigail, 76. 
Taylor, Julia Emma, 85. 
Taylor, Maria Matilda, 189. 
Tenny, Catherine Dexter, 94. 
Tenny, John Y., 94. 
Terry, Annie Dexter, 97. 
Terry, Frederic Lewis, 97. 
Terry, Julia Colburn, 97. 
Terry, Lewis Frederic, 97. 
Terry, Martha Thomas, 97, 
Terry, Olive Augusta, 97. 
Teruotu, Paura, 217. 
Teruotu, Tapii, 217. 
Teruotu, Tuane, 217. 
Thacher, Peter, 44, 69, 71. 
Thaxter, Charlotte, 228. 
Thaxter, Helen Frances, 228. 
Thaxter, Samuel Goff, 228. 
Thaxter, Susan, 220. 
Thayer, Caroline Smith, 108. 
Thayer, John Davis, 108. 
Theobald, Caroline De Wolf, 

Theobald, Caroline Dexter, 187. 
Theobald, Edna Chatard, 188. 
Theobald, Frances, 188. 
Theobald, Francis De Wolf, 

Theobald, Marguerite, 187. 
Theobald, Mary Le Baron, 188. 
Theobald, Nancy De Wolf, 188. 

Theobald, Nathan Myers Smith, 

Theobald, Samuel, 187, 188. 
Thompson, Bridget, 68. 
Thompson, Charlotte Louise 

Munroe, 207. 
Thompson, Elizabeth, 207. 
Thompson, George, 207. 
Thompson, James, 68. 
Thompson, Leonide, 186. 
Thompson, Martha, 141. 
Thompson, Virginia, 186. 
Thompson, William P., 186. 
Thomson, Frederick Andrew, 

Thomson, John Reid, 216. 
Thomson, Margaret Emma, 216. 
Thomson, Ruth Dering, 216. 
Thredneedle, Mary, 23. 
Thrower, Jane, 236. 
Ticknor, Anna, 177. 
Ticknbr, Eliza Sullivan, 177. 
Ticknor, George, 177. 
Tilden, Betsey B., 137. 
Tilden, Henry, 137. 
Tirrell, Abigail, 108. 
Tirrell, Nathan, 108. 
Tirrell, Rebecca, 108. 
Titcomb, Enoch, 80. 
Tolman, Cahill, 100. 
Tolman, Frederic Cahill, 100. 
Tolman, Rebecca Earned, 100. 
Torrey, Alpheus Porter, 100. 
Torrey, Bridget, 44, 68. 
Torrey, Eliza F., 100. 
Torrey, Frederic Augustus, 100. 
Torrey, Frederic Earned, 100. 
Torrey, Frederic William, 100. 
Torrey, Lucretia H., 69. 
Torrey, Lucretia Hatch, 100. 
Torrey, Martha Hatch, 100. 
Torrey, Nehemiah, 68. 
Torrey, Nehemiah Hobart, 68. 
Torrey, Rebecca Earned, 100. 
Torrey, Rebecca Parker, 68. 
Torrey, Richard Hobart, 100. 
Torrey, Simon Lamed, 100. 
Towne, I. P., 47. 
Townsend, Abigail, 22. 
Townsend, P:lizabeth, 22. 
Townsend, Hannah, 202. 



Townsend, Jeremiah, 22. 
Townsend, Samuel, 22, 23. 
Tracy, John, 79. 
Tracy, Julia, 111. 
Traill, Cordelia G., 176. 
Traill, Horace Spence, 176. 
Traill, Marjorie Brooks, 176. 
Trask, Rebecca, Q5. 
Trask, William B., G5. 
Treadwell, Dorothy, 70. 
Treadwell, John, 70. 
Treadwell, John Dexter, 70. 
Treadwell, John Goodhue, 70. 
Treadwell, Mehitable, 69, 70. 
Treat, Marion, 131. 
Tredwell, Clarissa, 160, 163. 
Tucker, Roswell Dearborn, 219. 
Tucker, Sarah Emery, 219. 
Tufts, Esther, 67. 
Tufts, Peter, 27. 
Tufts, Thomas, 34. 
Turner, Martha, 196. 
Turner, Sarah, 168. 
Turnev, Rebecca, 52. 
Turreil, E., 43. 
Tuttle, Charlotte, 63. 
Tuttle, Nancy, 184. 
Tuttle, Phebe, 52. 
Tvler, Emma Mav, 221. 
Tyler, Lucius, 221. 
Tyler, Mary Emma, 220. 


ood, Anna, 222. 
Ebenezer, 22. 
Elizabeth, 22, QQ. 
James, 22. 
Jonathan, 22. 
Martha, 76. 
Mary, 22. 
Phineas, 22, GQ. 
Ruth, 22. 
WiUiam, 22. 

Vanden Broeck, Aug:ust, 230. 

Vanden Broeck, Catherine, 230. 

Vanden Broeck, Eva Carleton, 

Vanden Broeck, Eva Les, 230. 

Vanden Broeck, Jacques, 230. 

Vanden Broeck, James, 230. 

Vanden Broeck, Margaret Carle- 
ton, 231. 

Vanden Broeck, Thomas Gale, 

Vanden Broeck, Venetia Dex- 
ter, 231. 

Van Rensselaer, Bayard, 140. 

Van Rensselaer, Harriet E., 140. 

Van Rensselaer, Howard, 140. 

Van Rensselaer, Laura, 140. 

Van Rensselaer, Louisa Green- 
ough, 140. 

Van Rensselaer, Stephen, 140. 

Van Rensselaer, William Bay- 
ard, 140. 

Verder, Phebe, 48. 

Verder, Samuel, 48. 

Verry, Elizabeth, 182. 

Very, Caroline, 105. 

Very, Francis, 105. 

Very, Franklin Dexter, 105. 

Very, Frederic William, 105. 

Very, James Henry, 105. 

Very, Rebecca Ann, 105. 

Very, Thomas Wakefield, 105. 

Vevers, Hannah, 175. 

Vila, Elizabeth, 153. 

Vila, Elizabeth Dering, 102. 

Vila, James, 102, 103, 153. 

Vila, Ruth, 153. 

Vincent, Louisa, 204. 

Vincent, Sarah Ellen, 173. 

Vincent, Sarah Perkins, 173. 

Vincent, William Ellery, 173. 

Vose, Laura Jane, 201. 

Wade, Elizabeth, 76. 
Wade, Lydia, 120. 
Wade, Martha, 76. 
Wade, Samuel, 76. 
Wadsworth, Benjamin, 37. 
Wain Wright, Amory, 176. 
Wainwright, Amory Davis, 176. 
Wainwright, Ann Brooks, 175. 
Wainwright, Arthur, 176. 
Wainwright, Charles Dexter, 

Wainwright, Edith, 176. 
Wainwright, Elsie Thorndike, 

176. ~^' ~ 

Wainwright, Grace Howard, 

Wainwright, Grace Mary, 176. 



Wainwright, Harriet Winslow, 

Wainwright, Henry, 175, 176. 
Wainwright, Henry Chapman, 

Wainwright, Katharijie Dexter, 

Wainwright, Marjorie Brooks, 

Wainwright, Maud, 176. 
Wainwright, Robert, 176. 
Wainwright, Sarah Blake, 175. 
Wainwright, Virginia, 176. 
Wait, Tabitha, 53. 
Waitt, Emma, 157. 
Waitt, Isaac B., 157. 
Waitt, Isaac Porter, 157. 
Waitt, Marv, 157. 
Wakefield, Ann H., 105. 
Wakefield, Ann Maria, 105. 
Wakefield, Caroline, 105. 
Wakefield, Elizabeth, 105. 
Wakefield, Henry Dexter, 105. 
Wakefield, James, 105. 
Wakefield, Rebecca, 71, 105. 
Wakefield, Terrance(Terrence), 

98, 105, 106. 
Wakefield, Thomas, 105. 
Waldron, Abigail, 50. 
Walker, Anne Murdock, 210. 
Walker, Arthur Willis, 210. 
Walker, Elihu S., 104. 
Walker, Elizabeth Dexter, 210. 
Walker, Elizabeth Mary, 210. 
Walker, George Willis, 210. 
Walker, Marguerite, 210. 
Walker, Mary Ann, 104. 
Walker, Mary Virginia, 234. 
Walker, Richard Dexter, 210. 
Wallis, Mary, 212. 
Ward, Artemas, 54, 5Q, 85. 
Ward, Catharina Maria, 54, 56^ 

Ward, Catherine Maria, 85. 
Ward, Charles Trowbridge, 86. 
Ward, Elizabeth, QQ. 
Ward, Emily Gaylord, QQ. 
Ward, Ephraim,'54, Q5. 
Ward, Francis Fidelia, 85. 
Ward, Henry Artemas, 86. 
Ward, John 'Marshall, 86. 

Ward, Judge, 55, 85. 

Ward, Lucretia, 66. 

Ward, Lucretia Smith, 66. 

Ward, Mary, 54, 65. 

Ward, Mary Dexter, 66. 

Ward, S. D., 5G. 

Ward, Samuel Dexter, 54, 66, 

Ward, Samuel Gaylord, QQ. 
Ward, Sarah Trowbridge, 86. 
Ward, William, QQ. 
Ward, William Erastus, 66. 
Ware, Barbara, 228. 
Ware, Francis, 227. 
Ware, Helen Frances, 228. 
Ware, Jessie Campbell, 228. 
Ware, Katherine Dexter, 228. 
Ware, Leonard, 227. 
Ware, Matilda, 227. 
Ware, Maud, 227. 
Ware, Robert Dexter, 227. 
Ware, Sarah Ann, 227. 
Warren, Charles, 206. 
Warren, Charles Henry, 206. 
Warren, Elizabeth Loring, 206. 
Warren, Henry Christian, 206. 
Warren, John, 49. 
Warren, John C, 49. 
Warren, Gen. Joseph, 125. 
Warren, Lydia Ann, 206. 
Warren, Rebecca, 49. 
Warren, Sarah Lizzie, 206. 
Warren, Sophia L., 205. 
Washington, Gen. George, 46, 
58, 146, 147. 

Watkins, Laura Jane, 148. 

Watkins, Thankful, 199. 

Watson, Elizabeth, 97. 

Watson, Letitia Breckenridge, 

Watson, Mary Adaline, 110. 

Watson, Samuel E., 110. 

Watts, Samuel, 73. 

Watts, Susanna, 73. 

Wayt, John, 31. 

Wayte, Joseph, 22. 

Wayte, Sarah, 22. 

Webb, Rev. Dr., 225. 

Webb, John, 35. 

Webb, Mary, 106, 121. 

Webber, Benjamin, 154. 



Webber, Eliza, 154. 
Webster, Charles, 182. 
Webster, Daniel, 198. 
Webster, Elizabeth, 182. 
Webster, Jonathan, 119. 
Webster, Nannee, 119. 
Webster, Ruth, 119. 
Weeden, Elizabeth, 120. 
Weeden, Ephraim, 120. 
Weeden, Lydia, 120. 
Weis, Anna Lora, 65. 
Weis, Carl, Q5. 
Weis, Charles Frederic, Q5. 
Weis, Mary, Q5. 
Weis, Mary Blake, Q5. 
Weis, Richard Clapp, b'5. 
Wellington, Adrianna, 67. 
Welsh, Elizabeth, 87. 
Wentworth, Ada, 109. 
Went worth, George A., 163. 
Wentworth, Gov. Sir John, 125. 
Wentworth, Martha, 109, 
Wentworth, Stimpson, 109. 
West, Benjamin, 151. 
West, EHza Wells, 188. 
West, Hannah, 151. 
West, Sarah, 151. 
Westall, Mary, 168. 
Weston, Charles Edgar, 199. 
Weston, Ella Susan, 199. 
Weston, Fred, 199. 
Weston, Hannah Jane, 199. 
Weston, Jerome, 199. 
Weston, Nancy, 199. 
Weston, Samuel, 199. 
Weston, Susan Polly, 199. 
Wheaton, Anne, 185. 
Wheeler, Isaac, 68. 
Wheeler, Mary, 67. 
Wheeler, Nancv, 199. 
White, Mr., 137. 
White, Ebenezer, 82. 
White, Eliza Hair, 220. 
White, Jerusha, 82. 
White, John, 220. 
White, Julia Elizabeth, 113. 
White, Mary Ann Callender, 

White, Mary C, 228. 
Whitford, Bertha Jennet, 181. 
Whitford, Edith May, 181. 

Whitford, Edward Dwight, 181. 
Whitford, George Henry, 181. 
Whitford, Henry Onslow, 181. 
Whitford, Isabeile, 181. 
Whitford, Martha Ann, 181. 
Whitford, Mattie Valena, 181. 
Whitford, Robert Atwood, 181. 
Whitford, Sarah, 181. 
Whitford, William, 181. 
Whitford, Winnifred Gage, 181. 
Whitney, Ann, 119. 
Whitney, Eliza, 138. 
Whitney, Emily Stephens, 138. 
Whitney, Peter, 108. 
Whitney, Sally Dexter, 138. 
Whitnej^ Sarah, 138. 
Whitney, Stephen, 138. 
Whitney, Susan, 138. 
Whitney, William Dexter, 138. 
Whittemore, Amos, 50. 
Whittemore, Henry, 161. 
Whittemore, Lucy, 50. 
Whittington, Mrs., 143. 
Whittington, Alven Dexter, 207. 
Whittington, Charlotte Louise 

Munroe, 207. 
Whittington, Cornelia, 207. 
Whittington, Granville, 207. 
Whittington, Granville Nichols, 

Whittington, Jane Lavinia, 207. 
Whittington, Josephine Bab- 

bidge, 207. 
Whittington, Josiah Loring,207. 
Whittington, Loring Munroe, 

Whi+tington, Rose McKeen, 207. 
Whittington, Sadie Cordelia,207. 
Wigglesworth, Jane Morton,225. 
Wiarglesworth, Michael, 34. 
Wifbur, Abigail, 195. 
Wilder, Cornelia, 207. 
Wile, Caroline Pamelia, 144. 
Wile, Frederic, 144. 
Wile, Mary, 144. 
Wiley, Rose, 221. 
Willard, I., 45. 
WilHams, Annie Fay, 228. 
Williams, Channing, 229. 
Williams, Charlotte, 135. 
Williams, Ebenezer, 203. 



Williams, Emeline Eames, 229. 
Williams, Emmeline Eames, 229. 
Williams, Harrietta Sarah, 184. 
WiUiams, Isabella, 203. 
Williams, Jeremiah, 229. 
Williams, Joseph Stedman, 229. 
Williams, Lydia, 93. 
WiUiams, Martha, 184. 
Williams, Susan, 218. 
Williams, William, 135. 
Williams, William White, 184. 
Willis, E., 53, 70, 75. 
Willmer & Rogers, 162. 
Wilson, Anna, 22. 
Wilson, Edward Chase, 224. 
Wilson, Elizabeth Chase, 224. 
Wilson, Emeline, 224. 
Wilson, Mary, 221. 
Wilson, Sally, 179. 
Wilson, Sarah R., 171. 
Wilton, Mary, 222. 
Winsor, Alice, 196. 
Winsor, Frederick Dexter, 196. 
Winsor, Martha, 196. 
Winsor, Richard, 196. 
Winthrop, Robert C, 117. 
Wise, Charles Henry, 99. 
Wise, Daniel, 99. 
Wise, Daniel Parker, 99, 100. 
Wise, Edward Low, 100. 
Wise, Emma Florence, 100. 
Wise, Emma Fowle, 99. 
Wise, George, 100. 
Wise, George Dexter, 99. 
Wise, Harriet, 100. 
Wise, John Dexter, 100. 
Wise, Martha, 99. 
Wise, Martha Low, 99. 
Wise, Mary, 100. 
Wise, Mary Hatch, 100. 
Wise, Rebecca Dexter, 100. 
Wise, Richard Owen, 100. 
Wise, Sarah, 69, 99. 
Wise, Sarah EHzabeth, 100. 
Withington, Elizabeth H., 63. 
Withington, Hiram, 63. 
Withington, William Clapp, 63. 
Witt, Catharine, 94. 
Witt, Catherine Dexter, 94. 
Witt, Josiah, 94. 
Witt, Silas, 94. 

Womack, Caroline Margaret, 

Wood, Allen Bennett, 199. 
Wood, Edith, 228. 
Wood, EUa, 96. 
Wood, Ellen, 228. 
Wood, Hannah, 199. 
Wood, Jonathan, 93. 
Wood, Porter, 199. 
Wood, Ruth, 22. 
Wood, Sarah Ann, 198. 
Wood, William B., 228. 
Woodbridge, Helen, 159. 
Woodbridge, Maria March, 217. 
Woods, Benjamin, 58. 
Woods, Elizabeth, 58. 
Woods, Lydia, 58, 93. 
Woods, Mary, 93. 
Woods, Michael L., 122. 
Woods, Moses, 93. 
Woodward, Mary Ward, 59. 
Woodward, Moses, 59. 
Woolcot, John, 31. 
Woolcot, Winifred, 31. 
Word, Elizabeth, 101. 
Word, Elizabeth Hamilton, 101. 
Word, William, 101. 
Worth, Judith, 34. 
Worthington, Erastus, 57, 58. 
Worthy," Edward, 104. 
Worthy, Sarah, 104. 
Worthy, Susannah, 104. 
Wright, Chloe, 130. 
Wright, Elmina, 194. 
Wyer, David, 82. 
Wyer, Jerusha, 82. 
Wyman, Anne, 109. 
Wyman, Esther Lynde, 67. 
Wyman, George, 200. 
Wyman, Hannah A., 67. 
Wyman, Helen Maria, 201. 
Wyman, Joseph, Jr., 67. 
Wyman, Levi, 201. 
Wyman, Lucy Matilda, 200. 
Wyman, Mary, 109. 
Wyman, Mary Etta, 201. 
Wyman, Samuel, 109. 
Wyman, William Arthur, 201. 

Yarborough, Clara Hodges, 236. 
Yarborough, Frank Reid, 236. 



Yarborough, Jane, 236. 
Yarborough, John Anglin, 236. 
Yarborough, Joseph, 236. 
Young, Abby Bannister, 159. 
Young, Annie Horton, 159. 
Young, Charles, 159. 
Young, Chester L., 145. 
Young, Deleslie Oilman, 145. 
Young, Edward J., 62. 
Young, Emily Augusta, 145. 
Young, George Henry, 159, 
Young, Jane, 207. 

Young, Jane Lavinia, 207. 
Young, Martha Lucretia, 145. 
Young, Mary Clapp, 62. 
Young, Matilda, 182. 
Young, Roxana, 159. 
Young, Sheila, 159. 
Young, William, 207. 

Zachry, Charles Thornton, 226. 
Zachry, Elizabeth, 226. 
Zachry, Thornton, 226, 




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